Jun. 21st, 2011

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I took a day trip to Washington last Wednesday to see Follies at the Kennedy Center. They had a display of 10 of Gregg Barnes’ costume designs for the show in the lobby so I took pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get a clear shot of some of the designs towards the top of the display; they were behind glass and it was just impossible to get an angle without some glare from the glass wall opposite. These are a couple of my favorites from what was on display. One of the “Loveland” showgirls and Phyllis' red dress for "The Story of Lucy and Jessie."

trip ramblings, thoughts on the show, and more pics and costume designs under the cut )

And it seems like this production of Follies will be transferring to Broadway after all. The Kennedy Center run just ended on Sunday and it didn’t get announced until the day I went to see it last week. (Would have been nice if this was announced a few weeks earlier so I wouldn’t have had to make a trip to Washington to see it. ^_^;;) Supposedly, it will play a limited engagement at the Marquis Theatre starting sometime in the summer but dates and casting haven’t been announced yet. Not sure yet if I will go see it again when it’s in NY. It would be nice to have a chance to see it closer up and this would only be the second fully staged revival in NY since the original in 1971. But it might depend somewhat on casting and whether there are any discounts since I already spent a lot to see it in Washington.


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