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Katsucon photos went up at the other day so I guess I’ll make my photo post now since I have most pics other than a few my brother is still working on.

First, Saiunkoku with [ profile] neoangelwink as Shuurei and [ profile] athena_chan as Ryuuki.


More Saiunkoku pics )

Count D and Kyoya pics )


Jun. 24th, 2010 12:47 am
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So, AnimeNext is over. Saw friends, got photos, and it was a nice break from real life. (Things have been a bit depressing at home but that could take up a whole other post. ;_;) My brother posted a few preview pics, including [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] mostflogged and [ profile] sakuralenayuy:

First costume on Friday was Youka from the Twelve Kingdoms with a new sash (although it looked the same as the old one since I bought identical fabric to remake it) and new flowers for my hair. I’ve wanted to rewear this for a while since it only made it to a couple of cons when I made it in 2006. Emi on ACP had sent me a PM a couple of months ago asking about location ideas for Twelve Kingdoms photos so we started talking and decided to get pics together during the con. ^_^ My brother picked the silly photo for the preview!

Changed into Count D’s artbook kimono late in the afternoon and went to get judged for the hall contest. Wandered a bit afterwards and went to the poofy dress panel. Got invited to go out for a group dinner by [ profile] blackmarth but unfortunately couldn’t go since I was still in that huge kimono.

Saturday morning was time for the surprise costume, which was Sarah’s cowgirl costume from Kaleido Star. I hadn’t told anyone I was making this and it was kind of funny how some of my friends didn’t recognize me for a second since I wasn’t buried under yards of fabric. :-P I thought it would be fun to do a cowgirl costume sometime since I actually listened to a lot of country music back in the 90’s. (And I’ve been listening to 80’s and 90’s country lately while working on costumes since I found a channel for it on Fios. Yeah, I’m weird considering the other thing I like is musical theatre! XD;) I think this is the tiniest costume I’ve ever made. o_o; Although I made it less tiny than it was actually supposed to be since I used a black tank top instead of a bikini top because I didn’t want my stomach showing. This can mostly be blamed on the fact I found boots that I could paint white for $10; probably wouldn’t have bothered to do this if I needed to spend a lot on shoes for such a simple costume. This preview pic from my brother is the only one I have so far although I did also get a quick shoot with [ profile] stillvisions and [ profile] tyrus took a few photos, too.

After lunch, I changed into my half-finished Kyoya costume. Quite a contrast to the cowgirl costume. XD; More photos with stillvisions and then [ profile] dressdragn. Wandered a bit and ran into and got groped by >_>; [ profile] yeu who was also cosplaying Kyoya but in the school uniform.

Here’s a pic that dressdragn took.

I had a few moments of panic later when I lost my camera. One of the artists out in the hallway had noticed what I was cosplaying and showed me cards she had with a chibi drawing of Kyoya in that costume. We chatted a minute and I put my camera down to get money for one of the cards. Didn’t realize until after I went back up to my hotel room that I’d forgotten to pick it back up and rushed back downstairs. Luckily, she had seen my camera and put it aside for me. I have such a lousy memory at times. ._.;

Went to the masquerade but ended up in the overflow room since I got in line late. Congratulations to [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] roserevolution, [ profile] lady_ava, and [ profile] starlighthoney on their awards. ^_^ I got the Best of Friday Craftsman award from the hall contest for my D kimono. But I think the most fun was everyone goofing off after the masquerade and the huge random group picture. Although I was kind of like “Huh? You guys want me in the picture, too?” when [ profile] ryoko was calling me over. ^_^;

Finished packing up Sunday morning and put on my Count D kimono again since stillvisions requested it for photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my nails anymore since I cut them and took off the polish after Friday night because I wasn’t expecting to cosplay D again until at least Otakon. ^_^; (Plus, Kyoya would have looked silly with long, pink nails. :-P) After photos, I wandered around a bit and finally made it over to video programming to say hi to [ profile] ifuritaoni. We ended up walking back to the hotel and chatting for a while in the lobby. We looked over my Petshop of Horrors artbook and he tried to convince me I should get a harem like Count D so it was a silly ending to the con. XD; (Anyone want to cosplay some of the pets? >_>; I haven’t had a group for this series for two years.)

NYAF pics

Oct. 3rd, 2009 12:32 am
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Yay, I have pics to post! Ekaterina first since it was my new costume for NYAF. While it looks pretty plain, it was started in January (was originally meant for the historical masquerade at Costume Con) and is actually one of my most time consuming costumes ever. I would say it took 120-140 hours, including the mockups and remakes. The only costume that I’ve ever spent more time on was my formal Terra which had like 200 hours of beading. o_O;

I made almost everything from scratch, including the chemise, corset, and panniers worn underneath plus my hat. The only things not made from scratch were the mask, wig, and boots. It was definitely a learning experience since I’d never built a corset, hoops, or hat before. I researched clothes of the period a bit and tried to incorporate the research where I could while still retaining the anime design, which isn’t that historically accurate. Some pieces, like the jacket and corset got mockups and others like the panniers and black petticoat were remade because I wasn’t satisfied with the originals. And I did stuff like handstitching all the eyelets in my corset since I found in my research that metal grommets weren’t used yet in the 1700s. And I handstitched the buttonholes in my coat for a more historical look instead of just using the automatic buttonhole foot on my machine.

Although it’s pretty plain, I really wanted to make this since I loved Ekaterina’s role in the Le Chevalier D’eon anime. I dislike wimpy female characters so I really like that she went to warn the French knights about the assassination plot against the Russian empress that her husband was involved in despite the jerk slapping her around. (That was what was referenced in my walk-on intro. This outfit was her disguise for that scene.) Plus, she got her revenge on him in the end. >_>;

more Ekaterina photos )

And now for something less ominous, here’s a guy in a poofy pink and red ballgown. :-P

It’s kind of funny that I made a tulle petticoat to keep the hoops from showing but you can see them here anyway because the light was so bright. >_>;

more Tamaki pics )

[ profile] neoangelwink, your Mikuru photos are up too:

Those coming for dim sum, I’ll see you tomorrow! Bring an umbrella since it looks like the weather’s going to be bad. o_o;
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Yay! My brother gave me my photos from the past couple of months so I have stuff to post. ^_^ I’m going to split it up into 2 or 3 posts and start with AnimeNext stuff first since there aren’t many pics of my Tamaki costume yet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get pics outside with the rain that day so these were taken around 1AM after the hotel cleared out. So, if I look tired, that’s why! ^_^;;;

Tamaki, you idiot! Poofy ballgowns aren’t meant for playing commoners’ games! :-P

more pics of the Host Club King… Or should that be Queen? XD )

And I have one of Count D’s peacock dress with the phoenix prop. Old costume but I wanted to take a pic of it with the bird now that I have one. Even if it’s not the right bird to match the artbook picture. ^_^;;

My brother is still working on all his other pics from Sakura Matsuri, Anime Boston, and AnimeNext. I know he has pics of [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] neoangelwink [ profile] ryoko [ profile] sakuralenayuy [ profile] usa_ko and [ profile] yeu. Plus, some group ones from Sakura Matsuri press day that include [ profile] neo2469. He says he’s planning to finally make a Flickr account and post stuff himself so I’ll put up a link after he’s done.


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