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Well, I’ve been working a bit on organizing and I now have a pair of wooden filing cabinets for my sewing room. Ordered them from Staples last week (on sale, too) and my father and brother assembled them over the weekend. ^_^ I’m using them for my needlework magazines and patterns; I’ve had the charts in hanging files in a box in my room for years but wanted something nicer now that I have the sewing room.


And… not likely to affect anyone reading but I’ve had to disable anonymous commenting on my journal since I kept getting spam on old random entries; it looked like bits from a story on a farm but with words jumbled up so that it was incoherent. I got about a dozen of these over the last 2-3 days. -_-X I already had screening on anonymous comments due to a few cases of spam in the past but it was rare and I never got this much within a couple of days. Having to delete that many and the notifications filling my e-mail box was just starting to annoy me. >_<


I’ve had a couple of friends from other sites use the anonymous option and sign their messages before they got LJ accounts; I did that too with a friend’s journal before I signed up for my account a few years ago. Other than the occasional piece of spam, I’ve never had problems with leaving anonymous comments open so I didn’t want to have to do this. But all the spam the last few days was just getting too annoying. >_<

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Yay! I now have a full length mirror for my sewing room! My father had a big piece of plastic mirror cut at the store and even made little plastic brackets so he could hang it on the back of the door without drilling holes into the mirror itself. ^_^ My brother was complaining that it’s not completely flat against the door though and that it makes me look thinner as a result. :-P Also got some pretty curtains on sale for the sewing room but haven’t hung them yet.

The clothes for D’s new costume are nearly done and they look great. ^_^ I finished the tabard and now I just have to make the sash.

However… ARGH! I’m having pearl issues again and wondering if I picked the wrong thing when I got those light blue pearls. >_< I figured I should get a lighter color after finding the medium green pearls I did my first set of necklaces with came off looking very dark on camera. But seeing everything that I have now, the light blue kind of looks out of place with all the rich colors; I think it’s too pastel next to all the more saturated colors in the fabrics so I’m wondering if I need to go out and get another color.

And I’m finding that the weight of the pearls is making my layers bunch up unattractively on the right side of the costume. -_-; Going by the reference , the shortest strand should loop around the skirts with the ends at the left side of the waist and the center dipping down to about knee level while the longest goes down to the lower calf. That’s how long I’ve made my strands and the weight, especially on the longer strands, is pulling all the fabric against my legs and wrecking the A-line shape the skirts should have.

I’m annoyed because stringing pearls should have been one of the easier parts of the costume. >_< But I need a few sizes and resin pearls don’t seem to come in color larger than 8mm, which are too small to be the proper scale. (I’ve only been able to find the bigger ones in white, cream, and black and I don’t think any of those would be the best with my colors either.) So, that only leaves me with glass and Swarovski since they come in larger sizes and colors. My options seem to be either shorter strands or smaller pearls, neither of which would be as accurate. Suggestions on what to do, anyone?

Still tempted to try to put together that Kaleido Star costume I mentioned last week in time for NYAF. It’s this one:

I doubt anyone would know who the heck I’m supposed to be since Sarah doesn’t get much screen time in her stage costumes. XD; (Hmm… I wonder if anyone has even cosplayed Sarah before. I’ve never seen one and Kaleido Star cosplay in general is rare.) But it’s a pretty design and possibly doable within a few weeks. Plus, I should be able to cosplay the series with Carrie at some point in the future since she’s making a Sora costume. ^_^
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This past weekend was pretty productive. I thought about getting started on a new cross stitch project but couldn’t find a large enough piece of fabric in my room for the big patterns I was considering. But I did find a bunch of small pieces I stitched years ago in a drawer so I took a couple out and did finishing work on them while watching volume 2 of Tsubasa. They’re now ready to be hung on the tree at Christmas! ^_^ I believe these were freebie Just Nan patterns that I stitched back in the late ‘90s. (Yes, I’m really lazy about getting my cross stitch framed, made into pillows, turned into ornaments, etc. ^_^;;) Should have made the smaller one a little larger but I’d already trimmed the fabric down by the time I realized.

I got started on the sewing my new Count D costume, too. I cut strips of bias in the gold fabric to use for trim on Saturday and it finally hit me how much of that stuff I’m going to need with the 3 layers plus the 2 layered collar. o_o; And how long it’s going to take me to sew all of it because I’m crazy and would probably want to tack down the back side of the bias binding by hand to avoid visible stitches on the outside. x_x;

I also got fabric for my underskirt cut Saturday night and sewed it together on Sunday. It’s just a couple of rectangles of fabric with some pleats for fullness and an elastic waistband. Other than the sash, that will probably be the only quick part of the costume sewing wise. ^_^;

I’ve been thinking a bit about what I want to do about shoes, too. Now that I’ve started sewing, I don’t know if trying to make the length adjustable will work out well. Right now, the underskirt is done so it’d be the proper length if I wore it with 3-4 inch heels. Maybe, I’ll just get heels and decorate the front like the slippers he’s supposed to have with that outfit. Since the costume’s floor length, only the toes of the shoes would ever show anyway.

And I came up with a solution for my sewing room/cutting table problem and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier! ._.; Since the room is too small (about 9’ by 14’) to fit everything, my parents were going to let me also use the room next to it, which isn’t as nice, for ironing and storage. I finally realized I should just put the cutting table in that other room and have the ironing board in the sewing room instead! It would make more sense, too, since once I’ve gotten started on sewing something I’ll need the ironing board more for pressing seams and such.
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Painting for the sewing room is finally done! ^_^ There’s still a lot to do, like moving furniture in and having my father replace the outlets, but I thought I’d take a quick pic to show what I have so far. The purple is a Benjamin Moore shade called “Amethyst Cream.”

I’ve hung a couple of my samplers since there were already hooks on the walls but I’ll probably move things around once more hooks are added. (Yay, they don’t have to languish in my room anymore because I didn’t have any place to hang them!) And the rug is one that used to be in my room before my mother took it out, saying it shed too much; I think the style is referred to as Aubusson. I’m a little tempted to take some photos with it (kind of like my icon) before I move all my stuff in there but don’t have costumes I particularly need photos of at the moment. XD;


Aug. 14th, 2007 12:18 am
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Let’s see… Other than that unexpected tornado, the past week hasn’t been terribly exciting but it has been productive. Much of my paperwork backlog has been taken care of but there are still some things to reorganize. I’ve got another little needlework project in progress now and I’ve been spending the last few days helping my mother paint the basement, including the room my parents are letting me have for a sewing room. ^_^

The main part of the painting in there is done already; only the door and some touchups are left. The wall color is a medium purple and the ceiling, window, door, and trim are white. Mostly, I’ve been painting things like windows and edges with a little handheld brush because I’ve discovered I’m not very good at getting paint even with those large rollers. ^_^;

I’ve also finally managed to get around to watching a couple of the DVDs I bought at AnimeNext. First was volume 3 of Le Chevalier D’Eon. It’s kind of weird and more gory than I’d normally like but the artwork is gorgeous *_* and it has the type of mysterious puzzle-like plot that I love. But considering that I don’t care for politics at all, it’s kind of funny how I end up liking series like this and The Twelve Kingdoms which have lots of political intrigue. o_o;

I’m getting interested in possibly doing a cosplay from it (always wanted to do a period gown type costume) but want to see the rest of the series first. Unless it’s something super long, I like to watch/read an entire series before deciding if I’ll cosplay from it. I sew slowly and only manage about 4 costumes a year so I’d rather see all the outfits before deciding what to make! ^_^; So, I won’t come to a more definite conclusion until around the end of the year.

Also watched the first volume of Tsubasa. I’ve read the first 5 volumes of the manga, too, and I don’t think there have been any big differences between the two so far. (It's been a while since I read the first volume.) It’s interesting enough that I’ll keep watching/reading but for now, I’m not into it enough that I’d consider cosplaying from it.

I suppose it would be more fun to watch if I knew more about Clamp stuff since there are lots of cameos from their other works. I have to admit I don’t even know much about CCS. I just vaguely remember seeing a few episodes of the dub when it was on TV, before I was particularly interested in anime. ^_^;;

Still have volume 3 of Paradise Kiss to watch. Maybe, sometime this week...
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Went uptown to the Met to see the Paul Poiret exhibit yesterday. It was nice although not my favorite of the Costume Institute exhibits I’ve seen over the years. The few fancy dress costumes included were fun and the animations showing how a couple of the garments were draped and sewn were interesting (although I wish it had been possible to see the real garments better since they were behind the screens where the sequences were being projected).

The other special exhibit I saw was One of a Kind: The Studio Craft Movement. There was a rather whimsical beaded jacket with tapestry frogs. I also liked a box of chocolates which was actually made from bits of ribbon and fabric manipulated to resemble pieces of candy. :-D As for weird stuff, there was a heart-shaped (like the organ and not what you see on Valentine’s cards) teapot made of miniature bricks. o_O;

I also went up to the Chinese decorative arts galleries which I usually try to do when I visit the Met. They generally have textiles set up in one of the rooms but the pieces on display this time didn’t include any garments and weren’t the most interesting compared to what I’ve seen in there before.

A whole bunch of galleries seemed to be closed which made it somewhat confusing/annoying to walk around. There weren’t that many special exhibits I wanted to see either so it wasn’t the best trip to the museum. I finally realized I'd missed the Tiffany special exhibit, too. I wanted to see it since I love stained glass but I'd forgotten all about it and it closed a couple of months ago. ;_;

Went by my optometrist’s shop afterwards but it turns out he’s on vacation and won’t be back for another week and a half. I had wanted to see if he’d let me have a copy of my prescription without the toric so I could order powered versions of the theatrical lenses at Cosplay Lab (since the lenses I currently have for Count D barely show). I’m interested in getting the Violet Max contacts but not completely sure on the yellow. I’d really rather not have a cartoony solid neon yellow like the Moony style. Black Wolf looks the most natural (if yellow eyes could be considered natural ^_^;) and can be ordered in prescription. But it seems to have a ring of black around the hole for the pupil; not sure if it would make one pupil seem noticeably more dilated when paired with the purple. The Sunburst style, which I think is what [ profile] novaraven has for her D costumes, also looks relatively natural but it’s not offered in prescription.

So, instead, I went to browse through a couple of the downtown fabric stores, looking for things that might be suitable for prospective costumes or for a summer skirt since I bought a bunch of cheap patterns at the Rag Shop a few weeks back. I was glad to see P&S Fabrics was back, across the street from their old location. If they hadn’t found a new space, I would have been stuck with no good place to get patterns locally since the Rag Shop is going out of business. Didn't actually find any fabric that I wanted though.

I also found that Pearl Paint’s home decorating store had been merged into their crafts store. Unfortunately, they seem to have dropped quite a few crafts things they used to carry. But they now had those little sample jars of Benjamin Moore paint so I grabbed a few. I’ve been trying to decide what color to paint the room which my parents are letting me have as a sewing room. Looked at those little paint color cards at Sears a few weeks ago and got nowhere since I wasn’t sure what would actually look good on a wall although I knew I didn’t want white. (My parents like boring white walls and that’s pretty much what our whole house is.)

The paint samples turned out to be rather helpful and I immediately choose my color after painting a square of each on the wall this morning. I even walked over to a paint store and had a gallon mixed this afternoon since there’s one just several blocks away. :-D I got a light purple shade called “Amethyst Cream.” The rejected colors were a pink called “Dog’s Ear” which ended up reminding me more of a cake covered in pink frosting than any dog ^_^;; and an orangey shade called “Coral Gables” which was just too bright and overwhelming. I love coral for summer clothes but I guess it’s just not to my taste for walls!

And, finally, [ profile] vampricyoda's Anything Goes photo shoot is this Saturday but I’m not completely sure if I’ll make it because of annoying subway diversions. -_- Normally, I need to take the train towards Manhattan and then transfer to another train to get to the museum where everyone’s meeting. But with the diversions, the trains into Manhattan are not stopping near my house so I’d have to take a train going the wrong way in order to catch a Manhattan-bound train, which is just stupid. >_< And I would be doing this in the dress for D’s sister, which is not good with stairs.

I have a couple of other options, too, but neither is the greatest. The way I could get there without having to bother with transfers is if I got a ride into Manhattan with my father when he goes to work, hang around the city for a couple of hours, and then take the train back into Brooklyn. The downside is I’d have to be in costume by like 9 since there’s no good place to change/do makeup at the store. The other would be to take the bus to another station where I can get a train to Manhattan and then do the transfer to get to the museum. That would still be annoying and I don’t know how long it’d take since the buses can be kind of erratic.
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About a week ago, I finally found a little Faberge egg needlepoint canvas that I had started and misplaced. So, I’ve been working on that and finished the designs earlier today. ^_^ They’re all stitched in specialty threads although it’s a bit hard to tell after it’s on the canvas. Some of the threads are actually ribbons and little nylon tubes. Now, I need to get some perle cotton or embroidery floss to fill in the pink background.

The design is by Lee’s Needleart, which doesn’t seem to have a site although I’ve found lots of their canvases on a retailer’s page. They also have kimono designs and I’ve finished a small one in the past, using metallics, rayon thread, and beads. Don’t think I’ve ever posted that one here before. pic under the cut )

I got one of their large kimono canvases at a needlework shop a few years ago when it was on sale and have that started, too. Long way to go on that one though and I haven’t worked on it in a long time. It’s the first one shown on this page:

In other news… One thing my family has been talking about recently is some renovations around the house. I think he’s a bit nuts but my father wants to knock down a wall in the basement to make a larger room to be a combined photography studio (for my brother) and sewing room. O_o;

It’d be nice to finally have a better sewing space though. ^_^ I’ve made all my costumes so far by cutting fabric on the living room, ironing on a little board, and sewing on a basic (and sometimes temperamental) machine. ^_^;; It would be great if I could finally have a cutting table and full size ironing board. Maybe, I can get a dress form, too, since I’ll finally have room.

EDIT: Just got an e-mail about a pattern sale. Butterick patterns are going to be $5.99 each with free shipping the next two days (the 28th and 29th) at Thought I'd mention it in case it's helpful for anyone. ^_^


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