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The other day, TheBigTog sent me Ekaterina pics from the photoshoot that he did for me at Castle Point Anime Con. These were taken around the campus at the Stevens Institute and this one was my favorite from the set. ^_^ I like the effect of the veil blowing in the wind; it got windy around the middle of the shoot and I was actually holding onto the veil to keep it from blowing around too wildly. I also like the lighting and how my face shows through the chiffon. (He actually had a light stand although we were shooting outdoors.) Happy to finally have some photos of this that aren’t in a con center since it’s from a historical series. ^_^

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NYAF pics

Oct. 3rd, 2009 12:32 am
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Yay, I have pics to post! Ekaterina first since it was my new costume for NYAF. While it looks pretty plain, it was started in January (was originally meant for the historical masquerade at Costume Con) and is actually one of my most time consuming costumes ever. I would say it took 120-140 hours, including the mockups and remakes. The only costume that I’ve ever spent more time on was my formal Terra which had like 200 hours of beading. o_O;

I made almost everything from scratch, including the chemise, corset, and panniers worn underneath plus my hat. The only things not made from scratch were the mask, wig, and boots. It was definitely a learning experience since I’d never built a corset, hoops, or hat before. I researched clothes of the period a bit and tried to incorporate the research where I could while still retaining the anime design, which isn’t that historically accurate. Some pieces, like the jacket and corset got mockups and others like the panniers and black petticoat were remade because I wasn’t satisfied with the originals. And I did stuff like handstitching all the eyelets in my corset since I found in my research that metal grommets weren’t used yet in the 1700s. And I handstitched the buttonholes in my coat for a more historical look instead of just using the automatic buttonhole foot on my machine.

Although it’s pretty plain, I really wanted to make this since I loved Ekaterina’s role in the Le Chevalier D’eon anime. I dislike wimpy female characters so I really like that she went to warn the French knights about the assassination plot against the Russian empress that her husband was involved in despite the jerk slapping her around. (That was what was referenced in my walk-on intro. This outfit was her disguise for that scene.) Plus, she got her revenge on him in the end. >_>;

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And now for something less ominous, here’s a guy in a poofy pink and red ballgown. :-P

It’s kind of funny that I made a tulle petticoat to keep the hoops from showing but you can see them here anyway because the light was so bright. >_>;

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[ profile] neoangelwink, your Mikuru photos are up too:

Those coming for dim sum, I’ll see you tomorrow! Bring an umbrella since it looks like the weather’s going to be bad. o_o;
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Hmm… It’s been about 2 weeks since I last updated because I’ve been lazy. >_>; So, this is going to be a huge collection of random stuff… Update for the Anime Boston PSOH group next time.

To [profile] selphie84 and [ profile] ngmaster: Thanks for the call yesterday. It was a nice little unexpected surprise. :-D Sorry I didn’t actually make it into the city to meet up with you guys.

Next, it seems I need to note a correction to something I posted after NYAF. Shortly before Christmas, I wrote to Peter Tatara for clarification about the awards and got a reply a couple of weeks ago. The only award he has me listed for is 1st Place Craftsman and he says there wasn’t a Best of Show for the hall contest, only Best Craftsmanship. I’m not really upset about it or anything but it makes me wonder a bit if I’m losing my mind since I could have sworn they announced a Best of Show tie between me and one of the novice winners at the end, after I went up to the stage. ._.;

On to a more serious matter, I’m kind of questioning how well Chase handles their statements. The other week, they sent a letter saying that they mistakenly listed $0 balances for some accounts on statements they sent out in December (of course, I caught it when the statement first arrived). This is the second time they’ve messed up on one of my parents’ statements within the past half year. -_- And their statements already annoy me because they don’t seem that user friendly. I don’t claim to be a financial genius but I did take finance as one of my majors at NYU and graduated with honors; yet, their statements still don’t make complete sense to me at times! >_<

Since it’s the beginning of the year, my family’s mailbox is being crammed with tax return documents and it’s my job to keep track of them all; it adds up to a lot of mail with 6 of us here. I found it pretty silly that my bank sent me a separate mail for the $1.02 of interest that I had from my checking account instead of just tacking it onto the one from my savings account!

I recently finished watching Le Chevalier D’Eon. cut for spoilers )

And I got the 5th volume of the Petshop of Horrors sequel the other week. Not completely sure what’s going on at times since I don’t know any Japanese but a couple of parts were pretty darn weird. O_o; cut for spoilers )

I’m finally getting back to working on cosplay stuff now and have been sewing the underskirt for Sarah’s Cinderella costume. I made it with some leftover white cotton and attached a few layers of netting near the hem to make the bottom poofy. Still need to put faux fur over the netting but I’m thinking I should get new material because the fur I have now has a rather short pile and doesn’t look fluffy enough. I’d bought it because I was having trouble finding anything else in white other than fun fur (the stuff I used for my T-Chan plushie) and I thought the backing on that might be too stiff. Don’t know what I’d do with the yard and a half that I already have though since nothing else I want to cosplay calls for fake fur.

And the other night, my siblings and I randomly got onto the subject of old computer games at dinner. The 7th Guest, Myst, Monkey Island, Laura Bow, lots of lesser known stuff and even text games! My favorites from those days had to be the adventure games which didn’t require much combat (if any) and mostly involved collecting items and using them to solve puzzles and advance the storyline. Never got too much into games that involved lots of combat since my coordination is terrible. Like I remember we had a PC version of Street Fighter and I never used the special moves because of my awful coordination with such things. ^_^;; And I think I usually failed miserably when trying to kill the monsters in Alone in the Dark. XD; I wonder if there are still any good adventure games released these days… I don’t play games as often now and I don’t think I’ve played any as involved as the ones from the ‘90s for a long time.

Okay, I’m done. I did say this post was going to be random, didn’t I? :-P


Aug. 14th, 2007 12:18 am
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Let’s see… Other than that unexpected tornado, the past week hasn’t been terribly exciting but it has been productive. Much of my paperwork backlog has been taken care of but there are still some things to reorganize. I’ve got another little needlework project in progress now and I’ve been spending the last few days helping my mother paint the basement, including the room my parents are letting me have for a sewing room. ^_^

The main part of the painting in there is done already; only the door and some touchups are left. The wall color is a medium purple and the ceiling, window, door, and trim are white. Mostly, I’ve been painting things like windows and edges with a little handheld brush because I’ve discovered I’m not very good at getting paint even with those large rollers. ^_^;

I’ve also finally managed to get around to watching a couple of the DVDs I bought at AnimeNext. First was volume 3 of Le Chevalier D’Eon. It’s kind of weird and more gory than I’d normally like but the artwork is gorgeous *_* and it has the type of mysterious puzzle-like plot that I love. But considering that I don’t care for politics at all, it’s kind of funny how I end up liking series like this and The Twelve Kingdoms which have lots of political intrigue. o_o;

I’m getting interested in possibly doing a cosplay from it (always wanted to do a period gown type costume) but want to see the rest of the series first. Unless it’s something super long, I like to watch/read an entire series before deciding if I’ll cosplay from it. I sew slowly and only manage about 4 costumes a year so I’d rather see all the outfits before deciding what to make! ^_^; So, I won’t come to a more definite conclusion until around the end of the year.

Also watched the first volume of Tsubasa. I’ve read the first 5 volumes of the manga, too, and I don’t think there have been any big differences between the two so far. (It's been a while since I read the first volume.) It’s interesting enough that I’ll keep watching/reading but for now, I’m not into it enough that I’d consider cosplaying from it.

I suppose it would be more fun to watch if I knew more about Clamp stuff since there are lots of cameos from their other works. I have to admit I don’t even know much about CCS. I just vaguely remember seeing a few episodes of the dub when it was on TV, before I was particularly interested in anime. ^_^;;

Still have volume 3 of Paradise Kiss to watch. Maybe, sometime this week...


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