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Hmm… It’s been nearly a week since I updated. From the response to the last post, it looks like we should have a decent size PSOH group for Anime Boston. ^_^ There should be D, his grandpa, Leon, Medusa, Ten-Chan, and maybe, Pon-Chan and Honlon. Then, for AnimeNext, I’ll do a smaller group with kiwi lady as T-Chan plus whoever wants to rewear their costumes. If any changes or additions are needed, let me know.

Went to the dentist on Monday and got the decaying wisdom tooth removed. Luckily, this one could just be pulled out normally. I still need to go back sometime to have the last one taken out and the dentist said that one would have to be sawed. Not looking forward to that. x_x;

And I’ve discovered that Chase statements can be ridiculously messed up. I was working with my parents’ latest statement and it claimed a recently created account had a balance at the end of the last period, 10 days BEFORE the account was actually created. O_o They added in the amount to the balance for the previous month and part of the money in the new account had been transferred from an existing account, meaning that money was counted twice and inflated the total balance for the previous month to way more than it should have been. Before figuring that out, I was looking at the total balances for the past couple of months and wondering, “Where the hell did all that money go?!” I told my father to go and yell at the bank. >_>

I started working on the main robe for my new D costume and have the sleeves done so far. Also, I finally got heels to wear under the outfit so I won’t be so short. I know he really wears slippers but since the costume is floor length, I’m going with trying to appear taller to match the overall look (he’s like 10 heads tall in the reference!) over having completely accurate shoes. I got these black 4” wedges on clearance for $15.

I would have preferred a lighter color since his slippers with that costume were shown as being light but I figured I wasn’t likely to find anything else that cheap and I can try shoe dye if I have time. I’d been looking for a few weeks and it seems hard to find wedges with plain, closed toes that aren’t over $60 and/or made of an obviously unsuitable material. It would have been easier to get stilettos but I have no practice walking in those and I don’t have a Leon to catch me if I start toppling over! ^_^;;

And I’ve been messing around with my Sora wig some more. It’s still kind of streaky and getting a bit frizzy at the ends. At this point, I think I’m better off getting a new wig and trying the dyeing again when I get around to making the rest of that costume. It started as this dark purple New Look wig and is still useable but I’m not completely satisfied with the dye job. I was trying to match this but think I went a little too red with the repeated dyeing attempts since some spots wouldn’t color as easily. 

[profile] neoangelwink, let me know if you’d like this wig for your Sora costume; I got the reply from your entry but wasn’t sure. If you want it and can pick it up next time you’re in the city, you can have it for free.

Hmm… Halloween is less than a week away and I have no idea what I’m doing. The botanic gardens has their Halloween event this Sunday but I’m not sure if I’ll go to get pictures like I did the last two years since I’ve been lazy and haven’t planned. Maybe, I’ll wander around the city a bit on Wednesday but not sure what I’d wear if I do since it looks like it’ll be colder this year. 
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Well, I’ve gotten some more work done on my new Count D and finished the velvet layer today. It attaches at one of the shoulders with snaps so I’ll be able to slip it under the collar of the main robe. I’m planning to have the robe fasten in the front so having this piece separate will hide the opening. :-D Properly mitering the corners turned out to be a bit tricky. I’d actually never done that with bias binding before because I usually use gold braid/cording or other trims along edges when needed. ^_^;; Other than the corners, I ended up just machine stitching everything since it seems like I’ll be getting busier with real life stuff soon so I need to try to get things done more quickly.

Here’s what I have so far on the dressform. Definitely need to replace those green pearls with another color. They look distinct enough against the fabric in person but they just get sucked into the fabric on camera. -_-; Need to think about what to do about the rest of the jewelry, too, like those big brooches. They look like circular ones set with a large gem in the same shape. A large button could possibly be used for the base but I’m not sure about the gems. The brooch on the sash seems like it should be 3-4” in diameter so I’m wondering if I can find something large enough to use for the gem part without attempting to cast resin or something like that. My family’s store actually carries the resin casting stuff but I’ve never attempted to use it. ^_^;;

I’ve also gotten my wigs from the sale Cosworx had last week. ^_^ The color on one of them turned out to be more orangey than I expected though so I’m now trying to figure out what to do with it. ^_^;; It’s a New Look Cher wig in shade 144. )

I bought it thinking I could possibly use it for Layla from Kaleido Star sometime. *points to icon* I’d seen outdoor pics of another wig in that shade used for a different character with yellow blonde hair and thought it looked perfect. But it seems to look noticeably more orange in indoor lighting and a tad too orangey for Layla so I’m trying to think of someone else I can possibly cosplay with it. ^_^;

So far, only Ritsu from Fruits Basket has really come to mind; the shade seems close to his hair color from the manga cover and I actually have the anime kimono for him half done. (A couple of years ago, I was testing a kimono pattern and realized afterwards it was the right color for Ritsu so I started adding the designs. But I got bored with it and didn’t feel like getting a wig especially for him/making the rest of the costume so it got abandoned and never finished. ^_^;;) I like his manga outfits more though, like the one from the cover and the New Year’s kimono.

I also bought a Linda in shade 24 (medium blonde) highlighted with 613 (golden yellow blonde). ) Got it with the thought that I could cut it down for Eugenie from Gankutsuou since I was worried the shorter wigs on sale might not be quite long enough. I figured that a highlighted wig would be better since the hair in that series tends to not be one shade due to the designs.

And I bought yet another off- black D. Boy (marked down to $12) since I wasn’t completely happy with the cutting job I did on the new Count D wig after I restyled the first for his sister. Cut it a tiny bit too short for my tastes so I’ll put that one up for sale whenever I get around to actually doing that sale post I was planning.

And finally...

career meme that has been floating around on my friends page )
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I did some touchups on my Ayame wig earlier and put it into a ponytail. I thought I would take a progress picture with my wig and the shirt but after I put the stuff on and was ready to take pics, it was time for dinner. And since I was too lazy to put everything back on after dinner, everyone just gets to see my wig on the wighead and the shirt on a hanger. :-P

Here’s the wig. I tried it on and don’t completely like the way it looks tied back like this. I think the wig looks better on me when it’s loose so I might just wear it loose (other than for craftsmanship judging), considering this was the only outfit where he ever had it in a ponytail. Long white hair in a ponytail brings to mind Abel from Trinity Blood rather than Ayame… ^_^;;

Overly shiny shirt thingy )
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Boy, my father’s bank accounts are so muddled. I’ve been handling most bill payments and paperwork for him lately but he made some deposits and wrote some checks which he didn’t bother to tell me to enter until the other night. And when I did, stuff didn’t add up quite as expected. So, we’ve spent time the last two evenings looking at numbers and it still isn’t completely right but then I always thought his checkbook was off in the first place. >_> I told him he should just get a new account and start over!

Getting ready to start working on costumes again. I now have pictures of the wigs I got the other day.

new wigs )

Went out fabric shopping today for the new costumes. Don’t you hate it when you go through store after store and still can’t find what you want? >_< I had that problem with fabric for the ruffly shirt to go under Ayame’s coat. I’d checked a few places on previous shopping trips but hadn’t seen anything just right so I decided to do a more thorough search today since I want to get started on the outfit soon.

The shirt in the manga was dark with a lacy floral design. I have red brocade for the coat already and pictured the shirt in black with gold designs. I’m not a great fan of lace so I wanted to find an opaque black with gold flowers but only found a few things to consider and none of them looked even close. -_-; It seemed hard to even find a plain gold lace; most of the shops just seemed to have tons of fancy sequined and beaded lace. I eventually found one but it gave a mostly yellow impression when layered over black so it wasn’t quite what I wanted either. After a few hours and a dozen or so shops, I bought a black and gold lace which will hopefully work because I’m just tired of looking. I suppose this is why I take so long to make a costume; sometimes, it just seems impossible to find the fabric I want! >_<

Also bought more fabric for Sora and now have the 3 shades of pink I need although I still have to get purple for the collar and shorts. I also picked up more hotfix sequins in different shapes to use on the outfit. I tested some out yesterday and they seem to actually stick! (Unlike some of the iron-on interfacings I’ve encountered before. >_>) I bought a couple of packs of hotfix Swarovski crystals to try out, too. I’ll work on Sora’s sleeve thingys this weekend since I still need to get a shirt pattern and see if I have any good plain black fabric around the house before I can start Ayame’s shirt.

I got a magenta Sharpie to test on my purple wig but the ink is more purple than you would expect from the cap color and isn’t adding enough red to the wig. Maybe, I just need plain red? There’s pink but I don’t think it would be enough to change the wig color much.


Jan. 3rd, 2007 10:30 pm
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Let’s see… I’m trying to clean a bit here. Put a stack of old bills through the shredder and emptied out a drawer to use for storing some of the fabric I bought recently. I’ve already filled it though and it’s just with things I’ve bought the past few months! *stashes fabric a lot* ^_^;

Got my wig order from Cosworx today. ^_^ I’ll have to get some Sharpies and then I can experiment with turning my purple wig more reddish for Sora’s hair.

And I can start on straightening the replacement wig for Renrin. Her hair seems like it might have a little wave to it though so I think I’ll leave it slightly wavy. Maybe, if I can find my gold hair combs, I’ll use them to pull the hair back a bit. It seems like it’s supposed to be in a thick, high ponytail but styles that expose the hairline along the sides of the head don’t work well for me thanks to my big skull. >_>; (It’s why I didn’t try a high ponytail with my Terra wig either.)

Maybe, I’ll do new earrings for her, too. When I was packing the costume for Otakon several months back, I noticed that the white enamel paint I used on them had yellowed a bit during a year in storage. And I think I’ll get a plastic peach as a prop since kirin like peaches. ^_^ I kind of feel like doing new Twelve Kingdoms pictures in time for Chinese New Year. Maybe, I can get my brother to take some. Need to nag him to work on his portfolio, too, since he said he wants to apply to college again for photography.
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First, thanks to [ profile] neoangelwink for the holiday card! :-)

And happy winter solstice! Going by Chinese tradition, my mother made tangyuan (little balls of dough made from glutinous rice flour) for the occasion.

Uploaded another icon, this time of my Ayame cosplay. I’ve had it as an avatar elsewhere before but never got around to uploading a version here. I look like a depressed Ayame XD; but I liked how my wig came out in that picture and the reflections in the water. (I was leaning over one of the water lily pools at the botanic garden.)

And speaking of depressing… cut for Fruits Basket volume 15 spoilers )

I noticed yesterday that Cosworx is having a holiday sale on wigs in their cosplay recommended section. ^_^ I was thinking of replacing my Renrin wig so this might be a good time for it. She’s supposed to have knee-length yellow blonde hair and I spent a long time looking for a suitable wig when I first did the costume over a year and a half ago. Never was completely satisfied with any of the colors available in the Godiva or Amphigory’s Enchantment; the really long styles don’t seem to come in nearly as many colors. They all looked too pale or not yellowish enough and party color yellow was much too bright. Eventually I bought the Enchantment in Bubbly and tried to dye it more yellow. It sort of worked but, looking back at some of the pictures from when I wore it at Otakon this year, I don’t completely like the color and the wig was kind of thin in the first place.

I’m thinking of getting a Linda XXL in Butterscotch Blonde as the replacement and straightening it a bit since none of the Godiva colors seem as good a match. It’ll be shorter than accurate but should be less of a problem to care for. ^_^;

Maybe, I can find a good wig for my Sora costume, too. Her hair’s an odd shade and is going to take some dyeing for a good match. I’m thinking a purple wig with a reddish shade of dye would work. I’ve seen reports on the forums of some Cosworx wigs being hard to dye though so I did a test on a swatch I saved when I cut bangs into a New Look wig. I tried a black Sharpie and a green Prismacolor since those were the markers I had on hand. After leaving them overnight, I found the Prismacolor had a tendency to wash out but the Sharpie seemed to take; even rinsing with very warm water and soap, there didn’t seem to be a noticeable amount of black ink coming off. So, I assume I should be able to get this to work with Sharpies…

And I’m wondering if I should get a replacement for the blonde wig with bangs that I’ve used for my Lili and Namine costumes. That particular wig annoys me since it seems to be on the small side and doesn’t cover the sides of my head very well. Not sure if it’s worth it to replace right now though since I rarely wear Lili (because no one knows who the heck it is and I have a lot of more recent costumes ^_^;;) and I don’t know if I’ll wear Namine much since it’s not a great costume (made it based on Chain of Memories and it looks rather off now that there are KH2 pics). I have another Lili outfit planned at some point but it hasn’t been a priority since I’ve made the huge petticoat already and figured out the thing probably isn’t going to get further than AnimeNext due to space. ^_^;


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