Feb. 26th, 2011

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Caught up with sleep and paperwork after Katsucon so I guess it’s time for a con report. This was my first time attending Katsucon and my first time judging. Ended up not doing much con stuff otherwise but saw friends, including some I hadn’t seen in ages, and finally get to meet a few people who I’d only talked to online before. And the hotel was gorgeous; for a family vacation back in the 90’s, we had stayed at the Opryland Hotel (owned by the same company) which was similar in that it had a huge atrium with gardens and little shops but I think this was even fancier. *_*

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My brother is working on putting up preview shots on his Flickr but he’s not sure when he’ll actually have all his shoots done since he has classes. And I’m still working on gathering pics so I’ll do a photo post later on.

Meanwhile, here’s my brother’s preview shot for Saiunkoku. We were being silly so Ryuuren and Ryuuki were acting like brats and giving Shuurei a headache. XD


And I’m feeling a bit more motivated now to work on costume stuff so I’ll have to sort through what I’d like to make and come up with some plans in the next week or so. ^_^ Seeing people at the con helped; I’ve felt a bit cut off the last few months since not that many still post regularly on LJ and I hadn’t been to any cons since October. I think that along with the winter weather and my last couple of cons not being great were making me feel blah about doing new costumes.


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