Apr. 14th, 2011

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Still working on Ryuuren and I’m getting a bit nervous about finishing everything in time. I put the thinner gold trim on my vest and finished sewing it but started attaching the thicker trim and decided I hated how it looked. x_x Not good considering how much I spent on it. So, I went out again today to a bunch of trim shops with the vest. The usual places didn’t have anything I liked and after seeing a sign in a fabric store window, I ended up at Gelberg Braid on the 8th floor of a building on W. 39th Street. They actually manufacture their own trims right there and have an area where they’ll sell to retail customers. (Was a bit surprised to find a trim factory right in the fashion district!) I got a nice rich gold braid and for less than the stuff I bought before. I still don’t think it’s a perfect match to go with the thin trim. But it looks better than what I had and I don’t really have time to look anymore or tear off and replace the other trim.

Progress pic. The yellow thing is the only piece that’s actually completely done. I’m glad I don’t have any big plans at Anime Boston for this costume. I suspect this weekend is going to be a sewing marathon.


To do list for the next few days:
-sew gold trim along edges and armholes of vest
-make purple frog button and attach to vest
-redo white collar on blue shirt
-finish sash
-paint wooden beads
-assemble bangles

-string beads and feathers on red cords to hang from the sash
-trim fake bangs
-headband and cords for hair
-paint boots or make boot covers (will probably have to settle for painting)
-screencap Kyoya’s costume from the last episode of Ouran and
prepare notes for Anime Boston hall contest (I took a ton of screencaps when I made the costume last year but they were on my old computer that died several months back. -_-) Edit: My brother got copies of my old files for me so I don't have to redo the screencaps.
-finalize AB costume list
-pack for AB
-write PSOH drabble I owe for a help_japan auction
-handle the family’s tax stuff (fortunately, I just mainly have to review what the accountant did and make sure things are in order)
-pay bills/do any important paperwork that has to be done before I leave for Boston

Looking at this list, I’m glad that I’m not running my seam finishes workshop at AB this year. I’m doing the hall contest and cosplay chess but those are costumes that are already finished.

To do before I leave for Costume Con (most likely in the 4 days I’m home between AB and CC since the first list is so long x_x):
-cherry blossom photoshoot
-finalize costume list for CC
-gather and iron pieces of costumes I want to wear then
-pack for Costume Con

So, I’m probably going to be not very good at replying to stuff for the next couple of weeks. ^_^;;;


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