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Another little picture update. (I guess this is what happens when you cosplay for 3 weekends in a row. ^_^;) [ profile] thedreamerworld posted a lovely preview shot from the Count D kimono shoot that we did with the cherry blossoms on Sunday. For those who haven’t seen it yet:

Unfortunately, the flowers in that photo will probably be gone by the time next weekend comes so I don’t want to bother with a real cosplay for Sakura Matsuri; my brother and I are probably only going on Saturday and taking the subway which doesn’t work well for the kimono style costumes I like to use for the festival.

Instead, I’m planning to make a Japanese print dress to wear. I went out on Tuesday to check the selection at The City Quilter. There were some pretty fabrics but I wasn’t completely satisfied with anything for a dress. :-/ The stuff in stock ran mostly towards dark colors while I wanted something bright and pink or red. Then, some prints were too pastel or subtle; I also wanted it to look distinctly Japanese and not just like a normal floral print at first glance. These two seemed to be the best out of what was there. I didn’t completely love either of them for this project but I bought them anyway, thinking that’s all I would have to choose from.

Then, I came home and did some looking around on eBay. Found a pink print I bought a tiny piece of last year. I’d actually wanted that one when I made a dress last summer but the quilt shop no longer had it the next time I was there. So, I checked with the seller to see if they had enough for a dress and how long it would take to ship. There should be 3 yards of it on its way from the west coast and hopefully, it’ll get here tomorrow. It’s probably a bit crazy to be ordering fabric online this late. >_>; But I want to be cute and pink! Since I don’t fit cute characters very well and usually don’t get the chance to wear that kind of thing when I cosplay.

While I’m waiting, I’m working on cutting and sewing the lining. I’m reusing the pattern from this dress I made last year since I was able to get the fit about perfect and won’t have to fuss with alterations. And I want to figure out something cute to do with my hair. I might take a stab at trying to make a simple kanzashi.
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I stayed inside most of the weekend due to the snow. Finished my commission for [ profile] blackmarth. She asked me to make a sakura pouch like the one I made during the summer but with a red, black, and white color scheme. I think it came out pretty well. I used this ginkgo print for the petals and this black fabric for the leaves. I couldn’t find much in Japanese prints with white as the main color so I ended up cutting the white lining out from the cranes in this print.

The pouch in the back.

While working on this, I realized I got the earlier one wrong; it wasn’t supposed to be a flat flower but cupped like an upside down umbrella. ^_^; This one is done correctly and looks much better. (The pattern is from Kumiko Sudo’s book “Omiyage.”)

I’ve made a few other crafty little things as gifts lately but I’m waiting until after the recipients get them to post pics so I don’t ruin any surprises. Still want to make one more thing, too. I feel like I’m running behind with the holiday stuff this year. ^_^; Will try to be better about commenting and replying to comments after I’m caught up on the holiday stuff.
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I’ve been looking around fabric company sites a bit the last few days and was amused by a couple of prints that I stumbled across. Anime and comics on fabric! :-D

Anime fabric:

Home sewing is easy comic fabric:

Let’s see… Most of my cards have gone in the mail but I’m still working on presents. I also have a small commission (crafts, not cosplay) to do for [ profile] blackmarth. Need to work on those tonight.

Went shopping in the city yesterday. I went by The City Quilter to get fabric for the commission, not realizing they’re supposed to be closed on Mondays. ._.; There was a class going on though and they were nice and let me in. Picked out fabrics for the project and would have spent longer browsing if they weren’t supposed to be closed. But I do have a bit of this pretty butterfly fabric to add to my stash for little projects.

Wandered around Macy’s a bit without buying anything and then went to a few bead and trim places, looking for supplies to finish up holiday presents and make the jewelry for the red Daphne costume. I was hoping to get in some fabric shopping for Youko and Kyoya, too, but ran out of time.
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Well, there hasn’t been much exciting for me to talk about the last few days. I’ve just been doing more work around the house and getting eaten by mosquitoes. But...

One of my needlework friends is getting his own fabric line! :-D The fabrics are supposed to be inspired by henna painting (mendhi) and some were designed especially to be embellished with beading, embroidery, etc. You can see a preview of the fabric designs on his website, (click on the “my fabric” link at the top) I think some of the focus fabrics would be fun for a skirt and I might have to track some down after they come out. Don’t know if they’d actually be accurate for a cosplay but all of the colorful patterns make me think of Gankutsuou!

I think this is pretty cool since I’ve known Mark for like 10 years; we’re both in a small cross stitch e-mail group that’s like extended family (I’m the baby of the group since I was a weirdo in high school and liked to cross stitch instead of doing typical teenager things. XD;).

Back then he was working as a TV producer. Now, he teaches quilting, has his own quilting magazine (Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home, published by McCall’s), and the fabric is supposed to be available soon. I think it’s great where he’s been able to go with his needlecrafts. :-)


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