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Unbelieveable! I called the Intercontinental Harbor Court Hotel to check on my reservation after lunch and was told that it was cancelled yesterday although I hadn’t done anything. o_O;;; After finding someone who knew what was going on, I was told that they had overbooked and that I was being relocated to the Hilton. The Hilton has my reservation but they’re supposed to be sold out of double bedded rooms so we might not get one and be stuck with a king bed and rollaways.

Not pleased since this wrecks most of my photo plans involving the nice lobby at the Intercontinental. And I can now say with certainty about Otakon, I am never going to this damn con again after this year!
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Still need to finish packing for Otakon tomorrow morning. Good thing that we’re not leaving until about 4PM.

I finished Kyoya’s jacket on Saturday and actually managed to finish another costume today. Remember this thing I started around Halloween? It occurred to me that since a library is one of the rooms in the Clue game and there’s a library off the hotel lobby, it might be a good chance for photos. The dress was practically done; I just had to pull it out of the closet and hem it. I had a simple pattern for a bolero so I stitched one up quickly and I managed to cobble the jewelry together from rhinestones and pearls I’d bought a while back plus some other supplies I already had. The jewelry is kind of makeshift but oh, well. ^_^;;; And yeah, it’s a Western costume and really random. >_>; I was going to finish this for NYCC/NYAF but figured I might as well take advantage of the photo op. I doubt anyone will get it since I haven’t had a chance to dress my Scooby plushie as Colonel Mustard.

Other than Kyoya’s frilly purple suit and Daphne’s ridiculously red dress, I’m bringing my Tamaki ballgown. And the dress I made for Sakura Matsuri since it’s simple and comfortable. Might bring my Eugenie costume but not sure. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about wearing costumes in such hot weather with all my real life worries lately.

Kyoya will be for most of Friday since I plan to wear him for the tea party and a shoot with Lionel afterwards. Tamaki will be for earlier on Saturday since it would be impractical for watching the masquerade due to the huge hoops. Daphne, the Sakura Matsuri dress, and Eugenie (if I bring her) will be for evenings and Sunday although I’m not sure what day I’ll end up wearing any of them. Might depend on my mood when it’s time to change.
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After 3 1/2 weeks, my grandmother is finally getting released from the hospital tomorrow but she’s not ready to come home yet. She has to be transferred someplace else for 2-3 weeks for physical therapy so she can get used to walking again. Meanwhile, we have to move a lot of stuff and set up some rooms in the basement for her since it’s not going to be feasible for her to come back to her old room up here on the second floor.

And our water heater broke Friday morning so we had a mini flood in the basement. -_- We were able to get a new one delivered quickly but the contractor wasn’t available to install it until that evening.

Finally registered for Otakon and figured out travel plans after a lot of frustration since my brother was being stubborn and resisting the quickest and simplest way. >_> My father is willing to drive so we’re doing that although we can’t leave until late afternoon Thursday; one of my brother’s friends is also coming but has to work until 3:30 that day. With all this craziness lately, I think we’re all going to need a vacation by then!

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling the hotel restaurant about tea prices and the guy on the phone was quite helpful. ^_^ I didn’t make a reservation yet though because I want to get a better idea of who wants to come and what time is best. I’m thinking we should arrive around 3-4 since they stop serving tea at 5. The hotel is about 3-4 blocks from the BCC so we’ll meet at the fountains about half an hour beforehand and walk over together. The hotel lobby areas are pretty nice so we can try to get a few photos before or after tea. If you would like to come, please RSVP so I can get a count. If you have friends who would also like to come, comment and let me know. I would like to make the reservation next weekend. After all the craziness of the past month, I’d really love to just see some friends and relax.

Costume Tea Party at Otakon
Location:Brighton’s at the Harbor Court Hotel
Time: Friday afternoon; the hotel serves afternoon tea from 3-5
Menu: traditional tea includes tea, scones, tiny sandwiches and pastries; royal tea also includes a glass of champagne and strawberries with cream (menu link) (food photo from last year’s Costume Con tea at Brighton’s)
Cost:: $24.57 for the traditional tea, $33.30 for the royal tea (includes tax and gratuity)
Suggested costume types: historical, characters who often have tea,
gowns and other elegant cosplays, lolita outfits. (Some examples would be Kuroshitsuji, Ouran, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Petshop of Horrors, and frilly Clamp stuff. I'm planning to wear my final episode Kyoya costume for this.) These are only suggestions based on what I think would fit the hotel décor or tea party theme. You can also wear other costumes or regular clothes if you don’t have something that fits especially well but nothing too skimpy or gory please.

[Poll #1593816]
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Went to the cosplay party at the Japan Society yesterday and wore my Count D kimono. It was nice to see some friends and the exhibit of prints was interesting but it seemed a bit dull otherwise and I think the price increase over last year was a bit much. :-/ There were definitely less people than last year; the auditorium was only half to two-thirds full for the costume contest.

And as mentioned last time, here’s the somewhat long story behind my AnimeNext costume plan getting changed from Valentine to Lia…

I was talking to my brother the other week about cons since the only other ones we have planned this year are AnimeNext and NYAF and I’ve been having very little luck finding a good one to add that’s within reasonable distance since I won’t fly. Plus, he doesn’t want to add any cons during his school year so that leaves only summer. And he said why don’t we go to Otakon since he’s never been to that one before and it’s right in the middle of summer so it doesn’t conflict with anything else. Even though I’d been trying to avoid Otakon since it’s so expensive and my least favorite of the large cons I’ve been to. >_>;

So, I checked and surprisingly, there were still a couple of hotels with con rates left (I missed them both times I went before which made things extra expensive). And one of them happened to be the Harbor Court Hotel, where the Costume Con tea party was last year. They had nice lobby areas, including a circular staircase, a library, and old-fashioned paintings, and I was sad my brother wasn’t along to take pictures that time. T_T

So, I booked the room and now, it looks like we’re going to Otakon although I’m more excited about the possibility of taking pictures in the hotel and afternoon tea than anything at the con itself. >_>; And to take advantage of the hotel for photos, my costume plans have completely flip flopped. So, I’m now trying to do Lia’s Russian portrait gown for AnimeNext and Kyoya’s final episode costume for Otakon so I can have both for then. So much for summer appropriate cosplay… >_>;;;

And checking for interest… Is anyone interested in and/or has friends who would be interested in a costume tea party at Otakon? The Costume Con tea last year was one of the highlights of the con for me and I would love to do something like that again. *_* There were around 30 costumers, mostly in historical dresses. I think this would be particularly good for series with period settings like Le Chevalier and Kuroshitsuji, series where the characters often have tea like Ouran and PSOH, gowns and other dressy cosplays, and lolita outfits.

We had the prix-fixe teas so that everyone got tea, a scone, little sandwiches, and pastries. I remember it being around $24 a person but don’t know if it has changed since then since the tea menu doesn’t list prices. The hotel is about 3-4 blocks from the con center and only serves afternoon tea on Fridays and Saturdays so it would have to be one of those afternoons; I assume Friday would be better in case people are in the masquerade.

[Poll #1565132]
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Back from Otakon. There were snags but I had some fun and it was a welcome break from the real life problems of late. Hi to those I saw in Baltimore. *waves to [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] animeangelblue, [ profile] blackjackie999, [ profile] djranmas, [ profile] hikaruchan, [ profile] leisemelody, [ profile] lionboogy, [ profile] luv_blindly, [ profile] natalie526, [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] ngmaster, [ profile] ryoko, [ profile] stillvisions, [ profile] the_masayume, [ profile] tristencitrine, [ profile] umister, [ profile] vikki, [ profile] yeu* And sorry to those of you I missed at the con. I was hoping to run into everyone at some point but it just didn’t work out.

-finally got to wear my Kaleido Star costume with [ profile] neoangelwink! :-D
-photoshoots with [ profile] stillvisions of our Kaleido Star costumes and my 19th Century Count D (Thanks for taking pictures, Kevin!)
-ran into a fair number of friends, including some I hadn’t seen for over a year, and met some new people

The not-so-great:
-waited in the registration line for 2 hours Friday morning since I decided to go to the con so last minute that pre-registration was already closed. ._.;
-still don’t like the BCC as a location
-the weather wasn’t as bad as ’06 but I was still pretty hot in all the layers for 19th Century D and Sarah; eventually left Sarah’s fur underskirt in my room so I could be more comfortable while watching the masquerade.
-painful shoes; the soles of my feet still feel weird a couple of days later!

What the hell?!:
-My right shoulder got sunburned from the 2 hours outside in the registration line in D’s peacock dress. o_o; I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sunburn before; I usually just tan.
-My father and I got caught in a hailstormaround the Delaware/NJ border on our way home! o_O; Pouring rain with hail the size of large pebbles and almost no visibility.

I kind of wish I’d just gone to the con again on Sunday morning. My father wanted to leave early to beat traffic on the way home (he said it gets very heavy in NJ around 4) but we left at 11 and it still took us 5 hours because of the hail and rain. (The trip to Baltimore only took 3 ½ hours.) I already had a headache that morning and it just got worse with the noise from the storm plus I got carsick from being cooped up so long. x_x; Was fine after getting home and catching up on sleep.

No pics to post yet. I’ve found some on ACP but no Kaleido Star pair shots and I look tired in a bunch of those. ^_^;;

Checked Flickr and didn’t find anything obvious although I was surprised to find a pic of a 19th Century D from a foreign con with the same colors as my costume. The only references for that outfit were black and white so I basically made up my color scheme up as I went along. My version got showcased on several months back so I guess they might have seen it there and liked it. I’m not mad… but it was pretty weird to be looking for Otakon pics and suddenly see my color scheme for the 19th Century outfit on someone else. o_o

EDIT: Ooh, found a pic of my 19th Century D. There are random people in the background but the colors came out nicely and I'm actually smiling!
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Off to Otakon in the morning. ^_^

Costume schedule:
Friday morning/early afternoon: Count D (peacock dress or tailcoat)
Friday afternoon/evening: Count D (19th Century version)

Saturday morning/afternoon: Sarah (for Kaleido Star cosplay with [ profile] neoangelwink at 2)
Saturday late afternoon/evening: Count D (whatever outfit I didn’t wear on Friday)

Leaving early on Sunday so I probably won’t be at the con at all that day.

Hope to see those of you attending at some point this weekend. Everyone else, have a good weekend! :-)
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So, apparently, having to put fraud alerts on most of my family’s credit files because of those papers that UPS lost plus me getting a grand jury summons wasn’t enough bad luck for one summer. -_-X

My father also twisted his knee late last night. He saw a doctor this morning and is using my grandmother’s extra cane now. Trying to let him take it easy for now; I volunteered to take in some paperwork tomorrow morning if he can’t make it to the business appointment he had scheduled in the city. But this possibly leaves me without a ride for Otakon now since we’re not sure if he’ll be up to making the drive by Thursday and no one else in the family drives.

And, of course, this has to happen just when I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of seeing friends next weekend and plotting what costumes to bring. -_- I don’t want to push him if he’s not up to it though so I’ll look into going down by bus or train if necessary. After all the real life issues lately, I just want a break for a few days!
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Ugh. I got a summons for jury duty yesterday. Not for regular criminal or civil court but for a grand jury. Plus, it’s for the Friday before Labor Day weekend. -_-X Definitely postponing.

Now for some better news…

I decided to go to Otakon after all so I should be seeing some of you next weekend! :-D

Still not sure if anyone is going to Baltimore with me other than my father, who was really nice to go along with this on relatively short notice. My sister still doesn’t want to go and I’m not sure about my brother or mother. But since my father will be driving, that means I’ll have room to pack whatever costumes I want. ^_^

I’d definitely like to bring Sarah’s Cinderella dress (hopefully to wear with [ profile] neoangelwink’s Sora) and 19th Century Count D. Already wanted to wear those again at AnimeNext but left them home since I was worried about the heat; will try to stay indoors and take off the fur parts before walking outside.

Don’t want to bring Cecelia since I’d rather not wear it alone. And my Twelve Kingdoms costumes still need fixing before I wear them again. So, I think I’ll most likely fill in the rest of my costume list with more PSOH stuff. Maybe, the peacock dress since I haven’t worn it for so long; I actually brought it to Next but ended up never wearing it. And something that I can carry T-Chan around with, probably the tailcoat outfit since it’s newest.


Jul. 29th, 2008 11:52 pm
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Hmm… I’ve been feeling kind of frustrated and blah the last couple of days. Found out last week that UPS lost some important papers and they still haven’t been able to find them since the envelope wasn’t scanned when picked up. Never sending documents through them again if I can help it! >_< Had more business appointments the last few days and a frustrating search through old papers last night.

On the bright side, I had dinner with an old friend that I hadn’t seen for several months last week and I finished another random summer skirt. Haven’t taken a picture of it yet.

And I’m being indecisive about Otakon. So, out of curiousity about who I'd see if I went...

[Poll #1232016]

I tried to talk my family into going down to Baltimore with me so we could make a short vacation out of it in addition to me going to the con. My father was open to the idea but neither of my siblings wanted to go. And I especially booked a room that would be big enough for all 5 of us if they felt like going. :-/

So, I basically have a $299/night suite at the Residence Inn and no one to share it with. I missed all the con blocks and it was the cheapest room I was able to find when I made the reservation in February. -_-; It wouldn’t be too bad if everyone was going and it was our mini-vacation for this summer but with that hotel rate, it seems much too extravagant for me to go alone. (And my parents are so paranoid, I don’t think they’d let anyone they didn’t know well room with me.) Also, I haven’t finished any new costumes since AnimeNext and I don’t have much that would be good to wear in the hot weather. And I didn’t pre-register.

But after the last few days, I’m half tempted to go anyway since it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a family vacation this year; we have no plans and my siblings don’t seem to really want to go anywhere. Also, now that MangaNext info is out, it’s not looking that promising for me due to the new location. :-/ It’s such a small con that I don’t want to bother getting a room but it looks like commuting would be much more of a hassle and more expensive than when it was in Secaucus. Wondering if I’ll just skip it this year.
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Posted my pictures from Otakon, mostly other cosplayers:
Quite a few came out a little fuzzy this time. Not sure if my hands were just tired and wobbly. ^_^;

Dinner tonight didn’t go quite as planned. My mother had bought a fish in Chinatown but it must have spoiled or something. After she cooked it, the meat was like paste rather than solid fish so we had to toss it. O_o; Never seen that happen before and she had bought the same variety from the same market a couple of times within the last few weeks.

Not much of interest is going on here. Just catching up with various things like going through mail and bills. Still need to catch up with filing stuff. (I seem to have become the family mail clerk!) Seems like the idea of me doing bookkeeping at the store is on hold again since my father wants to put in a new computer system and that will take time.

I did finish reading vol. 14 of Fruits Basket though and am highly amused at what has been set up for the next volume. *giggles* Cut for possible spoilers )

I’ll probably do a post over the weekend with ramblings about future cosplay ideas but plan to take at least another week or two off from working on costume stuff. Maybe, I’ll pick up some needlework in the meanwhile now that I don’t have a deadline to make with costumes. Or, perhaps, finally finish the 1940s style dress I’ve had lying around in 3 pieces for at least a year. I think it mostly just needs the sleeves set in and hemming.
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Okay, time for my long-winded Otakon report with a few pictures… The rest of my photos will be going up at and I’ll post again after they’re all up.

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

In conclusion…

While it was great getting to meet people and see costumes that I’d only seen online before, I don’t think Otakon will become a yearly thing for me. Partly, because the hotels are so expensive. (My father only agreed to go in May so the room that we got was $309 a night since the hotels were practically full by that time.) And I suppose they need such a large place to hold a con with such high attendance but I didn’t really like the sheer size of the Baltimore Convention Center; it felt like a lot of time was just spent hiking across the place. Also, a con right in the middle of summer is less than ideal for me considering the fact that the costumes I want to make almost always involve layers, long sleeves, and tons of fabric. ^_^;;

Also, con dates for next year have been announced and it seems that AnimeNext and Otakon are both moving to July, with AnimeNext only 2 weeks before Otakon. If I had to pick only one, I’d rather go to Next. I’ll sometimes go to guest panels at cons but I’m never really interested enough to wait in line to meet them/get autographs and I actually found myself going to fewer con events at Otakon despite there being more programming. :-/ Almost none of the panels interested me and most of the anime screenings that I would have been interested in checking out conflicted with stuff like photoshoots and the masquerade. So, the big highlight of Otakon for me was really just meeting cosplayers from outside the NY area plus seeing some of the locals again.
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Got home from Otakon last night around 8. I was tired and had a bit of a headache from being cooped in the car for so long (the trip home took 4 hours due to traffic) so I have yet to really start sorting through my photos or writing a con report. I’ll try to get those up within the next few days but for now, hi to everyone I met/talked to over the weekend. ^_^

And a new record! 4 North American Juuni Kokki cosplayers in one picture! XD The most I’d ever seen before were a couple of groups of 3.


Aug. 1st, 2006 09:07 pm
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Yay, I finally finished Terra today! ^_^ (Or my preliminary version anyway. I might add more stuff to it after Otakon.) Now, I just need to get everything packed tonight and tomorrow so I can leave on Thursday morning. I figure I should be getting to Baltimore late morning or early afternoon. Maybe, I’ll have time for a little sightseeing after getting checked into the hotel. I’m planning to wait for the pre-reg line to die down a bit before going to get my badge.

My costume schedule for the weekend should look something like this:

Thursday – Tohru
Friday – Terra for a photoshoot with [ profile] ngmaster plus Amano photoshoot at 4:00, then Youka for a mini Twelve Kingdoms photoshoot with [ profile] hikaruchan and another TK cosplayer at 7:30
Saturday – Ayame for the Fruits Basket photoshoot at 11AM, then will probably change into Terra sometime in the afternoon
Sunday – Renrin

Hope everyone else who is going was able to finish their costume stuff in time, too. See you in Baltimore! ^_^
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Ooh, I got a lot done today! ^_^ I finished my last sequined flower, cut my fabric, and did nearly all the sewing for the outer layer of the dress. I’m stitching the hem by hand now and still need to put in the lining and add some trim. Might post a progress picture over the weekend if there’s time.

Then, it’ll be more work on accessories. I’m a bit worried now about whether I’ll need to change stuff with scarves. I tried putting the pink and yellow ones I did over the dress this afternoon and thought they looked somewhat too subdued colorwise to go with the dress. ^_^;; Maybe, it’ll look better after I get the purple one done since it won’t be pastel.

Only a week left until I leave for Otakon. I hope I can figure out the remainder of this costume and get everything ready and packed in time! My Fruits Basket costumes should be fine but the Twelve Kingdoms outfits will probably need ironing. The huge sleeves on my nyosen uniform like to wrinkle into folds just from the weight of the fabric when it’s on a hanger. -_-; Need to see if I can make my hair extension less wobbly, too; it can get kind of crooked after a while.

I’m thinking I should try to get another compact flash card for my camera, too, to make sure I don’t run out of room for photos. I only have the little one that came with the camera and one other and they hold about 120-130 pictures together. And I’m guessing that might not be enough for a con as big as Otakon. ^_^;
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Hmm… Otakon hall costume contest info finally went up on their site. I was thinking of entering but I’m not sure if I would be able to now because one of the rules is that costumes which have won a major award at any con are not eligible. So, that rules out not only Youka and Ayame (the two I was trying to decide between before rules were posted) but also older costumes Lili, Tohru, and Renrin. Practically my whole costume wardrobe since I’ve gotten a major award for every costume I’ve used in competition so far. ^_^;; I’m not sure if Terra would qualify for the contest since it’s not a straight recreation but I’ve asked on the Otakon forum to check. If it’s not… Oh, well. *shrug* I was a bit iffy about entering the contest and I suppose sitting it out would mean more time to actually enjoy the con.

Costume progress is going well. Since I last updated, I’ve:

-finished 2 more sequined flowers (7 left to go!)
-sewn 2 scarves
-made a netted fringe on one of the scarves (kind of hard to figure out what to call it; basically, I made long fringes with metallic embroidery floss at 1-inch intervals and then tied adjacent fringes together for 3 levels to create a netting with little tassels at the bottom)
-remade my hair bow in the glittery pink chiffon (I interfaced it with netting to get it to stand up)
-trimmed bangs into my wig (I left them on the long side so I still need to try it on and possibly trim more after checking where they fall relative to my face)

Here’s a picture of the wig and bow. (Lacking a proper stand for the wig head, I usually take the backrest off my swivel chair and stick it on there. XD;)

The wig is the Naomi style by New Look. I ordered it in the color shown the Cosworx site, butterscotch blonde with platinum blonde highlights. I now kind of wish I had just ordered a non-highlighted one; it’s not too bad in the curls but at the top of the wig, the highlights tend to look like white streaks. ^_^; I kind of expected more volume, too, and found the top of the back a bit thin due to how the hair was separated out into curls. But it’s still a decent wig and I’ll work with it.
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Finally registered for Otakon today since pre-reg ends tomorrow. I had asked my brother about it but he didn’t seem that interested in going so I guess it’ll just be me. And I think I’ll be switching hotels since I managed to get a room at the Inner Harbor Marriott the other evening. It’s a bit more expensive than the reservation my father made for the waterfront Marriott but it’s within a couple of blocks of the convention center and will be much more convenient than calling my father each time I need to go back and fourth. (The other hotel was about 10 blocks away, not a distance I’d want to walk each way in most of my costumes. ^_^;;)

The costume is moving along as well. I’m now in the middle of the last front panel for my Terra dress. Along with the flowers on the armwarmers, I now have 22 flowers and about 17 left to do. So, I’m a bit more than halfway done with the sequined flowers. Yay! ^_^ If I can keep moving along at a rate of about a flower a day, I figure I should have about a week and a half left before Otakon to actually cut and sew the dress plus do some more accessories. Must order my wig soon. I think I know which one I want and I have a $25 Cosworx gift certificate which will help. That was my favorite part of the prize from the AnimeNext masquerade. ^_^

Went to the mall yesterday with my family but didn’t buy anything. I browsed in the bookstore for a while and read volume 3 of Pet Shop of Horrors. I’ve been making my way through the series a chapter or two at a time while browsing in bookstores although I missed a couple from volume 2 (they didn’t have a copy of that one).

Count D, the owner of the pet shop, is certainly a mysterious guy. He doesn’t seem very threatening at times with his child-like fondness for sweets and habit of dressing in Chinese robe type outfits. (The detective investigating him makes fun of him for always wearing “dresses.” XD;) But he is definitely involved in some rather shady and sinister things. The brief mentions of his grandfather and father intrigue me. It seems like the grandfather was the one who started the pet shop and looked exactly like Count D. And he seems to resent his father. I'll have to read some more of the series sometime since I'm curious about those two.

Don’t know what my family is doing for tomorrow. We might just end up being boring and stay home and watch fireworks on TV. XD;
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Someone posted videos from the cosplay chess match. ^_^ They’re here:

I can be seen tripping into hollow Ichigo in the first couple of minutes of part 7 but the bit where Inuyasha killed me seems to be missing. I was kind of curious what that looked like with Momiji crying over Tohru’s death but oh, well.

Oh, boy. I realized yesterday that there’s only 6 weeks left to Otakon, meaning I really need to get going on my Terra dress. I’ve only finished one sequined flower since getting home from AnimeNext and need about 3 more for the center front panel of the dress. Then, there’s fabric for the rest of the dress to be embellished. ^_^;;

Costume-wise, I’m not planning to have anything else new for Otakon, simply because Terra is easily going to eat up all my costumemaking time until August. Other than the gown, it’s going to be a relatively plain preliminary version because I doubt I’ll have time to do lots of scarves and such.

I’m definitely planning to pack my Ayame costume for a Fruits Basket photoshoot and my Youka costume so I can take nyosen pictures with [ profile] hikaruchan. Otherwise, I’m not completely sure what else I’ll bring. Probably Tohru since it’s actually appropriate for summer weather. Namine is too but I don’t really want to take it to Otakon since my outfit is so inaccurate now that KH2 pictures are available. ^_^;; Perhaps, Renrin since I only wore it to AnimeNext last year and it’s been in my closet since then.


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