Mar. 21st, 2011

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Started sewing on the new Ryuuren costume. Finished the yellow wrap thingy that goes around the waist and am working on the shirt now, which shouldn’t be too hard.

And I wrote a set of Saiunkoku drabbles based on the observation that Kouyuu wears red earrings like Reishin’s in some of the manga/artbook pictures. Considering how he dresses rather plainly compared to others around the Imperial Court, I think there has to be some reason behind the earrings. (Of course, it would be a cosplayer that thinks of such things. ^_^;;) I was a bit hesitant to include Yuri-Hime since she only appears in the novels and I only know what I’ve seen in fan translations but I thought, “Hmm… Why don’t I make this a set of linked drabbles with a piece from each family member’s point of view?” Originally, it was only going to be one drabble but the idea expanded a bit and each drabble is exactly 100 words. I guess this could be considered cute family fluff with a touch of angst.

Saiunkoku drabble set: The Ruby Earrings )

Edit: I've put up a couple of offerings at the [ profile] help_japan community for drabbles and earrings. Both are Buy It Now since they're just little things.

And less than two days left to bid on my crafty creations with 100% of the final sale to go to Red Cross. See my earlier post for more details or go directly to my auctions on eBay to bid. The pouch and the needlepoint kimono haven’t moved beyond the starting bids yet and the price for the box is still low considering the work that went into it. And the needlepoint kimono is really low since just the materials cost as much as the current bid. Auctions are over now.



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