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Today was a nice day. We took my mother out for lunch for Mother’s day. I already gave her a card the other day and one of my aunts brought over Godiva chocolates for both her and my grandmother. She shared them with us after tonight’s steak dinner at home. ^_^

We did some shopping afterwards and picked up a new printer since both of our old printers died a while back and all that was left was my brother’s good photo printer with very expensive ink. We also went by Home Depot and Lowe’s to look for gardening things for my mother and some plastic drawers for my brother.

And I got a shelf that’s going to be added to one of my bookcases. I’ve been collecting for so many years and I’m such a bookworm that even with multiple bookcases I don’t have enough shelf space! I have 2 shelves of manga, 3-4 shelves of Nancy Drew, and probably enough books total to fill 4-5 bookcases. ^_^;;;; It’s mostly paperbacks though so a lot of shelves are taller than I really need them.

Now, some needlework ramblings…

After a really long time, I finally ordered some cross stitch stuff the other day. One of my needlework friends owns a cross stitch shop in Michigan and browsing around her site, I found something called a “biscornu” that seems to be trendy now. (Reminds me of how needlerolls were trendy when I was cross stitching a lot around the late 90s.) I ordered a couple, this one and this one , since they looked interesting with the 3D shape. Apparently, you can use them as pincushions or ornaments. (I tried looking up “biscornu” and it seems to be a French word meaning “bizarre.” No idea how it got applied to a needlework item!)

And I didn’t buy this since it was $60 but thought it was kind of cute. It’s a sparkly enameled box in the shape of a bee, designed to hold a needlebook. If that designer did something similar with a nice peacock theme though, I’d probably buy that since I love peacocks and cloisonne! (She uses a peacock as her logo and has done a few designs with them before.)
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This past weekend was pretty productive. I thought about getting started on a new cross stitch project but couldn’t find a large enough piece of fabric in my room for the big patterns I was considering. But I did find a bunch of small pieces I stitched years ago in a drawer so I took a couple out and did finishing work on them while watching volume 2 of Tsubasa. They’re now ready to be hung on the tree at Christmas! ^_^ I believe these were freebie Just Nan patterns that I stitched back in the late ‘90s. (Yes, I’m really lazy about getting my cross stitch framed, made into pillows, turned into ornaments, etc. ^_^;;) Should have made the smaller one a little larger but I’d already trimmed the fabric down by the time I realized.

I got started on the sewing my new Count D costume, too. I cut strips of bias in the gold fabric to use for trim on Saturday and it finally hit me how much of that stuff I’m going to need with the 3 layers plus the 2 layered collar. o_o; And how long it’s going to take me to sew all of it because I’m crazy and would probably want to tack down the back side of the bias binding by hand to avoid visible stitches on the outside. x_x;

I also got fabric for my underskirt cut Saturday night and sewed it together on Sunday. It’s just a couple of rectangles of fabric with some pleats for fullness and an elastic waistband. Other than the sash, that will probably be the only quick part of the costume sewing wise. ^_^;

I’ve been thinking a bit about what I want to do about shoes, too. Now that I’ve started sewing, I don’t know if trying to make the length adjustable will work out well. Right now, the underskirt is done so it’d be the proper length if I wore it with 3-4 inch heels. Maybe, I’ll just get heels and decorate the front like the slippers he’s supposed to have with that outfit. Since the costume’s floor length, only the toes of the shoes would ever show anyway.

And I came up with a solution for my sewing room/cutting table problem and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier! ._.; Since the room is too small (about 9’ by 14’) to fit everything, my parents were going to let me also use the room next to it, which isn’t as nice, for ironing and storage. I finally realized I should just put the cutting table in that other room and have the ironing board in the sewing room instead! It would make more sense, too, since once I’ve gotten started on sewing something I’ll need the ironing board more for pressing seams and such.
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Ugh, I had another mouse encounter the other night. I found one when I walked into the bathroom and spent the next few minutes chasing it in circles with a stick. -_-; I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with a mouse at 2AM but I figured I’d better dispose of it since I didn’t want it scaring my grandmother if she got up to use the bathroom and it was still there.

In other news, I finished a little cross stitch project, the Pansy Roll by Shepherd’s Bush. ^_^ It was a kit that I’d started years ago but I didn’t get far with before getting distracted by something else. Finally pulled it out and finished it since I wanted some stitching to work on but was too lazy to rummage around for materials for a larger project. >_>; I was a little annoyed that the kit seemed to include the wrong lace; my piece didn’t match up to the picture and I had to improvise. And I goofed on a couple of things, too, but it came out decently.

I’ve made a few similar items before. They’re known as needlerolls (basically, cylindrical pincushions) and seemed to be rather popular back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I remember others talking about stitching a bunch of them and displaying them in a basket. No idea if they’re still popular these days since I’m rather out of the loop now when it comes to cross stitch. ^_^;
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Hmm… I’ve been up to some crafty things this weekend. On Friday, I pulled out a Faberge egg needlepoint canvas that I’d started long ago. I just had the background left and started on it while watching some anime. I was filling it in with plain old tent stitch so it went relatively quickly. I finished it up tonight and I think I’ll turn it into a Christmas ornament after I find some fabric for backing. ^_^

This morning, I went by the Rag Shop to see if there was any good stuff left for cheap. It’s really disappointing that the chain is going out of business since it was one of the only places I could get sewing patterns locally and the only other big crafts places I know of in the city are in Staten Island, which is probably the toughest borough to get to without a car (not to mention the $9 bridge toll if you do have a car >_>;). The store here was probably one that had been doing well, too, since it had just moved into a new, larger space last year. -_-

Anyway, the needlework stuff was almost gone as well as the fabric. Didn’t find anything I wanted in either section. There seemed to be a lot of fuzzy yarns like Fun Fur left though. (Maybe, because they’re really only good for little things like scarves? A whole sweater in one of those would probably look weird.) I’d always thought it would be fun to play with some of that stuff but had never bought any before since it was $5 for a little ball. Picked out a bunch of different colors and got 14 skeins for $2 apiece. :-D I’ll probably crochet a scarf or two and work bits into tassels mixed with other threads. (My brother asked if I was planning to get a cat. >_>)

Went to Barnes and Noble later in the day and browsed through the stitchery magazines. I picked up an Australian embroidery magazine called Inspirations which had some interesting looking stuff like stumpwork which I haven’t experimented with before. (For some reason, that particular store seemed to have mostly imported needlework magazines and few of the American ones. O_o) Might not actually do anything from it right away but it’ll be good to stash away for when I want to do something different. I’ll probably work on a couple more little crafty projects and get my sewing room set up before getting back to costume making.

Speaking of cosplay, I’ve been meaning to write up a list of potential costumes. Maybe, I’ll work on that tomorrow after I finish up some paperwork.
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About a week ago, I finally found a little Faberge egg needlepoint canvas that I had started and misplaced. So, I’ve been working on that and finished the designs earlier today. ^_^ They’re all stitched in specialty threads although it’s a bit hard to tell after it’s on the canvas. Some of the threads are actually ribbons and little nylon tubes. Now, I need to get some perle cotton or embroidery floss to fill in the pink background.

The design is by Lee’s Needleart, which doesn’t seem to have a site although I’ve found lots of their canvases on a retailer’s page. They also have kimono designs and I’ve finished a small one in the past, using metallics, rayon thread, and beads. Don’t think I’ve ever posted that one here before. pic under the cut )

I got one of their large kimono canvases at a needlework shop a few years ago when it was on sale and have that started, too. Long way to go on that one though and I haven’t worked on it in a long time. It’s the first one shown on this page:

In other news… One thing my family has been talking about recently is some renovations around the house. I think he’s a bit nuts but my father wants to knock down a wall in the basement to make a larger room to be a combined photography studio (for my brother) and sewing room. O_o;

It’d be nice to finally have a better sewing space though. ^_^ I’ve made all my costumes so far by cutting fabric on the living room, ironing on a little board, and sewing on a basic (and sometimes temperamental) machine. ^_^;; It would be great if I could finally have a cutting table and full size ironing board. Maybe, I can get a dress form, too, since I’ll finally have room.

EDIT: Just got an e-mail about a pattern sale. Butterick patterns are going to be $5.99 each with free shipping the next two days (the 28th and 29th) at Thought I'd mention it in case it's helpful for anyone. ^_^


Dec. 26th, 2006 04:57 pm
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Christmas here was pretty quiet. My family is just not very enthusiastic about gifts. We took some pictures and opened a few presents but my mother wanted to leave the rest until New Year’s. So, some of my presents are still wrapped but I know what’s in them anyway since I was the one who actually did all the wrapping… >_>;

I got clothes and money from my family, which are the usual presents here. I’ll use some of the money for a couple of wigs and then save the rest for my next out of town con. So that I would actually have some fun stuff to open, too, I got myself a boxed set of earrings, a few volumes of manga, Final Fantasy 4 for the GBA, and the first Paradise Kiss DVD.

From friends I got the Playbill Broadway Yearbook, a Jo-Ann’s gift card, a Christmas ornament, and a gift certificate that I used for a pair of earrings. ^_^

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally post the things I made for gifts! :-D I designed a snowflake to stitch as an ornament and ended up making 4 in different colors. This one was given to [ profile] ngmaster.

more ornaments )

me, T-Chan, and the Christmas tree )
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Needlework lesson learned this weekend: Don’t cross stitch on perforated paper with four strands of floss and expect to be able to pull a needle with two lengths of silk ribbon through the holes afterwards, even if that’s what the kit directions tell you to do. -_-; I started stitching another pin, similar to the one I posted a picture of the other day. I didn’t recall ever having problems with the Mill Hill kits before so I followed the directions but found it impossible to properly do the ribbon embroidery with so many threads already running through those tiny holes. 4 strands X 4 stitches meeting at an intersection = 16 strands of floss in a 1 mm hole! It was a struggle to pull the needle with the ribbon through and I couldn’t do the French knots properly. It annoyed me since everything had been going smoothly until then and the stitching was close to finished. I have to wonder how the model stitcher managed to do it! (And why they didn’t suggest a change to the number of strands! >_>)

Also, pre-registered for MangaNext over the weekend and should be in Artist’s Alley. I think I’ll make a few new things to help fill the table but mostly, I’m looking to finally sell off the jewelry stuff I already have.

Today, I tried to get some stuff done related to the new costume idea without too much luck. I had wanted to pick up a glove pattern but the store I went to didn’t have it in stock. And it was almost closing time so I didn’t really have time to look for fabric. I did manage to get some metallic fabric paint elsewhere but not all the colors I needed. And bought the volume of manga with the illustration in it. Anyway, this is what I will try to make for MangaNext:

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I thought I’d get in some needlework before I jump into working on another costume so I rummaged through my collection of kits last night and found a beaded Mill Hill pin that I’d started long ago. I decided to finish it up and it went pretty quickly although silk ribbon embroidery isn’t really my specialty. Pin is a bit less than 2 inches wide so the picture is bigger than it actually is.

As for costumes, I’ve been feeling compelled to figure out that Chinese dress design I mentioned earlier in the week. I got out my cheongsam pattern and it looks like it might not need that much alteration to the body since the fitting seems to depend on two sets of optional darts. I found a wig style that’s almost perfect for the hair, too, so I might end up doing Count D for MangaNext instead of starting the new Ayame. (I’ll still wear my existing Ayame costume one day though since I’m planning to commute and it’s easy to change into.) Count D would probably make a suitable Halloween costume, too, considering that he runs a shop with plenty of demonic animals. Like the man-eating totetsu who’s always eager for permission to munch on people! XD;

And an idea occurred to me for MangaNext. Since registering for Artist’s Alley is only $20 above regular registration, I was wondering if I should try to get a table in an attempt to finally clear out all the jewelry I made a couple of years back. (I’d signed up to sell at a crafts show but the crowd was terrible and I ended up bringing home nearly everything and it’s been sitting around my house since. -_-;) I know I remembered seeing at least a couple of people selling jewelry in the Artist’s Alley at Otakon although it didn’t particularly relate to the convention theme. Good idea? Bad idea?


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