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Got back from AnimeNext on Sunday afternoon. Hello to those of you I saw over there. :-) Sorry if I seemed kind of out of it at times since I got very little sleep over the weekend; I was stuck sharing a bed with my brother, who rolled around a lot in his sleep, and [ profile] shinei told me I looked like a zombie on Saturday morning. X_X; If anyone new wants to friend me, feel free to do so and comment to introduce yourself. I generally add everyone back as long as I have an idea who you are.

Good points:
-saw a lot of people over the con and finally got a chance to chat with some in person
-got a Kaleido Star DVD autographed by one of the Japanese guests of honor, Toyo Ikeda, who was an associate producer for the series ^_^
-Kaleido Star panel ^_^
-photo shoot of D’s sister with [ profile] ngmaster
-won an honorable mention in the hall contest for Count D’s sister
-masquerade started on time this year
-cosplay chess was fun to watch
-free hotel room since I had so many Marriott Rewards points after my family’s Toronto trip in May ^_^;

Bad points:
-hotel room confusion at the beginning (had to switch rooms because the first only had one bed and then another group was also given keys to our second room by mistake o_o;)
-not enough sleep X_X
-pre-reg line was so much longer than the new registration line on Friday morning
-only got to wear Ayame for a couple of hours on Saturday morning because it was so hot out and I was boiling in all the black brocade x_x;
-dress for D’s sister got stained; I was able to get it out but that was not a nice way to end Saturday. >_<
-having to drop out of cosplay chess as a piece; I hate having to back out of stuff -_-; but my body just wasn’t completely up to it and Jamie assured me she still had enough people to fill the board.

I debuted my costume for D’s sister on Saturday and I think I confused everyone with it. LOL For once, I was actually supposed to be a girl in a dress and not a guy in a dress! But everyone kept thinking I was cosplaying Count D since he and his sister look like twins. (D and his relatives cause such gender confusion… XD) The hair and mismatched eyes are switched around but I doubt many remember that tiny detail since she was only in one chapter. And my contacts didn’t show that well on my dark eyes so I’m not sure if anyone actually noticed them to check which eye was gold and which was purple. (Um, just curious, were any of you actually able to see them? ^_^;) It would have been cool if I’d been able to find someone to wear one of my D costumes with me since I have both wigs but oh, well.

Took a few pictures but haven’t looked at them yet. Will try to get them up later this week.

Any photos of my costumes will probably just be the new dress since that’s the only one my brother got pictures of. And once again, I forgot to try reenacting that amnesiac D walks into a glass wall scene for a silly pic when I had the vacation outfit on. ^_^; Maybe, it’s surprising I didn’t accidentally walk into a glass wall considering the lack of sleep!

I’m not going to Otakon this year so now that AnimeNext is over, I’ll be taking a break from sewing costumes. 3 cons within 2 1/2 months and trying to make a new costume for each plus fixing Terra was just very tiring. x_x; I’ll probably do some planning for future costumes but don’t intend to start sewing them yet. Meanwhile, I think I’ll make myself some random jewelry or do a bit of needlework. Maybe, sew a summer skirt for regular wear since I haven’t had much luck with clothes shopping lately.

And unrelated but I have a few new Anime North pics from I like the photos of D’s vacation outfit other than how tired I look. There were a few of Terra, too, but only posting one.

a couple more pics )
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“Please, follow me. I have just the pet for you, right behind this door…”

So, here are the rest of my brother’s photos from Anime North. I love this photo of Count D, taken by the Chinese paneling in the basement. *_* I look appropriately pale for D, the door looks like one you could find in the back of his shop, and I seem to be beckoning some unsuspecting customer off-camera to their doom. The shadowy corner in the upper left adds a touch of creepiness, too.

I did Photoshop out a door in this pic because it was distracting (my brother didn’t want to do it because a friend had borrowed his tablet). It was painted to match the wall but the doorknob (which did not match) was right behind my arm. That’s why there’s a break in the wooden trim running along the base of the wall. ^_^;

More pics: Twelve Kingdoms, formal Terra, and new Count D costume )

And a question if anyone here is familiar with adjustable dressforms… I ordered a Singer dressform from JoAnn’s and it was delivered yesterday. I didn’t have any problems getting it assembled but when I was trying to set it to my measurements, there were several times when a dial would go snap and jump back down to a smaller measurement.

So, I’m wondering, is that normal O_o; or do these things just not work well with bigger differences between measurements since my measurements don’t all match up to one standard pattern size? (I was trying to set 38” for the bust and hips and 27.5” for the waist.) We always had the solid, non-adjustable forms when I took classes at Parsons so I’ve never worked with an adjustable one before. If anyone knows a way to avoid the form snapping back to smaller measurements on its own or has other tips for working with these forms, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. ^_^
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Well, here’s my long-winded Anime North commentary with some pictures (mostly Petshop of Horrors and a few Trinity Blood ones). It was an okay con although some things could have gone better. ^_^; The trip included quite a few little bumps along the way, some of them not actually related to the con but due to my own stuff going awry. I wish I had made it to more events and seen more but I still managed to have some fun.

Wednesday/Thursday: some pre-con snags and the drive to Canada )

Friday: a kirin sighting and fun with pets :-D )

Saturday: masquerade madness and shiny things )

Sunday: plushie shopping and a dazed Count D )

And that was it for the con! Would I go back to Anime North? Maybe. Although I ended up missing a lot of things with the Renaissance being farther away than I expected, there were actually events/panels that I wanted to see (unlike last year at Otakon where I found almost no events I was interested in despite it being an even larger con!). The main obstacle if I wanted to go back would be the distance since I don’t drive and I certainly wouldn’t expect my father to agree to such a long trip again for the con. And with my tendency to make elaborate (and heavy!) costumes, transporting them by bus or train is rather a challenge. ^_^; Those are the main reasons why I don’t make it to cons outside of NY/NJ more often.

As for the rest of my trip, I’ll leave it for another post since this is already ridiculously long and people are probably falling asleep over their keyboards if they actually read through the whole thing. ^_^; So, later this week, middle of the night fire alarms, fish skin clothes, creepy underground tunnels, and hoop skirts. LOL
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Eep, just two more days to pack and prepare for Anime North! I’ve made some progress on things since last time.

The good things:
-I finished Count D’s vacation outfit today! Only took a week, which has to be a record for me, considering I usually end up doing complicated 1-3 month costumes. ^_^; So, of course, I’ll bring it to the con and will most likely take silly pictures with it since D with amnesia is hilarious. XD Will try to post a pic of it before I leave for the con.
-I finished decorating the extra mask I got the other day. I was trying to do it so it could go with either of my nicer D costumes but I think it matches the brocade robe better so that might be what I wear for the ball.
-Most of the older costumes I’m bringing also went to Anime Boston and were ironed after I got home so they don’t require pressing and can just be put in garment bags.
-Confirmations for con registration and hotel rooms have been printed out.
-CD for my masquerade entry has been burned.
-Documentation for Terra has been printed.
-Masquerade entry form has been printed and mostly filled out. Still need to decide on wording for the intro for the MC to read.
-I’ll actually have little groups to cosplay with this time! ^_^ Exciting since some of my favorite series are so rarely cosplayed.

The bad things:
-I have the music ready but I don’t really know what the heck I’m doing for my masquerade presentation. ._.;;; I was trying to figure something out tonight after dinner and unfortunately, I found out that I can’t do things like spinning around. My formal Terra shoes have little kitten heels which cause me to wobble too much; they’re only like half an inch high but the base is about the size of a dime so it’s easy for me to end up off balance. Looks like I might be stuck with just simple posing because I don’t want to risk falling over and hurting myself. I never did have great poses for that costume and it’s close fitting so I don’t even have big skirts or a cape or anything like that I could swish around. -_-;
-And I still have not heard anything more about my color contacts. I’m going to try calling the optometrist again tomorrow if I don’t hear anything but right now my chances of having contacts for Count D before we leave Thursday morning do not look that good. -_-

Tentative costume schedule:
Friday morning: Renrin for Twelve Kingdoms pics with [ profile] hikaruchan
Friday afternoon and evening: various Count D costumes for Petshop of Horrors group with [ profile] novaraven and her friends
Saturday until the masquerade ends: Terra
Saturday night: Count D’s brocade robe
Sunday: Renrin again and Count D’s vacation outfit

Oh, and I'm thinking of postponing the Kaleido Star cosplay I had planned for Anime Next. Because my Sora wig still looks like an unevenly colored mess and all I have are the sleeves. -_-; I'll only have a little over a month after I get back from Canada and I don't feel up to fixing the wig plus figuring out the other complications of the costume and making most of the thing in that little time.
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New Count D costume is going well and I should be able to finish it in time for Anime North. The skirt still needs a hem and the top needs the sleeves added but that’s about it.

Unfortunately, I called my optometrist again on Thursday and my purple contacts are still not here although the honey sample lens came in. -_- He knows I wanted to pick them up before leaving for Canada and said he’d call me when they come in. But we’re leaving early Thursday morning and if he doesn’t get them by sometime Tuesday, I’m probably not going to have time to run into the city and get them. When I ordered the purple contacts two weeks ago, he told me he thought he could get them in about a week so I had my hopes up that I’d be able to have contacts for D in time for Anime North, especially since I finally decided to splurge and get them. Plus, I’ll actually have a group to cosplay the series with this time. Damn toric prescription complicates everything. >_<

Went out in search of masks yesterday since I have a ticket for the masquerade ball at Anime North. I bought a gold one with red feathers on one side to go with my formal Terra. It’s one of those masks on a stick because I don’t want my wig to get messed up even more that it already does and my circlet would probably be in the way of a regular mask, too. Not sure if I want to actually wear Terra to the ball but I have an idea for my masquerade walk-on where it would be useful as a prop.

I wanted to get something that could go with my D costumes if I decided to wear one of those instead but nothing at the costume shop looked like they’d go very well with either. So, instead, I picked up a plain mask to decorate at the Rag Shop. Turns out I’ll have to put this one on a stick, too, since it doesn’t fit my face very well. The eyehole placement just doesn’t work for me and my eyelids hit the edges of the holes when I blink. -_-

Less than a week left and still so many little things to finish up. Group stuff has been settled though and I’m excited I’ll actually have people to cosplay Twelve Kingdoms and Petshop of Horrors with this con! ^_^
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Oh, dear. I think my mother might have caught my cold although I was trying to be careful about not giving it to anyone else. -_-; Still have some lingering sniffles and a cough myself.

Hotel stuff has been settled for the Toronto trip. ^_^ I called the other day and extended the reservation so there’ll be extra time for visiting relatives after Anime North. We’ll be driving up on the 24th and leaving on the 31st. And it seems that my grandmother will be coming with us now. I’d thought she might stay home because she doesn’t do that well with car travel these days. But I guess this is good since this past year she has gotten hard of hearing and can tire easily. I would be worried about leaving her alone for a week, even though we have an uncle across the street and other relatives nearby who could check on her each day.

Went out to pick up my father’s glasses today plus get new ones for my brother who decided he wanted sunglasses now. Talked to the optometrist some more about contacts and he really thought I should have toric lenses so I’m stuck with the limited colors.

He’s ordering a pair of these for me in the amethyst shade and said I should call in about a week to see if they’ve come in. My other option was this in violet but it was a flat color rather than blended like that amethyst. Both types were the same price so I went for the colorblend since it should look more natural.

The Freshlook sample in honey hadn’t come in yet so I’m waiting for that to see what I want to do about D’s gold eye. The vial lenses come in hazel but I don’t want to resort to those if pre-made ones will work; one of those custom lenses costs twice as much as a whole box of the Freshlook! Optometrist is willing to order whatever shade I decide on just for my right eye so that will help at least. I could have gotten the purple just for my left eye, too, but I figured with a pair I could also use them for Renrin or wear them outside of cosplay if I felt like it. ^_^

Also walked around and did a little shopping for costume supplies. I got some more fabric paint for Count D’s vacation outfit since I realized one little jar might not be enough. And I found a better color fabric for the skirt than the salmony pink I had. I know that he never really has pink as a main color in his outfits, usually just for flower patterns... ^_^; But I was keeping in mind that I wanted to take pictures of this on the beach and was worried blue or green wouldn’t stand out enough with the water. The new fabric is a more magenta-ish/purplish shade similar to a color that was used in a few of his artbook robes. I hadn’t painted that much of the pink yet so I can just put that aside and save it for something else.

Off to bed now.
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Got my eye exam Sunday and the results came out pretty much as I expected: my vision is still pretty much the same after 3 years (one eye is actually even a little bit better) and I can keep my current glasses and contacts. ^_^

Since I won’t have to spend money on new glasses or regular contacts, I’ll try to get color contacts for Count D’s mismatched eyes. That is, assuming I can get the right colors in my prescription. I need toric lenses for astigmatism and colors tend to be much more limited in those. -_- The boxed Freshlook contacts the optometrist was thinking of prescribing only come in 4 colors and they don’t have a purple; he’s ordering a sample of the honey shade because I want to see if it’ll work okay for D’s gold eye. And he said he’d check whether vial contacts came in purple. Will have to wait until we go back to pick up my father’s new glasses to see what he has to tell me.

Hmm… Do any of you use color contacts and need them in toric? What lenses do you have if you do?

Need to get back to work on Terra soon. I’ve been lazy since getting back from Anime Boston and haven’t really gotten any costume stuff done. I think I need to rip out at least one of the sequined flowers I did on the back panels of the dress because I ended up with two right next to each other when the zipper is closed and it just looks dumb. But I finally took a picture of my new pink scarf with the others.

Masquerade info has been posted on the Anime North site now and it looks like I’ll be wearing Terra most of Saturday if I want to compete with it. Seems the masquerade is scheduled for a 5PM start this year with check-in for participants at 2:30. (Earliest I've ever seen at a con. o_o) Considering I’d have to start changing into Terra around 1 at the latest, I don’t know if it would be worth it to wear something else for a couple of hours in the morning.
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Okay, change of plans for tomorrow. After a few doses of medicine, my nose isn’t running as much, but I still have a cough and don’t feel completely well. Nothing major but I feel uncomfortable and not up to cosplaying tomorrow. And since they’re worried about me getting worse again, my parents don’t want me to go to sakura matsuri. They said we can go to the gardens and take pictures after I’m better but unfortunately, I won’t be there tomorrow. For those of you still going, I hope you have fun!

Instead, I think I’ll be going into the city for an eye exam. My father realized how long it’s been since my last pair of glasses (it’s been 3 years and I still see fine with them). And he thought it might be a good idea to get my eyes checked before we go to Canada next month so we’ll try to get that taken care of tomorrow.

Hmm… Maybe, if I don’t need new glasses/contacts, I can consider splurging on color contacts for Count D. Since I haven’t spent anything on glasses/contacts for so long, still have enough regular contacts for 2-3 more years because I so rarely wear them, and actually am getting a decent tax refund this year rather than watching my bank account dwindle like every April. Plus, I’ll probably eventually end up with half a dozen D costumes. ^_^; I have to wonder how big his closets are; between the artbook and all his changes of clothes in the manga, he must easily have 100-200 outfits. XD;

Haven’t really gotten any costume stuff done the last few days but am thinking a bit about what to bring to Anime North. Should have at least one Count D outfit along so I can cosplay Petshop of Horrors with [ profile] novaraven and Renrin so I can do The Twelve Kingdoms with [ profile] hikaruchan. ^_^ Still plan to try to fix Terra up for the masquerade. And maybe, I’ll bring my old Ayame if there’s room; I’d like to wear it again at least once this year and I like it better than the new one.

I’m still not sure whether we’re staying extra days to visit with relatives before or after the convention. My brother thinks before would be better and I’m not sure if anyone else has much of an opinion either way.
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Okay, it looks like Anime North is inching towards the definite list for me. ^_^ My father actually seemed more anxious about getting a room booked near the convention center than me. O_o; Maybe, he remembered us looking all over when trying to book a room for Otakon in May.

Anyway, since he seemed to be in a rush to get rooms and wanted a nice hotel, I booked a couple of rooms at the Renaissance during the 4 nights the con rate was available. I’ll probably have to call for adjustments later on since the website seems to assume that you’ll have the same number of guests in each room if you book more than one on a single reservation. Assuming my grandmother doesn’t come (she doesn’t do well with car travel these days), there’s only going to be 5 of us which won’t split evenly.

My father is talking about possibly spending two weekends in Toronto so we can see all my mother’s relatives. (he figures some of them would be busy with work during the week and we wouldn’t have enough time during the convention weekend) His idea is to drive to Niagara Falls for a few days after the con and then go back to Toronto for another weekend. But that’s just an idea at this point.

In other news, we seem to have a mouse problem. Yesterday, I found some Hershey’s Kisses that had been left out downstairs had bite marks. o_o; And I saw one run behind some stuff in my room the other day. The darn thing kept me up most of last night because I could hear it running around! >_< I caught the mouse in my room this morning though. I baited all the traps up here with a bit of chocolate last night since they seemed to be going after our candy. >_>; And it worked!
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The package of Toronto info that I ordered for my father from AAA came today. I wasn’t sure how much luck I’d have convincing him to take a trip there next year but the chances actually look decent at the moment. I suggested trying for around Memorial Day so I could go to Anime North, in addition to us having a family vacation/seeing my mother’s friends and relatives, and he seemed agreeable. ^_^ My father actually started browsing through hotel listings already so I’m hopeful. *crosses fingers* Must do some research on that this weekend. I assume we’d stay at least a few days in addition to Anime North so I’m not sure if it’s best to book near the convention center or downtown. My parents would want nice rooms and downtown would be closer to their friends, too.

Hmm… Seems like my prospective cons for next year are mostly squished into the first half of the year. I’m definitely going to NY Comic Con and AnimeNext. And Anime Boston and Anime North are maybes. Guess I’d better start on my new costumes soon since there’s only 5 weeks between AB and Anime North. Then, Next is 6 weeks after that. I like to have one new costume per anime con and 5 or 6 weeks is less time than I like when trying to make a costume; I always seem to end up taking longer than expected! ^_^;

Also, today, I made a little collage of my Q-Chan plushie with reference pic and finally did a prop listing for it at CosplayLab. I already did one for T-Chan a while back. They’re here if anyone wants to see them: Hmm… I should clean up my gallery sometime, too, since it’s kind of messy.

*glances around* And I should probably get organized around here, too. ^_^;;; Both my own stuff and my parents’ papers.


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