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Yikes, that storm on Sunday… It rained all day, I think I heard 7-8 inches, and the basement and living room have new leaks to prove it! -_-

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately, the cross stitch piece I started last year. The blue dress is the part I’ve done over the past few weeks.


And finally, the end of the cosplay meme, which everyone else finished like a month and a half ago… >_>;

26. Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them?
A few. I have a half-finished Ritsu kimono but I’m unlikely to ever finish it since I’m not really into Fruits Basket anymore. There’s also an original stained glass fairy which has the dress done but no accessories; not sure when I’ll finish it since I don’t know when I’d have a good chance to wear it. And I started on Lia’s Russian portrait gown from Le Chevalier D’eon last year but it got put aside; I think I’ll try to finish that one for Katsucon.

27. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favourite?
I haven’t done an exact count but probably 20-25. No real favorite. None especially stand out since I don’t have any wigs in crazy styles.

28. Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done?
It depends on what part I’m doing. Patterning and cutting fabric gets done in the living room since my sewing room is somewhat small. I usually do machine sewing in the sewing room and then hand stuff in front of the computer while watching stuff. And they get stored in a closet when I’m done.

29. What is your favourite cosplay item? (eg. a pair of shoes, a wig)
Hmm… I’ve never really thought about favorite individual items. I guess my Petshop of Horrors plushies. T-chan is especially fun although it’s been a long time since I’ve brought him along to a con.

30. Describe cosplay in three words. No more, no less.
Many hours crafting
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I found I had quite a bit of white fabric left over from a previous costume so I made Ryuuren’s poofy white pants over the weekend. Need to start patterning things out and get a lot more fabric before I continue since his costume has more colors than a rainbow. XD;

And after a trip to JoAnn’s yesterday, I’ve gotten started on Elaine, too. I have fabric for the pants cut out although I can’t sew it together yet since I rarely sew with brown fabric and forgot to buy matching thread. ^_^; Need to get a zipper, too. Got fabric for the shirt too although I’m still working on getting the pattern cut out and need to buy buttons.

I’ve made some progress on my cross stitch since I posted the pic a couple of weeks back but it’ll probably go a lot more slowly now that I’m working on costume stuff again. The first girl is nearly done and I started putting in the apple tree and border. I guess it’s about half done now.

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I didn’t feel like working on costume stuff and had an urge to do some cross stitch so here’s what I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. I originally wanted to do something big with a woman in a pretty dress. But although I have a lot of those types of patterns stashed away, I didn’t have pieces of needlework fabric big enough and in the right color for any of them. So, I ended up with two little girls in poofy dresses instead. (For size reference, the frame I have the fabric on is 17” square. And the linen I’m doing this on is still lighter than the intended shade.) It’s an old Mirabilia pattern called “Under the Friendship Tree.” I probably have about 85% of the first girl done. I’m missing a few of the colors I need so I’ll have to buy some embroidery floss before I can fill in a few of the empty spots.

Trying to start getting back to normal. I work from home and aside from family related things and Otakon, I pretty much have not left the house since AnimeNext. So, I’m planning to go out and visit some people this week.

Need to discuss NYCC/NYAF plans some more with [ profile] neoangelwink. We had been planning to do Monkey Island since I wanted to make Morgan LeFlay from Tales of Monkey Island for then. But it needs a bunch of detail work and pattern alteration and experimenting with armor/prop stuff which I don’t feel up to doing right now. Plus, she doesn’t seem like the best character to do as my first costume after this depressing summer. So, I’m postponing it until next year.

Talked to neoangelwink about it the other night and we decided we’ll do versions of Guybrush and Elaine from an earlier game instead since they’re simpler. She mentioned wanting to do Guybrush’s costume from the first game but I’m undecided on what version of Elaine. I haven’t gone back to check in the game yet but from searching online, it looks like there are big inconsistencies between sprite and closeup versions of her in the first game. And her costume seems to have changed somewhat in the special edition that was released last year.

Don’t know if I’ll bother doing anything else new for NYCC/NYAF since I should have enough to fill the weekend. Will probably wear at least one of my Daphne costumes and maybe Kyoya.
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Thanks to everyone who left condolences last time.

I’m still sad but have felt much calmer these last few days since I don’t have to worry about my grandmother possibly being in pain anymore and can focus on helping give her a nice funeral. The funeral home my mother picked is very busy so the viewing isn’t until next Tuesday and the burial next Wednesday. So, right now, it’s a lot of waiting for me. I’ve been keeping busy altering black clothes for the funeral and helping do some of the housework my mother hasn’t had time for due to having to make arrangements.

I’ve also made a small piece I stitched years ago and had stashed away in a drawer into a coin purse for the handbag that will go into the casket. My grandmother was always saying how I was so talented and patient because of all the embroidery, sewing, and other crafty things I did. We’re already using a brocade suit my mother made for my grandmother’s 90th birthday for the burial so I really wanted to give her something, too.

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Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a nice day. ^_^

It’s been a somewhat busy week so it’s nice that I can relax now. Monday evening, my brother and I dropped by [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] loudnbothered’s place for a few minutes so I could give them their card and present. Tuesday was a business meeting and lunch, which went a few hours, followed by a little last minute shopping. Our solstice celebration was that night so there was a big dinner. I had a bit of a headache so I napped for a couple of hours before helping my mother and sister wrap presents for some of the store employees. This year, we put together gift bags with a bunch of candies and snacks so there were lots of little things to wrap and we didn’t finish until around 1 AM. Wednesday and Thursday included some last minute crafting (I went though more than half a bottle of tacky glue within the past week! o_O;) and cleaning.

Today was spent at home. My family tends to be impossible to shop for so I just bought The Muppet Christmas Carol for us to watch this afternoon. We rarely watch movies together so it was something nice to do. And tomorrow we’re having relatives over for a dinner party to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

I still have to visit one friend over the weekend and give her my present but most people have gotten my crafty little gifts by now. So I can post some of the stuff I’ve made these last few weeks with out ruining any surprises! :-D

I made this pouch for neoangelwink. It’s another design from the Omiyage book; this one is called “Avalanche Lily.” The bottom piece is a large star and there are little triangle pieces sewn like godets between the points. It has a pretty interesting shape with the bottom being a pentagon and the sides slanting inwards towards the top. (My brother thought that it looked like a weird tiny hat when turned upside down! XD) The closed pouch is supposed to look like a star-shaped flower from the top but I think the cotton was a bit too stiff for it to work as well as the model in the book.

another pic )

The crochet project I mentioned some weeks back was a baby blanket for [ profile] sakuralenayuy. I used a free pattern I found on the Lion Brand yarn site and their Wool-Ease yarn in pastel yellow. I actually made it yellow because of a story that my mother told me about a neighbor making a blanket as a gift when I was born; the neighbor had made it yellow so it would be suitable for either a boy or a girl.

detail pic )

I stitched a Christmas ornament for [ profile] ngmaster and an extra of the same design for myself. The design is called “Emerald Teardrop” and it’s from a Mill Hill kit from the mid-1990s. I originally stitched the design ages ago but the hanger broke some years back and I’ve been meaning to remake it since then. I got new beads and finally got around to doing it this year!


Dec. 26th, 2008 12:53 am
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A bit late but Merry Christmas! :-) Thanks to those of you who sent cards!

I guess the surprise this year was that my brother bought me a new camera! O_o; On my old camera, the screen was turning purple and tinting photos in some cases. I’d asked him about it and he thought it wasn’t worth getting fixed and that should get a new one. I haven’t been using it for much other than progress shots and won't go going to another con until May so I told him I’d wait to get a new one. He normally doesn’t get something especially for me so I really didn’t expect him to buy me a new one. o_o

Otherwise, I got clothes and money from my family and relatives. And a cross stitch book from [ profile] ngmaster. (Thanks, Dave!)

I was kind of lazy this year so I only stitched one ornament for a gift. ^_^; (I actually finished this a couple of weeks back but couldn’t post it yet since it was for ngmaster. It’s the Mitten Men design by Just Nan. Instead of using a little ornament frame like the one pictured, I just sewed and stuffed it. And I made a 4-strand braid using embroidery floss colors from the design to use as trim. I wanted to make a second one to keep for our own tree but it was so annoying to stitch that I didn’t want to do it two times in a row (so many scattered stitches and different colors for such a small design!). Maybe, next year.

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Over the weekend, I finally made an account at American Cosplay Paradise: Still working on getting everything uploaded and set up since I have 5 years worth of costumes. But I like the fact you can post larger photos since I tend to be fond of tiny details that wouldn’t show up in little pictures. I’ve been putting up larger ones when I have them and might go back and replace some of my brother’s older shots with large versions if I can get them. Have a few pictures up there that I didn’t bother to put on, too. I also like that you can move around the order of your costumes and photos since it means I can just upload everything for a costume and then mess around with it until it’s to my liking. :-D

Maybe, I’ll be better at updating this since I can just write a couple of paragraphs for a costume and stick all my pictures up at once. I take so long to update my gallery since I feel like I have to come up with something to say about each photo (because I personally find it disappointing to click on a picture and see a completely blank description box). Plus, coming up with titles and planning out some order in advance since the most recent photo ends up being the thumbnail for an album. I haven’t been fond of the change to square thumbnails either. My head seems to get cut off in most pictures and I’ve found browsing through the galleries unappealing lately because other people’s photos get messed up in the same way. >_>

Hmm… only a month until AnimeNext so I should start thinking about what to bring since I haven’t got any big costumes to debut this time. [ profile] novaraven tells me she’s expecting to come and make Pegasus for this. So, it looks like we should be doing YGO sometime Saturday and I have a poofy blue dress with pink bows to sew.

[ profile] heartxofxlilith and [ profile] kiwi_lady, are you still planning Medusa and T-Chan for Next? I’m definitely bringing my newest D outfit with the tailcoat but could also bring the 19th Century outfit or one of my older Ds if you want. Novaraven is thinking about bringing D’s father and her sister might be along as a griffin so we could do a little PSOH group.

Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’d love to do Kaleido Star with [ profile] neoangelwink sometime but not sure if she’s planning to bring Sora to Next. Maybe, I could finally bring out my Youka costume again if I have time to remake the sash after finishing Cecelia. Probably should have done that last week but instead I did this:

I stitched the Butterfly Needle Roll from a kit by Lorri Birmingham Designs. ^_^ I’ve had the kit sitting around a long time. I think it was from the last needlework con I went to so it predates my cosplaying days! ^_^;;;
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Today was a nice day. We took my mother out for lunch for Mother’s day. I already gave her a card the other day and one of my aunts brought over Godiva chocolates for both her and my grandmother. She shared them with us after tonight’s steak dinner at home. ^_^

We did some shopping afterwards and picked up a new printer since both of our old printers died a while back and all that was left was my brother’s good photo printer with very expensive ink. We also went by Home Depot and Lowe’s to look for gardening things for my mother and some plastic drawers for my brother.

And I got a shelf that’s going to be added to one of my bookcases. I’ve been collecting for so many years and I’m such a bookworm that even with multiple bookcases I don’t have enough shelf space! I have 2 shelves of manga, 3-4 shelves of Nancy Drew, and probably enough books total to fill 4-5 bookcases. ^_^;;;; It’s mostly paperbacks though so a lot of shelves are taller than I really need them.

Now, some needlework ramblings…

After a really long time, I finally ordered some cross stitch stuff the other day. One of my needlework friends owns a cross stitch shop in Michigan and browsing around her site, I found something called a “biscornu” that seems to be trendy now. (Reminds me of how needlerolls were trendy when I was cross stitching a lot around the late 90s.) I ordered a couple, this one and this one , since they looked interesting with the 3D shape. Apparently, you can use them as pincushions or ornaments. (I tried looking up “biscornu” and it seems to be a French word meaning “bizarre.” No idea how it got applied to a needlework item!)

And I didn’t buy this since it was $60 but thought it was kind of cute. It’s a sparkly enameled box in the shape of a bee, designed to hold a needlebook. If that designer did something similar with a nice peacock theme though, I’d probably buy that since I love peacocks and cloisonne! (She uses a peacock as her logo and has done a few designs with them before.)
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This past weekend was pretty productive. I thought about getting started on a new cross stitch project but couldn’t find a large enough piece of fabric in my room for the big patterns I was considering. But I did find a bunch of small pieces I stitched years ago in a drawer so I took a couple out and did finishing work on them while watching volume 2 of Tsubasa. They’re now ready to be hung on the tree at Christmas! ^_^ I believe these were freebie Just Nan patterns that I stitched back in the late ‘90s. (Yes, I’m really lazy about getting my cross stitch framed, made into pillows, turned into ornaments, etc. ^_^;;) Should have made the smaller one a little larger but I’d already trimmed the fabric down by the time I realized.

I got started on the sewing my new Count D costume, too. I cut strips of bias in the gold fabric to use for trim on Saturday and it finally hit me how much of that stuff I’m going to need with the 3 layers plus the 2 layered collar. o_o; And how long it’s going to take me to sew all of it because I’m crazy and would probably want to tack down the back side of the bias binding by hand to avoid visible stitches on the outside. x_x;

I also got fabric for my underskirt cut Saturday night and sewed it together on Sunday. It’s just a couple of rectangles of fabric with some pleats for fullness and an elastic waistband. Other than the sash, that will probably be the only quick part of the costume sewing wise. ^_^;

I’ve been thinking a bit about what I want to do about shoes, too. Now that I’ve started sewing, I don’t know if trying to make the length adjustable will work out well. Right now, the underskirt is done so it’d be the proper length if I wore it with 3-4 inch heels. Maybe, I’ll just get heels and decorate the front like the slippers he’s supposed to have with that outfit. Since the costume’s floor length, only the toes of the shoes would ever show anyway.

And I came up with a solution for my sewing room/cutting table problem and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier! ._.; Since the room is too small (about 9’ by 14’) to fit everything, my parents were going to let me also use the room next to it, which isn’t as nice, for ironing and storage. I finally realized I should just put the cutting table in that other room and have the ironing board in the sewing room instead! It would make more sense, too, since once I’ve gotten started on sewing something I’ll need the ironing board more for pressing seams and such.
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Ugh, I had another mouse encounter the other night. I found one when I walked into the bathroom and spent the next few minutes chasing it in circles with a stick. -_-; I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with a mouse at 2AM but I figured I’d better dispose of it since I didn’t want it scaring my grandmother if she got up to use the bathroom and it was still there.

In other news, I finished a little cross stitch project, the Pansy Roll by Shepherd’s Bush. ^_^ It was a kit that I’d started years ago but I didn’t get far with before getting distracted by something else. Finally pulled it out and finished it since I wanted some stitching to work on but was too lazy to rummage around for materials for a larger project. >_>; I was a little annoyed that the kit seemed to include the wrong lace; my piece didn’t match up to the picture and I had to improvise. And I goofed on a couple of things, too, but it came out decently.

I’ve made a few similar items before. They’re known as needlerolls (basically, cylindrical pincushions) and seemed to be rather popular back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I remember others talking about stitching a bunch of them and displaying them in a basket. No idea if they’re still popular these days since I’m rather out of the loop now when it comes to cross stitch. ^_^;


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