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So, my brother and I ended up going to Sakura Matsuri yesterday after all since there was a possible thunderstorm forecast for today. It was great seeing friends and hanging out. ^_^ The garden itself seemed a little dull though with the cherry blossoms gone, especially after seeing them in full bloom a couple of weeks earlier. :-/ The weather was ridiculously hot and I’m glad I decided to not wear one of my actual cosplays. But the Japanese print dress I made turned out cute and random tourists wanted to take pictures of it anyway. XD; Should have brought one of my parasols along; I left all of mine at home since I didn’t want to carry extra stuff but ended up buying a paper one there since it was so sunny.

I don’t have a picture of the whole outfit yet but here are a couple of simple sakura kanzashi I made to go with my dress. I used this tutorial as a starting point but didn’t follow it exactly. Like I couldn’t find spray starch and didn’t want to resort to the potato method for the first step so I used a mix of water and glue to stiffen my fabric instead. ^_^; Saturated the fabric with the mixture and since I was in a hurry, I used a blow dryer on the fabric to dry it. My brother walked into my sewing room while I was drying the fabric and went “I’m not even going to ask…” XD; It seemed to work well on the cottons I used though. Not completely sure if I got the petal folding completely right but I think the finished flowers look decent. I hand stitched bobby pins to the backs so that I can clip them in my hair.

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The dress is almost done! ^_^ Just need to add a hook and eye at the top of the zipper. So, I’ll be pink and poofy this weekend.

And it seems there might be a small change of plans. My brother and I were originally planning to go to Sakura Matsuri on Saturday only. But our father now wants him to help at the store on Saturday because a big order came in. So, we were wondering about going on Sunday instead. I’m still free Saturday but don’t know if I’d go by myself. :-/ So, we’re wondering when people are going to be there.

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Okay, change of plans for tomorrow. After a few doses of medicine, my nose isn’t running as much, but I still have a cough and don’t feel completely well. Nothing major but I feel uncomfortable and not up to cosplaying tomorrow. And since they’re worried about me getting worse again, my parents don’t want me to go to sakura matsuri. They said we can go to the gardens and take pictures after I’m better but unfortunately, I won’t be there tomorrow. For those of you still going, I hope you have fun!

Instead, I think I’ll be going into the city for an eye exam. My father realized how long it’s been since my last pair of glasses (it’s been 3 years and I still see fine with them). And he thought it might be a good idea to get my eyes checked before we go to Canada next month so we’ll try to get that taken care of tomorrow.

Hmm… Maybe, if I don’t need new glasses/contacts, I can consider splurging on color contacts for Count D. Since I haven’t spent anything on glasses/contacts for so long, still have enough regular contacts for 2-3 more years because I so rarely wear them, and actually am getting a decent tax refund this year rather than watching my bank account dwindle like every April. Plus, I’ll probably eventually end up with half a dozen D costumes. ^_^; I have to wonder how big his closets are; between the artbook and all his changes of clothes in the manga, he must easily have 100-200 outfits. XD;

Haven’t really gotten any costume stuff done the last few days but am thinking a bit about what to bring to Anime North. Should have at least one Count D outfit along so I can cosplay Petshop of Horrors with [ profile] novaraven and Renrin so I can do The Twelve Kingdoms with [ profile] hikaruchan. ^_^ Still plan to try to fix Terra up for the masquerade. And maybe, I’ll bring my old Ayame if there’s room; I’d like to wear it again at least once this year and I like it better than the new one.

I’m still not sure whether we’re staying extra days to visit with relatives before or after the convention. My brother thinks before would be better and I’m not sure if anyone else has much of an opinion either way.


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Ugh, I seem to have caught a bit of a cold. Not good when Sakura Matsuri is this weekend. >_< I think I’ll be going Sunday, assuming my cold doesn’t get worse and kill my desire to take pictures. My nose is kind of red from running all the time the last couple of days. -_-;

I think I would be wearing the new Ayame if I went since I haven’t gotten many pictures of it yet. My brother never did do a proper shoot of it at Anime Boston and I’ve only found a couple online. I have to admit that even though I put a lot into the craftsmanship on the costume, I don’t completely like how I look in it; I think this might be one of those outfits that just looks cooler drawn than in real life because of the coattails/cutaway section. :-/

I never really liked the fabric for the shirt (settled for it because I wasn’t finding anything better) and now wish I had a different brocade for the coat. It didn’t occur to me until the main construction on the coat was done that little leaves in the brocade might seem like some kind of animal spots from a distance and large amounts of animal print can get overwhelming. >_>; My fabric covered buttons tend to blend right into the coat, too, and I wonder if I should replace them with metal buttons so that they’ll actually be seen. It’s kind of disappointing since I probably put a lot more time into this one than my first Ayame but like the earlier costume better. But considering how long I spent on it, I at least want a few decent pictures to post.

Okay, moving on…

I got the last volume of the Paradise Kiss manga at AB and finished reading it yesterday. It ended pretty much as I expected in terms of who Yukari would end up with. Might cosplay from it, not completely sure. If I did, I’d probably be a very short Isabella since I like his style best. (Why do the crossdressing guys get so many pretty clothes? XD;)

I sort of relate to Yukari because of how she was always studying to try to please her mother and I definitely have experience in that department with my parents. Stuyvesant and then NYU for business school. Unlike Yukari though, I wanted to make clothes rather than model them and studied for a fashion design certificate at Parsons in my spare time. ^_^; But I don’t particularly want to do her since I didn’t like George that much and thought she was foolish for getting into a relationship with him.

I haven’t felt like jumping back into work on Terra yet so I started doing a bit of fabric painting for Count D’s vacation outfit the other day. That’ll just be something simple to work on when I don’t feel like doing stuff for the bigger projects. With all the crossplays I’ve done lately, I’m tempted to buy a few yards of this pretty floral brocade I saw in the city and make his sister’s dress so I can actually look like I have a figure in a costume for a change and not worry about looking too curvy. >_>;

And I thought we were done with the contractors but apparently, they’re back to fix more stuff like the exterior stairs which leak into our basement. All this renovation stuff has been going on for a few weeks so it’ll be nice when they’re finally gone.


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