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Wow, I’ve been lazy about posting. ^_^;; Still haven’t even written about Katsucon yet but I think I’ll wait until after the weekend.

Anyway, Anime Boston is this weekend and it looks like I’ll be on my own this year; my brother had been thinking of going to PAX East but decided a few days ago to stay home instead. By the way, is anyone looking for a PAX badge? I think he’s trying to sell his.

Still trying to figure out what to pack for Boston other than Lia, which now has the missing panel added and a redone ruffle on the chemise. After Katsucon, I just wanted a break from sewing before going back to it. Haven’t started on another cosplay yet since the ones I’m more interested in would have taken a lot of embellishment and I didn’t want to rush. I did start sewing a dress out of a fun Japanese print fabric but don’t know if I’ll bother to try finishing it for Boston since it’s more of a summer dress and it’ll be somewhat cool this weekend.

Probably a couple of older costumes without really bulky pieces since Lia already has a quilted petticoat and I’ll only have one suitcase for costumes plus all the other stuff I usually bring to cons. So, no jellyfish dress since that plus Lia just about filled my whole suitcase for Katsucon. Might pack my D kimono or one of my Ryuuren costumes.
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So, this is what my con list looks like so far for next year. It’s pretty lopsided with nearly everything in the first half of the year. ^_^;

Katsucon: Finally going to Katsucon for the first time next year. Also, I’ve known since July but figured it was too early for people to be working on Katsu costumes yet… I have been asked to craftsmanship judge for the masquerade. So, if anyone is entering, please put any progress under LJ cuts.
Anime Boston: Planning to go as usual.
Costume Con: Already registered and definitely going. ^_^ Late April is going to be kind of crazy with this being the weekend after AB and I suspect one of these will end up conflicting with Sakura Matsuri so I’ll most likely be missing that next year.
AnimeNext: Planning to go like usual.
NYCC/NYAF Not crazy about the crowds but I guess I’ll go since it’s local.

Now for some group recruitment… Anyone up for Ancient Chinese fun at Katsucon? :-D We’re planning a Saiunkoku group for then and would love to have more people. Obviously, this is a non-competing group and we’re likely doing this on Friday to avoid masquerade stuff. There are definitely going to be group photos. And I want to see if we can manage to bring some tea cups and blooming flower tea as props since I already always pack a hot pot for boiling water.

I can’t find any big group pictures but there are still dozens of unclaimed characters, including a few main and tons of supporting. The series skews heavily towards male characters but there are several girls, too. Not a complete list but there are a lot more character designs here:

So far, we have:

Shuurei: [ profile] neoangelwink
Ryuuki: [ profile] athena_chan
Ryuuren: [ profile] ladyofthethread
Eigetsu: [ profile] kitsunesqueak

So, anyone else want to join neoangelwink’s reverse harem? XD

And if no one claims Seiran, would anyone be willing to wear his everyday outfit if I made it? I realized with leftovers from other costumes, I probably have most of the fabric for it already and ordered a wig on impulse during a sale so I figure I’ll do it for myself at some point. But since I want to be Ryuuren for the group, I can’t wear it then. This is only if no one else wants to make a costume for him and you would need your own boots. It’s this outfit:


Also, I need to start planning for the Kaleido Star group for Costume Con. Sorry for the lack of updates on this since several of you already expressed interest months ago. ._.; I had been hoping to start group discussion over the summer but that real life had other ideas and it didn’t happen. I’ve e-mailed the masquerade directors and am trying to figure some things out now. Still need to figure out divisions but they did okay including my old Sarah costume in a presentation since I’m making something new for myself and all the other costumes for the group are going to be new. So…

Is there anyone going to Costume Con who would be willing to wear my Sarah costume for a Sci-Fi and Fantasy masquerade group on Saturday? If I recall correctly, I made it for measurements of about 38” bust and hips, 27” waist but it’s not super tight. I’m 5’3” but I wore heels with it to keep the fur from dragging on the floor so it would probably also be okay for someone 2-3” taller with flats. It’s this costume for those who don’t recall what it looks like:


And if anyone else is interested in possibly joining the group, let me know. We’re doing the Cinderella costumes.
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Hmm… Looks like a lot of people are talking about AUSA plans. I’m going to be staying in town though. Anyone else not going to AUSA and interested in doing something around the city this weekend?

I’ve been taking a break and doing some crochet and my mother has been giving me regular clothes to alter/repair but I’m probably going to get back to working on costume stuff soon. I figure I’ll finish up the clothes for the Miss Scarlet version of Daphne first. Then, my next projects are probably going to be Kyoya and Youko since I’ve started buying fabric for them. Not sure yet what else I’ll be doing for next year. If anyone wants to do a group with me for something I've cosplayed/am planning to cosplay, let me know. It's been ages since I've had a group. ;_;

So far, it looks like my con schedule next year is:

Anime Boston, April 2-4
AnimeNext, June 18-20
NYCC/NYAF, October 8-10

I’d really like to add at least one more con to that (especially since I’m blah about AnimeNext’s new location and blah about NYAF being merged into NYCC) but not sure what could work. :-/

Katsucon is out since it falls on Chinese New Year. I’d love to do Costume Con again but it’s in Milwaukee next year, which is too far to be feasible for me. T_T (I checked and the shortest trip by train is nearly 24 hours!) Although I’d love to see some Canadian friends again, Anime North is a pretty long trip and in May which would put it between AB and ANext; I’ve found that trying to do 3 cons within less than 3 months is very tiring so it doesn’t seem like a very feasible idea either. :-/ There’s a lot of stuff I dislike about Otakon and I don’t enjoy it nearly enough, considering the cost. So, I’d rather not go back unless there’s a really good reason.

Anyone have suggestions? What’s worth traveling for and within feasible distance of NY by bus or train? Is AUSA good since a lot of you seem to go? Other ideas?
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Okay, I’m feeling better now than when I wrote that middle of the night rant. Still don’t know if I’ll manage to finish my Le Chevalier cosplay for Costume Con but I went out today and picked up some more fabric, including a rainbow of silks to use for my phoenix prop. The text described Suioh as a rainbow colored bird but there’s no color pic of her; there is a different phoenix on one of the sequel covers so I’m going to use that as a starting point for where to put different colors but I might change it around a bit. Going to take a break from Ekaterina and play around with this stuff over the weekend instead.

I did a similar poll a few months back but I know some people’s plans have changed since then. Since it’s only a few weeks away now and people probably have a better idea, I’m wondering if I’ll see any of you at Costume Con. ^_^ (It’s May 1-4, near Baltimore.) The website has had a lot of info added recently, including a list of panel/workshop topics and parties. Should be lots to see with all the contests, too. The weekend pass is $100 for all 4 days. Plus, there are 1 day passes for $45 and evening passes for $10, which might be good if you’re local and want to check it out for a bit. I’m sure there’ll be lots of new people to meet but it would be nice to see some familiar faces, too. :-) My father is driving down with me the day before but he’ll just be relaxing in the hotel room over the weekend and my brother isn’t coming so I’m probably on my own most of the time.

[Poll #1381016]
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I know most people already did this a week or two ago but I'm just getting to it now. ^_^;

2007 Cosplay and cons review )

And some bonus pics/silly stuff )

So, I made 4 new costumes this year, which is the usual number for me. I felt the costumes I made this year were kind of boring though. :-/ Last year, I did crazy stuff like the extension with the huge loops of hair for Youka, tons of beading on Terra, and the hand painted peacock feathers plus tricky neckline and glove on my first Count D costume.

But this year has leaned towards simple stuff and I didn’t try out many new things since Ayame made me feel burned out. (Brother broke the sewing machine; new machine was defective and had to be exchanged; iron leaked all over and had to be replaced. x_x The craftsmanship was great and I’m happy I got a nice award for it but I was just sick of working on it towards the end and depressed that I ended up not liking how I looked in it.) Plus, I wasn’t used to having 3 big cons within 2 ½ months. I usually work on an average costume over a month or two so I always felt behind then and ended up postponing more ambitious projects.

On the bright side, my parents cleaned up a room in the basement and gave it to me to use as a sewing room this summer. ^_^ Still need to get it properly set up and decorated but it’s useable. I also got myself a dressform since the sewing room meant I finally had space for one. ^_^ And after a break from sewing, I made the latest D costume, which helped bring back my enthusiasm for making costumes and got me out of my slump. It’s now my favorite costume and I’m happy to end the year on a high note with it.

I also attended 6 cons this year, more than ever before due to both traveling more and having more events pop up locally. For a couple of years, I’ve wanted to try some cons beyond NY/NJ and was happy to make it to Anime Boston and Anime North this year. ^_^

For 2008, I’ve got stuff planned for a couple of series I haven’t cosplayed yet and hopefully, I’ll get back to doing some more challenging stuff. ^_^ So far, the only cons that are definite are Anime Boston and AnimeNext. And I’ll probably go to whatever things pop up within commuting distance like NYAF (although I might skip NYCC since it’s mainly the anime/manga stuff I’m interested in). I’d like to travel for one more con next year but I’m not sure what.

Anime North is out since my family doesn’t want to go back and Katsucon is highly unlikely because it’s relatively close to Chinese New Year which is a big deal to my mother (plus I’m not crazy about the idea of traveling in February). I’m wondering about going back to Otakon although I didn’t find the con itself that great when I went in 2006 or checking out the new Providence Anime Conference. Anyone have suggestions? Nothing too far away (I won’t fly) and preferably something with at least a few thousand attendees (I find it somewhat easy to get bored at tiny cons ^_^;).
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The package of Toronto info that I ordered for my father from AAA came today. I wasn’t sure how much luck I’d have convincing him to take a trip there next year but the chances actually look decent at the moment. I suggested trying for around Memorial Day so I could go to Anime North, in addition to us having a family vacation/seeing my mother’s friends and relatives, and he seemed agreeable. ^_^ My father actually started browsing through hotel listings already so I’m hopeful. *crosses fingers* Must do some research on that this weekend. I assume we’d stay at least a few days in addition to Anime North so I’m not sure if it’s best to book near the convention center or downtown. My parents would want nice rooms and downtown would be closer to their friends, too.

Hmm… Seems like my prospective cons for next year are mostly squished into the first half of the year. I’m definitely going to NY Comic Con and AnimeNext. And Anime Boston and Anime North are maybes. Guess I’d better start on my new costumes soon since there’s only 5 weeks between AB and Anime North. Then, Next is 6 weeks after that. I like to have one new costume per anime con and 5 or 6 weeks is less time than I like when trying to make a costume; I always seem to end up taking longer than expected! ^_^;

Also, today, I made a little collage of my Q-Chan plushie with reference pic and finally did a prop listing for it at CosplayLab. I already did one for T-Chan a while back. They’re here if anyone wants to see them: Hmm… I should clean up my gallery sometime, too, since it’s kind of messy.

*glances around* And I should probably get organized around here, too. ^_^;;; Both my own stuff and my parents’ papers.
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If you missed my post about holiday cards yesterday and would like one, go here and leave me an address: If you’d like to send me one, too, let me know where I can leave you a mailing address. ^_^

Well, I’ve been thinking a bit about what cons I’ll attend next year. Here’s what I think about the more obvious possibilities so far…

Katsucon: definitely out because I checked the dates and it coincides with Chinese New Year; knowing my mother, she’d call me crazy if I asked to travel several states away for a con then.
NY Comic Con: will go for a day on Saturday like I did this year since it’s local
I-Con: Should I go for a day? I considered it a couple of years ago but decided it wasn’t worth the two hours on the train to get out there since it’s more of a sci-fi/fantasy con with limited anime programming. They seemed to add a bit more anime stuff this year though.
Anime Boston: I’d like to go to this one. Will have to look into travel info and see if I can manage it with luggage and costumes. (I’ve taken a short trip to Boston on my own before but didn’t have lots of stuff to bring then.)
AnimeNext: definitely going, like every year. ^_^
Otakon: at this point, not likely; although it was cool meeting people from other parts of the country, I didn’t really like the huge size and location and the hotel was so expensive, too. Plus, next year, it’s only 2 weeks after AnimeNext.

*looks over list* So, the only definites now are NYCC and AnimeNext. I’d really like to go to more since I put so much work into my cosplays but the biggest hindrance is transporting the costumes because I don’t drive. I tend to do elaborate costumes and most just wouldn’t do very well being squished into a suitcase with all the other stuff I haul to cons (The top of my nyosen uniform wrinkles just from being on a hanger due to the weight of the fabric and wrinkles in my Terra gown would be a bad thing since it can’t be ironed easily with all the sequins.) And it wouldn’t be much fun to travel for a con but only be able to bring the really simple costumes like Tohru and Namine. :-/

Not sure if my family will go on any trips next year. If my parents weren’t reluctant to travel out of the country now, I’d try to talk them into a Canadian vacation to coincide with one of the Toronto cons like Anime North. (My mother has relatives in Toronto and it’s been several years since we last visited them.) And my father said something about wanting to go to a machinery trade show in Georgia next year if he had time. But I don’t know how likely that is to happen and whether there are any cons that would be feasible side trips since I don’t know the dates.

As for costumes, the two main projects I’d like to get done next year are Ayame’s parent teacher conference outfit from the Fruits Basket manga and Sora’s Saiyuki princess costume from Kaleido Star. Not completely sure which one I’d do first. If I am able to make it to Anime Boston, Ayame would probably be better since the outfit includes a coat and it won’t be overly warm yet. But Sora’s costume seems like it would be more fun to make. And it’d be kind of nice to do a girl character again and not have to worry about binding after two crossplays in a row.

I have a third minor project planned, too. A very simple outfit Count D wore when he went on vacation with Leon and Chris. I’ve been thinking I need another simple costume for times when I want a break from wearing the elaborate ones. And I wanted to do this one since that part of the manga amused me a lot. (Count D with amnesia XD) Just going to use cotton for this; I’ve bought fabric already although I’ll have to add the faint floral pattern myself. Not in a hurry to make this since I’ve already got two D costumes and the photo idea I have for it would work best with warm weather. *wants to go to the beach and pretend to look for mermaids*

I’ll probably end up doing another costume or two also but not sure what those will be yet. Haven’t come up with any new characters I want to cosplay since the last costume list I did after Otakon.


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