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More photos updates from my brother. (It’s a record! He actually finished con photos in a week this time!)

[ profile] yeu, the photos of you and your groups are up.
Macross Frontier:

And [ profile] neoangelwink, the pics of the cupcake dress you modeled for the fashion show are up:

Dim sum yesterday was fun. ^_^ Thanks to [ profile] neoangelwink, [ profile] loudnbothered, [ profile] athena_chan, [ profile] ifuritaoni, [ profile] lampbane and her boyfriend for coming! Unfortunately, it started raining while we were at the restaurant so the ending turned out rather soggy with trying to walk everyone back to the train and bus in the rain. ._.; It would have been nice to hang out longer if it weren’t for the weather.

Now that NYAF is over and I’ve caught up on some other things, I’m thinking a bit about what to sew next. I don’t expect to go to another con until Anime Boston in April but Halloween is coming up and one of my mother’s friends invited us to a wedding the day after.

I bought a couple of yards of shimmery pink fabric and a pattern a while back, thinking I’d make a dress to wear for the wedding. I’ve kind of lost my enthusiasm though since the weather suddenly got so cold last week and I have a sleeveless dress pattern. :-/

For Halloween, I’m tempted to make a Daphne costume from Scooby Doo… And now, people are probably thinking I’ve finally lost my mind after Ekaterina and all the other huge projects I normally do. :-P But seriously, I loved Scooby Doo when I was a kid and I’ve been feeling nostalgic since I picked up a couple of the box sets recently. And I could probably get away with using the red wig I bought for Youko although it won’t be exact; I don’t see myself wearing this at a con other than maybe NYCC/NYAF when they’re combined next year so I’d rather not buy a new wig for it. >_>;

I’m kind of trying to decide whether I want to do the regular purple dress version or the Clue version where she’s dressed as Miss Scarlet. I think the Clue version might be more fun since I love alternate costumes but I don’t think anyone would get it unless I carried around a Scooby Doo plushie dressed as Colonel Mustard. Otherwise, I’d probably just look like a redhead in a red cocktail dress. ^_^;; Normal purple dress version would be much easier to recognize without props and warmer though since it has long sleeves, a higher neckline and the green scarf.

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Lots of food this week. My parents had their anniversary dinner on Sunday night. My birthday was today so my mother cooked a huge dinner. And I’m working on birthday plans for this weekend. ^_^;

For those who expressed interest, I sent out details about dim sum in Brooklyn on Saturday through PM. If you haven’t already, please check your messages and RSVP by Friday. I think I sent the info to everyone who said they were okay with this weekend and dim sum rather than afternoon tea. But if I missed anyone, let me know!
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Birthday plans are still a bit up in the air. This weekend is definitely out since I’m going to need the time to finish up cosplay stuff. The results from the last poll were pretty much tied between Sunday of NYAF and the Saturday after but I think the latter would work out better since it’s not that easy to get from the Javits to other parts of the city and my parents’ anniversary party is that Sunday night.

If it’s afternoon tea, it might depend on the size of the group since some places have small tables/limited space. If it’s a bigger group, we might have to resort to just hanging out at the Kinokuniya café. ^_^;; We could possibly visit some fabric, bead shops, etc. afterwards too. This could be anytime that afternoon although I’d have to leave around 5 since the Mid-Autumn Festival is that night.

If it’s dim sum, it’ll be in Brooklyn since there’s a place that serves it nearby; I haven’t had dim sum in Manhattan for well over 10 years and have no idea where would be a good place for it there. It’s pretty simple to get here by subway (it’s just a few stops from Chris and Carrie’s place) and there are large tables that can seat 10 so it wouldn’t be a problem if there’s a larger group. There isn’t much to do around the neighborhood afterwards though unless people want to buy bubble tea or Asian snacks. ^_^;; This would have to be around noon since the dim sum selection dwindles after the lunch crowd is gone. This would be a bit easier for me since I wouldn’t have to make a trip into the city but I’m not sure if it’s an issue for other people. If most people are okay with either, I’ll probably go for this.

So, new poll for those interested in coming…

[Poll #1457683]

And costume progress…

I finished figuring out my jacket pattern last week and got a got a good amount of work done on the real thing over the weekend. Hopefully, I’ll get it finished this week so I can concentrate on the other minor things left next week plus putting together references and notes. Here’s the mockup from several days ago.

I’m undecided about what to do about shoes for Ekaterina since they were never shown. Considering the outfit, I think something simple and black would be appropriate. I’ve been looking around a bit for 18th Century style shoes and there are some Halloween costume ones that go for about $40 after shipping. But they don’t seem like a great deal considering I could probably buy a nice pair of shoes on sale for the same price. :-/ This site has nicer ones intended for historic costumers and more styles but it’d be expensive, even more if I also needed to buy buckles. (Although if I got one of the unisex styles, I could reuse them when I make the purple Kyoya costume.) I’ve also thought about just getting a pair of heeled black boots I can also wear regularly since my current pair is already a few years old and Chevalier designs aren’t historically accurate anyway. Like I highly doubt there were any purple boots like D’Eon wore with Lia’s dress back then. :-P
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Hmm… I’m not sure if I’m going to try to do anything for my birthday this year. Like last year, it’s a few days after NYAF. I did a tea thing last year on Sunday afternoon after the con but only [ profile] sakuralenayuy and [ profile] usa_ko were able to make it. It’s also a bit hard to get from the Javits to other places around town. ^_^; And I know there are several other birthdays on my friends list around then so I’m not sure if people are already planning other things.

Also, I just realized the other night it’s going to be a bit crazy around then because my parents’ 30th anniversary is the day before my birthday. My mother was saying that we’d have the dinner party for that on Sunday, which is the last day of NYAF. So, I wouldn’t have as much time to hang out after the con that day. And the Saturday after the con (10/3) is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival so that night is also out. And I assume the weekend before NYAF, people might be busy with last minute sewing. ^_^;; Nights in general don’t work that well for me so I’d prefer to do a lunch/brunch thing (maybe dim sum?) or afternoon tea.

So, a little poll to help me figure out if it’s worth trying to plan anything or not…

[Poll #1450367]

Ekaterina’s petticoat has been done for a few days. On Wednesday, I went out and got millinery wire, buckram, and some wool so I can try to make a tricorne. Visited [ profile] neoangelwink afterwards and cut out some of my hat pieces at her place. Also met her friend Flippy.

Hopefully, I’ll get the hat finished up over the weekend and then I should start messing around with the coat pattern again and see if I can finally get it to work this time.

And I think I’m about finished with uploading stuff to the Cure account I made a few weeks ago. I threw one of my Terra photos into the weekly contest on the Japanese side of the site since the current theme is all FF characters. Mostly just to amuse myself since I almost never have a costume that fits series contests on cosplay sites. I don’t actually expect to get any votes but figured it might be good for a bit of exposure. Only knew about the weekly contest because I remembered [ profile] waynekaa talking about one some months back.

Okay, off to work on that hat…
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Hmm… A few things coming up this month. I’m supposed to go to a wedding with my parents next Saturday. (As usual, my siblings have refused to go. >_>;) So, I’ve got to get that dress out of the closet and put in a new zipper sometime within the next week.

Then, at the end of the month, it’s my parents’ anniversary. Not sure what I’ll do for the occasion. Probably just buy them a card and maybe bake a cake. Shopping for gifts for my parents tends to be impossible in terms of finding something they’ll actually like/use. *thinks of the things that she has given her parents before that have just sat around and collected dust* -_- For their 25th anniversary a couple of years back, I bought them new frames for their wedding portraits since I couldn’t think of anything better. But mostly, I’ve given up on gift shopping for them. :-/

And my birthday is the following day, which probably means another boring dinner party with relatives at a Chinese restaurant. Nothing to get too excited about really since my family tends to just give me money rather than buying gifts. Not that money isn’t helpful, it’s just not the most exciting present when you’re already pretty well off. ^_^;;; Plus, I’m getting old; I was born the day after my parents’ first anniversary… >_>;

And a meme from a few people on my friends list:

My Interests Collage! )
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