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Nov. 9th, 2010 12:32 am
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More NYCC photos from my brother!

[ profile] sakuralenayuy and [ profile] usa_ko as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy:

And Monkey Island pics with [ profile] neoangelwink! :-D This was a pretty silly shoot and we kept cracking up. ^_^;;

Guybrush! Get back here!

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Not much of interest going on here the last few days. Just trying to clean up a bit and get costume stuff put away. No more cons for a few months so I’ll probably put up a list of cons for next year and costume ideas soon.

My brother is still working on his photoshoots from NYCC/NYAF. Here’s what he has posted so far.

[ profile] neo2469 and [ profile] neoangelwink as Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers:

[ profile] sakuralenayuy as Asuka:

General con coverage which has also been posted at ACS:


Oct. 14th, 2010 06:13 pm
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It’s turning out to be a rough week here. First, my father twisted his arm at work on Tuesday. Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled and ended up getting my last wisdom tooth extracted, too. The dentist didn’t think it would be so hard to get out but it was stubborn and took over an hour with sawing and taking it out in pieces. X_X Then, after we got home, my mother fell in the back yard while getting the laundry and is now hobbling around with a cane and a swollen knee.

My brother posted a few more NYCC/NYAF preview shots, including [ profile] neo2469, [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] sakuralenayuy, and [ profile] usa_ko:

Here’s one from the Monkey Island photoshoot with neoangelwink as Guybrush and myself as Elaine.

Did I really agree to marry this idiot?


And a Saiunkoku pic. My hair is a complete mess since the wind blew my fake bangs all over and I had to bobby pin them off to the side to keep them out of my face. ^_^;; (Plus, they weren’t that great in the first place since I made them the night before. >_>) I did have some of my hair tied up in a loop but since it was towards the back of my head, it started drooping after a while and doesn’t show in the pic. But it does show most of the detail on the brocade shirt; that was the most complicated piece to make because of all the trim. I thought a dragon brocade would be fitting since Ryuuren is from the Ran clan and their crest includes a pair of dragons. And you can see the flute. It was a bamboo one that I painted with nail polish to give it a glossy look. It was never mentioned in the anime but I found out it was supposed to be metal in the novels; I guess that explains why he was able to knock people out with it!

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Reminder: If you’re interested in the costume tea party at Otakon but haven’t replied yet, please do so. Details here:

So, far it’s [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] sakuralenayuy, [ profile] stillvisions and myself. If anyone else wants to come, please let me know in the next couple of days. I’d like to call Saturday to make the reservation.

Since things have been crazy here, my brother is still working on AnimeNext photos but he posted some last night, including [ profile] animeangel and [ profile] mostflogged’s photos:

And he finished with my cowgirl Sarah photos.

Completely the wrong timeframe but Jonathan the seal fit perfectly on top of my hat. XD;

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Jun. 24th, 2010 12:47 am
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So, AnimeNext is over. Saw friends, got photos, and it was a nice break from real life. (Things have been a bit depressing at home but that could take up a whole other post. ;_;) My brother posted a few preview pics, including [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] mostflogged and [ profile] sakuralenayuy:

First costume on Friday was Youka from the Twelve Kingdoms with a new sash (although it looked the same as the old one since I bought identical fabric to remake it) and new flowers for my hair. I’ve wanted to rewear this for a while since it only made it to a couple of cons when I made it in 2006. Emi on ACP had sent me a PM a couple of months ago asking about location ideas for Twelve Kingdoms photos so we started talking and decided to get pics together during the con. ^_^ My brother picked the silly photo for the preview!

Changed into Count D’s artbook kimono late in the afternoon and went to get judged for the hall contest. Wandered a bit afterwards and went to the poofy dress panel. Got invited to go out for a group dinner by [ profile] blackmarth but unfortunately couldn’t go since I was still in that huge kimono.

Saturday morning was time for the surprise costume, which was Sarah’s cowgirl costume from Kaleido Star. I hadn’t told anyone I was making this and it was kind of funny how some of my friends didn’t recognize me for a second since I wasn’t buried under yards of fabric. :-P I thought it would be fun to do a cowgirl costume sometime since I actually listened to a lot of country music back in the 90’s. (And I’ve been listening to 80’s and 90’s country lately while working on costumes since I found a channel for it on Fios. Yeah, I’m weird considering the other thing I like is musical theatre! XD;) I think this is the tiniest costume I’ve ever made. o_o; Although I made it less tiny than it was actually supposed to be since I used a black tank top instead of a bikini top because I didn’t want my stomach showing. This can mostly be blamed on the fact I found boots that I could paint white for $10; probably wouldn’t have bothered to do this if I needed to spend a lot on shoes for such a simple costume. This preview pic from my brother is the only one I have so far although I did also get a quick shoot with [ profile] stillvisions and [ profile] tyrus took a few photos, too.

After lunch, I changed into my half-finished Kyoya costume. Quite a contrast to the cowgirl costume. XD; More photos with stillvisions and then [ profile] dressdragn. Wandered a bit and ran into and got groped by >_>; [ profile] yeu who was also cosplaying Kyoya but in the school uniform.

Here’s a pic that dressdragn took.

I had a few moments of panic later when I lost my camera. One of the artists out in the hallway had noticed what I was cosplaying and showed me cards she had with a chibi drawing of Kyoya in that costume. We chatted a minute and I put my camera down to get money for one of the cards. Didn’t realize until after I went back up to my hotel room that I’d forgotten to pick it back up and rushed back downstairs. Luckily, she had seen my camera and put it aside for me. I have such a lousy memory at times. ._.;

Went to the masquerade but ended up in the overflow room since I got in line late. Congratulations to [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] roserevolution, [ profile] lady_ava, and [ profile] starlighthoney on their awards. ^_^ I got the Best of Friday Craftsman award from the hall contest for my D kimono. But I think the most fun was everyone goofing off after the masquerade and the huge random group picture. Although I was kind of like “Huh? You guys want me in the picture, too?” when [ profile] ryoko was calling me over. ^_^;

Finished packing up Sunday morning and put on my Count D kimono again since stillvisions requested it for photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my nails anymore since I cut them and took off the polish after Friday night because I wasn’t expecting to cosplay D again until at least Otakon. ^_^; (Plus, Kyoya would have looked silly with long, pink nails. :-P) After photos, I wandered around a bit and finally made it over to video programming to say hi to [ profile] ifuritaoni. We ended up walking back to the hotel and chatting for a while in the lobby. We looked over my Petshop of Horrors artbook and he tried to convince me I should get a harem like Count D so it was a silly ending to the con. XD; (Anyone want to cosplay some of the pets? >_>; I haven’t had a group for this series for two years.)


May. 12th, 2010 01:35 pm
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Yesterday turned out to be pretty awesome. *_*

I went fabric shopping and picked up 11 yards of silk shantung to make Lia’s Russian portrait dress from Le Chevalier for AnimeNext. (It’s a somewhat long story why my costume choice suddenly changed from Valentine but I’ll get into that next time. ^_^;;)

Then, I went to visit with [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] athena_chan for a couple of hours before going home. We chatted while they worked on hats and it was nice to get a chance to hang out outside of an event since we haven’t done that for a while. ^_^ I also brought along supplies and showed them how to make sakura flowers like the ones I did as hairpins for my Sakura Matsuri outfit.

[ profile] thedreamerworld finished editing the photos from the Count D kimono shoot we did at the botanic garden a few weeks ago so I have more pretty costume pictures. ^_^

Plus, I looked at the front page of last night and saw that my comments tab was highlighted. Then, I looked a little further down and realized the preview shot from [ profile] thedreamerworld that I’d posted a few weeks back had been added as a showcase photo! O_O

I tend to drag my feet about updating my gallery since I’m lazy about typing up descriptions and there doesn’t seem to be much interest there nowadays in my obscure cosplays. (Several of the other photos I’ve uploaded there within the past few weeks have gotten less than 50 views and no comments.) That particular photo with the cherry blossoms was the most popular out of what I’ve put up in the last month but this was still completely out of the blue. I don't post much on there anymore and the last time I had something showcased on the site was my 19th Century Count D, over 2 years ago!

It’s kind of nuts how popular the cherry blossom photo has suddenly become with the showcase. o_o;;; As of now, it’s up to over 1,100 views (it was under 200 before yesterday), putting it into my top 4 most viewed photos of all time on (and I made my account there in 2003!). Plus, it has become my second most commented photo on there ever. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if it hit number 1 for both.

And apparently, my brother’s little Sakura Matsuri gallery was also yesterday's link of the day on the ACP facebook, so I was kind of featured there, too! o_o

Anyway, here are a few pics from the D kimono photoshoot. The full set is on [ profile] thedreamerworld’s Flickr:

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My brother finished the photos from both of our recent trips to the BBG, including Sakura Matsuri:

And I keep forgetting to mention here, he finally made an ACS account a few weeks ago so he can now be credited from the photographers list on ACP/ACE.

These were a couple of my favorites from the Count D kimono photoshoot. ^_^

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Apr. 18th, 2010 11:45 pm
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Luckily, the weather was decent today and we made it to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Met [ profile] thedreamerworld there and she and my brother took lots of photos of my Count D artbook kimono. ^_^

The cherry trees are all in full bloom now so if anyone local wants to see them, you should go this week. Unfortunately, I think they’ll all be gone by the time Sakura Matsuri actually happens in a couple of weeks. ;_; Don’t know if I’ll cosplay for the festival now since the flowers will be gone and most of my costumes are too cumbersome to take the subway in. If I can find a Japanese print fabric I like, I might just make a cute dress to wear instead.

And my brother finished his Anime Boston pics the other night.

A few more pics in the general AB album:

Photoshoot of [ profile] mostflogged as rock star Yoko:

Plus, I have stuff to post now! :-D

Here’s my Youko costume from The Twelve Kingdoms. The construction is much like the nyosen uniform I did a few years ago. Two kimono style tops, two skirts, a sash that closes with snaps in the back, and a panel that hangs from a belt hidden under the sash. They’re hard to see in these pics but I got green contacts for this. Still want to add something to that front panel but haven’t decided what.

And my other new costume for the con was Count D’s artbook kimono. I ended up with 96 appliqués on the finished costume and used up about 6 whole spools of the gold metallic thread (around 1,300 yards) stitching them down! The designs on the appliques are handpainted and all the embellishment probably took 45-50 hours between painting, cutting, and sewing.

I went much more in a fantasy direction so the construction is not like a real kimono. I made the tops and skirts separate so that it’s easier for me to get dressed since I have no experience with wearing real kimono. The skirts are based on a half circle skirt and the black one is basically a wrap skirt that buttons together with a bit of overlap. I kind of wish I’d allowed for more overlap since it falls farther apart when I wear it than it did on my dress form. I added an extra flap to the black skirt to fake the waist fold and the obi hides the waistband.

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More photos updates from my brother. (It’s a record! He actually finished con photos in a week this time!)

[ profile] yeu, the photos of you and your groups are up.
Macross Frontier:

And [ profile] neoangelwink, the pics of the cupcake dress you modeled for the fashion show are up:

Dim sum yesterday was fun. ^_^ Thanks to [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] loudnbothered, [ profile] athena_chan, [ profile] ifuritaoni, [ profile] lampbane and her boyfriend for coming! Unfortunately, it started raining while we were at the restaurant so the ending turned out rather soggy with trying to walk everyone back to the train and bus in the rain. ._.; It would have been nice to hang out longer if it weren’t for the weather.

Now that NYAF is over and I’ve caught up on some other things, I’m thinking a bit about what to sew next. I don’t expect to go to another con until Anime Boston in April but Halloween is coming up and one of my mother’s friends invited us to a wedding the day after.

I bought a couple of yards of shimmery pink fabric and a pattern a while back, thinking I’d make a dress to wear for the wedding. I’ve kind of lost my enthusiasm though since the weather suddenly got so cold last week and I have a sleeveless dress pattern. :-/

For Halloween, I’m tempted to make a Daphne costume from Scooby Doo… And now, people are probably thinking I’ve finally lost my mind after Ekaterina and all the other huge projects I normally do. :-P But seriously, I loved Scooby Doo when I was a kid and I’ve been feeling nostalgic since I picked up a couple of the box sets recently. And I could probably get away with using the red wig I bought for Youko although it won’t be exact; I don’t see myself wearing this at a con other than maybe NYCC/NYAF when they’re combined next year so I’d rather not buy a new wig for it. >_>;

I’m kind of trying to decide whether I want to do the regular purple dress version or the Clue version where she’s dressed as Miss Scarlet. I think the Clue version might be more fun since I love alternate costumes but I don’t think anyone would get it unless I carried around a Scooby Doo plushie dressed as Colonel Mustard. Otherwise, I’d probably just look like a redhead in a red cocktail dress. ^_^;; Normal purple dress version would be much easier to recognize without props and warmer though since it has long sleeves, a higher neckline and the green scarf.


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