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Finally getting to posting about that thing I mentioned the other day… I made a dreamwidth account:

If you have an account there, let me know so I can add you! I haven’t completely decided what I’ll do yet. I figure I’ll import this journal over there as a backup but I don’t know if I’ll move completely and I would at least crosspost. The new default commenting system isn’t a big problem with my personal journal since I’m using a S2 journal style and those comment pages have stayed the same.

It is a problem for large communities though since a lot of them used the default and needed subject lines, which were taken out of the new layout, for organization. I got back into roleplaying over the summer and the new layout has caused problems for the game I’m in and it’s moving to DW. I’ve been a lot more active on my characters journals lately, too, than this one and had one of them as a paid account for the extra icons. So, I’m going to be moving those journals over completely.

Even though I’ve had this journal for nearly 7 years now and have stuck with the site despite a huge chunk of my friends list abandoning it for Facebook and Twitter the past few years, service has really gone downhill this year with the repeated attacks and wonky notifications. :-/ (I never got the notifications for some of the people who requested cards this year and there’s no telling anymore whether a notification will show up when a comment is posted, a few days later, or not at all. There’s no consistency to it at all anymore.) And with the awful customer service and the rudeness of some of the staff lately (there were thousands of comments in the news posts telling LJ not to take out the subject lines and they were ignored), I feel “ugh” about the prospect of giving LJ any more money. I still like the format for posting entries (still have no interest in making a Facebook or Twitter) but I’m just frustrated with all the problems that have come up.

And no cosplay review this year. There isn’t really any point considering how unmotivated and uninspired I was this year. I only made 3 costumes: the second Ryuuren outfit, the jellyfish dress, and 1930s Nancy Drew. I didn’t really like any of my jellyfish dress pictures that much and I don’t even have pictures of Nancy at all since I didn’t get a chance to do a shoot before it got too cold. :-/

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Everyone else seems to be creating one, so I did too!

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That's good that your comments haven't been affected! I can't remember which style I'm using.

Yeah, I've been pretty disgusted with Livejournal the past year. The repeated attacks are just ridiculous. And it's so frustrating when they alter things that don't even need it.

(And thank you for the lovely card! Gah, I haven't got cards sent to anyone yet this year, except for one person whose card went with their gift.)