Oct. 14th, 2010 06:13 pm
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It’s turning out to be a rough week here. First, my father twisted his arm at work on Tuesday. Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled and ended up getting my last wisdom tooth extracted, too. The dentist didn’t think it would be so hard to get out but it was stubborn and took over an hour with sawing and taking it out in pieces. X_X Then, after we got home, my mother fell in the back yard while getting the laundry and is now hobbling around with a cane and a swollen knee.

My brother posted a few more NYCC/NYAF preview shots, including [livejournal.com profile] neo2469, [livejournal.com profile] neoangelwink, [livejournal.com profile] sakuralenayuy, and [livejournal.com profile] usa_ko: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotofong/

Here’s one from the Monkey Island photoshoot with neoangelwink as Guybrush and myself as Elaine.

Did I really agree to marry this idiot?


And a Saiunkoku pic. My hair is a complete mess since the wind blew my fake bangs all over and I had to bobby pin them off to the side to keep them out of my face. ^_^;; (Plus, they weren’t that great in the first place since I made them the night before. >_>) I did have some of my hair tied up in a loop but since it was towards the back of my head, it started drooping after a while and doesn’t show in the pic. But it does show most of the detail on the brocade shirt; that was the most complicated piece to make because of all the trim. I thought a dragon brocade would be fitting since Ryuuren is from the Ran clan and their crest includes a pair of dragons. And you can see the flute. It was a bamboo one that I painted with nail polish to give it a glossy look. It was never mentioned in the anime but I found out it was supposed to be metal in the novels; I guess that explains why he was able to knock people out with it!

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Thanks to everyone who left condolences last time.

I’m still sad but have felt much calmer these last few days since I don’t have to worry about my grandmother possibly being in pain anymore and can focus on helping give her a nice funeral. The funeral home my mother picked is very busy so the viewing isn’t until next Tuesday and the burial next Wednesday. So, right now, it’s a lot of waiting for me. I’ve been keeping busy altering black clothes for the funeral and helping do some of the housework my mother hasn’t had time for due to having to make arrangements.

I’ve also made a small piece I stitched years ago and had stashed away in a drawer into a coin purse for the handbag that will go into the casket. My grandmother was always saying how I was so talented and patient because of all the embroidery, sewing, and other crafty things I did. We’re already using a brocade suit my mother made for my grandmother’s 90th birthday for the burial so I really wanted to give her something, too.

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My grandmother passed away peacefully at 9AM this morning at the age of 90. I'm sad since she was my last grandparent and lived with us my whole life but after the discomfort of those weeks in the hospital, I'm glad that she doesn't have to suffer anymore.

Thank you to everyone who has replied with well wishes over the past couple of months. I’m sorry I haven’t felt up to trying to reply to everyone individually but I do read them and I appreciate that people took the time to say something.
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After 3 1/2 weeks, my grandmother is finally getting released from the hospital tomorrow but she’s not ready to come home yet. She has to be transferred someplace else for 2-3 weeks for physical therapy so she can get used to walking again. Meanwhile, we have to move a lot of stuff and set up some rooms in the basement for her since it’s not going to be feasible for her to come back to her old room up here on the second floor.

And our water heater broke Friday morning so we had a mini flood in the basement. -_- We were able to get a new one delivered quickly but the contractor wasn’t available to install it until that evening.

Finally registered for Otakon and figured out travel plans after a lot of frustration since my brother was being stubborn and resisting the quickest and simplest way. >_> My father is willing to drive so we’re doing that although we can’t leave until late afternoon Thursday; one of my brother’s friends is also coming but has to work until 3:30 that day. With all this craziness lately, I think we’re all going to need a vacation by then!

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling the hotel restaurant about tea prices and the guy on the phone was quite helpful. ^_^ I didn’t make a reservation yet though because I want to get a better idea of who wants to come and what time is best. I’m thinking we should arrive around 3-4 since they stop serving tea at 5. The hotel is about 3-4 blocks from the BCC so we’ll meet at the fountains about half an hour beforehand and walk over together. The hotel lobby areas are pretty nice so we can try to get a few photos before or after tea. If you would like to come, please RSVP so I can get a count. If you have friends who would also like to come, comment and let me know. I would like to make the reservation next weekend. After all the craziness of the past month, I’d really love to just see some friends and relax.

Costume Tea Party at Otakon
Location:Brighton’s at the Harbor Court Hotel
Time: Friday afternoon; the hotel serves afternoon tea from 3-5
Menu: traditional tea includes tea, scones, tiny sandwiches and pastries; royal tea also includes a glass of champagne and strawberries with cream (menu link) (food photo from last year’s Costume Con tea at Brighton’s)
Cost:: $24.57 for the traditional tea, $33.30 for the royal tea (includes tax and gratuity)
Suggested costume types: historical, characters who often have tea,
gowns and other elegant cosplays, lolita outfits. (Some examples would be Kuroshitsuji, Ouran, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Petshop of Horrors, and frilly Clamp stuff. I'm planning to wear my final episode Kyoya costume for this.) These are only suggestions based on what I think would fit the hotel décor or tea party theme. You can also wear other costumes or regular clothes if you don’t have something that fits especially well but nothing too skimpy or gory please.

[Poll #1593816]
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I usually only do public posts but since the situation with my grandmother in the hospital seems to be dragging out a bit, I’ve decided to lock those entries. I normally don’t care who reads this journal but it feels weird to leave multiple detailed posts on the subject out where random people can stumble across them so they’re now friends only. Cosplay babble and other hobby stuff will continue to be public like always.

Speaking of cosplay, I’m definitely cutting back on my Otakon plans because of the situation. If my grandmother is able to come home soon and I need to keep an eye on her, it’ll be more difficult to sew for long periods and to attempt fitting for the Lia gown since it has the 18th Century underpinnings. So, Lia is postponed, probably until next year. I would still like to try to do the Kyoya jacket by Otakon and attempt to have the costume tea party. My sewing machine and ironing board are currently in my sewing room in the basement so I might move the sewing machine up here so I can be nearby in case she needs something and still work on things.

And that’s assuming I don’t just cancel completely. :-/ I’m feeling slightly paranoid because my grandmother was fine and still able to get up and down stairs before my brother and I left for Anime Boston. When we came back, we found she had been a bit sick over the weekend and things have just gradually gotten worse since then. And she was still able to walk a bit with just her cane before we went to AnimeNext but was practically bedridden the few days after we came back. I know it has to be just coincidence but I’m a bit scared that we’ll go away for another con and find something else bad has happened when we come home. I’ve talked to my brother about it and we haven’t bought badges yet so we’re waiting to see what happens this week to decide if we’re still going or not.
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Last call for holiday cards! If you wanted one but missed the post, it’s here: http://ladyofthethread.livejournal.com/140894.html I’m going to try to get them in the mail next weekend.

Fortunately, I didn’t get picked for jury duty yesterday and got out after 2 hours. Which is good because I would have been stuck there past 5PM for 2 weeks if I did get picked since it was for grand juries. After they got rid of people who didn’t qualify (non-citizens, underage, not a resident of the county, etc.), they said everyone left had to serve if picked and called 75 names at random; there were only 40-50 left in the room after they were done. x_x;

And I got my package from the Cosworx Thanksgiving sale yesterday. ^_^ I bought a Linda XL in Henna Red that I’ll cut bangs into whenever I get around to doing my Youko cosplay. And I got an Ivy wig and a pack of extensions in 24B since I’d like to eventually cosplay Layla from Kaleido Star. I like that it’s much more of a yellow blonde than the New Look version of that shade; I remember going crazy trying to find a nice long yellow blonde wig a few years back for another character! Boy, I’m accumulating a lot of wigs. I now have 5 new ones for characters I mean to do sometime plus one that I’m not sure what to do with because it turned out to be more orangey than I expected. >_>;

Finally, here are a couple of silly Petshop of Horrors drabbles since I haven't had much interesting to post lately: Hayride, Opening Night


Dec. 4th, 2008 11:24 pm
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Went to my high school reunion last Saturday. It was nice seeing some people again and catching up since I hadn’t really kept in touch with anyone after high school. (One of my old classmates was telling me I should get on Facebook since everyone’s there but I’m paranoid and dislike using my real name online. >_>;)

I wore the Chinese dress I had made for D’s sister and got several compliments on it. ^_^ Some seemed really impressed that I’d made it. My freshman English teacher was saying I should go to FIT but I have no desire for another degree and it would be so impractical with my lack of drawing skills. Saw one of my old history teachers, too. I remember he used to call me “woman with rage.” I guess he thought I looked mad or something when he tried to call on me since I hated speaking in class and never said anything. >_>

Unfortunately, the restaurant got really crowded and I kind of had to lean over and shout into people’s ears to be heard over the music and the 100+ other people having conversations at the same time. And I got a bit wary walking around towards the end because there seemed to be quite a few spilled drinks.

An odd thing is I ran into another cosplayer there. o_o Didn’t remember him so we might have never had classes together. He told me he liked my dress and later asked if I cosplayed since I told a few people I made costumes as a hobby now. He said he only goes to Katsucon and Otakon and that he doesn’t hang around cosplay sites so I don’t think he’d seen any of my costume stuff before. Would have been a really weird coincidence if he had and recognized me by my cosplay name.

I guess it’s kind of funny that I went to a high school with such a nerdy reputation but didn’t get into anime and cosplay until later on. Back then, I was weird and did a lot of cross stitch, crochet, and the like. Helped with costumes for a few of the shows during junior and senior year but it was mainly buying/altering stuff and using what was already backstage; only some simple stuff was made from scratch.

Was going to write more but I have jury duty tomorrow so I need to pick out a book or two to bring along and get to bed.
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Well, I got a ticket for my high school reunion this Saturday. I think I’ll wear one of my costume dresses, the one I made for D’s sister. >_>; Since it looks relatively normal and actually fits me. I went to the mall with my parents yesterday and was reminded how annoying it can be to try to find clothes that fit my hourglass figure. -_-

Didn’t buy any clothes at the mall but I did pick up the latest volume of Fruits Basket and the first season box set of Emma on sale. I saw a little bit at NYAF and wanted to check it out mainly for the Victorian setting. I think I’ll save it for Christmas.

And speaking of anime/manga purchases, I ordered Japanese volume 6 of the Petshop of Horrors sequel. I got the Tokyopop version of volume 3 a while back and I’m annoyed they’re not releasing volume 4 until May. -_-X I have the Japanese volumes already but can’t fully understand everything based on just the pictures.

Haven’t made any new progress on the fairy costume or felt very motivated to work on costume stuff. I think part of the problem is that I’m not really going to another con for months and it’s too cold to go out to take pictures even if I do finish anything the next few months. :-/ (I think I’m dropping the idea of going to NYCC since Western comics don’t really interest me so my next con would be Costume Con in May.)

And so far, I don’t have any group plans to help me get excited for next year. I’m expecting to rewear and/or make new stuff from Petshop of Horrors, Kaleido Star, Twelve Kingdoms, Gankutsuou, and Le Chevalier D’Eon. So, if anyone wants to cosplay any of those series with me, let me know. :-)

I need to get out of this lazy rut and start working on stuff again. Cons are so squished together next year that I really should have most of the work done on my AB and AnimeNext costumes by the time I leave for Costume Con, too.

Started writing Christmas cards although I’ll wait another couple of weeks to send them out. If you wanted one but missed the post, it’s here: http://ladyofthethread.livejournal.com/140894.html
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[livejournal.com profile] stillvisions posted my 2 shoots from Otakon so I now have some Kaleido Star pics with [livejournal.com profile] neoangelwink as well as a few more Count D shots. ^_^

I like how I look like I might be randomly twirling around and singing in this one. XD I need to pin the hood to my wig the next time I wear Sarah though. It took me way too long to realize it had fallen down since I couldn’t feel it through the wig. ^_^;;

More Kaleido Star plus 19th Century Count D on Stillvisions’s site.

On Tuesday, I went around the fashion district with [livejournal.com profile] sakuralenayuy and [livejournal.com profile] usa_ko which was fun. ^_^ Didn’t pick up any fabric that day but I did get a couple of fabric flowers to use for my fairy costume and some pattern paper. Also this week, I picked up a hat to alter for Ekaterina. It’s a costume tricorne so I’m ripping off the cheap gold trim on the edges and replacing it with black braid. Not sure what fabric I’m using for the veil yet.

Otherwise, things have been pretty blah. I have jury duty next month (postponed from summer) and I’m hoping the rest of the year turns out to be quiet. There’s been lots of little stuff that has gone wrong for my family this year so between all the little problems and how the economy has been, I would say it’s the worst year I can remember. -_- We’re still doing okay but it’s just been kind of depressing.

I’ve seen quite a few holiday card posts pop up on my friends list already but I’m kind of debating whether I want to do cards this year. :-/ I put up card posts the last couple of years but never got many requests. It’s not any of you; I’m just not feeling much holiday spirit after this year. -_-;

I’m also wondering whether to go to my high school reunion. I haven’t gotten anything in the mail for it but from checking the alumni site, it’s apparently the Saturday after Thanksgiving at a restaurant in Manhattan. Unlike college, I wouldn’t mind running into some people from high school again, especially since I haven’t really kept in touch with anyone and don’t know when I’d see them again other than a reunion. But the bad thing is that the tickets are $85 until the 23rd and $100 at the door. And it’s only for appetizers and open bar, which doesn’t do much for me since I don’t really like alcohol.:-/

At least, I have no desire to go to the alumni ball Stern is doing, which I did get a postcard for. >_> It’s at the American Museum of Natural History and can be up to $300 a ticket!


Oct. 26th, 2008 10:02 pm
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Well, the weekend started a bit roughly for my family. My grandmother hit her arm in the bathtub on Friday evening and had to get x-rays to make sure nothing was broken. She was at the hospital with my mother and uncle until 1AM and my father went to check up on them since it was past midnight and they hadn’t called home. Fortunately, nothing was fractured although she did have some bad bruises and pain. We’re letting her rest and my mother is bringing her meals up to her so hopefully she’ll feel better soon.

In costume news, I’ve finished the bodice of my fairy costume except for some detailing on the sleeves. I’ve got fabric for the overskit/train but not enough for the skirt so I’ll have to go fabric shopping before I can do that part. Maybe, sometime this week. Should check some bead and trim places for ideas on what to do for accessories, too.

And my brother gave me some photos from NYAF so I finally have more Eugenie pics to post. He’s still working on some black and white film ones. The hat turned out to be my favorite part of the costume and I thought this was an interesting shot with it.

more pics )

Still have to figure out what I’m doing for Halloween. I’m hoping to do some photos since my brother gets out of class around noon that day and I can meet him in the city afterwards. But undecided about what to wear.
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So, apparently, having to put fraud alerts on most of my family’s credit files because of those papers that UPS lost plus me getting a grand jury summons wasn’t enough bad luck for one summer. -_-X

My father also twisted his knee late last night. He saw a doctor this morning and is using my grandmother’s extra cane now. Trying to let him take it easy for now; I volunteered to take in some paperwork tomorrow morning if he can’t make it to the business appointment he had scheduled in the city. But this possibly leaves me without a ride for Otakon now since we’re not sure if he’ll be up to making the drive by Thursday and no one else in the family drives.

And, of course, this has to happen just when I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of seeing friends next weekend and plotting what costumes to bring. -_- I don’t want to push him if he’s not up to it though so I’ll look into going down by bus or train if necessary. After all the real life issues lately, I just want a break for a few days!
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Ugh. I got a summons for jury duty yesterday. Not for regular criminal or civil court but for a grand jury. Plus, it’s for the Friday before Labor Day weekend. -_-X Definitely postponing.

Now for some better news…

I decided to go to Otakon after all so I should be seeing some of you next weekend! :-D

Still not sure if anyone is going to Baltimore with me other than my father, who was really nice to go along with this on relatively short notice. My sister still doesn’t want to go and I’m not sure about my brother or mother. But since my father will be driving, that means I’ll have room to pack whatever costumes I want. ^_^

I’d definitely like to bring Sarah’s Cinderella dress (hopefully to wear with [livejournal.com profile] neoangelwink’s Sora) and 19th Century Count D. Already wanted to wear those again at AnimeNext but left them home since I was worried about the heat; will try to stay indoors and take off the fur parts before walking outside.

Don’t want to bring Cecelia since I’d rather not wear it alone. And my Twelve Kingdoms costumes still need fixing before I wear them again. So, I think I’ll most likely fill in the rest of my costume list with more PSOH stuff. Maybe, the peacock dress since I haven’t worn it for so long; I actually brought it to Next but ended up never wearing it. And something that I can carry T-Chan around with, probably the tailcoat outfit since it’s newest.


Jul. 29th, 2008 11:52 pm
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Hmm… I’ve been feeling kind of frustrated and blah the last couple of days. Found out last week that UPS lost some important papers and they still haven’t been able to find them since the envelope wasn’t scanned when picked up. Never sending documents through them again if I can help it! >_< Had more business appointments the last few days and a frustrating search through old papers last night.

On the bright side, I had dinner with an old friend that I hadn’t seen for several months last week and I finished another random summer skirt. Haven’t taken a picture of it yet.

And I’m being indecisive about Otakon. So, out of curiousity about who I'd see if I went...

[Poll #1232016]

I tried to talk my family into going down to Baltimore with me so we could make a short vacation out of it in addition to me going to the con. My father was open to the idea but neither of my siblings wanted to go. And I especially booked a room that would be big enough for all 5 of us if they felt like going. :-/

So, I basically have a $299/night suite at the Residence Inn and no one to share it with. I missed all the con blocks and it was the cheapest room I was able to find when I made the reservation in February. -_-; It wouldn’t be too bad if everyone was going and it was our mini-vacation for this summer but with that hotel rate, it seems much too extravagant for me to go alone. (And my parents are so paranoid, I don’t think they’d let anyone they didn’t know well room with me.) Also, I haven’t finished any new costumes since AnimeNext and I don’t have much that would be good to wear in the hot weather. And I didn’t pre-register.

But after the last few days, I’m half tempted to go anyway since it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a family vacation this year; we have no plans and my siblings don’t seem to really want to go anywhere. Also, now that MangaNext info is out, it’s not looking that promising for me due to the new location. :-/ It’s such a small con that I don’t want to bother getting a room but it looks like commuting would be much more of a hassle and more expensive than when it was in Secaucus. Wondering if I’ll just skip it this year.
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Hmm… I know I’ve been lazy about posting and commenting lately. Should try to work on that a bit. ^_^;;

July 4th was rather boring here. Went to JoAnn’s and the mall with my family. I picked up the latest volume of Fruits Basket at the mall and got 3 yards of floral print cotton at JoAnn’s (under $8 thanks to a 40% off coupon). Made a relatively quick skirt with it over the weekend.

I used view A of this Vogue pattern. I wanted to try out one of the views with more layers but I bought all that was left of that print and it was only enough for A. Nothing else really caught my eye at JoAnn’s although I was hoping to get 2 or 3 different prints to make some random summer skirts and dresses. Will check the fashion district later this week for that and costume stuff.

In other news, we’ve been having problems with leaks lately. My parents had to patch the roof on Sunday and we still have a moldy closet to deal with. -_-

Banks have been a bit annoying, too. If any of you ever get a name change (like getting married), make sure that it’s done consistently across different accounts or you might end up wanting to bang your head on a wall when you need to do a transfer in the future. My mother learned this the hard way!

We’ve also been talking a bit about whether we’re going on vacation this summer but haven’t come to a conclusion since it’s ridiculously hard coming up with something that everyone would agree to. Among other things, my siblings never want to go anywhere on vacation and seem like they’d rather just sit in front of their computers. >_>
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Today was a nice day. We took my mother out for lunch for Mother’s day. I already gave her a card the other day and one of my aunts brought over Godiva chocolates for both her and my grandmother. She shared them with us after tonight’s steak dinner at home. ^_^

We did some shopping afterwards and picked up a new printer since both of our old printers died a while back and all that was left was my brother’s good photo printer with very expensive ink. We also went by Home Depot and Lowe’s to look for gardening things for my mother and some plastic drawers for my brother.

And I got a shelf that’s going to be added to one of my bookcases. I’ve been collecting for so many years and I’m such a bookworm that even with multiple bookcases I don’t have enough shelf space! I have 2 shelves of manga, 3-4 shelves of Nancy Drew, and probably enough books total to fill 4-5 bookcases. ^_^;;;; It’s mostly paperbacks though so a lot of shelves are taller than I really need them.

Now, some needlework ramblings…

After a really long time, I finally ordered some cross stitch stuff the other day. One of my needlework friends owns a cross stitch shop in Michigan and browsing around her site, I found something called a “biscornu” that seems to be trendy now. (Reminds me of how needlerolls were trendy when I was cross stitching a lot around the late 90s.) I ordered a couple, this one and this one , since they looked interesting with the 3D shape. Apparently, you can use them as pincushions or ornaments. (I tried looking up “biscornu” and it seems to be a French word meaning “bizarre.” No idea how it got applied to a needlework item!)

And I didn’t buy this since it was $60 but thought it was kind of cute. It’s a sparkly enameled box in the shape of a bee, designed to hold a needlebook. If that designer did something similar with a nice peacock theme though, I’d probably buy that since I love peacocks and cloisonne! (She uses a peacock as her logo and has done a few designs with them before.)


Apr. 17th, 2008 04:58 pm
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Rage-inducing real life anecdote #1: Tax Day

Our accountant usually doesn’t finish our stuff until the last minute but this year it was ridiculous. My father was stuck at work until past 9PM on the 14th, waiting for our forms to be delivered. Then, after he finally got home, I found the papers for me and my siblings all had errors! -_-X So, my father still had to take them back to the accountant’s office the next morning to get them corrected. (Luckily, nothing had to be recalculated.) It did not help that I owed and it was 1AM by the time we were done going over the paperwork. I wanted to blow a fuse because of how last minute it all was and the errors! For hobbies, I couldn’t care less about mistakes but it annoys me when people don’t do their paying jobs well, especially when it’s something serious like taxes! (Yeah, I would probably make a scary boss. >_>;)

Rage-inducing real life anecdote #2: Burning Garbage

Last night, I had changed for bed and was headed up to my room when I thought I smelled something burnt. So, I checked to make sure things were okay and looked out a back window to see a small fire in one of the backyards across from ours! People at some of the neighboring houses must have also smelled the smoke and ran outside. Fortunately, someone had a garden hose and was able to put it out within a couple of minutes. (It looked like it covered at least 2-3 square feet with flames a few feet high. My father who also saw this said probably someone smoking tossed a cigarette without properly putting it out and set some garbage on fire that way.) It wasn’t until after the fire was out that some people finally come out of the house the fire was behind and one of the guys was still smoking! It was so unbelievably stupid! -_-X I smelled smoke from across two yards and through closed windows but it was just a few feet outside their back door! The fire department showed up a minute or two later and I hope they at least gave a good lecture since the fire was already out.

And I saw a mouse in my room. Bah. -_-X

On the bright side, hobby stuff is going pretty well but I’ll write about that next time. Won’t be at NYCC this weekend but for those who are going, have fun! :-)
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Costume stuff has been going pretty well but real life stuff has been kind of blah lately.

Unfortunately, my grandmother is still ailing with pain from rheumatism, some bouts of coughing, and decreased strength in general. :-( She’s so shaky on her feet that we’ve been bringing meals up to her the past 3 weeks and worried about leaving her alone for more than a few hours. It’s depressing and I’m hoping her strength will get back to normal soon since it’s been a strain on my mother, too.

Also, things have been a bit aggravating with trying to get my first credit card. Went in to Chase with my parents to apply at the end of January and got a letter the next week saying I was denied for not having credit history. (And ironically, in the same day’s mail was another offer for the exact same card I was rejected for! :-P) It was kind of stupid since the reason I never had one before was that I don’t need to borrow! I’d just keep using my check cards but I figure it’s about time I worked on building some credit in case I eventually need a loan for something big like a house in the future.

So, my father talked to the lady who helped us at the bank and she said she’ll look into it. A couple of weeks ago, she called him and told him the card was approved. I waited but there was still no card in the mail so I called the banker again yesterday and after checking, she says I should get it next week. Then, I got another denial letter in the mail today and called the bank but gave up after being on hold for 15-20 minutes. So, my father went over to the bank instead and it seems the letter was sent out before they had all the information and that I should be getting the card after all. The banker has seemed helpful but this really looks like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing! >_> And hopefully this will be the end of it or I’ll be tempted to pull something like that scene in Gankutsuou when the Count went to ask Baron Danglars for a line of credit. >_>

And while I’m on financial rants, Countrywide junk mail is starting to irritate me, too, since I do all the mail and bills here. You would think after sending the same garbage each month and getting no response, they might figure out they’re just wasting money but no. No wonder Bank of America has to bail them out. >_> Really, who would want a credit card with the logo of a failed mortgage company?!

Bah, and reading the finance news these days is just depressing. -_-

Moving on to better news… I’m hoping to finish Sarah’s dress within the next week. I’ve gotten the main pieces stitched together but still need to add the pieces for the points at the bottom. Had to take it in a bit more around the waist and hips since it was a bit baggy there but it fits pretty well now. I hope the lower part will come together okay and fit properly over the poofy bottom of the underskirt. I’m a bit nervous about it working out right since I’m not the greatest at patterning. It should be fun to wear though. I tried on everything I have so far the other day and it looks good so far. ^_^ Even if I kind of look like some weird Arctic mermaid with the faux fur fanning out at the bottom of the costume and the fluffy hood. XD;
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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I ended up staying in and sewing over the weekend but it looks like I should be going out tomorrow. My brother said he wanted to try some black and white photos since he hasn’t done many. He thought some of my other costumes wouldn’t translate that well to black and white so I’ll be wearing my vacation outfit for Count D.

Speaking of photos, I’ve been playing around a bit with that creepy photo my brother took of D and T-Chan hiding in the trees. I really liked the pic but realized after a while that it was somewhat hard to see the face since I was standing in the shade. My sister suggested a way of adjusting it and this is what I came up with: http://images.cosplay.com/showphoto.php?photo=1311163

Anyone going to the cosplay day at Kinokuniya this Saturday? Saw a press release about it on the NYAF site: http://www.nyanimefestival.com/en-us/pressreleases465.cfm I think I’ll stop by at some point as D’s sister since the dress looks relatively normal.

And in non-cosplay news, either my brother or mother turned up the heat too high to test it yesterday. The boiler started leaking and made a mess so we had someone over to look at it today. (Never knew that would happen if you turned the heat up too much. o_o;)

Although the month was okay for me, I’m hoping November will be better for friends. It seems like there’s been a huge amount of health issues the last few weeks for friends and their families. Just within my non-LJ group of a dozen cross stitch friends/their families, there was cancer, surgery, a mini stroke, and staph. :-( I feel bad that so many people I know have been going through a rough time but I don’t know what to say a lot of the time since I’m not good at the comforting thing.


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