Feb. 3rd, 2011

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Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Rabbit! :-)

Well, other than being busy with Chinese New Year stuff the past several days, not much of interest has been happening here hence the lack of posts lately. (Well, I have been writing more fanfic lately but I don’t think anyone here would be interested in reading it.)

I had put off on deciding about the Future Fashion Folio for Costume Con and I found a couple of days after they started taking reservations that someone else already asked for the “Priestess of the Night Seas” design. So, I’m not doing anything from the Folio since I was on the fence about it anyway.

I guess I should try to come up with a Broadway costume I want to make then but still have no motivation with the weather. :-/ We’ve been able to pile snow up in the unused driveway next door and in some spots, it’s taller than the gate, which is about waist high! The constant cold doesn’t seem like it’s ready to come to a stop yet and with new snow every few days, it makes the thought of going out fabric shopping completely unappealing.

I suppose I could work on one of the already started things I have around the house but those aren’t that appealing either. :-/ There’s the Lia dress I started on last year and that I have most of the fabric for but I’ll probably have to make a new corset for it and I don’t have materials for that. I’d stopped working on it because I had problems with the straps and contrasting binding on the 18th century corset from my Ekaterina costume showing along the neckline and through the ivory silk. And even if I had the corset, having to change into all the underpinnings to fit the dress is unappealing when I’d rather stay bundled up.

I have Sora’s Saiyuki princess costume started from years ago that I have a lot of fabric for. And I have a wig for her now but it’s not a costume for winter either.

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t plan on anything new for Katsucon. I suppose I could finish fixing stuff up then until I decide just what I want to make next.


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