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Still on my father’s computer for now. My new one shipped sooner than expected and arrived today but still needs to be hooked up.

And after sewing like crazy, I managed to finish enough of Ryuuren that I was able to wear it over the weekend. Didn’t have time to finish the cape or make the headdress and jewelry. But since he wore it without those pieces while visiting Shuurei’s house, I made fake bangs and styled my hair like it was in those scenes. So, I guess it could technically be called a finished costume although there’s more to the full version. ^_^; The bangs are pretty messy since they were made the night before; I think I’d want to redo them if I ever wear it like this again. Only pics I have so far are the couple that [ profile] waynekaa took for ACP.

Anyway, NYCC/NYAF happened. After the first few hours on Friday, it got ridiculously crowded and stayed that way the whole weekend. I expected it for Saturday but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a crowded Sunday at a con before! o_O; The reason I’d stopped going to NYCC was the huge crowds and not really being into American comics so I wasn’t really happy about the two being squished together. -_- (although it did give me an excuse to wear a couple of my random Western costumes) I ended up hanging out by [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] athena_chan’s booth quite a bit due to not wanting to deal with the crowds and boredom. I think if it weren’t for seeing friends and hanging out, I would have been bored enough to hide somewhere with my DS and play Harvest Moon for a couple of hours. >_>;

Got to the con around 1 on Friday and did Monkey Island cosplay with neoangelwink. We didn’t really get a chance to walk around together since she was in artist’s alley but we did have a very silly photoshoot with my brother. She was Guybrush and I was Elaine and we kept cracking up, especially when trying to do romantic pics. XD Only a few people got that we were cosplaying Monkey Island; kind of sad the series seems forgotten since they’re fun games and among my favorites. The rest of the afternoon was mostly spent wandering. Left around 6:30 so I could get a ride home from my father after work. Had dinner and then spent the rest of the evening wefting extensions and making a set of fake bangs for Ryuuren.

I wore my half finished Ryuuren on Saturday. Ran into a whole bunch of people early on and spent some time wandering around with [ profile] blackmarth. At [ profile] umister’s prompting, I entered the cosplay contest the Japan Society was having at their table and won $50 in Kinokuniya gift certificates. ^_^ Saw [ profile] ngmaster for a couple of minutes and he gave me a copy of Castle in the Sky as a birthday present. Mostly avoided the dealer’s room that day since it was so crowded but did buy a pretty Japanese print skin to decorate my DS.

Went to the masquerade. I’ve heard there were problems behind the scenes but at least, having it in the theater was an improvement over past years. Was pleasantly surprised to see a Saiunkoku entry; no one seemed to recognize Ryuuren and I was starting to wonder if Athena, Neoangelwink, Emi and me were the only ones at the con who knew the series! (We’re going to try to do a group together next year. ^_^) Didn’t get home and have dinner until about midnight.

Sunday, I wore my purple Daphne dress and it was a huge contrast after walking around mostly unrecognized the previous two days. I kept hearing “Daphne” everywhere and I think I got more photos within the first 20-30 minutes than all of Friday and Saturday combined. Wandered around and bought a couple of things including a fuschia wig for whenever I finally get around to cosplaying Sora; (Yay for not having to attempt to dye a wig anymore but not sure what I’ll do with the violet one I got last year, intending to dye it. ^_^;;)

We went home a bit after 4. Would have loved to just take a nap after all the late nights but we had to change and go to a relative’s wedding reception that evening.

My brother took several hundred photos at the con so it’s going to be a while before he’s done with them. Will post links as he puts them up. Only pic currently posted is one of umister’s Miku:
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Comic Con over the weekend was fun. Hi to those of you I saw over there. ^_^

[ profile] shinei: Was fun talking to you over the weekend. We sure seemed to run into each other a lot!
[ profile] ngmaster: Thanks for the Count D photo and for passing on those prints from [ profile] selphie84. Thank you to Kim, too, for the photos. ^_^
[ profile] blackmarth, [ profile] twilitesea, and [ profile] windaria: Nice to see all of you again. I’m so forgetful at times... I should have taken pictures of the three of you and your awesome wigs! ^_^;
[ profile] sakuralenayuy: Good to see you again, even if it was only briefly.
[ profile] ifuritaoni: Was a nice surprise to see you again even if I didn’t find you until Sunday. If I had known you were going to be there and in costume on Saturday, we could have gotten a punny pic of Count D with a pet Sloth! :-D
[ profile] vampricyoda: Sorry I never ran into you at the con!
[ profile] heartxofxlilith: Sorry I didn’t see you either. I guess I just didn’t walk around enough on Saturday.

Cosplay: I wore my original Count D on Saturday and carried around T-Chan and Q-Chan. Sunday, I wore the peacock dress and only brought Q-Chan since I was being lazy. >_>; I was surprised that a bunch of people actually recognized the character and a few people told me I was the only Petshop of Horrors cosplayer they’d ever seen. I probably confused an equal number of people though. On Saturday, one woman asked if I was supposed to be Mulan and people kept calling Q-Chan “Pikachu” on Sunday. Oh, well. I’m used to confusing people with my obscurity. XD

Being in cosplay led to a couple of weird moments, too. At the Tokyopop booth, there was one guy who asked a friend of Dave’s (who was cosplaying from Dramacon and helping at the booth) and me for autographs on the freebie manga sampler book. o_O I signed it as “Count D” although thinking about it afterwards, it should just have been a “D” since that’s how he signs contracts in the manga. ^_^; And not quite odd but I got pulled onstage on Sunday afternoon at the Tokyopop booth when they had one of their artists there talking about cosplay, the lady who does Bizenghast. I think Q-Chan actually got her attention first for being a cute flying bunny. *laugh*

And while talking to the people at the Papercutz booth, they asked me to pose for a picture holding up one of their Nancy Drew graphic novels. Since I was cosplaying Count D, I picked one that involved a missing chimpanzee. (Coincidentally, PSOH had a chapter that involved a missing monkey, too.) LOL Count D endorsing graphic novels… That should be an amusing picture if I ever see it!

And one woman randomly asked to hug me on camera. *laugh*


Dave took this when some random costumed guy came up to me. After regularly dealing with man-eating goats, vampires, and killer mermaids and the like, D just isn’t very fazed by a grotesque gray creature with pointy teeth and large claws. XD

a couple more photos )

Screenings and Panels: Went to the Le Chevalier and Tsubasa screenings. Le Chevalier was kind of weird and gorey at times but it looks like it should be the type of plot I like: a puzzle that gradually unravels as the series progresses. Must be the mystery fan in me. :-D

The Tsubasa premiere was supposed to be the first two episodes but got cut short since there were problems with the disc in the middle of the second episode. So, they used the extra time for Q&A with the voice actors instead.

And I went to the NewType USA panel on Sunday since Kevin Lillard was there to photograph cosplayers for NewType’s NYCC coverage. I don’t think many people heard about it though since a DeathNote cosplayer was the only other person there cosplaying. Our pics aren’t up on Fan’s View so I guess they won’t be seen until that issue is published.

Costume contest: I signed up for the second one on Saturday and it turned out to be very informal with winners picked based on audience applause, which made it tough for people cosplaying from anime since the characters aren’t nearly as known compared to stuff like Star Wars and American comics. Oh, well. I never expect to win any popularity contests. I’d prefer a contest of skill over that any day. :-P

Purchases: I picked up the first volume of Le Chevalier D’Eon and several mangas. I got the second volume of both Genju no Seiza and Kamen Tantei plus a Fruits Basket volume and a couple of Petshop of Horrors volumes I didn’t have yet. (Just need volume 2 now for a complete PSOH set) Saw a copy of the first Twelve Kingdoms novel on display at the Tokyopop booth but they didn’t have it for sale yet. Oh, and I bought a couple of Nancy Drew graphic novels, too.

And that’s it for the con, I guess. (Yes, I know. I’m long-winded. >_>;)

Hmm… If I find time between working on my new costumes, I might see if I can fix how Q-Chan attaches to my costume. The magnets only take up a small space in his feet so he tends to either tilt back or forwards and look like he’s falling off. ^_^;; I should buy a new pair of black pants to wear with the original Count D outfit, too. I got away with wearing old ones from several years ago but my waistline seems to have gone down a bit more the last few months and they’re much too big to fit my waist now.
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Just a few more days until NYCC. ^_^ Who else should I expect to see there? If anyone wants to meet up at some point on Saturday, let me know. I’ve hardly seen anyone since MangaNext! I’m planning to go to the Le Chevalier and Tsubasa screenings (they’re between 1 and 4) but I’ll probably just be wandering the rest of the day.

I made a little bag to match my original Count D outfit yesterday and I think it came out pretty well. I’ll already have pockets in the costume so I figure I won’t have to haul around the huge bag I usually do at cons. That should be helpful Saturday since I’ll already have my arms full with T-Chan and Q-Chan.

Still helping my brother with his portfolio which is going very slowly. Each session is taking like 3-4 hours from the time I get dressed to the time we finish shooting and he’s only planning to use like 1 shot of each outfit. x_x;


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