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So, I got the latest Japanese volume (7) of the PSOH sequel last week. I was quite amused when Count D got this outfit. XD

It’s from a video game themed chapter called “Dragon Hunter.” From the pictures, it looks like Femto brings a little kid who is frustrated with a video game to D’s shop and then they go adventuring in one of the back rooms of the pet shop. T-Chan and Femto also get costumes for this. Kind of reminds me of the RPG episodes from YGO. XD more pics )

I’m rather tempted to cosplay this sometime. :-D I’ve been avoiding actual video game costumes the last few years since I tend to lose interest quickly after I finish/stop playing a game. So, this might be an interesting chance to do something more like a video game design. I don’t know if I would bother with the props though. The suitcase would be handy for carrying stuff around while in costume but it would probably be a pain to get it to a con. Same for the huge umbrella. (Yeah, from another panel, it’s actually an umbrella and not a weapon! ^_^;;)

And it looks like the Japanese publisher is starting to make new PSOH sequel chapters available online. There was an ad insert in the volume that included the link and from there I found

From computer translations, it looks like chapter 27 is up now (vol. 7 went up to chapter 26) and that the next chapter will be released later this month. You can click the little blue boxes next to D’s picture to view the chapter. It took a while to load on my computer though and I could never get the box with the loading bar in the middle of the screen to go away.

I’ve also been thinking a bit about costume plans for AB. I had been hoping to do both Youko and Kyoya for that but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen since the cold has been killing my motivation to go out and look for fabric. :-/ And I’ve been keeping myself entertained by playing Monkey Island games instead… >_>;

I should be able to finish Youko as long as I can find a fabric I like for the main robe. The clothes will be similar to the nyosen costume I did a few years ago so it shouldn’t be too hard to make.

I’m feeling iffy about Kyoya though since I have a feeling it’s going to take a while to find a complete set of fabrics and trims I like for the final episode costume. Plus, it’s going to take more pattern work and fitting.

I’ve also been thinking about whether I want to enter the hall contest this year and right now, I’m not feeling like it. I like getting my stuff judged for craftsmanship but, after doing elaborate things like Sarah and 19th Century Count D for past contests, I kind of feel like I should save contests for my especially fancy or complicated costumes. So, Youko is just going to be for wandering the halls. I’d like to enter Kyoya somewhere after it’s done but I’m kind of doubtful it’ll be finished by AB.

I’d like to re-wear Ekaterina and Tamaki, if I can manage to get them to Boston by bus. And I’m not sure what else I’d like to bring yet.
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So, I’m finally posting the answers to the book meme I did a few weeks back since only one title got guessed. ^_^;; I don’t know if anyone really cares since I don’t think there are many mystery lovers on my friends list. But I’ve been reading some of these series way longer than any manga so I’m going to be a mystery geek and babble about cozies and period mysteries anyway. :-P I recommend checking them out if any sound interesting to you! Most of the out-of-print stuff can be found used on Amazon.

Here’s what wasn’t guessed:

1) “The Scarlet Pimpernel” by Baroness Orczy
The one non-mystery title that wasn’t guessed. Although only the first book is considered a classic, Baroness Orczy actually wrote a whole series of Scarlet Pimpernel books.

2) “The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries” by Emily Brightwell
First book in one of my favorite series. ^_^ It’s set in Victorian London and Mrs. Jeffries is housekeeper for Inspector Witherspoon, a policeman who inherited a fortune from a wealthy aunt. The inspector doesn’t realize it but his housekeeper and other servants help him solve murders by talking to people like shopkeepers, servants, and carriage drivers to gather information and gossip. Mrs. Jeffries discusses the cases with him, finding out what the police have learned and planting suggestions about things he should look into based on what the servants have found out. It’s up to book 26 and still going; I’ve been reading this series since the mid-1990s! Unfortunately, some of the older titles are OOP.

3) “The Strange Files of Fremont Jones” by Dianne Day
First book from another favorite of mine. Fremont Jones is an adventurous young woman who leaves her conventional life in Boston and moves to San Francisco in 1905. She starts a typewriting service there, which gets her involved in her first mystery. She eventually falls in love with a former Russian spy and starts a detective agency with him. Ended at 6 books but they’re still in print except for the last.

4) “Death at Bishop’s Keep" by Robin Paige
First book from a series set in late Victorian/Edwardian England. Kate Ardleigh is an American writer of penny dreadfuls who moves to England and eventually marries Sir Charles Sheridan. Sir Charles is an amateur scientist with an interest in photography, fingerprinting, and toxicology. The Prince of Wales (later King Edward) sometimes asks Sir Charles to investigate cases where nobles are involved so that the police and press can be kept away and scandal avoided. Each book also features 1 or 2 real people from that era; Beatrix Potter, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, and Lillie Langtry were among the characters used. Don’t like this series as much as the previous two but it’s still interesting. Ended a few years ago at 12 books but I haven’t read the last couple yet.

5) “The Last Camel Died at Noon” by Elizabeth Peters
A book from the Amelia Peabody series. Amelia is a Victorian woman with feminist views who becomes an archeologist. She marries Emerson, another archeologist. During their Egyptian excavations, they encounter murders, tomb robbers, the occasional wandering mummy, and in the case of this book, a lost city! XD It’s a rather amusing series since Amelia tends to jump to conclusions a lot. The books cover a few decades from the late 1800s to the 1920s but I haven’t read some of the later ones yet. I got a little annoyed that a certain character died and came back not once but twice. >_>; Still going and book 19 is scheduled to come out next spring. The writer has a Ph.D in Egyptology so there’s a lot of Ancient Egyptian trivia included.

6) “Decked” by Carol Higgins Clark
First book in the Regan Reilly series. Regan is a private investigator and the daughter of a famous mystery novelist. The series is very humorous and tends to involve rather ridiculous situations. XD 12 books so far plus some collaborative ones with her mother, Mary Higgins Clark.

7) “Starring Miss Seeton” by Hamilton Crane
A book from the Miss Seeton series by Heron Carvic, Hampton Charles, and Hamilton Crane. (The two latter writers continued the series after the original author’s death.) Another of my favorites, this is a rather humorous series with an elderly retired British art teacher as the protagonist. She is retained by Scotland Yard for her seemingly psychic drawing abilities and sometimes produces cryptic pictures with clues to crimes. She tends to cause muddles trying to explain things clearly and is very innocent, never thinking someone would want to harm her. In the first book, she actually poked a murderer with her umbrella, ready to give him a lecture on manners because she mistakenly thought he was just hitting the woman rather than killing her! Ended with 22 books. OOP

9) “Death on the Mississippi” by Peter J. Heck
First book in another of my favorite series. This one features Mark Twain and his fictional secretary, Wentworth Cabot, solving murder mysteries as the author travels for a lecture tour in the late 1800s. The titles are all plays on Twain’s works like “The Prince and the Prosecutor” and “A Connecticut Yankee in Criminal Court.” Ended at 6 books. OOP

10) “Houses of Stone” by Barbara Michaels
This is actually the same writer as Elizabeth Peters. She used this pen name for romantic suspense, usually with supernatural elements. This particular book involved an English professor and a lost gothic novel. It’s been 10 years since she published anything new under this name but the books are still available. These are mostly non-series. Some are period but most are contemporary. And some have fashion or crafting themes. ^_^ (I suggest “Shattered Silk” for those who like vintage clothes/fashion history.)

I kind of want to go back and reread a lot of this stuff now!

On a slightly related note, I just finished reading Count Cain/Godchild. I’d read a couple of volumes of Godchild quite a while back since it seemed like the kind of thing I’d like with the Victorian setting and mystery theme but didn’t get around to reading the rest until recently. Wow, what a messed up family. O_O; I liked the Godchild volumes better than the earlier series; the artwork didn’t seem as nice and the plot a bit muddled in the earlier stories. I still like the mystery novel series mentioned above best for Victorian stuff though. (As a side note, Kuroshitsuji seems even more derivative now that I’ve finished reading this series. >_>; That one jumped too wildly between humor and dark stuff for my taste although the outfits were much more interesting.)

Not sure yet if I like it enough to cosplay from it. The recurring characters are mostly guys and their outfits aren’t that distinctive. Unless I want to do something silly again like Cain when he was forced to crossdress as a fortuneteller. XD I wouldn’t suit Mary Weather at all since she’s only 10 and I’m not nearly cute and petite enough for something like that. Design-wise, what I found most interesting was the half-Japanese half-British girl from volume 2 of Godchild who wore a long ruffly Western dress with a kimono layered over it. I don’t know though.
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Hmm… It’s been about 2 weeks since I last updated because I’ve been lazy. >_>; So, this is going to be a huge collection of random stuff… Update for the Anime Boston PSOH group next time.

To [profile] selphie84 and [ profile] ngmaster: Thanks for the call yesterday. It was a nice little unexpected surprise. :-D Sorry I didn’t actually make it into the city to meet up with you guys.

Next, it seems I need to note a correction to something I posted after NYAF. Shortly before Christmas, I wrote to Peter Tatara for clarification about the awards and got a reply a couple of weeks ago. The only award he has me listed for is 1st Place Craftsman and he says there wasn’t a Best of Show for the hall contest, only Best Craftsmanship. I’m not really upset about it or anything but it makes me wonder a bit if I’m losing my mind since I could have sworn they announced a Best of Show tie between me and one of the novice winners at the end, after I went up to the stage. ._.;

On to a more serious matter, I’m kind of questioning how well Chase handles their statements. The other week, they sent a letter saying that they mistakenly listed $0 balances for some accounts on statements they sent out in December (of course, I caught it when the statement first arrived). This is the second time they’ve messed up on one of my parents’ statements within the past half year. -_- And their statements already annoy me because they don’t seem that user friendly. I don’t claim to be a financial genius but I did take finance as one of my majors at NYU and graduated with honors; yet, their statements still don’t make complete sense to me at times! >_<

Since it’s the beginning of the year, my family’s mailbox is being crammed with tax return documents and it’s my job to keep track of them all; it adds up to a lot of mail with 6 of us here. I found it pretty silly that my bank sent me a separate mail for the $1.02 of interest that I had from my checking account instead of just tacking it onto the one from my savings account!

I recently finished watching Le Chevalier D’Eon. cut for spoilers )

And I got the 5th volume of the Petshop of Horrors sequel the other week. Not completely sure what’s going on at times since I don’t know any Japanese but a couple of parts were pretty darn weird. O_o; cut for spoilers )

I’m finally getting back to working on cosplay stuff now and have been sewing the underskirt for Sarah’s Cinderella costume. I made it with some leftover white cotton and attached a few layers of netting near the hem to make the bottom poofy. Still need to put faux fur over the netting but I’m thinking I should get new material because the fur I have now has a rather short pile and doesn’t look fluffy enough. I’d bought it because I was having trouble finding anything else in white other than fun fur (the stuff I used for my T-Chan plushie) and I thought the backing on that might be too stiff. Don’t know what I’d do with the yard and a half that I already have though since nothing else I want to cosplay calls for fake fur.

And the other night, my siblings and I randomly got onto the subject of old computer games at dinner. The 7th Guest, Myst, Monkey Island, Laura Bow, lots of lesser known stuff and even text games! My favorites from those days had to be the adventure games which didn’t require much combat (if any) and mostly involved collecting items and using them to solve puzzles and advance the storyline. Never got too much into games that involved lots of combat since my coordination is terrible. Like I remember we had a PC version of Street Fighter and I never used the special moves because of my awful coordination with such things. ^_^;; And I think I usually failed miserably when trying to kill the monsters in Alone in the Dark. XD; I wonder if there are still any good adventure games released these days… I don’t play games as often now and I don’t think I’ve played any as involved as the ones from the ‘90s for a long time.

Okay, I’m done. I did say this post was going to be random, didn’t I? :-P
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Okay, I thought I’d post a few comments on the manga I’ve read over the past month or so...

Dramacon – I’d been meaning to look into this one for a long time, ever since I read a little preview in Tokyopop’s magazine thingy last year. Finally got around to buying volume 1 at AnimeNext and liked it. The art’s hilarious XD and I’ll have to read volume 2 sometime.

Moon Phase – Last year at Otakon, I didn’t know any of the series used in the dozen or so badge designs and ended up picking the one for this series since it looked cute. Meant to look into it and finally got around to getting the first volume of the manga at AnimeNext. Involves a vampire catgirl and a paranormal photographer. Ended up not liking it much and uninterested in reading more.

Trinity Blood – I’d previously read the first volume and recently borrowed my sister’s copies of 2 and 3. I’ve never been into action much and I can’t seem to really get into this series. I love looking at the elaborate cosplays from it but the series itself just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. ^_^;;; Might read some more if my sister keeps buying it but it’s not going to be something I’d consider cosplaying because I don’t like the series enough.

Kamen Tantei – Another series by Matsuri Akino (the author of Petshop of Horrors) that I’ve been reading for a while. This one’s a mystery series and I picked up the third volume at AnimeNext; only one more volume to go for this series and it comes out in a couple of months. It’s about a pair of high school students/mystery writers, Haruka and Masato, and their adventures with their fictional detective Taro Suzuki, who always wears a mask or sunglasses or otherwise obscures his face. It’s episodic and doesn’t completely make sense with their creation popping in and out of the story and interacting with them but it’s amusing. XD; There are times when they type something into the computer and their detective suddenly has extra powers so I suppose it mostly goes on in their heads.

Genju no Seiza – A fantasy series, also by Matsuri Akino. The main character is a student named Fuuto, who is less than thrilled when a bird-headed man named Garuda shows up and tells him that he’s the reincarnated spiritual leader/king of a tiny Central Asian country called Dhalashar and that Garuda is one of his guardian beasts. Naga, another guardian beast who’s at odds with Garuda, has had a fake king appointed and starts sending assassins after Fuuto. Fuuto begins to develop a bunch of powers like being able to foretell deaths, see ghosts, and teleport but he has little control over them. XD; He also meets Professor Ichijo and Mayu, who seem to have encyclopedic knowledge and live in a castle full of artifacts. Mayu intrigues me a bit because she’s somehow able to see Garuda’s true form (which normal people aren’t supposed to be able to do); I suspect she'll end up being the reincarnation of someone Fuuto met in one of his past lives. She’s kind of amusing, too, since she looks doll-like in her ruffly outfits but tends to be rather serious and unemotional. Looking forward to volume 4 which is supposed to come out in about a week since they go to visit Count D’s new shop in Tokyo. XD;

Still have some comments about the Petshop of Horrors sequel but I’ll save that for another post. And I haven’t even watched any of the DVDs I bought at AnimeNext yet. I seem to be much better about reading stuff than watching it. ^_^;
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Okay, unless I come up with a better idea within the next few days, I’ll most likely be making the dress for Count D’s sister as my new costume for AnimeNext. I’d still like to make a big poofy dress sometime but I’m not confident I’d finish it in a month (stuff always seems to take me longer than I think it should!) so I might try to do Lili’s ballgown for later this year. And I’ve dropped the idea of Arabian Nights Sora since I didn’t really like the costume that much.

Anyway, I’ll try to get started on pattern work this weekend and will probably make a mock up this time so I can make sure it fits correctly. I can go shopping for fabric and supplies sometime next week. Hmm… And I guess I should order another wig if I want to have accurate hair without having to restyle my wig at the con since I also want to cosplay D that weekend. (D’s sister has hair which is a mirror image of his; the hair hanging down over her face covers her left eye rather than the right eye.) Would also help to have two wigs if I find someone to cosplay D with me.

I’m also thinking I should try to sell some of my older stuff sometime. I’m too attached to most of my costumes to consider selling them but I have a couple of cloaks hanging in my closet from my pre-cosplay days which I never get to wear and don’t really want anymore. My Renrin wig has been replaced so I don’t need the old one anymore. And I wouldn’t mind parting with my Namine dress since it wasn’t that great anyway; I originally thought I could just shift it into my regular summer wardrobe after I retired it but it’s kind of baggy now because I’ve lost weight since making it. I should get pictures and post the stuff but it might be a while until I have time.

And on a non-cosplay note, I finally read vol. 16 of Fruits Basket this week. The story really seems to drag these days, especially since Tokyopop has only been putting out a volume every 4 months. -_-; I find I’m forgetting stuff, too; like I'd almost completely forgotten about Mayu and Hatori until there was a little mention of it near the end of the volume because it hadn’t really been brought up for several volumes. I never really cared for the student council people either so my enthusiasm for the series has gone down a lot. -_-
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Argh, I guess I might have been wrong about getting over my cold. My cough kept me from sleeping well last night plus my head hurt and my eyes were sore from not being able to sleep. >_< This is getting really annoying because it hasn’t even been that much of a cold, mostly just some sniffles and a cough that seems worst at night. The lingering cough and not falling asleep until 3 or 4AM each night, as a result of the cough, is making me nuts. Grr…

Finally got around to finishing the first volume of Genju no Seiza, which [ profile] shinei recommended. It’s by Matsuri Akino, who also created Petshop of Horrors.

Cut for possible spoilers )
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First, thanks to [ profile] neoangelwink for the holiday card! :-)

And happy winter solstice! Going by Chinese tradition, my mother made tangyuan (little balls of dough made from glutinous rice flour) for the occasion.

Uploaded another icon, this time of my Ayame cosplay. I’ve had it as an avatar elsewhere before but never got around to uploading a version here. I look like a depressed Ayame XD; but I liked how my wig came out in that picture and the reflections in the water. (I was leaning over one of the water lily pools at the botanic garden.)

And speaking of depressing… cut for Fruits Basket volume 15 spoilers )

I noticed yesterday that Cosworx is having a holiday sale on wigs in their cosplay recommended section. ^_^ I was thinking of replacing my Renrin wig so this might be a good time for it. She’s supposed to have knee-length yellow blonde hair and I spent a long time looking for a suitable wig when I first did the costume over a year and a half ago. Never was completely satisfied with any of the colors available in the Godiva or Amphigory’s Enchantment; the really long styles don’t seem to come in nearly as many colors. They all looked too pale or not yellowish enough and party color yellow was much too bright. Eventually I bought the Enchantment in Bubbly and tried to dye it more yellow. It sort of worked but, looking back at some of the pictures from when I wore it at Otakon this year, I don’t completely like the color and the wig was kind of thin in the first place.

I’m thinking of getting a Linda XXL in Butterscotch Blonde as the replacement and straightening it a bit since none of the Godiva colors seem as good a match. It’ll be shorter than accurate but should be less of a problem to care for. ^_^;

Maybe, I can find a good wig for my Sora costume, too. Her hair’s an odd shade and is going to take some dyeing for a good match. I’m thinking a purple wig with a reddish shade of dye would work. I’ve seen reports on the forums of some Cosworx wigs being hard to dye though so I did a test on a swatch I saved when I cut bangs into a New Look wig. I tried a black Sharpie and a green Prismacolor since those were the markers I had on hand. After leaving them overnight, I found the Prismacolor had a tendency to wash out but the Sharpie seemed to take; even rinsing with very warm water and soap, there didn’t seem to be a noticeable amount of black ink coming off. So, I assume I should be able to get this to work with Sharpies…

And I’m wondering if I should get a replacement for the blonde wig with bangs that I’ve used for my Lili and Namine costumes. That particular wig annoys me since it seems to be on the small side and doesn’t cover the sides of my head very well. Not sure if it’s worth it to replace right now though since I rarely wear Lili (because no one knows who the heck it is and I have a lot of more recent costumes ^_^;;) and I don’t know if I’ll wear Namine much since it’s not a great costume (made it based on Chain of Memories and it looks rather off now that there are KH2 pics). I have another Lili outfit planned at some point but it hasn’t been a priority since I’ve made the huge petticoat already and figured out the thing probably isn’t going to get further than AnimeNext due to space. ^_^;


Dec. 18th, 2006 12:12 am
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Ooh, more holiday mail. Thank you to [ profile] tristencitrine for the Silver Jewelry Club gift certificate! ^_^ I think I’ll use it for a pair of earrings.

Let’s see… I spent a bit of time this weekend looking through old papers for stuff that my father needs for an appointment this week. I’ve also been working on a new project. Normally, I like babbling about whatever I’m making at the moment but this is being kept secret for now since it’s going to be part of a present for someone on LJ and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. So, no specific comments or pictures until Christmas!

My family went out shopping yesterday evening and today. My parents got a new refrigerator to replace the ancient one that was working on and off. (Apparently, it started back up after dying last weekend but then conked out again after several days.)

I got a couple of little things which will be used as gifts for friends but didn’t have much holiday shopping to do. I told my parents I would take the family out for dim sum/lunch next weekend instead of getting presents (they’re impossible to shop for) and they seemed pleased with the idea. I do like finding or making little gifts for people at the holidays but it tends to never work very well when it comes to my family. ^_^;;;

Got the latest volume of Fruits Basket and decided to pick up a few other mangas also since Borders was doing a buy 4 books, get the 5th free offer. Not that much of a sale but better than full price. I also got volumes 3 and 4 of Paradise Kiss (have been meaning to read the rest of it for quite a while), volume 5 of Petshop of Horrors (didn’t have that one yet; still need the first 3 for a complete set), and the first volume of Genju no Seiza (recommended by [ profile] shinei). I’ve started reading Fruits Basket but will probably save the rest to wrap and put under the tree. (Yeah, that tends to be how it is around here… Buy your own presents, wrap them, and stick them under the tree. >_>;)

Also, over my last few visits to the bookstore, I’ve read the first 3 volumes of Tsubasa, which a few on the friends list have suggested. The story is okay so far and it should be interesting to see what different worlds the characters will visit. I’d continue reading it for the storyline but I don’t like the art enough to really consider collecting it. ^_^;

My other purchase this weekend was a boxed set of stud earrings, including a pair with round red stones. Something I had noticed in the Petshop of Horrors artbook is that when you can see Count D’s earrings, they’re usually colored red. So, I thought I’d try to find a similar pair to wear with my costumes even though my wig usually hides my ears. I’ve been wearing an onyx pair that I’ve had for years and I think they’ve only been visible in one picture where the wind blew the hair out of the way. ^_^; Anyway, I’ll save the earrings for Christmas, too.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:32 pm
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Got an e-mail notice about a sale on Vogue patterns earlier today. Their website ( has all patterns for $6.99 each with free shipping today and tomorrow. Thought I’d mention it in case anyone needed patterns. ^_^ Guess this would be a good time to get that glove pattern so I’ll have it if I ever need to make another one.

Halloween was amusing. I wandered around town as Count D and visited several bookstores. Of course, I didn’t expect to be recognized but a few people did compliment me on the outfit. Funny thing that happened… A woman who was standing next to me while waiting to cross the street turned her head my way and jumped a bit, going “Oh, my god! That’s so scary!” *laugh* I guess I startled her. Must have been the fuschia makeup all around my eyes; my father has told me it makes me look like a vampire. Well, either that or my face is just scary in the first place. :-P

I stopped by Kinokuniya to ask if they would be getting the Petshop of Horrors artbook that came out in Japan several weeks ago. Turns out their Palisades store had it so they’re having a copy sent over and I should get a call when it arrives. (Watch me buy the thing and then end up with another bunch of outfits added to the potential cosplays list. ^_^;; I already like D’s outfit with the butterflies from the cover.)

I also went to Book-Off and peeked through a few Japanese Fruits Basket volumes I found there. If I found translated text online, I’d seriously consider going back and buying them since they were only $3 and Tokyopop is taking so long with their new volumes. I'm amused that it seems like there's another visit to Ayame's shop in a few volumes and he's wearing something weird again. *laugh*

Wandered into a few Barnes and Noble stores too, looking for the quilting magazine a friend of mine edits. It’s pretty new and seems rather elusive; I had to go to the huge 4-story B&N in Union Square to get it.

I also spent some time in the manga section and read some xxxHolic. Hmm… I thought I’d check it out since I tend to like stuff with touches of the supernatural in regular novels but after two volumes, it doesn’t particularly grab me. Yuuko and her wish granting shop make me think a bit of Count D and his shop but the character doesn’t appeal to me that much.

And I ended up having an impromptu photoshoot with my brother in Union Square park. He had class in the city that day and called me afterward, asking if I wanted to take pictures. Not the most interesting shoot since the only prop I had was Q-Chan but I think there should be some decent full length shots.

Finished the day by going over to my family’s store with several bags of candy I bought to give out to the workers. Yikes, it was kind of scary what happened when my sister poured the candy in a bowl (well, actually a plastic dome XD) and told everyone to come over for treats. o_o; Originally, I was just going around and handing out a couple of pieces to everyone and that worked fine but after my sister had the stuff, everyone rushed for the candy! We even had a few kids come into the store to trick-or-treat which was unexpected; I didn’t really think there’d be any in the neighborhood.

I’ve been lazy about sewing this week so I need to catch up this weekend if I’m going to have my dress done for the relative’s wedding next weekend. Finally set in the sleeves today and everything seems to fit well so far. Still need to add the mandarin collar, fix up some things on the lining, and add trim and closures.
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Hmm… I’ve been helping with writing checks for the family’s bills lately (father still has to sign them though) and I’ve come to the conclusion that both of my father’s checkbooks are messed up. One bank’s statements seem to say he has less in the account than the register says he should have. And the other bank seems to say he has more than what his records say. o_O; (No, it doesn’t seem to be just a case of recent checks not being cashed yet.) Ugh, I hope we don’t end up with bounced checks. -_-; *keeps her own checkbook in much better order*

I got some new manga over the weekend, including a couple of volumes of The Kindaichi Case Files. I had a lot of the older volumes but it’s been a while since I’ve read one. The latest one, House of Wax, has Kindaichi and his friend Miyuki visiting a transplanted German castle for a mystery weekend. As usual when they go on a trip, they end up stranded with a serial killer! You would think that after like a dozen times, they would be wary of going anywhere like this… XD; The plots usually have some clever twists but I wish the setups weren’t always so formulaic. Basically, they always go somewhere, meet about 8-10 other people, are cut off from the rest of the world for a few days, and end up with a few dead bodies before it’s over. It would be nice if they did something different once in a while; it’d make things more interesting.

As I was reading, I found myself wondering about the scenario. A party with a staged mystery or mystery investigation planned seems like a somewhat common setting for mystery stories. I recall Agatha Christie having a novel with a similar theme… *goes to look it up* “Dead Man’s Folly.” I wonder if she was the first to use that theme or if there was someone earlier. It’s also been done in Carolyn Hart’s Death on Demand series and a Nancy Drew computer game. I have the feeling that I’ve read more with that theme but can’t think of the books off the top of my head.


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