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So, AnimeNext happened. Got to the con around noon on Friday, checked into the hotel, and had lunch before picking up badges and starting to wander. Wore my newer Ryuuren costume that day for a Saiunkoku photoshoot with [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] kitsunesqueak; [ profile] athena_chan couldn’t join us since she had to watch the artist’s alley table but she found a friend to wear her Ryuuki costume so we finally got all 4 costumes together in photos! The photoshoot was quite silly and involved a sake bottle (empty!) and fighting over fake manjuu. XD

Carrie had suggested entering the hall contest as a group when I called her a couple of nights before the con but the photoshoot ran long, our Ryuuki had to leave, and she had to get back to artist’s alley so that didn’t happen. :-( I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to do the contest on my own since I felt Ryuuren was a bit plain compared to other stuff I’d done in the past. But there was no line to be judged when I wandered over there so I did enter after debating for a while.

Walked around a while longer before my brother and his friend ordered pizza for dinner. Then, spent the rest of the evening in the room, prepared the jellyfish dress for the next day, painted my nails pink, and went to bed around 11:30.

Saturday, I wore Kuranosuke’s jellyfish dress from Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). I didn’t have time to make the crown or earrings but I was quite happy with how the dress came out. ^_^ I think I’m going to add a bit more to the petticoats (or maybe build a mini hoopskirt?) for next time though since the weight of the pearls hanging from the dress did smoosh them down quite a bit. I kind of want to replace my wig, too. I’d bought the New Look Showgirl wig in Light Purple since it seemed to be the only wavy or curly lavender wig I could find that was long enough but it’s somewhat thin at the top and the fibers aren’t as nice as their natural color wigs. :-/

My brother took a few pictures and then I just wandered around or talked to people most of the day. Despite the anime only airing towards the end of last year (this is the quickest I’ve ever cosplayed something after it aired!), a bunch of people did recognize the costume and a few seemed pretty excited to see it! One person asked if I was Sheryl though, which I found kind of amusing. (Wasn’t there a line in the anime about the type of jellyfish the dress was based on being the pop idol of the jellyfish world? I think I remember Tsukimi saying something like that.)

Masquerade was the shortest I’ve ever seen at any con with only 10 entries. o_o; Entry numbers went up to 18 though so presumably all the skipped numbers were groups that dropped out. I remember in the early years of AnimeNext, there used to be thirty something entries so it’s kind of sad that it has dwindled to this. When the hall contest winners were announced, I ended up winning Best of Friday Craftsman; I shared some of the stuff from my prize bag with Carrie since I originally hadn’t planned to do the hall contest at all this year and only prepared notes and references since she had suggested entering as a group.

I had packed my Eugenie costume for Sunday since it had been so hot the few days before the con and I figured it was one of the few costumes I wouldn’t melt in. But since it was forecast to be rainy and cool again like the previous day (I probably had a shawl over the jellyfish dress a third of the time) and I didn’t especially feel like wearing 4 1/2 inch platform heels, I wore Ryuuren again. And if the long hair and dangly earrings didn’t make him look girly enough, I was stuck with pink nails since I didn’t bring any nail polish remover. ^_^;; A few people did recognize it as Saiunkoku cosplay, which was nice. I know my cosplays tend to be obscure though so I’m always a bit amused to see what people mistake my cosplays for. I got asked if I was China (must be the ponytail and Ancient Chinese looking outfit) and if I was cosplaying from Dynasty Warriors. I confuse people a lot! XD

Checked out of the hotel, took care of luggage, and wandered around the con. Went home around 3. The con seemed a bit boring but it was nice to see friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I wish I’d gotten a chance to hang out a bit more though; some people I ran into once and then never saw again the whole weekend!

Off to Washington for the day tomorrow to see Follies! Will take my copy of the libretto and reread it on the trip down. I’d also like to reread Everything was Possible (book about the creation of the original Broadway production of Follies) but can’t seem to find my copy.


Jun. 24th, 2010 12:47 am
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So, AnimeNext is over. Saw friends, got photos, and it was a nice break from real life. (Things have been a bit depressing at home but that could take up a whole other post. ;_;) My brother posted a few preview pics, including [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] mostflogged and [ profile] sakuralenayuy:

First costume on Friday was Youka from the Twelve Kingdoms with a new sash (although it looked the same as the old one since I bought identical fabric to remake it) and new flowers for my hair. I’ve wanted to rewear this for a while since it only made it to a couple of cons when I made it in 2006. Emi on ACP had sent me a PM a couple of months ago asking about location ideas for Twelve Kingdoms photos so we started talking and decided to get pics together during the con. ^_^ My brother picked the silly photo for the preview!

Changed into Count D’s artbook kimono late in the afternoon and went to get judged for the hall contest. Wandered a bit afterwards and went to the poofy dress panel. Got invited to go out for a group dinner by [ profile] blackmarth but unfortunately couldn’t go since I was still in that huge kimono.

Saturday morning was time for the surprise costume, which was Sarah’s cowgirl costume from Kaleido Star. I hadn’t told anyone I was making this and it was kind of funny how some of my friends didn’t recognize me for a second since I wasn’t buried under yards of fabric. :-P I thought it would be fun to do a cowgirl costume sometime since I actually listened to a lot of country music back in the 90’s. (And I’ve been listening to 80’s and 90’s country lately while working on costumes since I found a channel for it on Fios. Yeah, I’m weird considering the other thing I like is musical theatre! XD;) I think this is the tiniest costume I’ve ever made. o_o; Although I made it less tiny than it was actually supposed to be since I used a black tank top instead of a bikini top because I didn’t want my stomach showing. This can mostly be blamed on the fact I found boots that I could paint white for $10; probably wouldn’t have bothered to do this if I needed to spend a lot on shoes for such a simple costume. This preview pic from my brother is the only one I have so far although I did also get a quick shoot with [ profile] stillvisions and [ profile] tyrus took a few photos, too.

After lunch, I changed into my half-finished Kyoya costume. Quite a contrast to the cowgirl costume. XD; More photos with stillvisions and then [ profile] dressdragn. Wandered a bit and ran into and got groped by >_>; [ profile] yeu who was also cosplaying Kyoya but in the school uniform.

Here’s a pic that dressdragn took.

I had a few moments of panic later when I lost my camera. One of the artists out in the hallway had noticed what I was cosplaying and showed me cards she had with a chibi drawing of Kyoya in that costume. We chatted a minute and I put my camera down to get money for one of the cards. Didn’t realize until after I went back up to my hotel room that I’d forgotten to pick it back up and rushed back downstairs. Luckily, she had seen my camera and put it aside for me. I have such a lousy memory at times. ._.;

Went to the masquerade but ended up in the overflow room since I got in line late. Congratulations to [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] roserevolution, [ profile] lady_ava, and [ profile] starlighthoney on their awards. ^_^ I got the Best of Friday Craftsman award from the hall contest for my D kimono. But I think the most fun was everyone goofing off after the masquerade and the huge random group picture. Although I was kind of like “Huh? You guys want me in the picture, too?” when [ profile] ryoko was calling me over. ^_^;

Finished packing up Sunday morning and put on my Count D kimono again since stillvisions requested it for photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my nails anymore since I cut them and took off the polish after Friday night because I wasn’t expecting to cosplay D again until at least Otakon. ^_^; (Plus, Kyoya would have looked silly with long, pink nails. :-P) After photos, I wandered around a bit and finally made it over to video programming to say hi to [ profile] ifuritaoni. We ended up walking back to the hotel and chatting for a while in the lobby. We looked over my Petshop of Horrors artbook and he tried to convince me I should get a harem like Count D so it was a silly ending to the con. XD; (Anyone want to cosplay some of the pets? >_>; I haven’t had a group for this series for two years.)
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Now that Sakura Matsuri is over, I guess it’s time to plan for other events. Anyone going to the Japan Society cosplay party on the 15th? I already got a ticket and I’m planning to wear my Count D artbook kimono.

Panel application deadline for AnimeNext is coming up. Does anyone especially want me to do my seam finishes workshop there? Right now, I’m leaning towards not applying this year since I only got half a dozen people last year and I’d only get $10 back for doing a single panel. Plus, I usually request 90 minutes and run the thing solo. :-/ I’m happy when people show up and are interested in improving their sewing. But for that little, I’d rather spend the hour and a half hanging out with friends than giving myself a sore throat by talking on my own for over an hour. >_>;; (When I run it at AB, I get my badge completely reimbursed.) If anyone here wants to learn the material, I’d be willing to meet up at some point during the con and go over it quickly although I wouldn’t have most of my visual aids along like when I formally run the workshop. And I still have the optional $5 kits with all my notes and fabric samples for everything I cover.

And I’m still not completely decided on what to make for AnimeNext. I don’t have any groups to help decide. (If anyone wants to suggest one for a series I like, now would be a good time!) And although I have a bunch of cosplays I want to do sometime, I’m feeling kind of blah about any of them for this con. :-/ Because nearly everything I want to make is either down to the floor with long sleeves and layers (not good considering how warm it has already gotten this year!) or is non-anime. Right now, I think my most likely choice is going to be Valentine’s final episode dress from Gankutsuou since I’d be least likely to overheat in it. I’ve had the wig for this sitting around for like 3 years but never seem to actually get to it. >_>;

Other stuff I want to cosplay )
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Kind of late but here’s my AnimeNext report.

The days leading up to the con were pretty crazy since it was only 2 1/2 weeks after Anime Boston. I really wanted a new costume to wear, considering I’d only finished one costume since last September, and I basically made Tamaki’s ballgown in 3 weeks. I only had the hoopskirt done before I left for AB so I didn’t get much sleep the last couple of days before the con. And I still spent about 3 hours at the con hand sewing. ._.; I’ve got to stop making a habit out of this; it’s already the second con this year where I’ve finished stuff at the hotel and I never had to do that before this year. So, things were a bit rough prior to the con but I still had fun wearing that silly dress and got to see a lot of friends. ^_^

I saw about a quarter of my friends list at the con, although there were a few I only saw in passing and never got to talk to. *waves to [ profile] animeangelblue, [ profile] blackjackie999, [ profile] chienverde, [ profile] dressdragn, [ profile] hikaruchan, [ profile] hystericraider, [ profile] ifuritaoni, [ profile] lady_ava, [ profile] lampbane, [ profile] loudnbothered, [ profile] luv_blindly, [ profile] natalie526, [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] nerdraeg, [ profile] ryoko, [ profile] sailormo, [ profile] sakuralenayuy, [ profile] selphie84, [ profile] snuzzlebunnies, [ profile] thedreamerworld, [ profile] twilitesea, [ profile] usa_ko, [ profile] vikki, [ profile] wildhorseranma, [ profile] yeu*

AnimeNext ramblings )

impressions of the new location )

Now that AnimeNext is over, I’m going to take a break from costume stuff for several weeks. As much as I like cosplaying, it was too crammed having 3 of my 4 cons for this year within a month and a half. x_x (With only NYAF left, I almost feel as if I could write a year end post now!) I’ll probably plot for future costumes, pick up some little crafty projects, and maybe even sew myself a summer dress but don’t intend to actually make any costume stuff for a month or so. And I hope to have a chance to hang out with local friends more this summer. ^_^
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Detailed AnimeNext report will come later but a few notes for now. Despite some problems like all the rain and barely getting Tamaki finished, I had an okay time and it was fun wearing the Ouran costume. The most amusing part had to be that I was supposed to be cosplaying a guy in that ridiculous poofy ballgown. XD Signed up to do a walk-on in the masquerade since I figured the costume would be good for the stage with all the sparkles I put on it. Won Best Craftsman Craftsmanship for it. ^_^

[ profile] dressdragn just posted the pic above and ACP has video of my walk-on:

A silly walk-on would probably have been more fitting, considering the scene from the anime but I didn’t have time to find silly music. ^_^; So, I used the finale version of “Night Waltz” from one of my favorite Sondheim scores, “A Little Night Music.” In a way, I guess it’s fitting, too, since that musical is basically a romantic farce with lots of love triangles and mismatched couples. The first part of the finale track is actually “Send in the Clowns,” where the main couple finally realizes they want to be together. The significance of my music choice was probably lost on the audience though for being so esoteric. :-P

Had a bit of back pain on Monday, which I assumed was just left over from the con (my brother said the hotel beds made his back hurt, too) plus being tired. But it got worse that night and kept me from sleeping well. My parents think it was from when I fell on Saturday night after getting my award. My foot slipped on the first step as I was leaving the stage and I sat down on the stage. ._.; Embarrassing but I didn’t fall hard and felt fine so I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. Not really anyone’s fault; I was just clumsy due to not being used to walking around in that giant hoopskirt. Went to the doctor yesterday morning and should be fine in several days. I was hoping to possibly hang out with people this weekend but I guess it’ll have to wait until next week now.

Meanwhile, I saw [ profile] stillvisions post this and was kind of curious what people might answer…

Dress up doll Meme

You just received a brand new doll who makes their own costumes, me!

- What 3 costumes would you dress me in?
- What series / versions are they?
- Why would you want to see me in that costume?
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I keep forgetting to mention… [ profile] stillvisions posted a few pics of the PSOH group from AB recently:

Time for more AnimeNext photos!

No! Cecelia’s dead!

One of my brother’s black and white film shots. I like that [ profile] novaraven’s face is visible in this one (although I wish that my own face hadn’t come out looking so huge and round). My brother tried taking a similar pose from above on his digital camera but those didn’t work out as well due to an awkward beam of light running across the photos.

more YGO pics )

I think my next con is going to be NYAF. Although I have a room for Otakon, I don’t think I’ll actually go since it’s so expensive. Plus, most of my recent costumes would be awful to wear in August because I always seem to like the costumes with long sleeves and lots of layers. -_-

Costume-wise, Gankutsuou stuff is next since I’ve done too many heavy, bulky cosplays in a row. And I’m in the mood to do fabric painting, too. Planning to do Valentine’s final episode dress since I already have a wig for her. (Originally meant to do that for Next but got distracted by D and Cecelia.) Thinking about doing an Eugenie, too, so I can have an extra costume which would be suitable for summer.

Off to pay some bills…
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Okay, here comes the photo spam! ^_^;;

First, I have a few for other people since my brother usually doesn’t post his pics himself. If you’re in one of these and want a larger version, let me know. I had to size these down for photobucket. He shot the black and white ones on film so there’s no color version of those.

For neoangelwink )

For sakuralenayuy )

For twilitesea and ryoko )

And PSOH pics next. My brother only got a few group photos and they’re all in black and white but the individual shots were mostly color. [ profile] novaraven was D’s father and her sister was an original griffon.

more PSOH pics )
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Since AnimeNext is over, I’ve been catching up on paperwork and getting things washed the last few days. I still need to figure out what to do about my Cecelia dress though. I felt really icky from the heat by the time I changed out of it plus my frappuccino dripped on it so I need to give it some kind of cleaning before I put it into storage. Does anyone happen to know a good dry cleaner in the city? Or have other suggestions for cleaning silk shantung?

AnimeNext babble…

The con was okay although I felt like I missed out on seeing people. Considering I usually run into people more easily at AnimeNext than other cons and that I didn’t even do any of the cosplay contests this year, I thought I’d have more time to hang out with people but there were some I only ran into once the whole weekend or not at all. So, that was a little disappointing. :-/

Friday, I wore my tailcoat outfit for Count D and started off the con by attending [ profile] sakuralenayuy’s cosplay panel. Checked into the Embassy Suites, wandered a bit, and talked to a few people before getting a call from [ profile] novaraven that she and her sister were ready for our PSOH photoshoot. Met [ profile] stillvisions who had made the trip down from Canada with them and we got into a very long shoot outdoors, in one of the glass walkways, in the Embassy lobby, in an elevator… >_>;; My brother tagged along, too, so we should have lots of pics.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to walk around together afterwards since the others needed to change and get some stuff from their hotel across the highway. So, I went through the dealer’s room and bought a stack of manga before changing for an early dinner with my Canadian friends since I’d completely missed lunch. (6:30… o_O I don’t think I’ve ever changed out of costume that early on a Friday night at a con before.)

We went to Uno’s and the wait staff seemed pretty scatterbrained this year. Like they forgot what drink I ordered and brought out a sundae right after serving our entrees. O_o (My brother went there later in the evening with his friends and he told me they got a different waiter who also made lots of mistakes, including giving them the wrong bill!) Was too lazy to change into costume again after that so I just hung out in front of the expo center for a bit, chatting with people before going back to my room to iron stuff.

Saturday was the YGO group and I came to the conclusion that Cecelia actually died of heatstroke after too many hours posing out in the sun for Pegasus’s paintings. >_>;; It was okay in the morning but walking around outside in that dress later was awful. x_x

Went to [ profile] blackmarth and animeangel’s makeup panel and learned some useful stuff. Was supposed to join the rest of the YGO people for a photoshoot right after but it got pushed back an hour. Got into another long photoshoot which included ridiculous shots like this:

Eek! What is this crazy kid with pointy hair doing under my dress?!

Some of the others still wanted to take photos but I wandered off after a couple of hours to browse the artist’s alley (where I bought a cute fake cake) and look for food. (Somehow, I kept missing lunch this con.) Finally changed out of Cecelia around 6 although I felt like I didn’t get to walk around in it enough. Showered and threw on my blue brocade D robe to go watch the masquerade. Talked to some people a bit afterwards and then went back to the room to start packing.

On Sunday, I wore the tailcoat again since I hadn’t gotten to walk around in it that much on Friday. (I had the peacock dress with me, too, but that didn’t even get worn.) Only had a chance to see cosplay chess and [ profile] ngmaster’s panel before leaving. I wanted to hang around longer and say bye to people but my brother and his friends were impatient and wanted to leave.

My brother has finished processing most of his photos but is still working on a few. I also put one up on And I’ll try to get the others uploaded tomorrow or this weekend. I have a few of friends list people that I’ll put up, too, since he usually only gives me my pics and doesn’t post the rest anywhere.
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Got home from AnimeNext this afternoon. Hi to those of you I saw over there and congratulations to people who got awards. ^_^ *waves to [ profile] animeangelblue, [ profile] blackmarth, [ profile] djranmas, [ profile] doorknocker_dog, [ profile] dressdragn, [ profile] heartxofxlilith, [ profile] ifuritaoni, [ profile] jezeroth, [ profile] lady_ava, [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] ngmaster, [ profile] novaraven, [ profile] ryoko, [ profile] s0nified, [ profile] sakuralenayuy, [ profile] twilitesea, [ profile] tyrus, [ profile] umister*

Sorry that I missed some of you or didn’t get to talk much. ;_; For both PSOH and YGO groups, we got into extended photoshoots with stillvisions so we were kind of hidden away a couple of hours on both Friday and Saturday. I’m sure there’ll be lots of awesome pictures later but kind of sad I didn’t get to see more of friends.

Preview pic from my brother since I think almost no one on my friends list got to see my Pegasus and Cecelia pair with novaraven. I wish we’d had more time to just walk around the con together since I don’t know when we’d get a chance to wear these together again.

Better report/more pictures later.


Jun. 17th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Just a quick makeup/wig test photo from earlier. Wig could be better but I'm just tired of messing with it at this point. >_>; The contacts are ColorMax in Aqua if anyone’s wondering.

Still have to figure out what the heck I’m bringing to Next and pack. At this point, I think it’s just going to be stuff I can pull out of the closet and stick into a garment bag without much effort. ^_^;; Off to take care of some paperwork…
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Let’s see… I’ve gotten a lot of work done on Cecelia since I last posted. (Have been too busy sewing and working on other things to post about the various things I've been meaning to ramble about. ^_^;;) The main things left on the dress are to finish and put in the bodice lining, attach the bows, and hem it. I think I have to remake a couple of the bows to be smaller though; combined with the huge sleeves and colors, they’re making the dress look overly cartoony. Might take it in a bit, too, since it seems a little loose.

Mostly, the sewing has been going okay but I’ve found that silk shangtung frays like crazy when cut in straight lines perpendicular to the selvage. I had a very annoying couple of hours trying to gather the huge skirt into the bodice because the edges on both had frayed. >_< The dress ate a lot of fabric, too. I bought 6 yards of 55” wide blue silk and all I have left are scraps of various sizes!

Costume schedule for AnimeNext so far:

Friday morning: ?
Friday afternoon/evening: Count D’s tailcoat outfit for PSOH group (I think it’s just me with novaraven as D’s father and her sister as a griffon so far.)
Saturday morning/afternoon: Cecelia for YGO group (with novaraven as Pegasus, her sister as Isis, and a few more of their friends)
Saturday night: ?
Sunday: ?

Yeah, I still don’t really know what to bring other than those two costumes. I have a few that I’d love to wear again (19th Century D, Sarah, and Youka) but they all would be terrible for hot weather and/or need fixing that I might not have time to do before the con. >_< And most of the costumes that I wouldn’t boil in are simpler things that I’ve already worn a few times so I don’t especially have an urge to wear them again right now.

I suppose I could bring my formal Terra since I haven’t worn it for a while but I don’t know if it’s worth the effort to drag out all the pieces when Saturday night or Sunday would be the most likely time for me to fit it in. Maybe, I’ll bring out the peacock dress since I haven’t worn it for nearly a year now and I never did get pictures of it after I got good contacts for D. Anyone have suggestions or requests?
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Finished my bows so I’ll put up a progress pic. The bows are graduated sizes and I took a picture of them on top of the new dress fabric I got. The petticoat is just cotton so I’ll make a second one with netting to go under it later. It has such a huge hem that the ruffles at the bottom took about 3 yards of fabric.

Since there’s only 3 weeks left to AnimeNext, I’m trying to figure out what to bring. I know I’ll have Cecelia so I can do YGO with [ profile] novaraven sometime Saturday. And I’ll have the newest D so we can do PSOH sometime over the weekend, too. By the way, is anyone else still doing Petshop for Next? Was wondering mostly so we can plan a time.

And I’m not sure what else I’ll have. Considering Sarah so I can do Kaleido Star with [ profile] neoangelwink but I’m a little hesitant now with the fur hood on that costume. ^_^;; Not sure if I’ll end up remaking Youka’s obi in time and it can’t be worn again until I do that. Maybe, I could bring out one of my older Ds? The peacock dress hasn’t been out for nearly a year. Or formal Terra since I haven’t worn that for a year either?

And finally getting around to writing about this…

Saw the “Sunday in the Park with George” revival last week. For those not familiar with it, it was composed by Stephen Sondheim (who also composed Sweeney Todd) and it’s about pointillist painter Georges Seurat and his creation of the famous painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” I’d already seen the DVD of the original Broadway production and thought it would be nice to see on stage.

I found the scenic/lighting design to be the most interesting thing. The walls around the stage were all white and the backdrop of the park in the painting was actually created by projecting the images onto the walls, starting with black and white when the artist is just beginning to sketch and progressing to color later. The projections would change, too, as George made changes to the painting.

Slightly disappointing was the fact that they just used the lights to create a silhouette of Dot during the title song. The effect in the original Broadway version was much cooler. There, the bustled Victorian dress that Dot was wearing opened up by itself. Then, she stepped out and danced around in corset, pantaloons, and bustle during the song while the empty dress closed back up and stood on its own!
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Over the weekend, I finally made an account at American Cosplay Paradise: Still working on getting everything uploaded and set up since I have 5 years worth of costumes. But I like the fact you can post larger photos since I tend to be fond of tiny details that wouldn’t show up in little pictures. I’ve been putting up larger ones when I have them and might go back and replace some of my brother’s older shots with large versions if I can get them. Have a few pictures up there that I didn’t bother to put on, too. I also like that you can move around the order of your costumes and photos since it means I can just upload everything for a costume and then mess around with it until it’s to my liking. :-D

Maybe, I’ll be better at updating this since I can just write a couple of paragraphs for a costume and stick all my pictures up at once. I take so long to update my gallery since I feel like I have to come up with something to say about each photo (because I personally find it disappointing to click on a picture and see a completely blank description box). Plus, coming up with titles and planning out some order in advance since the most recent photo ends up being the thumbnail for an album. I haven’t been fond of the change to square thumbnails either. My head seems to get cut off in most pictures and I’ve found browsing through the galleries unappealing lately because other people’s photos get messed up in the same way. >_>

Hmm… only a month until AnimeNext so I should start thinking about what to bring since I haven’t got any big costumes to debut this time. [ profile] novaraven tells me she’s expecting to come and make Pegasus for this. So, it looks like we should be doing YGO sometime Saturday and I have a poofy blue dress with pink bows to sew.

[ profile] heartxofxlilith and [ profile] kiwi_lady, are you still planning Medusa and T-Chan for Next? I’m definitely bringing my newest D outfit with the tailcoat but could also bring the 19th Century outfit or one of my older Ds if you want. Novaraven is thinking about bringing D’s father and her sister might be along as a griffin so we could do a little PSOH group.

Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’d love to do Kaleido Star with [ profile] neoangelwink sometime but not sure if she’s planning to bring Sora to Next. Maybe, I could finally bring out my Youka costume again if I have time to remake the sash after finishing Cecelia. Probably should have done that last week but instead I did this:

I stitched the Butterfly Needle Roll from a kit by Lorri Birmingham Designs. ^_^ I’ve had the kit sitting around a long time. I think it was from the last needlework con I went to so it predates my cosplaying days! ^_^;;;
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Okay, now that I’m somewhat caught up with paperwork and other stuff after AB, I guess I can post a bit about cosplay plans for the rest of the year. :-) Will try to get back to commenting a bit, too.

Anything Goes photoshoot: Will see if I can make it. Not sure what I’d wear though.

NYCC: Planning to skip it this year. I’m mainly interested in the anime/manga things and there’s NYAF for that now. Plus, it’s hard to run into friends in the huge crowds.

Sakura Matsuri: Will definitely try to make it after missing it with a cold last year. Not sure what I’ll wear for this either.

AnimeNext: Going as usual. Pre-registered last night and have a hotel room booked. ^_^

Otakon: I have hotel space for this but I’m feeling a bit blah about it now since it’s expensive and I didn’t actually like the con and location itself that much when I went a couple of years ago. :-/ My main reasons to go would be to see friends from farther away that I might not see at the cons around here and possibly joining a couple of groups, Gankutsuou with [ profile] genkitozuku and her friends and Le Chevalier D’eon with [ profile] the_masayume. Will see how I feel closer to August.

NYAF: Will go since it’s local. Seems the dates have been pushed back a couple of weeks which I hope won’t be a problem because it’s now the weekend before my birthday and my parents usually like to have a dinner party for that on a weekend.

Costume-Con 2009: I know that this is still way off but I’d like to go since it’s going to be in Maryland next year and finally within reasonable distance for me. (I checked and it hasn’t even been near the northeast since Connecticut in 2000, which was a few years before I started cosplaying.)

As for costumes, I really need to do something non-bulky after the last couple of space-eating costumes. ^_^; I had been planning to do Valentine’s final episode dress from Gankutsuou for AnimeNext and bought a wig to style for her several months back. But after the group at AB, I’m kind of tempted to do another D. ^_^; Because [ profile] kiwi_lady and [ profile] heartxofxlilith wanted to do PSOH with me at Next and I’m a bit worried the 19th Century outfit might be a bit warm for June with the velvet and layers. I now have the urge to make the tailcoat outfit from the chapter with Ten-Chan because I have a few yards of brocade that I think it would look really elegant in. (even if it’s Western style brocade rather than Chinese. ^_^;;) Plus, I haven’t done a tailcoat yet.

[ profile] novaraven also surprised me at AB with news that she’s going to try to come to AnimeNext and was asking me about possibly doing something Yu-Gi-Oh again to go with her Pegasus. Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve watched any episodes. ^_^; I still have the pieces somewhere but my Kaiba costume has been long retired and it’d probably look a bit silly for me to do any of the guys when I’m going to have my nails for D. My thoughts for girls were Mai or Vivian Wong (so I can poke fun at what a silly fangirl she is :-P). I sort of wanted to do Wingweaver, the six-winged fairy, way back but that would just turn into another monster of a costume that I’d have packing issues with even if I could figure out the wings. ^_^; And I’d want something I can put together relatively quickly if I do this.

Also planned are some costume repairs/improvements. I’d also like to wear my nyosen uniform from The Twelve Kingdoms again since it hasn’t been to a con for a year and a half. I need to remake the obi first though since the old one is a bit beat up and falls down due to the fact that I’ve lost weight. Not sure when I’ll wear Sarah again although I need to tweak my makeup for her and buy boots to replace the shoes before I do. I’m considering redoing my strands of beads for 19th Century D with smaller ones, too. The ones I have now looked great and showed well for studio photos but they tend to make the costume bunch up a lot when walking around a con since they’re so heavy.

And anyone want to help with a skit for AnimeNext? It’ll be great! It’ll involve singing and dancing and a frilly cake! :-D Read more... )
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A few months back, I asked if anyone were interested in doing a Petshop of Horrors group sometime but there weren’t any definite plans made. But [profile] novaraven (who has also cosplayed D plus his father and grandfather) is now working on plans to come down from Canada for Anime Boston so I thought it might be a good time to try for a group. She’s also making the 19th Century D outfit so we’re going to be confusing and wear our versions together as D and his grandpa. :-D Plus, she should have a Leon with her and possibly a Pon-Chan.

Currently, there are no plans to do a skit or the hall contest together but we were talking about applying for cosplay chess and I’m sure we’ll do pictures at some point. ^_^ If you’d like to join us, let me know. See the links for reference pics or if you want to look at the whole album: We can also try to have a smaller group for AnimeNext if people are interested since I know at least one person isn’t able to make AB.

Count D – myself (although I can also wear his sister’s dress for a while if someone else would like a turn playing D)
D’s grandfather –[profile] novaraven
D’s father –
D’s sister
Leon –[profile] novaraven’s friend
T-Chan (totetsu)[profile] kiwi_lady is going to do T-Chan for AnimeNext but probably won't be able to make AB ;_; 
Pon-Chan (racoon) – [profile] novaraven's friend if she comes
Honlon (3-headed dragon) – a couple of people are interested in this although I don't have a definite yet
Ten-Chan (9-tailed fox) – [profile] bloodied_tears
Medusa (basilisk) – [profile] heartxofxlilith
P-Chan (bird of pardise) – Lilly from
Alice (rabbit)
Keirin (kirin)
Eva (mermaid) (obviously this one needs some modifications so you don’t get kicked out of the con if anyone wants to do it ^_^;;;) –
Suioh (phoenix)
Alex (vampire)
Norma (vampire)
Dreizehn (doberman)
Toki birds[profile] jezeroth is tentatively doing the male ibis; the female bird has not been claimed
Mellow (digital fish)
Pandora (Maine coon cat)
Tina (jaguar)
Butterfly – 
Sohki (kirin) (Sohki is actually from Genju no Seiza, another of Matsuri Akino's manga, but he goes to visit D in a bonus story in one of the Genju no Seiza volumes)– 

If anyone wants to do something I didn’t list, let me know and I’ll add it in. I omitted a bunch of the little kid characters with less interesting designs, pets we never saw human versions of, and stuff from the sequel since I didn’t think anyone would be likely to want to do those. Also, there are a lot of pets that only appear as background characters (you can see a few in the pic with Norma) and a few that are only in artbook pictures or extra illustrations. (I think the lolita catgirls are cute but D needs nicer clothes in that picture. Ripped cobweb patterned stuff and a bondage collar is so out of character. O_o;;) 

And, jumping to a somewhat related topic, I got the collar for the new costume finished. I ended up appliquéing the trim along the edges and I think it came out pretty well. ^_^ Need to work on the main robe next. 
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I got my little collection of AnimeNext photos posted yesterday:

Haven’t found many pics of myself from the con but I did find a nice closeup of my Ayame: ^_^

It doesn’t look too bad in the photo but I’ve got to try to fix my bangs before I cosplay him again. I had to cut the bangs into the wig myself and they’ve always been a bit wonky but this time was probably the worst with them not falling evenly. ^_^;; I should probably take in the skirt for the costume sometime, too. It hangs too low now because I’ve lost weight and the hem sticks out from under the coat.

I’ve gotten started on catching up with filing; I’d let a ridiculous amount of papers pile up and we’ve been getting the usual beginning of the month flood in the mailbox so it’s going to take a while to get everything organized again. ._.;

And maybe, in a few days, I’ll get started catching up on things I’ve been meaning to write about. Like reviewing “Company” which I saw a few days before it closed on Broadway. And I know I never got around to posting about the non-Anime North part of my Canadian trip in May either. >_>;

Planning to go shopping tomorrow and hunt for shoes again because the paint on my shoes for D’s sister is already cracking. That’s why I didn’t really want to resort to painting shoes. -_- Anyway, I have a much older cousin whose son is getting married this Saturday and I was planning to wear the dress and shawl from my costume to the reception (without the wig and contacts, of course). So, I need shoes to go with it that are not covered with cracking paint. Maybe, I’ll just get a pair of inaccurate heels since I’m not likely to ever use that costume for a contest again and pink flats that aren't either pastel or neon seem impossible to find.
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Got back from AnimeNext on Sunday afternoon. Hello to those of you I saw over there. :-) Sorry if I seemed kind of out of it at times since I got very little sleep over the weekend; I was stuck sharing a bed with my brother, who rolled around a lot in his sleep, and [ profile] shinei told me I looked like a zombie on Saturday morning. X_X; If anyone new wants to friend me, feel free to do so and comment to introduce yourself. I generally add everyone back as long as I have an idea who you are.

Good points:
-saw a lot of people over the con and finally got a chance to chat with some in person
-got a Kaleido Star DVD autographed by one of the Japanese guests of honor, Toyo Ikeda, who was an associate producer for the series ^_^
-Kaleido Star panel ^_^
-photo shoot of D’s sister with [ profile] ngmaster
-won an honorable mention in the hall contest for Count D’s sister
-masquerade started on time this year
-cosplay chess was fun to watch
-free hotel room since I had so many Marriott Rewards points after my family’s Toronto trip in May ^_^;

Bad points:
-hotel room confusion at the beginning (had to switch rooms because the first only had one bed and then another group was also given keys to our second room by mistake o_o;)
-not enough sleep X_X
-pre-reg line was so much longer than the new registration line on Friday morning
-only got to wear Ayame for a couple of hours on Saturday morning because it was so hot out and I was boiling in all the black brocade x_x;
-dress for D’s sister got stained; I was able to get it out but that was not a nice way to end Saturday. >_<
-having to drop out of cosplay chess as a piece; I hate having to back out of stuff -_-; but my body just wasn’t completely up to it and Jamie assured me she still had enough people to fill the board.

I debuted my costume for D’s sister on Saturday and I think I confused everyone with it. LOL For once, I was actually supposed to be a girl in a dress and not a guy in a dress! But everyone kept thinking I was cosplaying Count D since he and his sister look like twins. (D and his relatives cause such gender confusion… XD) The hair and mismatched eyes are switched around but I doubt many remember that tiny detail since she was only in one chapter. And my contacts didn’t show that well on my dark eyes so I’m not sure if anyone actually noticed them to check which eye was gold and which was purple. (Um, just curious, were any of you actually able to see them? ^_^;) It would have been cool if I’d been able to find someone to wear one of my D costumes with me since I have both wigs but oh, well.

Took a few pictures but haven’t looked at them yet. Will try to get them up later this week.

Any photos of my costumes will probably just be the new dress since that’s the only one my brother got pictures of. And once again, I forgot to try reenacting that amnesiac D walks into a glass wall scene for a silly pic when I had the vacation outfit on. ^_^; Maybe, it’s surprising I didn’t accidentally walk into a glass wall considering the lack of sleep!

I’m not going to Otakon this year so now that AnimeNext is over, I’ll be taking a break from sewing costumes. 3 cons within 2 1/2 months and trying to make a new costume for each plus fixing Terra was just very tiring. x_x; I’ll probably do some planning for future costumes but don’t intend to start sewing them yet. Meanwhile, I think I’ll make myself some random jewelry or do a bit of needlework. Maybe, sew a summer skirt for regular wear since I haven’t had much luck with clothes shopping lately.

And unrelated but I have a few new Anime North pics from I like the photos of D’s vacation outfit other than how tired I look. There were a few of Terra, too, but only posting one.

a couple more pics )
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Leaving for AnimeNext in the morning. I hope I remembered to pack everything. ^_^; Costume for D’s sister has been finished and I operated on T-Chan, too. Since he needed stitches anyway, I decided to open him up and put a zippered pouch in the back of his throat. So, now he can bite people’s hands and double as a bag. XD;

Tentative costume schedule:
Friday morning/early afternoon: Count D’s vacation outfit
Friday afternoon/evening: the peacock dress or Ayame
Saturday morning: Ayame
Saturday afternoon and evening: Count D’s sister
Sunday: Count D’s peacock dress or vacation outfit

For those going to AnimeNext, I’ll see you this weekend! And for everyone else, have a good weekend! ^_^ I’m behind in replying to comments and stuff so I’ll try to catch up after I get home on Sunday. ^_^;
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Just a week left until AnimeNext. The schedule is up and I’m feeling a bit more excited about it now. Although the Japanese guests of honor this year are being touted mainly as Romeo x Juliet guests, one of them also worked on Kaleido Star and there’s a Kaleido Star panel scheduled. ^_^ The bad thing is that it’s supposed to be Sunday during the second half of cosplay chess. A guest and panel for one of my favorite series and it has to conflict with the one event I have to be in. -_-; Bah. Maybe, I can run over to catch the end of the panel if chess finishes early or if I get killed off early on. I don’t want to back out of chess since I know Jamie had difficulty finding enough people to fill the board. [Poll #1012558]

I did say a few weeks back that I wanted to bring my nyosen uniform but the thought of all those layers in July and how easily it wrinkles is making me reconsider although I’d like to wear it again at a con sometime. Plus, I haven’t had time to figure out how to better do my hair for that costume. I could just throw some flowers in my hair and be a generic nyosen but it wouldn’t look as impressive without Youka’s big loops of hair.

My old Ayame should be simple to bring; the only thing I’d particularly need to do would be to find the shoes since I haven’t worn it since Otakon last year. I guess the one downside would be that it’s not the greatest costume for a summer con with the long black coat. ^_^; But it’d probably be better than Youka or my newer Ayame which has more layers.

There are my two older Count D outfits and it’d be nice to bring one so I’d have more than just the simple vacation outfit for him, especially since I finally have mismatched contacts for him. I’ve worn the peacock dress a lot; it’s been to every con since I’ve made it so I thought it might be about time to give it a break. Around here, I’ve only worn it to MangaNext (on Friday where few people saw it) and NYCC (on Sunday where I didn’t run into many cosplayers that I knew) though so I’m wondering if I should bring it out one more time before putting it in the closet until next year.

The blue brocade robe has been worn a bit less so I might go with that one. If I had a friend willing to wear it while I’m D’s sister, I’d definitely bring this but that’s probably just wishful thinking since I’m sure most people have their costume schedules more planned out than me. ^_^;

I thought I wasn’t going to bring my formal Terra but I’m a bit tempted to now. It’d give me one more elaborate costume to wear if I don’t bring the nyosen uniform. Both of my definite costumes look relatively simple so I’d like to bring at least one elaborate looking one.

Progress on the costume for D’s sister is still moving along. I went out Wednesday and got some pink silk chiffon to use for the shawl. I cut the fabric yesterday and I’m working on a hand-rolled hem for it now. I don’t think I’ve ever done a hand-rolled hem before (not that I recall, anyway) but I’m getting lots of practice with the 20 feet or so of hem. ^_^;

I bought shoes Wednesday, too, but I need to go return them and get other ones. I got pink Chinese satin slippers but I tried them on with the dress and they’re too bright. That’s been the big problem with finding shoes to go with this dress. Going by the reference pics, I should have flat slippers somewhat darker than the dress. I want them in pink to coordinate with the trim and shawl. But even though flats seem popular now, the pink ones seem to come in only pastel pink and hot pink with practically nothing in between and neither extreme is what I want. >_< I might be stuck having to buy an Aldo pair I saw at the mall last weekend. The color leaned a bit towards purple (sort of a berry shade) but it looked like it would work with the dress. The reason I hadn’t bought them was that the toe part was really shallow and the edges dug into my bones near my little toes. *has wide feet* -_-; The company doesn’t make half sizes and the next larger size was way too long for me.

On the bright side, I did get the new wig I ordered a couple of weeks back. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t arrive in time because I hadn’t gotten any e-mails from Cosworx nearly a week after Paypal went through. Got in touch with them and it seems they had missed the payment clearing. But they apologized and sent the wig overnight. ^_^ Need to cut and style it sometime over the next few days so that I’ll have wigs for both Count D and his sister.
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Just a couple more weeks until AnimeNext. It’s probably going to sound a bit odd but I’ve been feeling a bit bummed about that fact. I’ve realized I won’t really have any gatherings/group shoots to go to this time (unless a Fruits Basket shoot gets planned and I pull out my old Ayame). I guess I’ll run into people to chat with throughout the weekend but I’ll probably wandering alone most of the con, like usual.

I know I’m not the greatest at talking to people and not the most sociable but, sometimes, I wonder a bit if I just scare people off or something. :-/ Do I come off as unfriendly or intimidating because I tend to be quiet and reserved in person? I had a guy who recognized me at AnimeNorth and said hello PM me at afterwards, apologizing because he thought he might have offended me or creeped me out; he didn’t. I’m just bad at conversations with new people and was a bit surprised to be recognized. ^_^;; (I’ve always figured few people know who the hell I am given my obscure costume choices and the fact I don’t make it to many events outside of NY/NJ.)

Lately, I’ve also felt kind of disappointed that my costumes so far this year haven't been particularly spectacular. Ayame took a long time but was mostly tailoring and the equipment problems with that one kind of wore me out. x_x; I think I'm still a bit depressed that I spent so long on it, ended up not liking how it looked on me, and didn’t even manage to get some decent pics of it. After that, I felt like, “Can I take a break for a few weeks yet?” but kept going because I didn’t have much time between my main cons for this year and wanted to have new stuff to wear.

Count D’s vacation outfit went together quickly but it was simple and more for fun than anything else. (The contacts thing not getting worked out in time for Anime North was frustrating, too. -_-) And the Chinese dress I’m making now for his sister is pretty but another outfit where tailoring is the main thing. I had to put Sora from Kaleido Star (which would have been a much more interesting outfit) on hold due to lack of time and it just seems like a rather blah year in terms of what I’ve gotten done.

I kind of feel like I should be doing something with more creative embellishment/new techniques. :-/ Like how I handquilted the collar on my Renrin costume a couple of years ago and appliquéd all the trim on my first Ayame coat. Haven’t really done much like that lately unless you want to count handmaking frog buttons for my new dress or the sleeves I made for Sora a few months back.

Anyway, I’ve been working on the dress for D’s sister and it has been going pretty well so that cheered me up a little. I ended up buying the floral brocade I mentioned a few entries back in yellow because the phoenixes blended into the background more than on the red (the dress is really only supposed to have flowers and no birds). Plus, I decided the red might be too sexy for the character. ^_^; D’s sister appeared rather simple-minded so I figured ingénue-ish colors would better reflect that.

I’m doing the lining and trim in pink and want to get pink chiffon for the shawl. I wasn’t sure how the yellow would look on me/with the black wig but I’m reassured now after getting the main construction on the dress done and trying it on. ^_^ (The brocade was really expensive, $62 total for the 4 yards I needed because it was so narrow. And after my Ayame earlier this year, I was worried I’d make the dress and find it looked terrible on me.) I just hope I don’t go crazy when it’s time to find shoes; the other reason I hesitated about the yellow was that I thought it’d be harder to coordinate shoes for the yellow and pink color scheme.

After finishing this costume and a few repairs to other stuff (T-Chan needs a few stitches ^_^;), I’m looking forward to several weeks off from making new costumes. I’m just not used to having 3 cons so close together and making a new costume in time for each one. x_x; I don’t know how those of you who do multiple new costumes for a con manage it!

Shall try to get back to some other hobbies like theatregoing and my father wants me to take some computer classes so I can help run the office at the store. The classes are starting mid-July so AnimeNext will be over and hopefully, I’ll have caught up with my backlog of paperwork.


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