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Haven’t posted lately since the past two weeks have been kind of crazy.

First, Anime Boston happened. Almost got on the wrong bus going there since my brother insisted on taking Bolt rather than the Chinatown bus which we usually do for Boston. We had tickets for 11AM and got there with less than 10 minutes to spare since we were stuck in midtown traffic; not wanting to miss the bus, we ran over and put the luggage on but it turns out it was the bus to Philly and the Boston bus hadn’t even arrived yet! So, we got the luggage off and then our bus finally showed up at 11 and started 10 minutes late.

I had fun at the con though. Actually made it to a couple of panels this time and was in cosplay chess as Ryuuren. The chess theme was Magic vs. Science so I was on the magic side although I doubt many knew why considering Ryuuren’s powers are only hinted at in the anime and the big revelation doesn’t come until the light novels that go beyond the anime. ^_^; novel spoilers for the curious ) Of course, I had terrible flute music as my attack since the con’s theme was music. XD But I ended up being the first one off the board this year so I didn’t actually get to capture anyone. I haven’t had time to watch it yet but the whole chess match is up on YouTube; I’m introduced around 21:45 and get killed off around 29:00.

Didn’t do any photoshoots (unless a couple of trips to the photo suite count) so no photo post for AB. I’ve only put up one pic of the new Ryuuren costume on ACP so far since I improved on the hair a lot after AB and want to wait for newer photos.

Got home from Boston, unpacked, and then packed this different set of costumes for Costume Con the next weekend:


In the few days that I was home, I also made a new pair of pants for the second Ryuuren costume so more of the design on the boots would show. (They were supposed to be shorter than the pants with the first costume but I didn’t have time to make new ones before Boston.) And I figured out how to better do the hair for that costume so the bangs are no longer so flat and the high ponytail doesn’t slip behind my head. Didn’t have time to add the rest of the red cords that hang from the sash though; I might just redo the whole sash and put a heavy interfacing inside so it can better support the weight.

Costume Con was fun. Caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, went to a whole bunch of panels, saw some awesome costumes, and took lots of pics. Even found some Monkey Island and Saiunkoku fans to chat with! :-D Don’t really have any pics of myself from the con but don’t really care since I mostly wore old costumes. It had been so long since I’d worn my formal Terra (last time was Anime North 2007), I couldn’t even remember for sure which side the scarves were supposed to tie on! ^_^;;

Saiunkoku pictures with the cherry blossoms finally happened and I’ve spent the last few days catching up on things although I’m still behind on online stuff. Went shopping Friday and got chocolate for my mother for Mother’s Day. And I just bought fabric and beads for a new costume which will hopefully be done for AnimeNext. ^_^;
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Well, I didn’t get a chance to properly finish the red cords hanging from the sash but the new Ryuuren costume is definitely wearable. I’m packed but will need to get my Kyoya references printed out after we get to Boston (our printer is out of color ink -_-). And I didn’t get a chance to do notes for the hall contest as planned. I hope I can remember everything since I made the costume last summer. Decided to drag out my Youka costume since I knew where all the pieces were, I’ve been rewatching Twelve Kingdoms, and I’ve never worn it at AB. Plus, I won’t have to redo too much of my makeup when I change into one of the guy costumes.

Finalized costume list:

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Anime Boston was tiring but fun. ^_^ Seemed like not many friends went this year though. Mostly, I saw and chatted with [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] athena_chan and [ profile] mostflogged over the weekend. Also got to see [ profile] tristencitrine for the first time in about 2 years. Saw [ profile] neo2469 around since we both did cosplay chess and bugged [ profile] ngmaster about whether the retirement from cons was a big April Fool’s joke. :-P Only saw Henry from ACP 3 times for like a total of 10 seconds; we always seemed to be going in the opposite directions whenever I ran into him! And I missed some people like [ profile] animeangelblue, [ profile] ichigokitty, [ profile] springstar, and [ profile] winq completely. :-(

Started off by getting dressed in my Youko costume, checking in for my panel, and going to the historical costuming panel. My workshop was right afterwards at noon and went decently although I was a bit nervous and my throat started getting a bit sore halfway through. (So not used to talking for over an hour on my own! ^_^;;) Attendance was only about 15 but those who came seemed genuinely interested so I was pleased (even the staff member who was there to handle tech stuff was interested!); I’ll admit I was a bit worried no one would show up considering that I’d been too busy to advertise it much online and how early it was in the con. ^_^;; I finished the material I had planned to go over in an hour though so from questions I got, I ended up going a bit into 18th Century underpinnings (I’d brought the ones from Ekaterina to show) and what costumes I’d done in the past to try to fill the remaining half hour. Gave out chocolates as a thank you to people who came. ^_^

Went back to my room to drop off panel stuff, had my brother take some pics, and then wandered around for a couple of hours before changing into Count D’s artbook kimono for the evening. Several people realized I was supposed to be D but a few mistook me for Ai from Hell Girl. ^_^;; I guess since she is also black-haired and has a dark kimono with flowers in different colors and a red layer underneath. Wandered for a couple of hours and did some photos before changing to go out and get dinner with my brother.

Got up at 7 so I could lace myself into my 18th Century corset and get dressed as Ekaterina in time for chess rehearsal at 9:30. I’d restyled my wig before I left for the con, dousing the bangs with hairspray and leaving the curlers in since the curls came undone so easily during NYAF. This turned out to be a bad idea. The bangs looked really stupid after I took the curlers out Saturday morning but I didn’t have time to fix it before rehearsal. ._.; So, I hid under my veiled hat most of the time and didn’t get new pictures without the hat as I had hoped.

Wandered for a couple of hours after rehearsal and then got lunch and changed into D’s kimono again. Had to reschedule the full shoot with [ profile] thedreamerworld to Sakura Matsuri (it should be really pretty with the cherry blossoms!) but we did get a few photos in. The preview pic is up on my ACP page:

Didn’t bother to change into D’s tailcoat to watch the masquerade and go to the ball as I planned since I hadn’t worn the kimono that much. It was disappointing that the masquerade and ball were on the same night this year. I like to go to both but with the overlap, the masquerade ending about half an hour behind schedule, and the ball ending half an hour earlier than it said on the schedule, I only got to the ball for about half an hour. :-/

Finally had dinner around 11 and then stayed up until 2AM, starting to pack stuff up and restyle my Ekaterina wig with help from the hotel hairdryer. I washed the hairspray out of the bangs and redid the two little curls. Fortunately, it looked a lot better after that so I didn’t have to go onstage with really stupid looking bangs.

Got about 5 hours of sleep before getting up to prepare for cosplay chess. Because of the past vs. future theme, I got cast as Ekaterina (basically a fictionalized Catherine the Great). And since there are usually some wacky crossovers in chess, I had Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia as my special attack. XD (Because even with deposing her husband in a coup and having him executed, Ekaterina is not very good for combat since she always had help from guards or D’eon and company. >_>;;) It was silly fun and we captured Asuka towards the end:

Then, the other side retaliated by sending Italy after me. I tried to exile him to Siberia and was a bit surprised when Russia didn’t come back but assumed it was a timing thing. Stumbled over the lines I’d prepared a bit but hopefully, it wasn’t too obvious I had to improvise some of this. ^_^;; We were actually supposed to have a quick argument because Russia didn’t want to go to Siberia due to the cold. Then, Japan (Italy’s special attack) would kill me and I could be helped offstage instead of trying to fall over in my corset and panniers. Good thing that pocket hoops are collapsible! ^_^; But it was a fun match and I think this was the best one since 2007.

Wandered around a bit afterwards to say bye to people and have lunch. Got a hall ribbon for Ekaterina when I walked by some staff members in the food court. ^_^ Then, back to the hotel to finish packing up. I paid extra for a 4PM checkout to avoid having to rush to get everything done before chess and to have a place to change afterwards. (Be dressed as Ekaterina, have everything packed up, check out of the hotel, and check bags before going to chess at 9:30? Not going to happen. Luckily, I’d booked a special offer through the hotel website and even with the extra fees for the late checkout and a couple of days of internet access, it was still about $120 less than 3 nights at the con rate. >_>) Got on a bus shortly after 5 and finally got back to NYC around 10 since traffic was heavy.

My brother is working on pictures now and I'll post links when they're done.

Have been catching up with paperwork and things the last few days and thinking a bit about what to do for upcoming events. Undecided on what I’m making for AnimeNext but I want to wear my Count D kimono again next month for Sakura Matsuri and the Japan Society cosplay party. And I’m considering going to Castle Point Anime Con this Sunday since it’s close and I didn’t get new Ekaterina pics at AB as I was hoping; I don’t have any other events I want to wear it to before it gets too warm out and don’t want to deal with the NYCC/NYAF crowds in that big dress so I’m not sure if I’d get a chance to wear it again this year otherwise. Plus, I could visit with [ profile] neoangelwink and [ profile] athena_chan since they’re doing the artist’s alley thing.
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Off to Anime Boston in the morning! I haven’t been to a con since NYAF and haven’t cosplayed since Halloween so it should be a fun weekend. Not doing any contests but I am in cosplay chess again (should be amusing XD) and doing my seam finishes workshop (Friday at noon in 313!).

I had wanted to bring my Tamaki ballgown but decided I was too lazy to gather everything and dismantle the hoopskirt for travel after preparing everything else so that’s staying home. But to make up for it, I have two new costumes to debut this con, which hasn’t happened since like 2005! o_o; One is Count D’s artbook kimono, of course. And the other is a certain redhead that I’ve been meaning to cosplay for a long time! So, here’s what my costume schedule looks like:

Yoko in the morning/early afternoon
Count D’s artboook kimono in the late afternoon/evening

Ekaterina in the morning/early afternoon
Count D’s artbook kimono again for a bit to do a photoshoot with [ profile] thedreamerworld
Count D’s tailcoat outfit for evening

? for chess (come watch to find out what!)

And here’s a little teaser for this weekend…

preview of my Yoko cosplay :-D )

AB Stuff

Mar. 29th, 2010 09:38 pm
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I sewed all weekend and D’s artbook kimono is almost done! ^_^ Just have to make the obi and do some finishing work on other pieces like hemming.

And since I’ve been so busy sewing and don’t have any plans for hanging out with people yet… ^_^; Who’s going to Anime Boston? I’ll be there with my brother as usual. Anyone want to make dinner plans with us for Thursday or Friday? (Saturday and Sunday are looking busy for me so I don’t think I can add anything else for those days.) And if anyone wants photos at the con, you could try asking my brother.

And come to my seam finishes workshop so that I’m not talking to myself for an hour and a half! XD; Friday at 12PM in 313. More details here:
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My seam finishes workshop has been accepted for AB again this year. I’m scheduled really early on this time, 12:00PM on Friday in 313 (Workshop 2). ^_^; So, if you find yourself at AB on Friday and bored because there’s not much going on yet, you can come bug me! :-P

The panel will cover the same material as the ones I did last year at AB and AnimeNext but I’m changing the format a bit since I ended up bringing so many unused kits home from both cons. It’ll be free to come and listen to the lecture part. The kits with detailed notes and samples are optional now; I'll be bringing a limited number of them and if anyone wants one to take home, it’ll be $5. I’m hoping it’ll encourage more people to come and reduce the amount of stuff I need to pack.

Started sewing my Youko costume last week. I have the skirt done, the top started, and the main part of the sash so far. I was hoping to get some more done on the sash today but unfortunately, it looks like I might have to replace the lavender brocade I got in the fashion district a few months ago. It’s the same pattern as the white brocade I bought at Pearl River the other weekend but seems to be lower quality. I cut out a few little pieces for the edges of the sash and found that they shrunk when I ironed them. :-/ So, I think I’m going to go back to Pearl River and get their version of the lavender. I’m still hoping to get this done within a couple of weeks.

After that, I’m not sure what else I’m making for Anime Boston. I keep going back and fourth between several ideas including the Kyoya costume I originally intended to make, a couple of Count D artbook outfits (the kimono which I’ve been meaning to make for years plus a green and white one), and Lia’s fencing practice outfit from the Le Chevalier D’Eon opening (because I don’t have many easy to wear costumes). It might end up being decided by how I'm feeling after Youko is finished and how much time I have left to the con by then.
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A bit late but I’m finally posting my Anime Boston report. The con was busy but I had fun. ^_^ Hi to those I saw over there. *waves to [ profile] animeangel, [ profile] animeangelblue, [ profile] blackmarth, [ profile] doorknocker_dog, [ profile] hystericraider, [ profile] jezeroth, [ profile] ngmaster, [ profile] ryoko, [ profile] sakuralenayuy, [ profile] thedreamerworld, [ profile] usa_ko, [ profile] wildhorseranma, [ profile] yeu* I know some others also went and I’m sorry I never ran into you. ;_; It seemed hard finding people this year and there were some I only saw for like 5 minutes the whole con. Also missed those who were at AB last year but attended different cons this year.

The seam finishes workshop went okay and cosplay chess was fun. For those who didn’t see the match, there actually was something to the little hints about chess in my earlier entries. Since Fruits Basket was important in the cosplot this year, I got cast as one of the kings with my red Ayame costume! :-D Didn’t enter any of the contests but still got hall ribbons from the staff vote contest for D’s tailcoat outfit and Eugenie. I wish I’d gotten to hang out and wander around more but my schedule just turned out to be more booked than usual due to the workshop and chess commitments.

Anime Boston ramblings )

No pictures yet but there should be a lot eventually. My brother is kind of backlogged since he had finals right before AB. He has photos from Sakura Matsuri press day, the festival itself, and AB to process. Meanwhile, here’s a cosplay chess video I found that includes my entrance. (It’s a couple of minutes in.) That person has the rest of the game up, too.


May. 14th, 2009 08:15 pm
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Realized I posted the wrong time for my workshop at AB in my last entry. It starts at 5:30, not 5:00. ^_^;; If you’re going to AB and interested, I encourage you to come. ^_^ (Don’t feel obligated though if seam finishes aren’t your thing since there is a fee for the kit.) Tell your friends, too, if you think they’d be interested. I have 40 seats to fill!

Cosplay: The Inside Story
5:30-7:00PM Friday in Workshop 311 at Anime Boston
Tired of frayed messes inside your costumes? No serger? Learn what you can do with just a basic sewing machine! French, flat felled, bound seams and more! Attendees will put together a step-by-step guide with real fabric samples to keep. $5 kit fee

The booklet for the workshop has been written and is at Staples for copies. Final list of what I’ll be covering is:

French seams
Flat-felled seams
Bound seams
Making bias tape
Satin stitching

Each gets a page in the booklet with detailed instructions and corresponding pre-sewn fabric samples for each step. The workshop itself is mainly lecture and the booklet provides a reference for trying things at home later. ^_^
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I found out last night that my seam finishes workshop was accepted for Anime Boston. The notification said time and location are subject to change but I’m tentatively scheduled for 12:30PM-2:00PM Saturday in Workshop 311.

Here’s the title and description that should be appearing in the program guide. (The description had to be the hardest part of the whole proposal to write since it was limited to 250 characters. I wanted to put more detail in but just couldn’t fit it.)

Cosplay: The Inside Story
Tired of frayed messes inside your costumes? No serger? Learn what you can do with just a basic sewing machine! French, flat felled, bound seams and more! Attendees will put together a step-by-step guide with real fabric samples to keep. $5 kit fee

I was looking at the maps from my old AB program guides and the room seemed a good bit bigger than the room they used for workshops the last two years. So, I was curious and looked it up on the Hynes Center website. Room 311 is 71’10” by 45’2”; I think that’s about as big as two whole floors in my house! So, now, I’m a tiny bit freaked out at the thought of running this thing solo in such a huge room on my first try. o_o;
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For people attending Anime Boston, is anyone interested in helping me with a potential sewing panel/workshop focused on seam finishes? This is the idea I talked about a while back and since I’m not competing at AB this year and would have more time at the con, I thought it might be a good time to try it. There are still a couple of weeks until the panel application deadline so this has not been submitted yet.

I’m planning to cover French seams, flat felled seams, bound seams and making your own bias tape. I’ll also throw in some quick stuff like pinking or zigzagging over edges for when people are short on time but still want something nicer than just raw edges. Right now, I’m planning to make booklets with step by step instructions for different finishes and include fabric samples illustrating each step. I’ll bring bottles of glue for people to share so they can paste in the samples as I go over the steps. I’ll be preparing the kits myself; there’s going to be a small materials fee (probably $5) and people can keep them for reference afterwards. And I’ll be doing the main lecture myself.

But in case there’s a large turnout, I’m looking for a couple of people who are familiar with the finishes to help with handing things out and to give individual help if some attendees are having trouble with a particular topic while I’m doing the main lecture. I’m planning to ask for a Friday time or early Saturday to avoid conflicting with masquerade stuff. Not sure how much time I’m going to request yet; maybe 90 minutes, not more than 2 hours at most. And I’ll treat helpers to chocolates or cake/sweets sometime during the con for their trouble. ^_^

Please comment if you’re interested. Tips/advice from people who have run panels at AB before would also be appreciated. :-)
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Got home from Anime Boston late Sunday night. The con had its awesome moments but there were definitely some bumps along the way. Hi to those of you I saw, sorry I missed some of you, and congratulations to those who got awards!

The Awesome stuff
-Petshop of Horrors group! [ profile] novaraven, [ profile] doorknocker_dog, [ profile] alias_kino, you guys were great and definitely one of the highlights of the con for me! ^_^
-photoshoots with [ profile] lionboogy for the PSOH group and Sarah (Thanks, Lionel! ^_^)
-dancing with [ profile] ngmaster at the ball even though neither of us really knew what we were doing ^_^;
-[ profile] tristencitrine’s party (Thanks for inviting me, Char, and good luck with everything! ^_^)
-hanging out with novaraven at her artist’s alley table; it was nice for those times when my feet needed a rest (wandering through random shops together on Thursday was fun, too)
-finally seeing some friends again after a few months (I’ve been a hermit lately!)
-won 1st Place Craftsman/Masters in the hall costume contest with Sarah ^_^
-got a ribbon for 19th Century D in the staff vote hall contest
-some people actually recognized my new costume as being from Kaleido Star despite it being an outfit that only appeared for a couple of minutes in the series
-priority seating for the masquerade for being in the hall contest (yay, no line!)

The not-so-awesome stuff
-forgot to pack D’s underskirt and had to rush back for it; luckily, we hadn’t gotten on the highway to go into the city yet and still caught our bus!
-my brother’s friends missed their bus and didn’t make it into Boston until around 1AM Friday so we had to stay up to let them into the hotel room. -_-
-my brother’s friends also did not pre-register and ended up waiting on line from about 11AM until 7:30PM on Friday O_O;;;; (I’d never heard of such an insane line at any con and it certainly wasn’t like this last year!)
-one of my brother’s friends lost his new phone Friday night (he got it back after checking the lost and found a second time on Saturday morning)
-Found out Friday that the netting at the bottom of Sarah’s underskirt eats stockings. ._.; I need to get boots to go with that costume before I wear it again.
-Painful costume shoes (my feet are still recovering from the blisters and scrapes!)
-Not circulating nearly as much as usual due to the painful shoes. I wish I’d brought something I could wear with more comfortable shoes since I ended up not seeing much of the con and didn’t run into friends much.
-I never got to use my frilly fake cake in cosplay chess because we ran out of time! T_T
-The bus home got caught in slow traffic so the trip home took over 5 hours instead of the usual 4

Despite the problems with the con (most of which didn’t affect me directly), I had a decent time. Not as great as last year but still good.

Cosplaying solo most of the time, I was really happy to have the PSOH group even if it was only for an hour and a half on Saturday and for chess. I liked wearing the Kaleido Star costume and was glad to discover being too hot wasn’t really a problem; I was a bit worried I’d get overheated with both a wig and that huge ball of fluff on my head. ^_^; There are a few little things I’d like to improve on it but I was pleased with how it came out. The photoshoots were great (expect to get spammed with Petshop and Kaleido Star pictures!). And, of course, I’m happy about the awards.

The biggest disappointment of the con for me was not getting to do my scene in cosplay chess after all the plotting through e-mail and building a fake cake on relatively short notice. :-( I got cast as Count D again with novaraven opposite me as D’s father (to fit the Kids vs. Grownups theme). I was scripted to accidentally kill Hunny from Ouran by giving him the poisoned cake I got from D’s father during character intros and then be arrested by Leon for murder so someone else could take my place on the board. And I found out when I showed up for rehearsal that Ada had also arranged for [ profile] blackmarth to come on as Phoenix Wright, offer to be my attorney and do a little dialogue with Godot.

I was really looking forward to it after all the planning and it should have been pretty funny if we had gotten to do it. I also felt kind of bad for the Darcia from Wolf’s Rain who was supposed to replace me since he never got a chance to go onstage. :-/ I was hoping I’d be off the board relatively quickly since the 4” heels under that costume hurt a lot after a while but I ended up not getting moved at all and wasn’t prepared to still be onstage for that complicated finale.

I’m glad that D’s father and P-Chan got to fight at least. The Bird of Paradise borrowing Zack’s sword was rather amusing. XD Walking around with the fake cake was also kind of funny. When I walked into the con center, the con center staffer who was sitting at the desk off to the side asked if he could have some cake and did an exaggerated disappointed reaction when I told him, “Sorry, it’s not a real cake.” And other congoers kept saying to me, “The cake is a lie!” which I assumed was some joke that I didn’t get. ^_^; (My brother told me later it was from a game called Portal. Yes, I live under a rock when it comes to these things!)
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Not very tasty though since it’s made of foam and fabric. XD;

Off to Boston in the morning. I hope I remembered to pack everything... All sewing is done although I need to run out and look for a few little things once I get there. Like pink lipstick since the tube I bought the other day turned out to be sheer and did nothing but make my lips shiny. (Bah, that was a waste of $8. -_-;)

For those of you also going to AB, I’ll see you this weekend! ^_^ Everyone else, have a nice weekend!
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Yikes, just a few days until Anime Boston. I’ve been so busy trying to finish up costume stuff and arranging PSOH group things that I’m pretty behind when it comes to posting here or commenting. Among other things, I still need to pack and buy bus tickets and nag my brother about whether his friends are actually coming with us or not. x_x;

Last update for the AB Petshop of Horrors group: If you haven’t already, please check your e-mail or PMs for my cell number so you can get in touch with me at the con if needed. We’re meeting at noon Saturday outside Au Bon Pain and then moving. [ profile] lionboogy is willing to do a shoot for us and my brother can take some pictures as well. Unfortunately, we won’t have Honlon since [ profile] hikaruchan is no longer able to attend AB. So, the final list for the group is:

Count D: [ profile] ladyofthethread
D’s grandfather: [ profile] novaraven
Leon: novaraven’s friend
Ten-Chan: [ profile] doorknocker_dog
P-Chan: [ profile] alias_kino

Sarah is about 90% done. Got supplies yesterday and made fabric feathers for the hood last night although they still need to be attached. Found my white shoes earlier and will try to touch up my wig a bit. So, if you see someone wandering around Boston in purple satin with sequins and big pile of white fluff on their head, it's probably me. XD;

My costume schedule looks something like this:
Sarah from Kaleido Star (Friday morning/afternoon)
D’s sister (Friday evening)
19th Century Count D (Saturday morning/afternoon)
Sarah again (Saturday evening)
Something for cosplay chess on Sunday (come and watch to find out what :-P)

I think my brother is trying to plot something cosplay-wise. Last night, he was asking our father if he had any blue or dark red suits. (Why did he even expect us to possibly have a dark red men’s suit around the house? O_o) And he was asking me where he could find a ski mask… Anyone have a guess what cosplay can be done with those items? I have no idea and I’m wondering if I should be worried… o_o;

Anyway, Anime Boston looks like it’s going to be awesome. PSOH group, photoshoots, cake, hanging out with novaraven at her artist's alley table (come say hi!) and fun things for cosplay chess. I just hope the rest of the preparations don’t wear me out so I actually have energy left to enjoy it!
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Three weeks until Anime Boston so I guess it’s time for another PSOH group update. A few people can no longer make it to AB or postponed their costumes. (Will miss you guys. ;_; I’m already planning to do PSOH again at AnimeNext with [ profile] kiwi_lady, so we can try for then if you’re still interested in doing the costumes.) I think we’re left with:

Count D: [ profile] ladyofthethread
D’s grandfather: [ profile] novaraven
Leon: novaraven’s friend
Honlon: [ profile] hikaruchan
Ten-Chan: [ profile] doorknocker_dog
P-Chan: [ profile] alias_kino

Since it’s getting close to the convention, I’d like to pick a more exact time for the group. ^_^ So far, no one has objected to Saturday morning/early afternoon so I’m putting up a poll with a few options for then. Please vote only if you’re in the group or are interested in taking pictures. My brother has already agreed to take some photos for us but other photographers are welcome, too. I would love to have some other takes on it. ^_^

[Poll #1146737]

Also, does anyone have a suggestion for location? My brother and I weren’t sure what would be a good spot since the fountain area wouldn’t be open and it’ll probably still be cold outside anyway. Should we just meet some place easy to find and then move depending on what ideas we come up with?

Finally, a progress pic of my latest project. ^_^ The white flower is an iron-on appliqué and I’m hand stitching iridescent white sequins around it to conceal/protect the edges. I would have preferred a stitched appliqué but I can’t manage all the curves neatly on a sewing machine. (I can do really precise stuff by hand but my coordination with the machine isn’t nearly as good. :-/) I tried painting the design, too, but the fabric didn’t seem to take the paint very well and it didn’t come out smoothly. Should be able to start on actually cutting out and sewing the dress this weekend. Have other pieces done, too, but haven’t taken a picture yet.

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Update for the AB Petshop of Horrors group. We might have a few more people! The bird of paradise from last year said she could bring the costume again and join us (I don’t believe she’s on LJ though); hikaruchan is coming now and is planning to make a Honlon costume; and natalie526 is interested in doing a pet from one of the covers. And there are still tons of other characters that could be cosplayed so if anyone else wants to join, let me know. :-) I often end up cosplaying solo since many of my favorite series are rarely done so I’m really excited about the prospect of having a big, awesome group! :-D

Count D: [personal profile] ladyofthethread
D’s Grandfather: [profile] novaraven
Leon: novaraven’s friend
Medusa: [profile] heartxofxlilith
Ten-Chan: [profile] doorknocker_dog
Honlon: [profile] hikaruchan
P-Chan: Lilly on
Pon-Chan: novaraven’s friend (if she comes)
Male Toki bird: [profile] jezeroth(if he can make it to AB)
Pink-haired pet from vol. 7 cover[profile] natalie526(if she’s able to finish it in time)

What times are good for everyone to do the group? My suggestion was for Saturday morning/early afternoon so that it shouldn’t conflict with craftsmanship judging for the contests or masquerade rehearsal if anyone’s entering. (I’m signed up for the hall contest and should be getting judging done Friday afternoon.) And any input for how we handle the group since I’ve never been in one this big? I’d love it if we could walk around as a group but I realize that might not be the most feasible idea with 10 people and several very elaborate costumes. Should we just do private photoshoots and then find a spot to hang around for a while so other people can get pictures? Try to walk around together but only for a short time? Suggestions?

My brother has agreed to take some photos for us when everyone’s together but I’d love to have different takes on it, too. Any other photographers out there interested in a photoshoot of this potentially huge group? ^_^

And a reminder since it’s less than a month away… Cosplay chess applications are due February 23 so if you wanted to apply with our group, make sure to have your costume finished and some pictures taken by then. I think novaraven and P-Chan were also interested in applying with their Petshop costumes. If there’s anyone else, let me know so I can note we’re supposed to be a group when I send in my application. 

And if anyone going to AB doesn’t have a room yet, this might be helpful…

I FOUND A WAY TO GET ROOMS AT THE SHERATON WITHOUT A DEPOSIT AND FOR EVEN LESS THAN THE CON RATE! Go to the Sheraton Boston Hotel’s website, click on the link on the right which says “hotel offers” and choose the one that says “Triple Starpoints plus Starbucks Giftcard on Weekend Stays.” You can get rates as low as $149/night for double occupancy, which is considerably less than the $185/night con rate for 2. Triple for $204/night and quad for $249/night.

Plus, you can get rooms with 2 double beds (the con block only offered rooms with 1 king bed and max of 3 people to a room), you don’t need to make a deposit (con rate required deposit for first night when you booked) and only need to cancel 24 hours in advance if you can’t make it to avoid a penalty (was 72 hours for con rate). And you’re supposed to get a $10 Starbucks giftcard for free, too. I assume you’ll need to sign up for Starwood Preferred Guest (their hotel points program) since part of the offer is triple hotel points. But it’s free and quick; only requires you to put in your e-mail and choose a password.

I thought it would be much more convenient to stay at the Sheraton so I wouldn’t have to cross the mall with my cumbersome costumes. But the problem was that I needed space for 4 since my brother’s friends wanted to come with us and I don’t like trying to sneak extra people into rooms. So, I was really happy when I found this offer a few nights ago. Compared to the con block rates and policies, I feel like I beat the system! :-D
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A few months back, I asked if anyone were interested in doing a Petshop of Horrors group sometime but there weren’t any definite plans made. But [profile] novaraven (who has also cosplayed D plus his father and grandfather) is now working on plans to come down from Canada for Anime Boston so I thought it might be a good time to try for a group. She’s also making the 19th Century D outfit so we’re going to be confusing and wear our versions together as D and his grandpa. :-D Plus, she should have a Leon with her and possibly a Pon-Chan.

Currently, there are no plans to do a skit or the hall contest together but we were talking about applying for cosplay chess and I’m sure we’ll do pictures at some point. ^_^ If you’d like to join us, let me know. See the links for reference pics or if you want to look at the whole album: We can also try to have a smaller group for AnimeNext if people are interested since I know at least one person isn’t able to make AB.

Count D – myself (although I can also wear his sister’s dress for a while if someone else would like a turn playing D)
D’s grandfather –[profile] novaraven
D’s father –
D’s sister
Leon –[profile] novaraven’s friend
T-Chan (totetsu)[profile] kiwi_lady is going to do T-Chan for AnimeNext but probably won't be able to make AB ;_; 
Pon-Chan (racoon) – [profile] novaraven's friend if she comes
Honlon (3-headed dragon) – a couple of people are interested in this although I don't have a definite yet
Ten-Chan (9-tailed fox) – [profile] bloodied_tears
Medusa (basilisk) – [profile] heartxofxlilith
P-Chan (bird of pardise) – Lilly from
Alice (rabbit)
Keirin (kirin)
Eva (mermaid) (obviously this one needs some modifications so you don’t get kicked out of the con if anyone wants to do it ^_^;;;) –
Suioh (phoenix)
Alex (vampire)
Norma (vampire)
Dreizehn (doberman)
Toki birds[profile] jezeroth is tentatively doing the male ibis; the female bird has not been claimed
Mellow (digital fish)
Pandora (Maine coon cat)
Tina (jaguar)
Butterfly – 
Sohki (kirin) (Sohki is actually from Genju no Seiza, another of Matsuri Akino's manga, but he goes to visit D in a bonus story in one of the Genju no Seiza volumes)– 

If anyone wants to do something I didn’t list, let me know and I’ll add it in. I omitted a bunch of the little kid characters with less interesting designs, pets we never saw human versions of, and stuff from the sequel since I didn’t think anyone would be likely to want to do those. Also, there are a lot of pets that only appear as background characters (you can see a few in the pic with Norma) and a few that are only in artbook pictures or extra illustrations. (I think the lolita catgirls are cute but D needs nicer clothes in that picture. Ripped cobweb patterned stuff and a bondage collar is so out of character. O_o;;) 

And, jumping to a somewhat related topic, I got the collar for the new costume finished. I ended up appliquéing the trim along the edges and I think it came out pretty well. ^_^ Need to work on the main robe next. 
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First, hello to those of you I saw in Boston.
[ profile] animeangelblue: Never found an opportune moment for a picture but nice job on the Saber costume!
[ profile] blackmarth: Congratulations on your group’s award! I was amused by seeing the group dancing in the con center with other random people after the masquerade.
[ profile] djranmas: Good to see you.
[ profile] dressdragn: Your lolita outfit was pretty. If I can make it on Sunday, see you at Sakura Matsuri.
[ profile] genkitozuku: Sorry I never ran into you on Saturday! It seemed extra hard to find people at this con. :-/
[ profile] heartxofxlilith: Good to see you again and congratulations on the awards!
[ profile] kiwi_lady: Nice to finally have a chance to introduce ourselves properly in person. Congratulations on your group’s award!
[ profile] lionboogy: Thank you again for the photoshoot! ^_^
[ profile] neoangelwink: Good to see you again. Nice work on the red Aeris dress.
[ profile] ngmaster: I think you might be the person I ran into most over the weekend! And you looked nice in your penguin suit for the ball. ;-P
[ profile] rukawagf: Maybe, we can actually recognize each other next time! ^_^;;
[ profile] selphie84: Sorry that I only ran into you at the beginning and end of the con and didn’t get to talk to you much. I seemed to have a problem finding people this past weekend.
[ profile] tristencitrine: It was nice to meet you. Your Sumire kimono was lovely and thank you for the appliqué tips! ^_^
[ profile] twilitesea: Congratulations on the hall award. It looked like you put a ton of detail into that costume and I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to see it in person.
[ profile] windaria: Hope you had a good birthday and congratulations on your group’s award!

The good things:
- Bus ran on time both ways
- Seeing various friends again
- Meeting another Petshop of Horrors cosplayer with a gorgeous P-Chan costume while waiting for hall cosplay judging and getting pictures with her after I changed into my Count D. *_* We even matched pretty well since I wore my blue brocade outfit to go with her brocades. Yes, finally! Pictures with a pet! ^_^
- Private photoshoot of Count D’s peacock dress with Lionel. ^_^ Cool, artsy photos posted at his journal:
- Found volumes 2 and 3 of the Petshop of Horrors sequel in the dealer’s room. Can’t read them since they’re in Japanese but at least I can stare at the pretty clothes. ^_^;
- Getting recognized as Renrin by a lady who had come from Japan! She told me she and her friend were planning to cosplay Juuni Kokki the next day, as a nyosen and Taiki. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t try for a group picture with them because I needed to be Count D for cosplay chess; I’m sad I didn’t even have a chance to look for them on Sunday to get a picture since things were too hectic with checking out, chess, and going home. ;_; )
- A few people actually showed up for the Fruits Basket shoot although the time was only posted the day before. I ended up trying to run it since the original organizer dropped out and no one else was taking charge. I was a bit worried that no one would show up but Shigure, Hattori, Tohru, Kagura, and Kisa cosplayers came.
- Winning First Place Advanced Craftsmanship in the hall contest for Ayame. ^_^ I’m quite pleased since it was my first time competing at a larger anime con.
- Masquerade started pretty much on time and had some nice skits.
- Hilarious cosplay chess match which included moments like Sephiroth being pelted by pink boxes of Pocky. XD I got to sic T-Chan on Sango from Inuyasha and eat cake with Hunny from Ouran before dying from a drink poisoned with Sweet N’ Low by Tifa. I thought that last one was really fitting considering how much D loves sugary things; he’d accept presents of sweets from anyone!

Count D and the Bird of Paradise. ^_^ One of these days, I have to figure out how to make Q-Chan sit straighter. He spoils the picture a bit since he looks like he's about to topple off. ^_^;;

the not-so-good things and the amusing stuff )

And yikes, is there really only a month left until Anime North? o_o; I should be okay costume-wise since I only plan to fix up Terra for that and not debut anything new but travel stuff is still largely unplanned.
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Got home from Anime Boston a few hours ago. I wish I had managed to see more people and events but it was still fun. And I won First Place Advanced Craftsmanship in the hall cosplay contest for my new Ayame. ^_^ Real con report/thoughts later when I’m less tired. *got 4 hours of sleep last night due to being up packing until 3AM* x_x;
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Okay, I think I’m ready for Anime Boston… Stuff is packed and I should be taking a 9AM bus tomorrow. Brother is coming, too, and possibly going a bit overboard with the photography equipment. He was considering bringing stands for his lights and I told him, “Um, I think that’s a bit much…” Maybe, we’ll entertain ourselves by doing a photoshoot on Thursday night since I haven’t come up with any more exciting plans. XD;

I’ve dropped formal Terra from my costume list for AB. On Monday night, I was trying to finish up the alterations on the dress (probably only a couple of hours work left) but realized how much stuff I still had left to do these two days with packing and some family stuff. Then, I felt bummed about how I was always in a rush when working on that costume (the initial version was rushed for Otakon last year) and a bit depressed about how it doesn’t look like much for around 250 hours of work. -_-

So, I decided to leave it home and bring my Renrin costume from The Twelve Kingdoms instead. I’ve been meaning to get pictures of it with my new wig and I believe someone was planning a Kyou-Ou for the con.

And very last minute but if anyone knows people who will be cosplaying Fruits Basket, feel free to let them know the FB photoshoot is going to be Saturday at 4PM, meeting by the info desk. I think I’ve ended up the unofficial leader of this one because the original organizer had problems with their costume and dropped out a few weeks ago. ^_^;

For those going to AB, I’ll see you soon. And for everyone else, have a good weekend. ^_^
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Ugh, thanks to today’s nor’easter, our house is leaking in multiple places in the basement hallway plus in my sister’s room. -_- Part of the last few days has been spent running around, taking care of tax-related stuff. Fortunately, that’s all done now. I still need to finish fixing up Terra, get together my references for Ayame, and pack for Anime Boston.

Speaking of Anime Boston, I already have an idea of who’s going from my friends page… but is anyone else getting to Boston on Thursday and wants to hang out that evening?

My brother and I should be catching a bus to Boston Thursday morning. I figure we’ll check in, get our badges, and find some place for dinner but beyond that I don’t have any real plans. Might stop by the pool photoshoot and take pictures if I feel like it but wouldn’t be dressed for it; haven’t bought a bathing suit in years. ^_^;;

Costumes I should be bringing are my new Ayame, both Count D outfits, and Terra (assuming I get my alterations done in time). I’ll be wearing Ayame early Friday for hall contest judging, plan to wear D’s peacock dress for the ball that evening, and will be wearing my other Count D on Sunday.

Other than that, my costume schedule might just be what I feel like wearing at the moment since it looks like I won’t have any photoshoots to be in. I was hoping for a Fruits Basket shoot but interest seems to have fizzled out since most people stopped posting in the thread and we never came up with a time and place. *sigh* Disappointing since Fruits Basket tends to be one of the only things I cosplay that’s popular enough for a shoot. I sort of envy those who can pull together a nice group since I’m usually stuck alone. T_T


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