Feb. 13th, 2011

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Only a few more days until Katsucon. Nothing completely new this con. So far, my costume schedule is:

Kyoya’s final episode costume from Ouran (morning/afternoon)
Ryuuren for the Saiunkoku group (evening)

19th Century Count D with phoenix prop


I’d like to fit in more of my fancy costumes for photos with the nice hotel but timing isn’t that good. :-/ Like I’d like to bring my Tamaki ballgown but there isn’t a particularly good time to fit it in unless I squeeze it in as a third costume on Friday. We won’t be getting to the con until around 8 or 9 Thursday night since my brother has to go to class that morning. So, Thursday night is out unless I want to do photos at midnight or something. I’m craftsmanship judging on Saturday so I figure I shouldn’t wear anything too huge and cumbersome then. And we have to catch a bus back home Sunday afternoon so I need something I can change out of without too much trouble before we leave.

Hopefully, the con will give me some motivation to work on costumes again. Besides the cold weather, I think part of the reason I’ve felt blah is because both of my last two cons weren’t that good.

After years of not doing fanart, I did a little picture last week to go with the alternate universe Saiunkoku fic I wrote for an exchange back in December. Since I’m terrible at the drawing part, I tried doing it in chibi style in hopes that it would go faster. Some things are probably off since it was the first time I tried to draw a chibi. The coloring is watercolor with gel pens for the jewelry. It’s supposed to be Ryuuki in the king’s costume from Genju no Seiza. Yes, my brain seems to be full of crack when it comes to fics and art. ^_^;;; So, even my fanart ends up cosplaying! I kind of want to draw some of the other characters in their AU costumes, too. >_>;


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