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Wow, I almost never get random gifts but it has happened twice within two weeks! o_o I was surprised to get another e-mail yesterday saying 2 more months of paid time was added to my LJ account. (I wonder a bit if it’s people who bid on my stuff in the help_japan community since both extensions showed up around the same time I had transactions there.) Anyway, if whoever did that is reading, thank you! :-)

No April Fool’s joke from me this year but I did write a humorous Petshop of Horrors drabble for the occasion. Why you do not play April Fool’s tricks on Count D…

And I am amused by the ACP April Fool’s joke this year of a cosplay-themed trading card game. XD I put one of my Cecelia pictures on my card since it seemed fitting to have a Yu-Gi-Oh costume on there. Must look up friends’ cards later to see how they turned out.

Still working on the new Ryuuren costume. The shirt is done except for the collar and I think I might do the vest before I finish that up so I can better tell whether my collars are overlapping properly.
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Started sewing on the new Ryuuren costume. Finished the yellow wrap thingy that goes around the waist and am working on the shirt now, which shouldn’t be too hard.

And I wrote a set of Saiunkoku drabbles based on the observation that Kouyuu wears red earrings like Reishin’s in some of the manga/artbook pictures. Considering how he dresses rather plainly compared to others around the Imperial Court, I think there has to be some reason behind the earrings. (Of course, it would be a cosplayer that thinks of such things. ^_^;;) I was a bit hesitant to include Yuri-Hime since she only appears in the novels and I only know what I’ve seen in fan translations but I thought, “Hmm… Why don’t I make this a set of linked drabbles with a piece from each family member’s point of view?” Originally, it was only going to be one drabble but the idea expanded a bit and each drabble is exactly 100 words. I guess this could be considered cute family fluff with a touch of angst.

Saiunkoku drabble set: The Ruby Earrings )

Edit: I've put up a couple of offerings at the [ profile] help_japan community for drabbles and earrings. Both are Buy It Now since they're just little things.

And less than two days left to bid on my crafty creations with 100% of the final sale to go to Red Cross. See my earlier post for more details or go directly to my auctions on eBay to bid. The pouch and the needlepoint kimono haven’t moved beyond the starting bids yet and the price for the box is still low considering the work that went into it. And the needlepoint kimono is really low since just the materials cost as much as the current bid. Auctions are over now.

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Last call for holiday cards! If you wanted one but missed the post, it’s here: I’m going to try to get them in the mail next weekend.

Fortunately, I didn’t get picked for jury duty yesterday and got out after 2 hours. Which is good because I would have been stuck there past 5PM for 2 weeks if I did get picked since it was for grand juries. After they got rid of people who didn’t qualify (non-citizens, underage, not a resident of the county, etc.), they said everyone left had to serve if picked and called 75 names at random; there were only 40-50 left in the room after they were done. x_x;

And I got my package from the Cosworx Thanksgiving sale yesterday. ^_^ I bought a Linda XL in Henna Red that I’ll cut bangs into whenever I get around to doing my Youko cosplay. And I got an Ivy wig and a pack of extensions in 24B since I’d like to eventually cosplay Layla from Kaleido Star. I like that it’s much more of a yellow blonde than the New Look version of that shade; I remember going crazy trying to find a nice long yellow blonde wig a few years back for another character! Boy, I’m accumulating a lot of wigs. I now have 5 new ones for characters I mean to do sometime plus one that I’m not sure what to do with because it turned out to be more orangey than I expected. >_>;

Finally, here are a couple of silly Petshop of Horrors drabbles since I haven't had much interesting to post lately: Hayride, Opening Night
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Okay, I finally have Halloween pictures of Count D in Chinatown. ^_^ Taken by my brother during lunch and while walking around later.

I wanted strawberries with my ice cream so I could pretend to feed them to Q-Chan but the restaurant was out and I had to settle for mango. ;_; It was still tasty though!

more pics )

And I wrote a silly PSOH drabble the other day. Nothing great but I'm just trying to get back into writing a challenge response at the drabble community once in a while. ^_^;; It's been months since I've kept up there.
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My brother gave me the photos from last weekend so here’s the new Count D costume. ^_^ It doesn’t really show in the photo but there’s a leafy pattern with metallic gold threads woven into the coat fabric and it has a soft golden shimmer to it in person. I like that I came out looking suitably pale in the first few. My brother was jokingly asking me that morning if was sick because of the pale makeup. :-P

more pictures )

And if anyone cares to read… silly little PSOH drabble that I wrote the other day.
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Oh, dear. My father caught a cold last week and gave it to my mother a few days ago and now my grandmother has it. :-( I hope it doesn’t end up going through the entire family.

On a lighter note, my brother asked me, “Can you make me a costume?” again the other day. “What costume?” “What if I left it up to you?” I thought that was rather silly because it seems a bit pointless to me to cosplay if you can’t think of someone you’d like to dress as. :-P

I told him if it were up to me, I’d dig a suit and tie out of the closet for him and make him be Taizu, the mobster who keeps harassing Count D in the PSOH sequel since he has glasses and wouldn’t need a wig. Or if he insisted on me actually sewing something, Shigure from Fruits Basket (simple costume and no wig needed). Since I haven’t seen most of the series he has watched…

Making a little progress on Sarah. I finished the underskirt last night and am working on patterning the hood now. I hope to get that done over the next few days and then the dress will be the main thing left. The bad thing is that the costume is turning out rather bulky with the netting and faux fur at the bottom of the underskirt. I’m definitely taking it to Anime Boston since I signed up for the hall contest with it but it’s probably going to be reserved for cons where I have a ride in the future.

And I have a new pair of linked PSOH drabbles. They were written for a challenge that involved using the random photo page at Flickr for inspiration and I got this picture of the Eiffel Tower. It’s supposed to be set between the two side stories in volumes 1 and 2 of the sequel so there are spoilers for those.

Parisian Interlude, Part 1 )

Parisian Interlude, Part 2 )

To those going to Katsucon this weekend, have fun! ^_^
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Let’s see… Thursday is Chinese New Year so it’s been busy here the last few days with extra cooking and cleaning. (Still have more preparations to work on before bed, too.) But I did manage to fit in some fun things.

Went into the city last Thursday for some bank errands and went fabric shopping afterwards. Checked a few more stores and found some great faux fur at B&J, where I rarely go because it’s expensive. ^_^;; It was $50 for a yard and a half but it was much fluffier than what I had before and the pile sways nicely when you shake it; I think it matches the way the bottom of Sarah’s dress moves pretty well. Now that I have the new fur, I’ve finished the armwarmers and will hopefully be able to finish the underskirt over the next few days.

And after months of being too busy or not having good ideas for the challenges, I finally wrote something for the PSOH drabble community. The prompt was “astrology” which lead me to the Chinese zodiac and the idea it’s lucky to clean your house before the New Year. It’s not very festive though. XD;

Goodbye, Year of the Pig )

And I replayed Escape From Monkey Island and made it to the end this time. (I got stuck towards the end when I first played it several years back.) The controls were kind of awkward since it used the keyboard instead of mouse like most games. Some of the pop culture jokes were kind of dated (the game came out in 2000) but it was lots of fun with silly pirates and parodies. Makes me want to play some of the other old adventure games again. :-D
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Boy, it’s not even 9:30 on Halloween and I feel about ready to fall sleep. I got to bed late last night and then woke up at 7AM because some construction crew started working on the next block over and making a lot of noise. -_-

Went into the city this afternoon, dressed as Count D, and my brother took really random pictures. Like walking around the subway, looking at vegetables at a farmer’s market, and sitting in a park with Q-Chan and Mokona from Tsubasa. XD; Not sure why he wanted to do that particular crossover again.

Oh, and I forgot to post this drabble here before. Just a silly little thing for Halloween, written for a prompt of “kaleidoscope.” The other people at the party are intended to be random pets. I assumed that D used his magic so that they’d appear human to Leon for the occasion.

Masquerade )
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Okay, more PSOH drabbles. The latest prompt was “needle and thread” and considering my screenname and hobbies, how could I not write something for that? :-D I did a silly one first.

Sewing Lessons )

Then, I did a serious one but went over the word limit for the challenge. ^_^; (I think I don’t do serious as well either. It’s pretty rare for me to write something like this without any humor at all. o_O;) D’s visitor in this one is based on the Goddess of Silk from Chinese mythology: (Sometimes, she’s also referred to as the Goddess of Silkworms.) According to folklore, she was an empress who discovered silk and taught others how to domesticate silkworms. One tale says that she discovered silk after a cocoon fell into her teacup and started to unravel.

The Price of Silk )

And [ profile] ngmaster tagged me for a meme. :-P Take it if you feel like it.

The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 6 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in awhile.

1. Some unexpected gifts for my birthday a couple of weeks back.
2. Getting the pearls for my new Count D costume.
3. Seeing friends at MangaNext.
4. Finally getting my hands on a copy of the Twelve Kingdoms novel.
5. Getting a shoe rack so I don’t have to hunt all over the house for rarely worn pairs.
6. Playing the latest Nancy Drew computer game.
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Hmm… Just a couple of days left until MangaNext. No new costumes but I do need to decide on what I’m wearing and make sure everything is ironed. My brother and one of his friends are going, too, and he tells me they might go all 3 days because there’s stuff they’re interested in each day. If that’s the case, I suppose I’ll also go all 3 days since my father should be driving us.

I know I want to wear my newer Ayame one of the days and was thinking of wearing my brocade robe for D if I went a second day but hadn’t really expected to go a third day. A few days ago, I got an urge to pull out my nyosen uniform even though The Twelve Kingdoms doesn’t really have a manga (unless you want to count those books they made by taking anime screenshots and adding speech bubbles ^_^;) Maybe, I’ll do that…

Seems like the big news the last couple of days has been the announcement about the WCS at NY Anime Festival. I am not interested in entering because: 1) I much prefer actual craftsmanship contests, 2) I’m not great at performing, 3) I don’t have a partner, and 4) I won’t fly so it’d be really silly for me to enter a contest where the prize is basically a trip to Japan to compete in the finals. :-P

I’m still thinking of applying to do a walk-on in the masquerade without being considered for WCS though. The new Count D costume is costing a lot with all the pearls and fabrics and it would be nice to have a chance to show it off onstage rather than just going in for hall cosplay judging.

And finally, another little PSOH drabble, written for a prompt of “harmony.” My brain makes the wackiest leaps with some of these prompts and what came to mind this time were some scenes from “Sunday in the Park with George,” a Sondheim musical about George Seurat’s creation of the famous painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” In the show, “harmony” was among the words that Seurat would often mutter as he worked on his painting. The painting is really in a Chicago museum rather than California but let’s pretend the characters are seeing it somehow, okay? ^_^;

A Day at the Museum )

Edit: Wow, the random stuff you can learn from Wikipedia... Looking over that "Sunday in the Park with George" article, there was a link to a Desparate Housewives episode with the same title. Someone who works on that show must be a big Sondheim fan because most of the episode titles come from his songs. o_o Never watched that show so I had no idea.
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Let’s see… I’ve gotten a bit more work done on my D costume. Made the pieces for the middle layer in the skirts. I just did strips which I’ll sew to the sides of the velvet layer to cut back on bulk since there are supposed to be three layers there plus the underskirt. But I tacked down the edges of the bindings in the back by hand this time and it looks so much better to my eye without visible stitches and with less rippling in the edgings. So, now, I’m tempted to go back and rip out the bindings on the velvet and redo them even if no one else is likely to notice the difference. ^_^;;;

My parents were asking me the other day what I wanted for a birthday present so I think I’ll ask them to buy me the pearls for the costume. Need to decide on exactly what color I want first though. If I pick one of the Swarovski colors though, I’ll probably order online since it’s cheaper that way.

Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. We have mooncakes as usual and my father got a box with a dozen small ones in various flavors as a gift from his business partner. We’ve only tried one of the pineapple ones so far. I guess it’s okay but I never liked mooncakes that much.

I wrote a PSOH drabble for the occasion, too. Believe it or not, I managed to work the Petshop drabble community’s latest prompt of “War” into it. My brain makes the wackiest connections at times! *laugh*

Mooncake Messages )
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The Petshop of Horrors drabble community had a prompt of “purgatory” for this week’s challenge and the first thing that came to mind was Dante’s Divine Comedy since I took a whole class on it in college (not that I remember much of it now. >_>;).

So, I took a stab at it and came up with this cracked thing. XD; It was kind of forced and didn’t come out nearly as easily as the last one. Overly long, too, since challenge responses were only supposed to be 100 words. ^_^;; Includes spoilers for the end of the series and the side story from volume 2 of Shin PSOH.

A Not-So-Divine Comedy )

Maybe, I’ll post an actual update tomorrow.
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So, I just wrote a new PSOH drabble. The Petshop drabble community has a challenge each week and the latest prompt was “poisoned apple” which lead to this bit of silliness. Inside joke for those of you who remember Anime Boston. XD I feel a bit dumb for not thinking of the idea earlier when I first saw the prompt! G-rated.

Saccharine )
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Got my Twelve Kingdoms costumes ironed yesterday and was reminded of how awfully the top of my nyosen uniform wrinkles just from being on a hanger. (And how much of a pain it is to iron because of the huge sleeves.) Ugh. -_-; I think the only way to keep the thing wrinkle free would be one of those kimono display stands!

And, in time for Chinese New Year, my Petshop of Horrors drabble is finished. :-D G rated. I got the idea for this after remembering something my mother said last new year’s, that giving someone peach blossoms will help their love life. I couldn’t find an exact reference to that idea online but quite a few feng shui sites seem to talk about buying peach blossoms and placing them for luck in love. I have a silly little idea for a sequel to this but not sure if I’ll have time to write it over the next few days. ^_^;

Peach Blossoms and the Detective )


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