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Hmm… It’s been about 2 weeks since I last updated because I’ve been lazy. >_>; So, this is going to be a huge collection of random stuff… Update for the Anime Boston PSOH group next time.

To [profile] selphie84 and [ profile] ngmaster: Thanks for the call yesterday. It was a nice little unexpected surprise. :-D Sorry I didn’t actually make it into the city to meet up with you guys.

Next, it seems I need to note a correction to something I posted after NYAF. Shortly before Christmas, I wrote to Peter Tatara for clarification about the awards and got a reply a couple of weeks ago. The only award he has me listed for is 1st Place Craftsman and he says there wasn’t a Best of Show for the hall contest, only Best Craftsmanship. I’m not really upset about it or anything but it makes me wonder a bit if I’m losing my mind since I could have sworn they announced a Best of Show tie between me and one of the novice winners at the end, after I went up to the stage. ._.;

On to a more serious matter, I’m kind of questioning how well Chase handles their statements. The other week, they sent a letter saying that they mistakenly listed $0 balances for some accounts on statements they sent out in December (of course, I caught it when the statement first arrived). This is the second time they’ve messed up on one of my parents’ statements within the past half year. -_- And their statements already annoy me because they don’t seem that user friendly. I don’t claim to be a financial genius but I did take finance as one of my majors at NYU and graduated with honors; yet, their statements still don’t make complete sense to me at times! >_<

Since it’s the beginning of the year, my family’s mailbox is being crammed with tax return documents and it’s my job to keep track of them all; it adds up to a lot of mail with 6 of us here. I found it pretty silly that my bank sent me a separate mail for the $1.02 of interest that I had from my checking account instead of just tacking it onto the one from my savings account!

I recently finished watching Le Chevalier D’Eon. cut for spoilers )

And I got the 5th volume of the Petshop of Horrors sequel the other week. Not completely sure what’s going on at times since I don’t know any Japanese but a couple of parts were pretty darn weird. O_o; cut for spoilers )

I’m finally getting back to working on cosplay stuff now and have been sewing the underskirt for Sarah’s Cinderella costume. I made it with some leftover white cotton and attached a few layers of netting near the hem to make the bottom poofy. Still need to put faux fur over the netting but I’m thinking I should get new material because the fur I have now has a rather short pile and doesn’t look fluffy enough. I’d bought it because I was having trouble finding anything else in white other than fun fur (the stuff I used for my T-Chan plushie) and I thought the backing on that might be too stiff. Don’t know what I’d do with the yard and a half that I already have though since nothing else I want to cosplay calls for fake fur.

And the other night, my siblings and I randomly got onto the subject of old computer games at dinner. The 7th Guest, Myst, Monkey Island, Laura Bow, lots of lesser known stuff and even text games! My favorites from those days had to be the adventure games which didn’t require much combat (if any) and mostly involved collecting items and using them to solve puzzles and advance the storyline. Never got too much into games that involved lots of combat since my coordination is terrible. Like I remember we had a PC version of Street Fighter and I never used the special moves because of my awful coordination with such things. ^_^;; And I think I usually failed miserably when trying to kill the monsters in Alone in the Dark. XD; I wonder if there are still any good adventure games released these days… I don’t play games as often now and I don’t think I’ve played any as involved as the ones from the ‘90s for a long time.

Okay, I’m done. I did say this post was going to be random, didn’t I? :-P


Dec. 12th, 2007 10:15 pm
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First, thanks to everyone who commented on the Count D pictures I posted last time. ^_^

Now, for NYAF… Hi to those of you I saw over there and congratulations to those who got awards in the masquerade or hall contest! ^_^ And sorry that I missed a few people who mentioned they were going. :-( If you haven’t already seen them, I’ve gotten the few pictures I have from the con posted:

The con started Friday afternoon and was pretty dead despite the masquerade being that night. o_o; I was surprised how empty it was and a bit worried it would be that way again the next day. I wore my red Ayame and mostly wandered around the dealer’s room until it was time for the show. Talked to friends and met several new people, including some from other parts of the country that I never thought I'd see at a NY con like Yaya Han.

The turnout for Saturday was much better and it ended up being rather crowded in the dealer’s room. Debuted my new Count D and must have had over 100 pictures taken since 1 photo usually turned into 2 or 3 or 4. Best response I’ve ever gotten to a costume at a con. O_O I’m used to not getting that many pictures taken since I tend to cosplay obscure characters or outfits a lot. Quite a few people seemed to recognize the character although some did ask what I was cosplaying from.

One cosplayer who took my picture told me she read PSOH after MangaNext because she saw me in cosplay chess and had to know what my T-Chan plushie was. Yay, I got someone new into the series with my cosplay! :-D Also had a cute encounter with a little girl in a pink Disney princess costume. She seemed to like my peacock feather fan and her mother took a picture of us. Some other silly crossovers happened, too, when I was chatting with people and got asked for pictures. Like Count D and Momiji; Count D and Der Tod (Death); and Ayame and Queen Esther. (I’d be amused if I ever come across any of those online. *laugh*)

Got judged for the hall contest at the end of the day and was happy to go home afterwards since my feet hurt a lot from the 4” heels by that point. x_x

Sunday was also kind of slow although not as much as Friday. I just wore D’s sister’s dress since I needed a break from the heavy costumes and heels. Made it to the con kind of late and missed most of Aimee’s cosplay panel, which was one of my main reasons for wanting to go back Sunday. ._.; But I bought a copy of her book, Japan Ai, afterwards and she signed it for me and even included a doodle of D. ^_^ (It’s full of cute drawings and is quite amusing at times.)

And the other highlight of Sunday was finding out I won not one but two awards for my Count D in the hall contest! I won First Place in the Craftsman division plus tied for Best of Show. ^_^

Overall, I found the con itself to be sort of boring since the dealer’s room seemed to be the big attraction. Many of my favorite series don’t have merchandise so shopping at a con is never that exciting to me. (And oddly, I couldn’t find some things I thought would be easy to get. Like no one seemed to have Fruits Basket vol. 18, not even the Tokyopop booth! o_O) There weren’t that many things I wanted to see and some of the stuff I would have liked to do was scheduled opposite each other while other times had nothing that interested me. Towards the end of Sunday, I found myself going in circles to try to kill time until the closing ceremonies.

The best part of the con was definitely seeing friends and meeting new people. I’d go again next year since it’s local but doubt it’ll ever be a favorite for me because of the Javits. Other than having a coat/bag check, it’s just not a very convenient location for cosplay when you have complicated costumes. :-/ I ended up hauling my costumes in on Friday and Saturday (because of showers in the forecast) and changing there and it was far from ideal.

And now I’m off to do some work for my father. Need to get gift baskets and such ordered for company presents!
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Well, NYAF is next weekend and the new Count D costume will be making its debut then. ^_^ It’s all finished and my new favorite of my D costumes!

But I still need to decide what else to wear for NYAF since I’m planning to go all 3 days. I kind of wanted to pull out my nyosen uniform from The Twelve Kingdoms since it’s only been to 2 cons and the last was Otakon ’06. But I tried it on earlier today and the obi is way too huge now since my waistline has gone down nearly 3” since I made the costume. ^_^; Not sure if I feel like taking in the sash or remaking it by next weekend.

And I was somewhat tempted to wear my formal Terra so I can be sparkly for the holiday season but a sleeveless dress isn’t really ideal for December. ^_^;

I suppose I should wear my newer Ayame since it should be warm enough and I still haven’t gotten in a proper photoshoot of it. Not thrilled about how I look in it but maybe, I’d like it better if I had decent pictures of it.

Or I could pull out my blue D robe or his sister’s dress if I’m feeling lazy since those don’t require much work to wear. I don’t know. *is being indecisive*

But I have my ticket bought and in hand (got it at Kinokuniya a few days ago) so no need to worry about that or waiting in line to pick up tickets. ^_^
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This week has been pretty productive so far, both in costume work and getting some things done around the house. I’ve finished the main robe for the new D and I took apart the tabard today to adjust it and redo the bias trim so it won’t have visible stitches. The clothes are probably about 70% done now and might be finished by sometime next week if I don’t run into problems.

However, I’m now having second thoughts about getting it judged at NYAF, mainly because I don’t know if I can work out the prop phoenix issues to my satisfaction by then. And I have no idea what I’d use for background music; I’d only be doing a solo walk-on (not trying for WCS) if I were in the masquerade and it would be kind of lame to not have music. Plus, masquerade applications are due by the 15th and I’m worried about filling it out with the bird issue unresolved. (i.e. I don’t want to mention the bird when I’m filling out the form and then end up not having it done in time. ._.;) While the bird isn’t an essential prop, I think the costume would be a good deal more impressive with it.

I’m kind of wondering if I should put off competing with it until Anime Boston so I’ll have a few months to work out the bird thing. I think they’re adding a walk-on portion to the hall contest next year so I wouldn’t even have to worry about picking music myself if I did that.

And since I’m crazy, I’ve had the thought that instead of trying to build the bird over the next few weeks, I could try to sew another costume so I can still compete at NYAF. >_>; I've been rewatching Kaleido Star and the fuzzy capelet and hood Sarah has with her Cinderella costume looks like it would be cozy for December. And I realized I could use one of the wigs I already have if I can put a wave in it. Yeah, I'm nuts. >_>;;
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Hmm… Just a couple of days left until MangaNext. No new costumes but I do need to decide on what I’m wearing and make sure everything is ironed. My brother and one of his friends are going, too, and he tells me they might go all 3 days because there’s stuff they’re interested in each day. If that’s the case, I suppose I’ll also go all 3 days since my father should be driving us.

I know I want to wear my newer Ayame one of the days and was thinking of wearing my brocade robe for D if I went a second day but hadn’t really expected to go a third day. A few days ago, I got an urge to pull out my nyosen uniform even though The Twelve Kingdoms doesn’t really have a manga (unless you want to count those books they made by taking anime screenshots and adding speech bubbles ^_^;) Maybe, I’ll do that…

Seems like the big news the last couple of days has been the announcement about the WCS at NY Anime Festival. I am not interested in entering because: 1) I much prefer actual craftsmanship contests, 2) I’m not great at performing, 3) I don’t have a partner, and 4) I won’t fly so it’d be really silly for me to enter a contest where the prize is basically a trip to Japan to compete in the finals. :-P

I’m still thinking of applying to do a walk-on in the masquerade without being considered for WCS though. The new Count D costume is costing a lot with all the pearls and fabrics and it would be nice to have a chance to show it off onstage rather than just going in for hall cosplay judging.

And finally, another little PSOH drabble, written for a prompt of “harmony.” My brain makes the wackiest leaps with some of these prompts and what came to mind this time were some scenes from “Sunday in the Park with George,” a Sondheim musical about George Seurat’s creation of the famous painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” In the show, “harmony” was among the words that Seurat would often mutter as he worked on his painting. The painting is really in a Chicago museum rather than California but let’s pretend the characters are seeing it somehow, okay? ^_^;

A Day at the Museum )

Edit: Wow, the random stuff you can learn from Wikipedia... Looking over that "Sunday in the Park with George" article, there was a link to a Desparate Housewives episode with the same title. Someone who works on that show must be a big Sondheim fan because most of the episode titles come from his songs. o_o Never watched that show so I had no idea.
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Hmm… Quite a few things coming up the next couple of weekends. My parents’ anniversary and my birthday are both next weekend. I assume there’s going to be the usual dinner with relatives but I don’t know if I’m doing anything else. If I did, it’d have to be the day before and I don’t have many ideas.

Maybe, I’ll just wander around the midtown fabric stores and bead shops and have lunch somewhere. Anyone want to come along and help me figure out my pearl problem? XD; It would be cool to have some people to hang out with for the day since I rarely see friends list people outside of cons. Not expecting presents at all and I generally don’t want much anyway.

MangaNext is also getting close so I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing. I’ve registered and will be there on Saturday. But I’m commuting and still not sure if I’ll go for the other days. Haven’t decided if I want to apply for cosplay chess either; it’s fun but I’m feeling a bit lazy. ^_^; I’d like to rewear my newer Ayame since it has only been to AB so far. And I figure I’ll probably wear my brocade robe for D or his sister’s dress if I go a second day since I finally have good contacts for those outfits.

Thinking a bit about what to do for NY Anime Festival, too. The new Count D should debut one of the days although I’m not sure when. The masquerade is scheduled for Friday night and it might be nice to show the costume off onstage but from browsing through the rules, it sounds like they’re only looking for skits. Might have to go into the Saturday/Sunday hall contest if I want to compete then.

Haven’t decided what else I want to wear yet but it’ll probably have to depend somewhat on what’s warm enough for early December and what I can fit underneath a winter coat (or easily change into in a bathroom). D’s sister, Terra, and Tohru are probably out on account of being sleeveless dresses. And although I love the peacock dress, I don’t want to wear it again this year since it’s been everywhere. Five cons plus photoshoots with Dave and Lionel so it needs a break. ^_^;

And I finally took some pictures with my new Count D contacts last night. :-D The yellow is the Black Wolf style by Gothika and the purple is ColorMax in Violet.

More pics and fun with Photoshop )


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