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I took a day trip to Washington last Wednesday to see Follies at the Kennedy Center. They had a display of 10 of Gregg Barnes’ costume designs for the show in the lobby so I took pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get a clear shot of some of the designs towards the top of the display; they were behind glass and it was just impossible to get an angle without some glare from the glass wall opposite. These are a couple of my favorites from what was on display. One of the “Loveland” showgirls and Phyllis' red dress for "The Story of Lucy and Jessie."

trip ramblings, thoughts on the show, and more pics and costume designs under the cut )

And it seems like this production of Follies will be transferring to Broadway after all. The Kennedy Center run just ended on Sunday and it didn’t get announced until the day I went to see it last week. (Would have been nice if this was announced a few weeks earlier so I wouldn’t have had to make a trip to Washington to see it. ^_^;;) Supposedly, it will play a limited engagement at the Marquis Theatre starting sometime in the summer but dates and casting haven’t been announced yet. Not sure yet if I will go see it again when it’s in NY. It would be nice to have a chance to see it closer up and this would only be the second fully staged revival in NY since the original in 1971. But it might depend somewhat on casting and whether there are any discounts since I already spent a lot to see it in Washington.
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So, AnimeNext happened. Got to the con around noon on Friday, checked into the hotel, and had lunch before picking up badges and starting to wander. Wore my newer Ryuuren costume that day for a Saiunkoku photoshoot with [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] kitsunesqueak; [ profile] athena_chan couldn’t join us since she had to watch the artist’s alley table but she found a friend to wear her Ryuuki costume so we finally got all 4 costumes together in photos! The photoshoot was quite silly and involved a sake bottle (empty!) and fighting over fake manjuu. XD

Carrie had suggested entering the hall contest as a group when I called her a couple of nights before the con but the photoshoot ran long, our Ryuuki had to leave, and she had to get back to artist’s alley so that didn’t happen. :-( I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to do the contest on my own since I felt Ryuuren was a bit plain compared to other stuff I’d done in the past. But there was no line to be judged when I wandered over there so I did enter after debating for a while.

Walked around a while longer before my brother and his friend ordered pizza for dinner. Then, spent the rest of the evening in the room, prepared the jellyfish dress for the next day, painted my nails pink, and went to bed around 11:30.

Saturday, I wore Kuranosuke’s jellyfish dress from Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish). I didn’t have time to make the crown or earrings but I was quite happy with how the dress came out. ^_^ I think I’m going to add a bit more to the petticoats (or maybe build a mini hoopskirt?) for next time though since the weight of the pearls hanging from the dress did smoosh them down quite a bit. I kind of want to replace my wig, too. I’d bought the New Look Showgirl wig in Light Purple since it seemed to be the only wavy or curly lavender wig I could find that was long enough but it’s somewhat thin at the top and the fibers aren’t as nice as their natural color wigs. :-/

My brother took a few pictures and then I just wandered around or talked to people most of the day. Despite the anime only airing towards the end of last year (this is the quickest I’ve ever cosplayed something after it aired!), a bunch of people did recognize the costume and a few seemed pretty excited to see it! One person asked if I was Sheryl though, which I found kind of amusing. (Wasn’t there a line in the anime about the type of jellyfish the dress was based on being the pop idol of the jellyfish world? I think I remember Tsukimi saying something like that.)

Masquerade was the shortest I’ve ever seen at any con with only 10 entries. o_o; Entry numbers went up to 18 though so presumably all the skipped numbers were groups that dropped out. I remember in the early years of AnimeNext, there used to be thirty something entries so it’s kind of sad that it has dwindled to this. When the hall contest winners were announced, I ended up winning Best of Friday Craftsman; I shared some of the stuff from my prize bag with Carrie since I originally hadn’t planned to do the hall contest at all this year and only prepared notes and references since she had suggested entering as a group.

I had packed my Eugenie costume for Sunday since it had been so hot the few days before the con and I figured it was one of the few costumes I wouldn’t melt in. But since it was forecast to be rainy and cool again like the previous day (I probably had a shawl over the jellyfish dress a third of the time) and I didn’t especially feel like wearing 4 1/2 inch platform heels, I wore Ryuuren again. And if the long hair and dangly earrings didn’t make him look girly enough, I was stuck with pink nails since I didn’t bring any nail polish remover. ^_^;; A few people did recognize it as Saiunkoku cosplay, which was nice. I know my cosplays tend to be obscure though so I’m always a bit amused to see what people mistake my cosplays for. I got asked if I was China (must be the ponytail and Ancient Chinese looking outfit) and if I was cosplaying from Dynasty Warriors. I confuse people a lot! XD

Checked out of the hotel, took care of luggage, and wandered around the con. Went home around 3. The con seemed a bit boring but it was nice to see friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I wish I’d gotten a chance to hang out a bit more though; some people I ran into once and then never saw again the whole weekend!

Off to Washington for the day tomorrow to see Follies! Will take my copy of the libretto and reread it on the trip down. I’d also like to reread Everything was Possible (book about the creation of the original Broadway production of Follies) but can’t seem to find my copy.
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Still working on my new costume, which as [ profile] ryoko and [ profile] appaku guessed last time, is the jellyfish dress from Princess Jellyfish. I never thought I’d end up making a costume that involved tentacles… XD; I watched the series a while back on the Funimation site and liked it. I’ve wanted to make a ruffly cosplay for quite a while. But I’ve just never found one that I both liked and thought I could pull off since ruffly costumes are more likely to show up on cute younger characters which just wouldn’t work well with my figure. So, when I saw this, I was like, “Hmm, a crossdresser in a ruffly dress? I could do this!”

Trying to finish this for AnimeNext next weekend. I’m also bringing my newer Ryuuren costume to do Saiunkoku with [ profile] kitsunesqueak and [ profile] neoangelwink. And I haven’t decided what else I’m bringing yet. Glad this will be the last convention for a while since spring was so packed. I don’t think I’m going to anymore this year other than possibly NYCC/NYAF since it’s local.

In other news, I booked tickets for a day trip down to Washington, D.C. during the week following AnimeNext. I’m going to see the Kennedy Center's production of "Follies" which is one of my favorite Sondheim musicals. They did this production especially for the Kennedy Center and it's only playing for about 5 or 6 weeks. The original opened on Broadway in 1971 and I think the only fully staged NY revival was the one 10 years ago, which I saw but don't recall that well. Taking Amtrak in the morning, seeing a matinee, and then taking the train back afterwards.


Jan. 19th, 2011 12:18 am
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Hmm… It’s been a while since I’ve posted and a bunch of things have happened since then.

I made it to the final Wednesday matinee of “A Little Night Music” back on the 5th. It’s one of my favorite Sondheim scores so I enjoyed having a chance to see it onstage. It’s basically a romantic farce with lots of overlapping love triangles. They definitely played on the comedic material and it was hilarious; it’s kind of easy to forget that there’s also so much humor when just listening to all of the waltz music from the cast recording. The set was relatively simple but I liked how they managed to do so much with it. The walls along the edges of the stage could be lit in various patterns to give the impression of different rooms. Plus, they swiveled to form different arrangements and allow furniture to be brought on and off stage. I particularly liked when the trees were added for act 2. The costumes looked nice although some of the little details weren’t very visible from the audience (I bought a souvenir program afterwards so I was able to see some of the details I missed from the photos in there.) And I was curious how they managed to do some of the costume changes so quickly since they were period costumes. (Would be nice if I could manage to change costumes in a couple of minutes!)

My one complaint would be I couldn’t completely believe Bernadette Peters as the glamorous actress Desiree Armfeldt or Elaine Stritch as her former courtesan mother who once had kings among her lovers because of their accents. The show is set in early 20th Century Sweden and they just didn’t sound European at all. I’d never seen either perform live before but I had seen them in Sondheim things that were taped and released on DVD (Bernadette in “Into the Woods” and “Sunday in the Park with George” and Elaine in the Lincoln Center “Follies” concert). They pretty much sounded as they did in those performances and I felt their own personalities came through so I saw them as Bernadette Peters playing Desiree Armfeldt and Elaine Stritch playing Madame Armfeldt, rather than as Desiree Armfeldt and Madame Armfeldt. I enjoyed the show and they were hilarious, especially Bernadette during the “You Must Meet my Wife” scene, but I just couldn’t completely see them as the characters.

Then, my brother and I went to visit [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] loudnbothered on the 8th. Finally exchanged holiday presents with neoangelwink; had tea and cake; and talked a bit about plans for Katsucon and later this year.

Kaleido Star group for Costume Con has been cancelled. Neoangelwink and [ profile] athena_chan hadn’t realized that Costume Con is the same weekend as Sakura Matsuri and they need to be at the festival to sell hats so they won’t be able to do the group with me. Other people who were interested in possibly doing it with me are also dealing with real life issues so this just seems to be bad timing for everyone and I don’t want people to stress out over costumes when they have more important things to worry about. I don’t feel like trying to rush through Layla’s ballgown by late April if I don’t have a group to present it with so the idea is postponed for now. Depending on whether people still want to try to do the group at some point, we could try for an anime con later on although I don’t know what would be good. The only ones I’m likely to be at this year after Costume Con are AnimeNext and NYCC/NYAF. Or maybe, just do a Kaleido Star group for fun and photos that isn’t limited to the Cinderella costumes.

And this leaves me uncertain about costume plans for this year. While I do have a bunch of things I still want to make someday, there’s nothing jumping out at me that I especially want to work on right now. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m still feeling unmotivated due to the cold. Plus, Chinese New Year is in a couple of weeks and that always means a lot of extra work around the house so it might not be the best time to start a new project anyway.

I’m not sure if I want to try to do something else as a solo entry for Costume Con. There aren’t that many things elaborate enough that I’d especially want to present them at Costume Con versus just getting them judged at an anime con. There’s the Future Fashion Folio which I still have to look over in more detail although I don’t know if I’d actually want to do one. It’s basically a collection of other people’s sketches for original designs so after the contest, it doesn’t seem like there would be many good opportunities to rewear it. Or I could try to come up with a Broadway costume to go with the Costume Con theme. I kind of want to since I love musicals but it’s very hard to come up with the combination of a show I love, a design I want to make, and a character that I like and could pull off. Plus, preferably, it wouldn’t be overly costly or time consuming to make since I doubt there would be a good chance to wear it again. :-/ Or just more anime stuff? I don’t know.

After years of not using it, I decided to clean out my account the other weekend and start over since I’ve been doing fanfic a bit more the past couple of months and my stuff has been scattered across LJ communities rather than collected in any one place. I’ve posted all of my PSOH stuff but some of my Saiunkoku stuff is being revised so it’s not all up yet.

Going through [ profile] psohdrabble to collect all the bits I’ve posted there kind of made me want to write drabbles again (too bad that comm seems dead these days). Not all of them were amazing but I think I was pretty good at it. I could hit 100 words exactly most of the time and usually answer the prompts in a unique way, too. Some weeks, I even managed to also theme them to holidays that were happening in real life at the time, like Chinese New Year. (I think I’m overdue for a rereading of the original PSOH series, too; it’s been quite a while since the last time.)

And now that my stuff has been up at for about 10 days, I’m looking at the stats and wondering if my Saiunkoku stuff is that boring. I’ve put up a couple of long drabbles plus the beginning of the long AU fic I did for the exchange last month. None of them have even hit 20 visitors yet. Meanwhile, for PSOH stuff, I’ve had 101 visitors for a long drabble, 120 visitors (and over 900 hits) for my collection of 15 short drabbles, and 179 visitors for a pair of longer related drabbles. Figures that the one with the most visitors is the one that sounds somewhat naughty from the summary. >_>;;; I know they’re both small fandoms but I didn’t think it should be that much of a difference considering some of the Saiunkoku LJ communities are actually larger than comparable PSOH ones. Kind of disappointing when the Saiunkoku stuff takes me more time to write since they’ve been longer pieces. :-/

And a slight rant relating to something I was talking to [ profile] insaneladybug about a while back... People seem really lazy about reviewing stuff these days because even with all those hits and a few favorites/alerts on all of the PSOH things, I’ve yet to get a single review on anything at all. It wasn’t too uncommon for me to get 4-5 comments (and even more once in a while) on 100 word drabbles when they were originally posted on LJ but there’s been nothing there. I know I’m a much better cosplayer than fanfic writer and wouldn’t expect people to individually review drabbles. But if new people are reading them there and like them, it would be nice if they left one comment. Because while fanfic is fun to play with once in a while as a change from cosplay, I don’t enjoy the writing process as much as sewing and tend to do it in hopes of putting together something that other people will also enjoy or get a laugh out of. I’m not too bothered since I did get nice comments on stuff when it was on LJ but at the same time, it doesn’t help encourage me to get my revisions done so I can finish putting stuff up.
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I ended up not seeing “A Little Night Music” today. I got to the theatre and was dismayed to see signs saying that Angela Lansbury was out. I’d decided to try going this week even though I still have things to finish before AnimeNext mainly because I wanted to see her before she left the show. :-/ I bought my ticket on Sunday morning and was slightly worried when she mentioned she was loosing her voice during the Tony Awards that night. (Checked a theatre board after I got home and someone claimed she has laryngitis, which seems feasible considering the other night.) Whatever the ailment is, I hope she’s better soon!

The lady at the box office told me I could get a refund if I didn’t want to see the show without Angela. Quite a few other people also seemed to want to see her especially and asked for refunds since she was out. Debated mentally for a while and decided to take the refund. Although I love the music and want to see the show at some point, I didn’t really care about Catherine Zeta Jones and it wasn’t really worth $141.50 (yeah, that’s how much the ticket was after fees! X_X) to me to see it today. I was glad the box office people were so willing to do refunds, considering Broadway tickets usually say no refunds or exchanges. I figure I’ll wait until Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch come in as replacements and see if any discounts come up. I’d rather see shows with people known for their theatre work than movie stars that don’t normally do musicals. >_>;

So, it was a disappointing afternoon and I wasted about 3 hours going into the city and coming back. Not good since I want to get a bunch of paperwork out of the way before AnimeNext and still have a few small things to do on costumes. :-/ Finished with Kyoya stuff but still have a bit of work on the surprise costume and want to redo the flowers for Youka’s hair. Plus, I need to pack tomorrow.

And if the theatre thing wasn’t enough bad luck for one day, I accidentally sat on a kiwi a while before dinner. O_o; Apparently, it had rolled onto one of the dining room chairs when my mother was emptying bowls of fruit into a bag and she didn’t notice. I sat down without looking and was like, “Huh? Why do I feel something squishy?” -_-;


Jun. 15th, 2010 08:44 pm
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I have a ticket for tomorrow’s matinee of “A Little Night Music.” I’d been meaning to see it for months since it’s one of my favorite Sondheim scores and I’ve never seen it staged. Plus, Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta Jones are leaving the cast after Sunday so it seemed like the time to go. (mainly interested in seeing Angela Lansbury) I got a great seat but yikes, it was expensive. Broadway ticket prices are crazy these days! o_o;;;

Kyoya’s final episode outfit is almost wearable. I just need to finish up the cuffs on my pants. No time to make the coat now so I’ll just wear what I have for AnimeNext and actually finish it for Otakon. ^_^;

Also, over the past week, I’ve been working on a quick costume. It’s almost done. Just needs a little more trim and some work on the wig. It hasn’t been on any of my previous cosplay ideas lists and I think I’ll leave what it is as a surprise. If you want to find out, you’ll have to find me early Saturday. :-P

AnimeNext costume schedule:
Friday morning/early afternoon: Youka for Twelve Kingdoms photos with Emi
Friday late afternoon/evening: Count D artbook kimono
Saturday morning: surprise costume :-P
Saturday afternoon/evening: Kyoya’s final episode costume minus the coat
Sunday: undecided, probably rewear something from Friday or Saturday

And I've been lousy at replying/commenting on here lately due to working on costumes and other things. Will try to be better about that after this weekend.
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Finished my bows so I’ll put up a progress pic. The bows are graduated sizes and I took a picture of them on top of the new dress fabric I got. The petticoat is just cotton so I’ll make a second one with netting to go under it later. It has such a huge hem that the ruffles at the bottom took about 3 yards of fabric.

Since there’s only 3 weeks left to AnimeNext, I’m trying to figure out what to bring. I know I’ll have Cecelia so I can do YGO with [ profile] novaraven sometime Saturday. And I’ll have the newest D so we can do PSOH sometime over the weekend, too. By the way, is anyone else still doing Petshop for Next? Was wondering mostly so we can plan a time.

And I’m not sure what else I’ll have. Considering Sarah so I can do Kaleido Star with [ profile] neoangelwink but I’m a little hesitant now with the fur hood on that costume. ^_^;; Not sure if I’ll end up remaking Youka’s obi in time and it can’t be worn again until I do that. Maybe, I could bring out one of my older Ds? The peacock dress hasn’t been out for nearly a year. Or formal Terra since I haven’t worn that for a year either?

And finally getting around to writing about this…

Saw the “Sunday in the Park with George” revival last week. For those not familiar with it, it was composed by Stephen Sondheim (who also composed Sweeney Todd) and it’s about pointillist painter Georges Seurat and his creation of the famous painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” I’d already seen the DVD of the original Broadway production and thought it would be nice to see on stage.

I found the scenic/lighting design to be the most interesting thing. The walls around the stage were all white and the backdrop of the park in the painting was actually created by projecting the images onto the walls, starting with black and white when the artist is just beginning to sketch and progressing to color later. The projections would change, too, as George made changes to the painting.

Slightly disappointing was the fact that they just used the lights to create a silhouette of Dot during the title song. The effect in the original Broadway version was much cooler. There, the bustled Victorian dress that Dot was wearing opened up by itself. Then, she stepped out and danced around in corset, pantaloons, and bustle during the song while the empty dress closed back up and stood on its own!
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I was ironing my father’s clothes yesterday and the iron was acting up. The auto-off thing keeps kicking in when it shouldn’t be. It’s a good safety feature to have but the iron isn’t supposed to turn off until left standing for 8 minutes. Sometimes, I’m plugging it in and having the auto-off kick in within a couple of minutes, while I’m still waiting for it to heat. What the hell?! -_-X It’s been doing this for several weeks and I’m not amused since I only bought this one a bit more than a year ago. (I got it when I was working on my red Ayame and everything broke down. -_-) Plus, it’s a Rowenta iron that I got for about $50-$55 so it wasn’t cheap. Some of my needlework friends had recommended the brand and I had really liked this iron, too, so I’m annoyed it seems to be breaking down so quickly. >_<

So, what irons do the rest of you use and how do you like them? I tend to use a lot of brocades, satins, and fancy fabrics for costumes so I really want to avoid dripping irons and might have to consider replacing the current one if it keeps being so annoying. With the auto-off, I sometimes have to shake it so hard to get it going again that some of the water spills out. Plus, it seems to be leaking a bit, too.

In other news, I should be seeing Sunday in the Park with George next week. Just bought my ticket. Yay for Playbill discounts!

Off to continue plowing through a mountain of paperwork…
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Went shopping with my family yesterday and got some nice stuff. ^_^ My presents were pretty much done so the only gift I got was a little box of Lindt chocolates to add to the stuff I already have for a friend I’m visiting on Wednesday. She’s been busy with work and finishing up her masters degree this year so I haven’t seen her since last Christmas; will be nice to finally catch up!

At Macy’s, I found a couple of pretty Sunny Leigh skirts. That company does a lot of embroidered/embellished skirts; wish I had some pictures to link but Google wasn’t very helpful. The ones I got are both black and flared. One has gold embroidery. And the other has six large red and purple fabric flowers along the hem in the front. Should be fun to wear. They were originally $89 apiece but marked down to about $26.50. Yay for clearance sales! :-D

Then, went to Barnes and Noble since I had a 25% off coupon. I was thinking of getting the cast recording of the “Company” revival I saw earlier this year but they didn’t have it. Instead, I ended up buying the DVD of “Passion” which I’d been thinking of checking out sometime. (For those not familiar with them, “Company” and “Passion” are both musicals by Stephen Sondheim, who also composed “Sweeney Todd.” Figures that I’ve heard or seen most of his shows but not the one that was just made into a movie! *laugh*)

I also picked up the Jan/Feb ’08 issue of Mark Lipinkski’s Quilter’s Home. I rarely quilt but I loved the designs in this issue (I’ve known Mark for about 10 years so I try to flip through the magazine whenever I find myself in a bookstore that carries it). There’s one those of you who are into Japanese stuff might like. It’s called “The Tea Ceremony” and there are blocks with little kimonos, teacups, and appliquéd kanji. I find it rather charming. And I love the colorful “Crystals” design featured on the cover. ^_^ I’m kind of tempted to try making one or both of those someday. Even though my one attempt at piecing a quilt top is still sitting around half finished after years and years. ^_^;;; 
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Could it be? Yes, it’s an entry that has nothing to do with cosplay! *laugh*

Anyway, I thought it was about time I finally got around to typing out a few thoughts about the Broadway revival of Company which I saw last month. (You know you’re behind when you’re writing reviews for a show that closed nearly a month ago. ^_^;;)

Company doesn’t really have a plot. It focuses on the main character Bobby and his interactions with 5 married couples, who are his friends, and a trio of girlfriends. I suppose the best way to describe it would be a collection of vignettes on the themes of love, commitment, and marriage. (My favorite had to be the scene with “Getting Married Today” and Amy the crazy bride having a nervous breakdown before eventually going ahead with the wedding. XD) It begins and ends with Bobby’s birthday but there’s no real sense of time in the piece, whether the scenes actually occur chronologically or how much time passes between scenes or if it’s all just things from the past that he’s remembering on his birthday.

The production was minimalist with no set or costume changes. The set consisted mainly of a piano, a column surrounded by a circular radiator, and large boxes made of thick clear plastic. (I actually found myself wondering if my family’s store helped build the set when I first walked into the theatre and saw those boxes!) The single set served as Bobby’s apartment, apartments of his friends, and a nightclub among other things. The costumes were all black and white. And the minimalist approach seemed to work fine with the amorphous nature of the show.

Also, there was no separate orchestra; the actors also played the instruments. (I didn’t see it but I’ve heard the Sweeny Todd revival a couple of years ago was staged the same way with the cast doubling as the orchestra.) I wasn’t sure how well such a concept could work but I think it did for this revival, considering the show’s lack of a conventional plot. Having heard the recording of the original production and read a bit about it beforehand, I knew not to expect much of a story and went mainly for the music so I wasn’t disappointed.

Hmm… And I just heard the other day that Roundabout will be doing a Sunday in the Park with George revival for next year. Sondheim revivals have seemed popular this decade with about one each year. Follies, Into the Woods, Assassins, Pacific Overtures, Sweeny Todd, Company. Wonder if there’s any chance of a Broadway revival of A Little Night Music since it’s one that hasn’t been done yet… (I know the NYC Opera did it a few years back but I missed it.) It’s one of my favorite Sondheim scores but I’ve never seen it staged.

And on an unrelated note, I should try to get to the Met sometime in the next week or so. I usually try to make it to their fashion exhibitions. And the Poiret exhibit closes next Sunday but I haven’t seen it yet. ^_^;
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Ooh, my brother gave me pictures from Anime North over the weekend. ^_^ Too lazy to upload and post everything right now but here’s a preview. [ profile] hikaruchan found some neat doors/Chinese paneling in the basement of the Doubletree when she went last year so we took some Twelve Kingdoms pictures near those. I should have suggested going over there with the PSOH group, too, but it slipped my mind. Anyway, I really like how the colors came out in this. ^_^ In the series, the kirin are raised by the nyosen so hikaruchan was acting as my servant in a couple of pictures.

Oh, and speaking of photos, I put up the ones I took of other people at Anime North: I didn’t get that many; it seems a bit hard to get pictures at big cons because it’s so crowded and it wouldn’t be good to block traffic. ^_^; I had to discard a couple, too, like a pic of [ profile] novaraven’s Hellsing group which turned out to be completely blurred. (I didn’t realize it came out so badly at the time because my vision was already blurry from the contacts I had for D. ._.;) Still deciding on what to upload of the ones I’m in.

Called the optical place today and they have my hazel contacts. Will probably go pick them up tomorrow and fabric shop for the new costume. From the sample I tried several weeks back, I know the shade isn’t particularly yellowish but I’m hoping it’ll at least provide more contrast with the purple lens than the honey did. Not expecting them to pop out like wildly colored theatrical contacts since I’m going with more natural colors but I’d like it to at least seem like I have one light eye and one dark eye.

Watched the Tony Awards last night and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get back to theatregoing when I’m not so busy with costumes. There are a few shows from the past season I’d like to see.

“Curtains” – because I’m a mystery fan and backstage musicals are fun. :-D

“Company” revival – because I usually like Sondheim’s stuff. I have a copy of the cast recording from the original although I never liked that recording much. Having heard other renditions of some of the songs, I’ve realized that I like the songs and it’s the singers on that recording which don’t appeal to me. ^_^;

“A Chorus Line” revival – Several years ago, there was a little, short-lived musical that I loved called “A Class Act.” It used the late Ed Kleban’s songs to tell his life story, including when he collaborated with Marvin Hamlish to write the score for “A Chorus Line.” So, it might be nice to see his other work on stage. ^_^

They weren’t big award winners so I hope they’ll still be around for a while; there usually tends to be a slew of closing notices right after the Tonys by shows that didn’t do well enough. Guess I should go lurk on All That Chat (theatre message board) a bit over the next few days. If it's still like when I last lurked, some of the posters can be rather snippy o_o; but they do seem to get wind of news like closing notices pretty quickly.
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Went to the Broadway Flea Market on Sunday. Didn’t buy much this year, partially because I’ve been going for years and have already collected a bunch of items from some of the long running shows in past years. The designers’ table, which has costume and set sketches, is always one of my favorites to look through but seemed kind of sparse this time. They did have a lot more original costume sketches going for hundreds of dollars but there only seemed to be one box of less expensive reproductions, much less than I’ve seen in past years.

The coolest thing I bought though wasn’t a physical item. People at “The Producers” table were giving backstage tours of the St. James Theatre for $10 donations. ^_^ The son of one of the actresses and the stage manager was our tour guide and we got to walk on the stage, see all the scenery in the wings (Wow, it was cramped back there! A lot of pieces had to be hung overhead to fit.), and even sit on the sofa from Max and Leo’s office and in the box for the little old ladies in the courtroom scene. He also showed us the control booth and the racks of costumes in the ensemble’s changing areas. (Yikes, those spaces were small. *imagines trying to change costumes in 5 minutes in a cramped space with several other people trying to do the same thing* o_o;)

After the flea market, I went downtown to search for shoes to wear with my Count D costume but didn’t find anything I really liked. There were plenty of Chinese slippers but they tended to be the backless variety and I was worried about how durable some of the others would be since they had thin soles. Maybe, I should just dig through the old shoeboxes downstairs since I think I remember having a pair of black flats years ago.

It wasn’t a completely wasted trip though. I bought a small birdcage (about a foot tall) like the ones that can be seen hanging in D’s pet shop and a couple of fake birds. I’ve put a small one in the cage and I think I’ll use the somewhat larger one as a substitute until I can actually make the bird prop in the drawing. It won’t look nearly as cool as the one from the art since it’s only large enough to perch on my finger but I guess it’s better than nothing. ^_^;;; The birdcage will probably be for photos only. I don’t think I’d want to actually carry it around a con since it’s kind of delicate.

And I’ve been making some costume progress which is good. Finished my Q-Chan plushie Saturday afternoon. Pic here:
I put magnets in the feet and plan to have one in the shoulder of the dress so he can stick to my shoulder. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be a bad idea; the ones that my father brought me were so strong that I got pinched a couple of times from two of them flying together through the layers of cloth. o_o; And I finished painting the back piece of the dress Saturday night so I can cut the rest of the fabric and sew this week! ^_^
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Hmm… It’s the weekend again and it looks like I actually have stuff to do for several weekends in a row which is kind of rare. As mentioned previously, I have a wedding reception to go to tonight with my parents.

Next weekend is the Broadway Flea Market and Grand Auction. ( It’s a charity event held each September by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. There’s always lots of theatre memorabilia for sale, some which you can’t get anywhere else, and they have a celebrity table where you can get autographs in exchange for a donation. Plus, there’s an auction for more unique items like walk-ons in Broadway shows and opening night tickets for upcoming productions. I’ve been going for several years and things that I’ve bought in the past include beads from “The Phantom of the Opera” chandelier, letters used as props in “Les Miserables,” stitchery done onstage by one of the little old ladies in “The Producers,” and copies of costume sketches from “Flower Drum Song.” ^_^

The weekend after that is my parents’ anniversary and my birthday. I guess we’ll end up going out with relatives for a dinner party as usual. It gets kind of blah after so many years. >_>;

Then, the weekend following that is MangaNext. Hope I can get my costume stuff done in time. I’ve finished painting the front of the dress and the sleeve. Still need to cut the piece for the back and paint some feathers on it. There’s no back view of the dress but I don’t want it to just be plain when the front has all that detailing. Then, cut the rest of the fabric and actually sew the dress. And I need to finish Q-Chan and figure out the glove. At this point, I don’t think I’ll get around to trying to make the bird before the con. Here’s a picture I took of my painting progress the other day. Things should be more spread out vertically but the artist made D so tall and skinny in the picture (even though I don’t think he’s intended to be particularly tall. o_O) so I had to cram things together a bit to get all the feathers to fit.

I noticed that hall cosplay contest rules have been posted for MangaNext. I’ll enter if I get Count D finished to my satisfaction by then. Not sure which day’s contest though. I’ve always done the AnimeNext hall contest on Friday so that I’ll have more time free on Saturday when there tends to be more going on. But I’ll have to see what works out better schedule-wise if I’m going to be commuting for the con and in Artist’s Alley.
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As noted a few entries back, I was copying [ profile] ngmaster and doing a theme with my LJ entry titles this month. Since June is the month when the Tony Awards are held, I titled all my posts during June with snippets from theatre songs. That explains why some of my subjects sounded so random at times. XD It’s now the last day of the month and, as promised, here is the list of quotes and the songs and musicals they came from. I tried not to do more than one quote from each musical but there were times when my brain wasn’t feeling that creative so there are a few repeats. ^_^;

List of the musical quotes and their sources )

And next month, it’s back to my normal posting patterns. Keeping up a theme can be tough!
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Finally got around to watching the “Light in the Piazza” telecast that I taped off PBS the night before AnimeNext. It seemed kind of blah and I didn’t regret not going to Lincoln Center to see it in person. I didn’t find the music memorable and (with my extremely rusty Italian) it didn’t help that some songs were in Italian with no subtitles in sight.

I know they had an interview clip with the creators that said they wanted to give the feeling of actually being in Italy by having the characters speak Italian. And it was possible to still follow the story since it was simple; basically, an American girl visiting Florence with her mother losses her hat in a gust, a young Italian man catches it, he returns it, and the two become infatuated with each other. However, one of the things I like about musical theatre is clever lyrics that help tell a story. So, I found that aspect lacking since I couldn’t understand some of the songs. :-/

Oh, and I’m giving up on keeping a separate journal for my general crafts and theatre ramblings. I’m just too lazy to ever log in and update as [ profile] embroideress. >_>; So, any entries I have on those subjects will just be included here in the future.


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