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Costume stuff has been going pretty well but real life stuff has been kind of blah lately.

Unfortunately, my grandmother is still ailing with pain from rheumatism, some bouts of coughing, and decreased strength in general. :-( She’s so shaky on her feet that we’ve been bringing meals up to her the past 3 weeks and worried about leaving her alone for more than a few hours. It’s depressing and I’m hoping her strength will get back to normal soon since it’s been a strain on my mother, too.

Also, things have been a bit aggravating with trying to get my first credit card. Went in to Chase with my parents to apply at the end of January and got a letter the next week saying I was denied for not having credit history. (And ironically, in the same day’s mail was another offer for the exact same card I was rejected for! :-P) It was kind of stupid since the reason I never had one before was that I don’t need to borrow! I’d just keep using my check cards but I figure it’s about time I worked on building some credit in case I eventually need a loan for something big like a house in the future.

So, my father talked to the lady who helped us at the bank and she said she’ll look into it. A couple of weeks ago, she called him and told him the card was approved. I waited but there was still no card in the mail so I called the banker again yesterday and after checking, she says I should get it next week. Then, I got another denial letter in the mail today and called the bank but gave up after being on hold for 15-20 minutes. So, my father went over to the bank instead and it seems the letter was sent out before they had all the information and that I should be getting the card after all. The banker has seemed helpful but this really looks like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing! >_> And hopefully this will be the end of it or I’ll be tempted to pull something like that scene in Gankutsuou when the Count went to ask Baron Danglars for a line of credit. >_>

And while I’m on financial rants, Countrywide junk mail is starting to irritate me, too, since I do all the mail and bills here. You would think after sending the same garbage each month and getting no response, they might figure out they’re just wasting money but no. No wonder Bank of America has to bail them out. >_> Really, who would want a credit card with the logo of a failed mortgage company?!

Bah, and reading the finance news these days is just depressing. -_-

Moving on to better news… I’m hoping to finish Sarah’s dress within the next week. I’ve gotten the main pieces stitched together but still need to add the pieces for the points at the bottom. Had to take it in a bit more around the waist and hips since it was a bit baggy there but it fits pretty well now. I hope the lower part will come together okay and fit properly over the poofy bottom of the underskirt. I’m a bit nervous about it working out right since I’m not the greatest at patterning. It should be fun to wear though. I tried on everything I have so far the other day and it looks good so far. ^_^ Even if I kind of look like some weird Arctic mermaid with the faux fur fanning out at the bottom of the costume and the fluffy hood. XD;
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Hmm… It’s been about 2 weeks since I last updated because I’ve been lazy. >_>; So, this is going to be a huge collection of random stuff… Update for the Anime Boston PSOH group next time.

To [profile] selphie84 and [ profile] ngmaster: Thanks for the call yesterday. It was a nice little unexpected surprise. :-D Sorry I didn’t actually make it into the city to meet up with you guys.

Next, it seems I need to note a correction to something I posted after NYAF. Shortly before Christmas, I wrote to Peter Tatara for clarification about the awards and got a reply a couple of weeks ago. The only award he has me listed for is 1st Place Craftsman and he says there wasn’t a Best of Show for the hall contest, only Best Craftsmanship. I’m not really upset about it or anything but it makes me wonder a bit if I’m losing my mind since I could have sworn they announced a Best of Show tie between me and one of the novice winners at the end, after I went up to the stage. ._.;

On to a more serious matter, I’m kind of questioning how well Chase handles their statements. The other week, they sent a letter saying that they mistakenly listed $0 balances for some accounts on statements they sent out in December (of course, I caught it when the statement first arrived). This is the second time they’ve messed up on one of my parents’ statements within the past half year. -_- And their statements already annoy me because they don’t seem that user friendly. I don’t claim to be a financial genius but I did take finance as one of my majors at NYU and graduated with honors; yet, their statements still don’t make complete sense to me at times! >_<

Since it’s the beginning of the year, my family’s mailbox is being crammed with tax return documents and it’s my job to keep track of them all; it adds up to a lot of mail with 6 of us here. I found it pretty silly that my bank sent me a separate mail for the $1.02 of interest that I had from my checking account instead of just tacking it onto the one from my savings account!

I recently finished watching Le Chevalier D’Eon. cut for spoilers )

And I got the 5th volume of the Petshop of Horrors sequel the other week. Not completely sure what’s going on at times since I don’t know any Japanese but a couple of parts were pretty darn weird. O_o; cut for spoilers )

I’m finally getting back to working on cosplay stuff now and have been sewing the underskirt for Sarah’s Cinderella costume. I made it with some leftover white cotton and attached a few layers of netting near the hem to make the bottom poofy. Still need to put faux fur over the netting but I’m thinking I should get new material because the fur I have now has a rather short pile and doesn’t look fluffy enough. I’d bought it because I was having trouble finding anything else in white other than fun fur (the stuff I used for my T-Chan plushie) and I thought the backing on that might be too stiff. Don’t know what I’d do with the yard and a half that I already have though since nothing else I want to cosplay calls for fake fur.

And the other night, my siblings and I randomly got onto the subject of old computer games at dinner. The 7th Guest, Myst, Monkey Island, Laura Bow, lots of lesser known stuff and even text games! My favorites from those days had to be the adventure games which didn’t require much combat (if any) and mostly involved collecting items and using them to solve puzzles and advance the storyline. Never got too much into games that involved lots of combat since my coordination is terrible. Like I remember we had a PC version of Street Fighter and I never used the special moves because of my awful coordination with such things. ^_^;; And I think I usually failed miserably when trying to kill the monsters in Alone in the Dark. XD; I wonder if there are still any good adventure games released these days… I don’t play games as often now and I don’t think I’ve played any as involved as the ones from the ‘90s for a long time.

Okay, I’m done. I did say this post was going to be random, didn’t I? :-P
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Hmm… It’s been nearly a week since I updated. From the response to the last post, it looks like we should have a decent size PSOH group for Anime Boston. ^_^ There should be D, his grandpa, Leon, Medusa, Ten-Chan, and maybe, Pon-Chan and Honlon. Then, for AnimeNext, I’ll do a smaller group with kiwi lady as T-Chan plus whoever wants to rewear their costumes. If any changes or additions are needed, let me know.

Went to the dentist on Monday and got the decaying wisdom tooth removed. Luckily, this one could just be pulled out normally. I still need to go back sometime to have the last one taken out and the dentist said that one would have to be sawed. Not looking forward to that. x_x;

And I’ve discovered that Chase statements can be ridiculously messed up. I was working with my parents’ latest statement and it claimed a recently created account had a balance at the end of the last period, 10 days BEFORE the account was actually created. O_o They added in the amount to the balance for the previous month and part of the money in the new account had been transferred from an existing account, meaning that money was counted twice and inflated the total balance for the previous month to way more than it should have been. Before figuring that out, I was looking at the total balances for the past couple of months and wondering, “Where the hell did all that money go?!” I told my father to go and yell at the bank. >_>

I started working on the main robe for my new D costume and have the sleeves done so far. Also, I finally got heels to wear under the outfit so I won’t be so short. I know he really wears slippers but since the costume is floor length, I’m going with trying to appear taller to match the overall look (he’s like 10 heads tall in the reference!) over having completely accurate shoes. I got these black 4” wedges on clearance for $15.

I would have preferred a lighter color since his slippers with that costume were shown as being light but I figured I wasn’t likely to find anything else that cheap and I can try shoe dye if I have time. I’d been looking for a few weeks and it seems hard to find wedges with plain, closed toes that aren’t over $60 and/or made of an obviously unsuitable material. It would have been easier to get stilettos but I have no practice walking in those and I don’t have a Leon to catch me if I start toppling over! ^_^;;

And I’ve been messing around with my Sora wig some more. It’s still kind of streaky and getting a bit frizzy at the ends. At this point, I think I’m better off getting a new wig and trying the dyeing again when I get around to making the rest of that costume. It started as this dark purple New Look wig and is still useable but I’m not completely satisfied with the dye job. I was trying to match this but think I went a little too red with the repeated dyeing attempts since some spots wouldn’t color as easily. 

[profile] neoangelwink, let me know if you’d like this wig for your Sora costume; I got the reply from your entry but wasn’t sure. If you want it and can pick it up next time you’re in the city, you can have it for free.

Hmm… Halloween is less than a week away and I have no idea what I’m doing. The botanic gardens has their Halloween event this Sunday but I’m not sure if I’ll go to get pictures like I did the last two years since I’ve been lazy and haven’t planned. Maybe, I’ll wander around the city a bit on Wednesday but not sure what I’d wear if I do since it looks like it’ll be colder this year. 


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