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Here’s the Gankutsuou photoshoot that my brother and I did while we were on vacation. ^_^ So glad it occurred to me to pack my Eugenie costume since this place was right next to where we were staying. Not as huge as the mansions you see in the series but it was still pretty cool for photos.

I think the higher resolution versions are much nicer though. I’m still working on getting them uploaded to my ACP page at the moment so check in a bit if you’d like to see them:

I like the reflections in this. This part is actually a modern addition from when the castle was renovated into an inn. The inside is a ballroom for weddings and such.

more photos )

Ayame and Count D pics next time.
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My brother finished the cosplay photos we took on vacation. I’ve been especially looking forward to the Gankutsuou pics since we shot those outside a late 1800s mansion. ^_^ This one by the front door was one of my favorites. More to come after I get them resized and uploaded.

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Next set of photos includes stuff from Anime Boston and I finally have decent pics of my red Ayame! ^_^ (It’s the outfit from when he barges into Yuki’s parent teacher conference in the manga.)

I actually made that costume for AB 2007 but never got a proper photoshoot of it back then and haven’t worn it much because I ended up not liking how it looked on me. -_- Since I got picked as one of the kings for cosplay chess this year with the costume, I figured it would be a good time to get better pictures and wore it for like an hour on Friday morning.

more of the flamboyant tailor )

And we took some Eugenie pics on Thursday evening. This one was taken under an exit sign and amuses me since it makes it look like I have pink hair. :-D (I still haven’t cosplayed a character with unnaturally colored hair after all these years!) The thing on my left is actually the piano in the Sheraton. I really wanted to get pics with it since Eugenie plays the piano in that dress. But it didn’t work out since the lighting there was bad and my brother didn’t pack a flash. :-/

two more Gankutsuou pics )
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I got a couple of DVDs from Amazon yesterday, vol. 4 of Kaleido Star: New Wings and vol. 5 of Gankutsuou. An optimistic girl pursuing her dream of being a circus star and a bitter man bent on revenge… What a weird combination. LOL

There were 5 episodes on the Kaleido Star disc this time, which was nice. Sora seems to be bouncing back and we’re getting some hints about Leon’s past now. He certainly seems to have some obsessive issues, regarding a girl named Sophie. o_o;

Gankutsuou was kind of depressing, particularly the second episode on the disc. ;_; Not sure if it was just me but I found myself wondering what some of the characters were doing while certain events were going on because we don’t see them/their reactions.

I’ve been meaning to talk a bit about books since it’s been a while but I’ve been so busy with costume stuff lately. I finished rereading Dianne Day’s Fremont Jones series the other day. It’s 6 books long and mostly set in California during the early 1900s. The main character is Fremont, an independent-spirited girl from a wealthy Boston family who leaves home after her widowed father gets remarried to a woman she despises. She moves to San Francisco with the intention of making her own living by starting a typewriting business and soon finds herself involved in a mystery when one of her clients is murdered. The series follows the adventures she gets involved in through her typing business and later, the detective agency she starts with her lover Michael Archer.

It’s too bad the series didn’t go longer since I liked the characters; Fremont is probably one of my favorite mystery heroines ever. Like a lot of mystery series I liked that ended, I had assumed there would be more but a next book just never came. The author has only published one book since the series ended, a Civil War era mystery based on the life of Clara Barton, and I just wasn’t interested enough to finish reading it when I tried a few years back. :-/

Next, I’ll probably read “Death at Glamis Castle” by Robin Paige. Kate Ardleigh, the protagonist in this series, reminds me of Fremont since she was also an unconventional woman who wanted to earn her own living. In her case, it was by writing gothic fiction and the series is set in a slightly earlier time period than Dianne Day’s books, about a decade before. It’s a decent series but I don’t love it nearly as much as the Fremont Jones series.

And in costume news, 5 flowers left to go! I’m finally getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel! XD
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*glances at title* Hmm… I’ll have at least 2 out of 4 of those on my Terra costume. My shoes have lace trim and my necklace pendant is really a big gold button with a plastic gem stuck to it. XD I doubt I’ll find someplace to fit in buckles or ruffles though! I was thinking a bit earlier about possible things to include in the outfit and it occurred to me that I should dig out the large amount of jewelry I made a couple of years ago for a crafts show but didn’t manage to sell. I know I did at least a couple of lariat necklaces with beaded tassels. If there’s one long enough and in good colors to go with the dress, I imagine I could wrap it around my waist to go with whatever scarves I have.

The second panel for my Terra dress is progressing well. I’ll probably be able to finish the flowers on that one later today or tomorrow. And then start on the next panel sometime over the weekend.

To help pass the time while working on the sequins, I’ve been watching some DVDs and decided to watch the third arc (my favorite) of The Twelve Kingdoms again. I had watched my new Gankutsuou DVDs a few days ago and during the episode regarding Haidee’s past, I was reminded somewhat of Princess Shoukei’s backstory from The Twelve Kingdoms. Although in Shoukei’s case, it was really her parents who brought disaster upon themselves by having hundreds of thousands of their people executed for petty crimes.

And after watching a few of those episodes again, I’ve decided for certain that one of the cosplayers I took a picture of at AnimeNext was cosplaying Shoukei. Now, I feel kind of dumb for not recognizing it at the time because she hadn’t done the blue hair (although I can’t blame her since Shoukei’s hairstyle with her princess outfit is nuts!) and the fact that Twelve Kingdoms cosplay is so rare that I wasn’t really expecting to see any other costumes from it. And embarrassingly, I was wearing my nyosen uniform when I took the picture; my reflection was in the glass door behind her. ^_^;; Good to know that a few more people are cosplaying Twelve Kingdoms these days though.


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