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Happy Thanksgiving! We only had a few relatives over this year so it was pretty quiet.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated so here’s what I’ve been working on lately… Not a cosplay but a patchwork project. I’ve had a quilting magazine with a kimono-themed pattern sitting around for a few years. It’s called The Tea Ceremony and I started it a couple of weeks ago with Japanese print fabrics I’ve collected over the past couple of years. There are 17 pieces of fabric sewn together to make each kimono block. I still need to make two more of the small ones but want to buy more fabric first since I’m trying not to repeat the main fabrics. I also need fabric for the rest of the quilt; there are other blocks with teacups, lanterns and appliqued kanji. (Not sure if I’ll actually do the kanji that way though since in some cases, it would be appliqueing tiny irregular dots.)

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Yikes, that storm on Sunday… It rained all day, I think I heard 7-8 inches, and the basement and living room have new leaks to prove it! -_-

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately, the cross stitch piece I started last year. The blue dress is the part I’ve done over the past few weeks.


And finally, the end of the cosplay meme, which everyone else finished like a month and a half ago… >_>;

26. Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them?
A few. I have a half-finished Ritsu kimono but I’m unlikely to ever finish it since I’m not really into Fruits Basket anymore. There’s also an original stained glass fairy which has the dress done but no accessories; not sure when I’ll finish it since I don’t know when I’d have a good chance to wear it. And I started on Lia’s Russian portrait gown from Le Chevalier D’eon last year but it got put aside; I think I’ll try to finish that one for Katsucon.

27. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favourite?
I haven’t done an exact count but probably 20-25. No real favorite. None especially stand out since I don’t have any wigs in crazy styles.

28. Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done?
It depends on what part I’m doing. Patterning and cutting fabric gets done in the living room since my sewing room is somewhat small. I usually do machine sewing in the sewing room and then hand stuff in front of the computer while watching stuff. And they get stored in a closet when I’m done.

29. What is your favourite cosplay item? (eg. a pair of shoes, a wig)
Hmm… I’ve never really thought about favorite individual items. I guess my Petshop of Horrors plushies. T-chan is especially fun although it’s been a long time since I’ve brought him along to a con.

30. Describe cosplay in three words. No more, no less.
Many hours crafting
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I was inspired by [ profile] aimeekitty’s post the other night and spent the weekend working on crafty things for auction to help the Japanese relief efforts. After dusting off my eBay account (haven’t sold anything in ages), I have posted these as charity auctions on eBay with 100% of the winning bids to go to Red Cross so please take a look.

I almost never sell my work since the things I do are so labor intensive so this is a very rare chance to buy one of my creations. Plus, the starting bids are far below what I would quote if asked to commission the items to encourage people to bid. (I would most likely ask at least 4-5 times as much in normal circumstances.)

First item: a patchwork pouch made with pink and purple cherry blossom prints. I cut fabric out for this over a year and a half ago but forgot about it until I came across the bag on Friday night and spent a good part of Saturday putting this together. There’s 59 pieces of fabric in this, mostly 2” squares. (Yes, 59 pieces of fabric for a pouch! I do very finicky work. ^_^;;) The fabric is gathered together in certain spots to give it a 3-D triangular effect. Based on a project from Kumiko Sudo’s Omiyage book and took about 6 hours of work.


Next item: a fabric covered box made with 9 different Japanese print fabrics. There are 43 pieces of fabric in this, 37 of them in the top of the lid which is padded for a 3-D flower look. (Again, I do very finicky work. Trying to fold 3/4 inch squares of fabric in half diagonally, put stuffing inside and glue the edges together was a challenge. ^_^;;) Under the fabric is multiple layers of Bristol paper stiffened with lots of glue so it’s pretty sturdy. Based on a project from Kumiko Sudo’s Omiyage book and took about 8 hours of work.


Last item: a needlepoint kimono. I actually made this years ago but never got around to framing it. It’s the most labor intensive out of these and probably took at least 15 hours of work and $30 of materials to make since it was a handpainted canvas and those are expensive.


And if none of these catches your fancy but you have friends who might be interested, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would share the links with them. :-) Thanks for reading!
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I didn’t feel like working on costume stuff and had an urge to do some cross stitch so here’s what I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. I originally wanted to do something big with a woman in a pretty dress. But although I have a lot of those types of patterns stashed away, I didn’t have pieces of needlework fabric big enough and in the right color for any of them. So, I ended up with two little girls in poofy dresses instead. (For size reference, the frame I have the fabric on is 17” square. And the linen I’m doing this on is still lighter than the intended shade.) It’s an old Mirabilia pattern called “Under the Friendship Tree.” I probably have about 85% of the first girl done. I’m missing a few of the colors I need so I’ll have to buy some embroidery floss before I can fill in a few of the empty spots.

Trying to start getting back to normal. I work from home and aside from family related things and Otakon, I pretty much have not left the house since AnimeNext. So, I’m planning to go out and visit some people this week.

Need to discuss NYCC/NYAF plans some more with [ profile] neoangelwink. We had been planning to do Monkey Island since I wanted to make Morgan LeFlay from Tales of Monkey Island for then. But it needs a bunch of detail work and pattern alteration and experimenting with armor/prop stuff which I don’t feel up to doing right now. Plus, she doesn’t seem like the best character to do as my first costume after this depressing summer. So, I’m postponing it until next year.

Talked to neoangelwink about it the other night and we decided we’ll do versions of Guybrush and Elaine from an earlier game instead since they’re simpler. She mentioned wanting to do Guybrush’s costume from the first game but I’m undecided on what version of Elaine. I haven’t gone back to check in the game yet but from searching online, it looks like there are big inconsistencies between sprite and closeup versions of her in the first game. And her costume seems to have changed somewhat in the special edition that was released last year.

Don’t know if I’ll bother doing anything else new for NYCC/NYAF since I should have enough to fill the weekend. Will probably wear at least one of my Daphne costumes and maybe Kyoya.
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Thanks to everyone who left condolences last time.

I’m still sad but have felt much calmer these last few days since I don’t have to worry about my grandmother possibly being in pain anymore and can focus on helping give her a nice funeral. The funeral home my mother picked is very busy so the viewing isn’t until next Tuesday and the burial next Wednesday. So, right now, it’s a lot of waiting for me. I’ve been keeping busy altering black clothes for the funeral and helping do some of the housework my mother hasn’t had time for due to having to make arrangements.

I’ve also made a small piece I stitched years ago and had stashed away in a drawer into a coin purse for the handbag that will go into the casket. My grandmother was always saying how I was so talented and patient because of all the embroidery, sewing, and other crafty things I did. We’re already using a brocade suit my mother made for my grandmother’s 90th birthday for the burial so I really wanted to give her something, too.

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So, my brother and I ended up going to Sakura Matsuri yesterday after all since there was a possible thunderstorm forecast for today. It was great seeing friends and hanging out. ^_^ The garden itself seemed a little dull though with the cherry blossoms gone, especially after seeing them in full bloom a couple of weeks earlier. :-/ The weather was ridiculously hot and I’m glad I decided to not wear one of my actual cosplays. But the Japanese print dress I made turned out cute and random tourists wanted to take pictures of it anyway. XD; Should have brought one of my parasols along; I left all of mine at home since I didn’t want to carry extra stuff but ended up buying a paper one there since it was so sunny.

I don’t have a picture of the whole outfit yet but here are a couple of simple sakura kanzashi I made to go with my dress. I used this tutorial as a starting point but didn’t follow it exactly. Like I couldn’t find spray starch and didn’t want to resort to the potato method for the first step so I used a mix of water and glue to stiffen my fabric instead. ^_^; Saturated the fabric with the mixture and since I was in a hurry, I used a blow dryer on the fabric to dry it. My brother walked into my sewing room while I was drying the fabric and went “I’m not even going to ask…” XD; It seemed to work well on the cottons I used though. Not completely sure if I got the petal folding completely right but I think the finished flowers look decent. I hand stitched bobby pins to the backs so that I can clip them in my hair.

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Went to [ profile] blackmarth’s birthday dim sum thing yesterday, which was fun. :-) Also saw some others I hadn’t seen for a while, including [ profile] athena_chan, [ profile] ryoko, [ profile] s0nified, and [ profile] thedreamerworld.

I made this a few days ago as a present for blackmarth. It’s yet another project from the Omiyage book and I thought it would go well with her tea collection. I handsewed this with fabric that was left from the sakura pouch I commissioned for her in December. The instructions called for felt for the handle and spout but I thought it would look nicer with a print so I fused scraps to the felt before cutting it. The inside is a Styrofoam ball with a bit cut off from the top and bottom and wrapped in quilt batting.

After saying bye to everyone, I did a bit of cosplay shopping. Mainly, visiting my nearby optometrist to get a pair of glasses that I can use when I make my Kyoya costume. My prescription was still the same but it was a bit hard to find a good frame; it seems that oval frames tend to be narrow so a lot of them looked disproportionately small on my wide face. Tried quite a few pairs and finally found one that looked decent on me. I’ll probably continue to wear my old glasses regularly though since I still like them better. >_>; (I got them at least 5 or 6 years ago and never bothered to get new ones since I like them and my prescription has been very stable.)

Also picked up a few notions at a fabric store and looked for shoes for the Kyoya costume. I found one style that was good but they didn’t have it in my size. -_- If I can make it out shopping again this week, I’ll have to see if I can find a pair. Otherwise, I’d have to wait several weeks because of Chinese New Year. (My mother doesn’t let us buy shoes for about a month after Chinese New Year because it’s considered bad luck.) I also need to get the rest of my fabric for Youko plus Youka’s sash cut out within the next couple of days so I can clean up the living room before the New Year. At this point, I don’t think the costume itself is going to be done by then as I had hoped. But not a big deal since I wouldn’t be wearing it until AB anyway.

Still going back and fourth about what else to do for Anime Boston. I was starting to get excited about the idea of doing the Count D artbook kimono but then I realized if I did, I might not have room to pack it for AB, considering what else I want to bring. :-/

I intend to get a bigger suitcase before the con but I already want to bring Ekaterina, Tamaki, and Youko. And all 3 of those are layered things with yards and yards of fabric. I’d also like to wear Youka again sometime, which is another layered thing with lots of fabric. If I did D’s kimono, it would probably be another 10 yards of fabric since I want to make it fuller than a real kimono; not nearly as crazy as something like the Tsubasa fire kimonos but from the pose and how it spreads in the reference, it does look like it should have more fabric than a normal kimono.

Right now, I think I might be going back to my original idea of doing Kyoya since a frilly old fashioned suit is going to take up less space than another layered robe. I wish I had more cons lined up for this year since I have a bunch of things I want to wear again or make.
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Thanks to those who commented on the little projects in my last couple of entries! :-)

I went to visit my best friend on Sunday. Bought sushi for lunch and we spent much of the afternoon chatting and catching up, which was nice. I’ve known her since elementary school but only see her a few times a year since her schedule is rather busy now.

I made this fabric-covered box as part of her present this year. It’s another project from the Omiyage book, called “Flower Box.” I built it from scratch with Bristol board, bits of different Japanese print fabrics, and lots of glue. (I used over half a bottle of tacky glue on the two boxes in this post! o_o;) The box is about 5 1/2 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. I couldn’t find heavier Bristol and thought real cardboard would be too heavy to shape nicely so I used a double layer for most pieces. Some parts like the bottom of the box and the sides are actually 4-5 layers thick plus glue and fabric so it’s pretty sturdy.

The design for the top got a bit awkward towards the edges; I realized after I was mostly done that I was supposed to have put a bit of stuffing inside all the pieces before gluing them down. So, I got close to the edge sooner than I was supposed to. ^_^;;;

The inside of the box

more pics and a second box )

And that’s it for the crafty little presents! I suppose now it’s time to get back to costume stuff although I’m tempted to do more. With some of the quilt-like sewing I’ve done lately, I kind of want to attempt Valentine’s final episode dress from Gankutsuou (which I’ve been meaning to make for a few years already >_>;) as a patchwork and applique thing. Maybe, that’ll be a project for summer…

And I realize I still haven’t gotten around to making a community for the Kaleido Star project for Costume Con. ^_^; I’ll try to do that sometime next week.
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Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a nice day. ^_^

It’s been a somewhat busy week so it’s nice that I can relax now. Monday evening, my brother and I dropped by [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] loudnbothered’s place for a few minutes so I could give them their card and present. Tuesday was a business meeting and lunch, which went a few hours, followed by a little last minute shopping. Our solstice celebration was that night so there was a big dinner. I had a bit of a headache so I napped for a couple of hours before helping my mother and sister wrap presents for some of the store employees. This year, we put together gift bags with a bunch of candies and snacks so there were lots of little things to wrap and we didn’t finish until around 1 AM. Wednesday and Thursday included some last minute crafting (I went though more than half a bottle of tacky glue within the past week! o_O;) and cleaning.

Today was spent at home. My family tends to be impossible to shop for so I just bought The Muppet Christmas Carol for us to watch this afternoon. We rarely watch movies together so it was something nice to do. And tomorrow we’re having relatives over for a dinner party to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

I still have to visit one friend over the weekend and give her my present but most people have gotten my crafty little gifts by now. So I can post some of the stuff I’ve made these last few weeks with out ruining any surprises! :-D

I made this pouch for neoangelwink. It’s another design from the Omiyage book; this one is called “Avalanche Lily.” The bottom piece is a large star and there are little triangle pieces sewn like godets between the points. It has a pretty interesting shape with the bottom being a pentagon and the sides slanting inwards towards the top. (My brother thought that it looked like a weird tiny hat when turned upside down! XD) The closed pouch is supposed to look like a star-shaped flower from the top but I think the cotton was a bit too stiff for it to work as well as the model in the book.

another pic )

The crochet project I mentioned some weeks back was a baby blanket for [ profile] sakuralenayuy. I used a free pattern I found on the Lion Brand yarn site and their Wool-Ease yarn in pastel yellow. I actually made it yellow because of a story that my mother told me about a neighbor making a blanket as a gift when I was born; the neighbor had made it yellow so it would be suitable for either a boy or a girl.

detail pic )

I stitched a Christmas ornament for [ profile] ngmaster and an extra of the same design for myself. The design is called “Emerald Teardrop” and it’s from a Mill Hill kit from the mid-1990s. I originally stitched the design ages ago but the hanger broke some years back and I’ve been meaning to remake it since then. I got new beads and finally got around to doing it this year!

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I stayed inside most of the weekend due to the snow. Finished my commission for [ profile] blackmarth. She asked me to make a sakura pouch like the one I made during the summer but with a red, black, and white color scheme. I think it came out pretty well. I used this ginkgo print for the petals and this black fabric for the leaves. I couldn’t find much in Japanese prints with white as the main color so I ended up cutting the white lining out from the cranes in this print.

The pouch in the back.

While working on this, I realized I got the earlier one wrong; it wasn’t supposed to be a flat flower but cupped like an upside down umbrella. ^_^; This one is done correctly and looks much better. (The pattern is from Kumiko Sudo’s book “Omiyage.”)

I’ve made a few other crafty little things as gifts lately but I’m waiting until after the recipients get them to post pics so I don’t ruin any surprises. Still want to make one more thing, too. I feel like I’m running behind with the holiday stuff this year. ^_^; Will try to be better about commenting and replying to comments after I’m caught up on the holiday stuff.
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I’ve been looking around fabric company sites a bit the last few days and was amused by a couple of prints that I stumbled across. Anime and comics on fabric! :-D

Anime fabric:

Home sewing is easy comic fabric:

Let’s see… Most of my cards have gone in the mail but I’m still working on presents. I also have a small commission (crafts, not cosplay) to do for [ profile] blackmarth. Need to work on those tonight.

Went shopping in the city yesterday. I went by The City Quilter to get fabric for the commission, not realizing they’re supposed to be closed on Mondays. ._.; There was a class going on though and they were nice and let me in. Picked out fabrics for the project and would have spent longer browsing if they weren’t supposed to be closed. But I do have a bit of this pretty butterfly fabric to add to my stash for little projects.

Wandered around Macy’s a bit without buying anything and then went to a few bead and trim places, looking for supplies to finish up holiday presents and make the jewelry for the red Daphne costume. I was hoping to get in some fabric shopping for Youko and Kyoya, too, but ran out of time.
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I finished a crochet project but haven’t taken a picture yet. I also had my first experience trying to steam block a crochet piece, which entails stretching and pinning it to the proper shape, steaming it, and leaving it for a while. It turned out to be quite effective for turning an irregular blob into a rectangle!

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving and we’ll be having relatives over again. ^_^ Last year was weird since everyone did their own dinner or went to eat with other relatives. It was so strange for my family to be having Thanksgiving dinner alone since we’d always had relatives over for it as long as I could remember. Like usual, my mother is cooking two birds, one turkey and one chicken. And not my phoenix prop although my mother seemed to think it was a chicken when I was packing for a con! :-P
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I finally took a picture of the Sakura pouch I made from the Omiyage book. The front looks like a cherry blossom while the back has a tiny pouch. I actually made the pouch a little bigger than the book said but it’s still so tiny, you can’t fit anything much bigger than a few pieces of candy in there. I completely handstitched this one, mostly while I was on vacation in the Adirondacks. (Check here if you missed my vacation photos and wanted to see them.) The colors are a bit murky in the photo; it’s a bit brighter in person. The design looked pretty in the book but after making it, I don’t think it worked as well as the other one I did. It’s cute but the little pouch is too tiny to be of much use and having the pouch there makes it look awkward when you try to set it down with the flower facing up. :-/

LJ didn’t work for me a good part of the weekend and I didn't feel like getting the corset and panniers out to continue on Ekaterina yet. So, I made a Cure account. ^_^; I figured I’d eventually get to it although I didn’t think it would be for some time. Still in the process of uploading stuff although I’m not planning to post nearly as much as is in my other galleries.

It’s been a little tricky figuring out how to add some of my costumes since I’ve done some pretty minor characters and not all parts of the site are available in English. Like when I went to add my Twelve Kingdoms stuff, nearly all the character names were in kanji only. ^_^; Luckily, I found a Twelve Kingdoms fansite with an extensive character list that included the names in kanji so I could copy and paste into the character search.

I’m not sure what to do with my Zodiac P.I. costume though. I’ve never seen another cosplay from that manga on American sites and apparently there isn’t even cosplay of it on Cure! o_O; It also looks like no one there has cosplayed Sarah and Cyndia/Cecelia either. From a tutorial I found, it looks like new series and characters can only be added through the Japanese version of the site and it looks kind of complicated. Any tips from those of you who also have profiles there?
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For those of you going to Otakon, have fun! :-) This will probably be my last post before everyone leaves for the con. And since I’m leaving for the Adirondacks on Sunday, I probably won’t get a chance to read con reports and such until a week later. My siblings might bring a laptop but I have no idea if there’s going to be an internet connection at the townhouse. I’ll have my cell phone though and might try setting up phone posts before I go. And maybe, I’ll mail a few postcards if I find some nice ones. But don’t expect to hear from me much between the 19th and the 26th. ^_^;

Meanwhile, I’m working on making up a couple of kits for projects from the Omiyage book to handsew while I’m on vacation. I expect quite a bit of quiet time since we’re going to be staying outside of the village. Might be nice to just sit on the balcony and watch the lake and sew. ^_^

I also got started on a dress with my new fabric over the weekend. I’m making View D from this pattern although I’ll probably omit the bow:
It’s going more slowly than I’d like since I’ve had to fuss with the bodice. I’ve already taken it in one size but the neckline still gaps, especially in the back, even though this is the smallest size that will fit the middle of my bust and my ribs. -_-; I was hoping to finish it before I left for vacation but not sure if that’s going to happen.
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Boy, I feel like a dunce. ._.; I cut out my fabric for a quick summer skirt last night and sewed for about an hour today before realizing it was too small. It was supposed to be a flared skirt with an elastic waistband and part of the problem was that the pattern called for 60” fabric and the stuff I wanted to use was 45”. There was a lot of ease in the hips and I found a smaller size would just fit my fabric when shortened 3”. Since the waistband was going to be elastic, I figured I didn’t need to worry much about it and forgot to make sure the measurement at the waistline would be large enough to get over my hips. -_-;; I haven’t got enough fabric left to try again with that pattern but could probably make a different skirt.

The extremes of my sewing this year seem laughable. I’ve managed to build my first corset, first panniers, and first hoopskirt. I made my phoenix prop in 3 weeks. I made Tamaki’s ballgown in 3 weeks. And yet I mess up on stupid stuff like this; this is the fourth garment where I’ve had fitting issues this year. o_O

On a more cheerful note, I finished my first project from the Omiyage book a few days ago. ^_^ It’s the pouch design titled “Candy Twist.” The pattern called for one light fabric, one dark fabric, and checkered fabric so I only picked the floral prints. (Colors are a bit murky in the pictures; it looks nicer in person.) I used more of the checkered fabric for lining and the bottom of the bag is gathered into a fabric-covered button. I want to try more stuff from that book and will probably do one of the flower-shaped pouches next.

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Last year, I bought a copy of this book about Japanese style gifts made from fabric. It has a lot of cute pouches and little things pieced together from different fabrics. Since I’m taking a break from cosplay stuff for a few weeks, I thought this would be a good time to finally try out some of the projects in there. I’ve been slowly collecting bits of fabric to use for them (both Japanese print handkerchiefs bought at cons and regular quilting cottons) but wanted some more before I started. So, I went shopping for supplies yesterday. ^_^

I went by Daytona Trimming first to pick up some cords to use as drawstrings. Wasn’t sure what colors I would end up using yet and they were 3 yards/$1 so I bought a bunch of different colors. I walked over to Kinokuniya next and saw a parade going up the street outside. Had tea in the cafe and picked up the latest volume of Trinity Blood for my sister’s birthday present.

My last stop was going to be near FIT so I started wandering downtown after that. I was rather surprised when I went by Toho Shoji and saw half of the storefront boarded up. o_O They were open and things looked mostly normal on the inside. But except for some broken fragments at the top, the glass on the boarded up side was all gone. The doors were also missing and the metal door frame slightly warped. o_o; Made me wonder if a car had hit the store but the fire hydrant and trees nearby seemed unscathed. Whatever happened, I hope no one was hurt. The shop was normal the last time I was in there to get beads for my Tamaki earrings so whatever it was must have happened within the last few weeks.

Kept walking down 6th Ave and found a street fair. Looked through some of the tables and picked up a pretty compact for $6. ^_^ Saw some glass pendants and beads for sale cheaply, too, but didn’t have ideas for things to make with any of them so that was the only thing I bought.

Finally met up with [ profile] ifuritaoni, who I’d made plans to hang out with, and we browsed through The City Quilter on 25th Street. I’d heard it mentioned before by a friend who quilts but it was my first time actually going there. They had mostly cottons and tons of prints, some of them rather quirky or random. (among other things, Jetsons characters, chocolate covered strawberries, and handcuffs o_O) There were some that reminded me of lolita clothes, too. I ended up buying 1/4 yard each of 16 different fabrics, mostly Japanese prints. ^_^ (No, I’m not going to try to put them all into a single project. :-P) If anyone is ever looking for Japanese prints around the city, I suggest checking this shop out since I’ve never seen much of those styles in the fashion district.

Went downtown to get a ride home with my father. I guess I was lucky because as soon as I got in the car, it started raining and within a few minutes, it was pouring despite the sun still being out! Saw a rainbow after it stopped.

Got home and then went out again for dinner with my family and relatives to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was a pretty nice Saturday. ^_^ I’d like to do this kind of stuff more often over the summer. If anyone wants to go shopping for fabric or crafty things together or have lunch sometime, let me know. I’m free most Saturdays (probably doing things with my family for July 4th though) and could possibly go out once in a while on a weekday.
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This past weekend was pretty productive. I thought about getting started on a new cross stitch project but couldn’t find a large enough piece of fabric in my room for the big patterns I was considering. But I did find a bunch of small pieces I stitched years ago in a drawer so I took a couple out and did finishing work on them while watching volume 2 of Tsubasa. They’re now ready to be hung on the tree at Christmas! ^_^ I believe these were freebie Just Nan patterns that I stitched back in the late ‘90s. (Yes, I’m really lazy about getting my cross stitch framed, made into pillows, turned into ornaments, etc. ^_^;;) Should have made the smaller one a little larger but I’d already trimmed the fabric down by the time I realized.

I got started on the sewing my new Count D costume, too. I cut strips of bias in the gold fabric to use for trim on Saturday and it finally hit me how much of that stuff I’m going to need with the 3 layers plus the 2 layered collar. o_o; And how long it’s going to take me to sew all of it because I’m crazy and would probably want to tack down the back side of the bias binding by hand to avoid visible stitches on the outside. x_x;

I also got fabric for my underskirt cut Saturday night and sewed it together on Sunday. It’s just a couple of rectangles of fabric with some pleats for fullness and an elastic waistband. Other than the sash, that will probably be the only quick part of the costume sewing wise. ^_^;

I’ve been thinking a bit about what I want to do about shoes, too. Now that I’ve started sewing, I don’t know if trying to make the length adjustable will work out well. Right now, the underskirt is done so it’d be the proper length if I wore it with 3-4 inch heels. Maybe, I’ll just get heels and decorate the front like the slippers he’s supposed to have with that outfit. Since the costume’s floor length, only the toes of the shoes would ever show anyway.

And I came up with a solution for my sewing room/cutting table problem and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier! ._.; Since the room is too small (about 9’ by 14’) to fit everything, my parents were going to let me also use the room next to it, which isn’t as nice, for ironing and storage. I finally realized I should just put the cutting table in that other room and have the ironing board in the sewing room instead! It would make more sense, too, since once I’ve gotten started on sewing something I’ll need the ironing board more for pressing seams and such.
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Ugh, I had another mouse encounter the other night. I found one when I walked into the bathroom and spent the next few minutes chasing it in circles with a stick. -_-; I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with a mouse at 2AM but I figured I’d better dispose of it since I didn’t want it scaring my grandmother if she got up to use the bathroom and it was still there.

In other news, I finished a little cross stitch project, the Pansy Roll by Shepherd’s Bush. ^_^ It was a kit that I’d started years ago but I didn’t get far with before getting distracted by something else. Finally pulled it out and finished it since I wanted some stitching to work on but was too lazy to rummage around for materials for a larger project. >_>; I was a little annoyed that the kit seemed to include the wrong lace; my piece didn’t match up to the picture and I had to improvise. And I goofed on a couple of things, too, but it came out decently.

I’ve made a few similar items before. They’re known as needlerolls (basically, cylindrical pincushions) and seemed to be rather popular back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I remember others talking about stitching a bunch of them and displaying them in a basket. No idea if they’re still popular these days since I’m rather out of the loop now when it comes to cross stitch. ^_^;
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There was a pretty bad thunderstorm here overnight and at the time, I figured it was worse than usual but nothing too out of the ordinary. Turns out I was completely wrong:

Our street seems okay but my father saw a fallen tree on the next block and I’ve heard about other downed trees and damaged cars around the neighborhood as well.

And completely unrelated but I crocheted a fuzzy scarf with some of the yarn I bought on Sunday. It’s just rows of single crochet so it was quick to do. I used 1 strand of Fun Fur in Sapphire and 1 of Boa in Parrot; the separate shades are on the right and I like how they look together in the scarf with the different colors and lengths of fur. Won’t actually need a scarf for months but it’ll be cozy for winter!

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Hmm… I’ve been up to some crafty things this weekend. On Friday, I pulled out a Faberge egg needlepoint canvas that I’d started long ago. I just had the background left and started on it while watching some anime. I was filling it in with plain old tent stitch so it went relatively quickly. I finished it up tonight and I think I’ll turn it into a Christmas ornament after I find some fabric for backing. ^_^

This morning, I went by the Rag Shop to see if there was any good stuff left for cheap. It’s really disappointing that the chain is going out of business since it was one of the only places I could get sewing patterns locally and the only other big crafts places I know of in the city are in Staten Island, which is probably the toughest borough to get to without a car (not to mention the $9 bridge toll if you do have a car >_>;). The store here was probably one that had been doing well, too, since it had just moved into a new, larger space last year. -_-

Anyway, the needlework stuff was almost gone as well as the fabric. Didn’t find anything I wanted in either section. There seemed to be a lot of fuzzy yarns like Fun Fur left though. (Maybe, because they’re really only good for little things like scarves? A whole sweater in one of those would probably look weird.) I’d always thought it would be fun to play with some of that stuff but had never bought any before since it was $5 for a little ball. Picked out a bunch of different colors and got 14 skeins for $2 apiece. :-D I’ll probably crochet a scarf or two and work bits into tassels mixed with other threads. (My brother asked if I was planning to get a cat. >_>)

Went to Barnes and Noble later in the day and browsed through the stitchery magazines. I picked up an Australian embroidery magazine called Inspirations which had some interesting looking stuff like stumpwork which I haven’t experimented with before. (For some reason, that particular store seemed to have mostly imported needlework magazines and few of the American ones. O_o) Might not actually do anything from it right away but it’ll be good to stash away for when I want to do something different. I’ll probably work on a couple more little crafty projects and get my sewing room set up before getting back to costume making.

Speaking of cosplay, I’ve been meaning to write up a list of potential costumes. Maybe, I’ll work on that tomorrow after I finish up some paperwork.


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