Mar. 16th, 2011

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I was inspired by [ profile] aimeekitty’s post the other night and spent the weekend working on crafty things for auction to help the Japanese relief efforts. After dusting off my eBay account (haven’t sold anything in ages), I have posted these as charity auctions on eBay with 100% of the winning bids to go to Red Cross so please take a look.

I almost never sell my work since the things I do are so labor intensive so this is a very rare chance to buy one of my creations. Plus, the starting bids are far below what I would quote if asked to commission the items to encourage people to bid. (I would most likely ask at least 4-5 times as much in normal circumstances.)

First item: a patchwork pouch made with pink and purple cherry blossom prints. I cut fabric out for this over a year and a half ago but forgot about it until I came across the bag on Friday night and spent a good part of Saturday putting this together. There’s 59 pieces of fabric in this, mostly 2” squares. (Yes, 59 pieces of fabric for a pouch! I do very finicky work. ^_^;;) The fabric is gathered together in certain spots to give it a 3-D triangular effect. Based on a project from Kumiko Sudo’s Omiyage book and took about 6 hours of work.


Next item: a fabric covered box made with 9 different Japanese print fabrics. There are 43 pieces of fabric in this, 37 of them in the top of the lid which is padded for a 3-D flower look. (Again, I do very finicky work. Trying to fold 3/4 inch squares of fabric in half diagonally, put stuffing inside and glue the edges together was a challenge. ^_^;;) Under the fabric is multiple layers of Bristol paper stiffened with lots of glue so it’s pretty sturdy. Based on a project from Kumiko Sudo’s Omiyage book and took about 8 hours of work.


Last item: a needlepoint kimono. I actually made this years ago but never got around to framing it. It’s the most labor intensive out of these and probably took at least 15 hours of work and $30 of materials to make since it was a handpainted canvas and those are expensive.


And if none of these catches your fancy but you have friends who might be interested, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would share the links with them. :-) Thanks for reading!


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